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Greetings to everyone! My name is Panda or Truffles, whatever you are comfortable with calling me. I have been writing since I was a child. I write original stories and fanfiction, whichever fancies my interest. I have gotten out of writing for quite a few years due to personal reasons, and so I'm hoping to get back into writing again. Since I started up college, writing is my excuse to procrastinate and delve into the dark depths of my mind, that I find therapeutic and relaxing. Though, as you can probably see from above, I have been here for quite a lot of years.

I'm hoping to have some stories up soon. I surely hope I don't disappoint anyone, as my writing will be rusty. Constructive criticism on the writing, characters (either original or canon), and all else is welcomed. I want to improve.

I typically write fanfiction of games, either for the men or women in them; it really depends on my mood. I write either with an original character inserted or reader inserted, though I write for the female audience. It is just a preference of mine and something I am more comfortable with. There may be random moments I'll post an original fiction of sorts.

The Writer
Goes by Panda or Truffles.
Twenty-Five years old.
College Student
Tech Geek
Likes to design websites and web templates as a pass-time.
Writes for herself mainly.
Icon usually depicts current character that has plagued the writer's mind.
Is disappoint at the lack of Caius Ballad fics.

Games of Interest (in no particular order)
Final Fantasy IX
Assassin's Creed III (though I enjoyed all of them)
Devil May Cry (Original and Reboot)
Final Fantasy XIII (XIII-2 & LR) [My Main]
Final Fantasy X
and others.

Programs I Use
Word 2013
JotterPad (Mobile Device).
Favorite Authors
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Tsula [241]
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