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Cogito ergo sum” (Je pense, donc je suis ; I think, therefore I am) - René Descartes

Updated: June 1st, 2013

Quick Facts

Name:: Mika
Gender:: Female
Nationality:: Canadian
Ethnicity:: French/Italian/German
Literature & Language:: French/English
Personality Type:: Harmony-seeking Idealist

You can also find me HERE at Failzilla Quizilla.

Writing Updates

\" \"sealand \"norway
Patchwork Family
Rating: 17+
Focus: Motherly!Readerx5YearOld!Sealand
eventual ReaderxSurprise
Status: 1/50 (Subject to change)

\" \" \"badou
20 Ways for Surviving the Dead
Rating: 13+
Focus: ReaderxVarious
Status: 4/20
[Hiatus- Will continue this Halloween]

\"takeshi \" \"england
20 Everyday Questions
Rating: 17+
Focus: ReaderxVarious
Status: 2/20
[Hiatus- Corrupted File]


Listened to:: Against the Tide by Celldweller
Read:: Onepunch-Man by ONE
Watched:: Iron Man 3
Played:: Silent Hill: Downpour


>> Working on Patchwork Family

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