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Hobbies:reading, writing, playing video games, drawing, and watching anime

favourite video games:Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Batman Arkham series.

Latest anime obsession:History's mightiest disciple Kenichi, Eyeshield 21, Beelzebub

Characters that make me happy:

Kenichi Shirahama [HMD:K]
Shio Sakaki [HMD:K]
Natsu Tanimoto [HMD:K]
Maruko Reiji [ES21]
Gaou Rikiya [ES21]
Kongo Twins [ES21]
Ha-Ha bros [ES21]
Toujou Hidetora [Beelzebub]
Kanzaki Hajime [Beelzebub]
Jabberwock [beelzebub]

Where have I been lately?
I've been going through mad depression the last few months and that killed my inspiration to write, draw, and pretty much everything else so I've wasted my time on tumblr doing absolutely nothing to try and get my mind off things. Although I'm not in the messed up stated I was in around December, I'm still in a slump. The bright side though is that I am getting better. My very close friend inspired me to keep moving forward and in doing so keep writing and drawing. Hopefully things will start looking brighter.

Other good news.... I guess. I have written 2 new stories, thanks to my friend, that will help me get back my motivation for my other stuff. Anyway, thank you for everything.
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