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name: Shuris
age: twenty-one
sex: female
height: 4\'11\"-5\'0\"
ethnicity: asian
occupation: procrastinating student
martial status: married to art ♥

I just lost all of my stories, and it\'s left me pretty heartbroken. Even though I haven\'t updated for a few years. But it still hurts, and it makes me angry since it was my fault for not correctly ejecting my USB drive before shutting down the computer. It\'s definitely punishment for my procrastination as both a student and a fanfiction writer. Once winter term\'s over, I will try and focus on back on writing, but I don\'t know exactly what I\'ll do with my unfinished stories. Finishing them is the main goal, of course, but I may just scrap everything and start all over. Who knows.

Note to readers:
- Will eventually get to updating when able to come out of laziness.
- Working on the next chapter \"My Pen Pal and I\". Will eventually type it up.
- Busy being lazy.
- Is thinking of rewriting \"Thirty Days.\"
- Is always busy with school. (-___-)
- Will return to updating once new chapters are written. So sorry.

Note to self:
- Quit procrastinating.
- Get a life.
- Start writing new chapters for the other fics.
- Stop coming up with ideas for new fics.
- At least attempt to finish already existing fics before writing new ones.
- Stop ghost reading.
- Review stories.
- Stop being so lazy.


__U N F I N I S H E D - S T O R I E S__


Thirty Days

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Chapter(s): 11/??
Protagonist: Hiyame Seiko (OC)
Interest: Ootori Kyoya (...eventually?)


Seiko in her customized guy\'s school uniform

Seiko in Hateshinai school uniform

Seiko in uniform, up close

headshot of Seiko

Kochiru & Uemiko

Nami Natsuki

Hoshioka Nemura

Ichiru Kouji

Hiyame Hatochi



Within These White Walls

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Chapter(s): 30/100-ish
Protagonist: Asagi Reitetsu (OC)
Interest: Irie Shouichi


Asagi, age 21-22

headshot of Asagi


19-20 (top & left) & 21-22 (bottom & right) Asagi

Chimamire, headshot





Color Me Crazy

Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Chapter(s): 67/100
Protagonist(s): Aria & Armentice Locken (OCs)
Interest(s): Kanda Yu (eventually) , Lavi (on-and-off)


the Locken twins

Locken twins

Aria dressed as a boy

original composition of Aria

original composition of Armentice


My Pen Pal and I

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Chapter(s): 28/??
Protagonist: Reader
Interest: Sawada Tsunayoshi/Irie Shouichi



This oh so Wonderful World of Yours

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Chapter(s): 2/??
Protagonist: Reader
Interest: various



Fandom: Twilight series
Chapter(s): 1/??
Protagonist: Isabella Swan
Interest: undecided

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