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Well... Hi. I\'m Lei, and I gues I should talk about myself a bit, no?
Well, I love anime and manga, singing, writing, drawing, cosplaying, sleeping, and listening to music. I write during most of my spare time, but because I\'m lazy and unmotivated I\'m slow on uploading stuff, so please forgive that...yes I know, you\'re thinking, \"what the heck\"? But, oh well!

Also, if you want me to write a story, or have ideas for any of my current stories, please feel free to contact me!
I have MANY stories I have simply not uploaded yet, so it could be that I have a story you are curious about, but simply haven\'t uploaded it.

Anywhoo, some of my other online story stuffs are as follows:
Lei-san on
Kyori-kun on
SasoriNoSuna on
and other such things....

Anyway, some of my favorite series of Manga/ Anime/ Favorites are:
Prince of Tennis
Wild Ones
Death Note
Yu Yu Hakusho
Naruto (and Shippuuden)
Legend of Zelda
Koukou Debut
Soul Eater
Vampire Knight
Shugo Chara
Final Fantasy VII, XIII Versus, XII
Devil May Cry

and many, many more...

I write how and when I want, so sorry if that\'s a pain to you, but if you want me to write, I appreciate kind reviews, and constructive ones. But, if you send me reviews that are only things that point out utterly obvious things like (this one has happened to me before) \"HEY! You\'re character is just a female copy of~\" Blah, blah, blah... Whatever. LIKE I WOULDN\'T KNOW THAT!!!

Also, for those of you who would like to contact me with any ideas, and such for stories, please feel free.
My email is:
Please don\'t spam, because that\'s a serious pain...
So, that\'s all for now folks...
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