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About Me: Hello~ and welcome to...this page! My name, as I just noticed, is very similar to this other person so just to make things clear we\'re not the same person. Her stories and my stories aren\'t related. Those are her stories and these are mine. If I don\'t update quick enough or notice I haven\'t done anything give me a buzz and remind me.

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Twilight Criminal Minds NCIS Doctor Who CSI: Anime House

Oh! I used to be Team Edward but now I\'m Team Everyone~ ^.^ or Team Carlisle. The guy\'s smoking~I\'m getting tired of vampires right now. Don\'t get me wrong, vampires are kinda cool but...I dunno. I see more Edward fans than any other.

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Currently working on:

Criminal Minds
Title: Now How Did This Happened?
Chapters: 3 (Incomplete)
Pairing: ReaderxReid

House, M.D
Title: Love Me Dead
Chapters: 1
Pairing: ReaderxChase with hints of ReaderXHouse and ReaderxWilson
I\'m not sure yet. It\'s between House, Wilson, and Chase.

Doctor Who
Title: I dunno yet
Chapters: ?
Pairing: slight ReaderxDoctor?

Title: XD
Chapters: ?
Pairing: I have no idea! I was going to go with Jacob but then I read a Seth fanfic, then Quil and so forth and so forth. So, I dunno...



ReaderxGreg Sanders

Gundam Wing

A Zombie Story

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