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[ Tira ]

Mmm. Me talking about myself here. :3


. Challenges .

Here are the challenges I\'ve issued in various series. :D Go on, attempt one!

TWEWY - The Grim Heaper
Write a fic featuring our favorite math fetishist, Sho Minamimoto! Anything goes!

ToS - He\'s My Honey
More Zelos! Any other pairings go, but the main pairing must be Female!ReaderxZelos!


. Shameless Plugs .

*cough* Stuff I\'d love for you to check out... x333

Tuez Espoir
On-going series focused on an underdog city\'s struggle.

[ Stories ]

It\'s all about what the final product looks like, right?

[ Reader/Minamimoto ]

Prequel: \"An Accident\" - Up!
Day oo1: \"Run of the Mill\" - In Progress


What happens in the city stays in the city.

[ AU: Present day ] [ Naruto/Beyblade crossover ] [ Reader/??? ] [ OCs needed! =D! ] [ Title is \"Blood Relations\" in Italian. ]

To be rewritten.


Dance with the Devil
\"I don\'t know why I\'m here. But I do know that I have to get back.\"

[ ReaderxSasuke ]

Chapter 1: \"Discovery\" - Up!
Chapter 2: \"Mindlink\" - Up!
Chapter 3: \"Treachery\" - Up!
Chapter 4: \"Honing\" - In Progress


Fox Bells
Life really sucks when you piss off an almighty overlord.

[ KratosxReaderxZelos ] [ Partly a crackfic. ]

Prologue: \"Punishment\" - Up!
Chapter 1: \"The Gang\" - In Progress


Welcome to My World
A computer glitch, spoiled, semi-homo rich boys and one very confused teenage girl. Smells like trouble.

[Crackfic] [No pairings as of right now.]

To be rewritten.


Yet Another Birthday Disaster
Gaara has never liked birthdays, but, somehow, this year was different.

[ReaderxGaara] [OOC-ness] [Response to \"Happy Birthday to Yooouu~!\" challenge.] [AU]

Chapter 1: \"Aftermath\" - Up!
Chapter 2: \"Party Planning\" - Up!

[ Find Me ]

Various places you can find me instead of Luna. :3

- LJ
- FF.Net
- Neopets
- MYFCOnline

[ Other Crap ]

Other stuff that doesn\'t really belong in any other section. :D!

give Taiga more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

[ Goodbye! ]

Thanks for the visit! :D I hope you enjoy my stories~~~.
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