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Updated my profile~ Also working on trying to get something updated/posted. This lack of updates has to stop! DX

Though a Sanji kitty sitting in my lap trying to reach up and hug me is very distracting... and so heart-breakingly cute.





About Me
Birthday: August, 19th
Sign: Leo
Year of the: Dragon

Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Author(s): Conan Doyle, Rick Riordan, & J.K. Rowling
Movie: The Patriot
Manga: One Piece
Anime: One Piece
TV Show(s): Supernatural, True Blood, & Hannibal
Cartoon: Scooby Doo [Old ones]
Band: Pink Floyd
Game(s): Thief Deadly Shadows & Final Fantasy VII

Series': Jedi Apprentice || The Mortal Instruments
Books: 9. The Fight for Truth || 2. City of Ashes
Next Series: Episode I Adventures

Just Finished: Call of Duty: Ghosts
RePlaying: Final Fantasy VII~XII
Going to Play: Thief... If gamefly sends it this time.
Current MMOs: Final Fantasy XI & World of Warcraft
Future MMO: Elder Scrolls Online
Dying For: Thief & Prey 2

Just Watched: Frozen, Rise of the Guardians, The Starving Games, & Desolation of Smaug
Planning to Watch: Epic, The Wolverine, Sea of Monsters, The Family, and many many more~





|| CH. 21 || 81% {Word Count: 2282}
|| CH. 22 || 15% {Word Count: 472}

The Slow Demise of Dolores Umbridge
|| CH. 3 || 65% {Word Count: 1346}
|| CH. 4 || 40% {Word Count: 731}

Lacuna Memoria
|| CH. 3 || 91% {Word Count: 1893}

|| Being Planned || {Word Count: 1810}

|| Being Planned || {Word Count: 879}

|| Being Planned || {Word Count: 1383}

|| Idea ||

Tempting Death
|| Idea ||

Night Terrors
|| CH. 3 || 50% {Word Count: 1792}
|| CH. 4 || 20~25% {Word Count: 657}

|| CH. 21 || 45~50% {Word Count: 450}

|| CH. 16 || 60~70% {Word Count: 2730}

Favorite Authors
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