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So I had a big long profile here that talked about what stories I had and what I planned to do...but I wasn't at all keeping up with it, and what good is telling you all what stories I'm working on when you can just scroll down?!


So I'm breaking this down a bit so it looks prettier XD And there\'s no nonsense stuff. Hooray!

...though now I dunno what to put here :/ What does one put in a profile? I HAVE NO IDEAAAA. I'll just talk a bit about myself and my stories...? SURE.

Well my stories of main focus are as follows:

Paradise Lost -- Ichigo -- Bleach
Subliminal Self -- Shuuhei -- Bleach
Light My Fires -- Roy -- Fire Emblem 6
My Heart\'s Keeper -- Sora -- Kingdom Hearts
Love at First Sight -- Matt -- Digimon
Give Your Heart a Break -- Doug -- Rune Factory 4

These are the stories I plan to finish. Yes I know updates are slow but I promise as long as I am alive I will FINISH THESE STORIES!!! It's sad though, because I work so hard...I don't want to see them go :(

Doug is my main priority right now mostly because I have the most motivation for him. Plus I have most of the story fleshed out pretty much until its finish so I figure the sooner I finish him the sooner I can work on the others. Sora and Roy are the most likely to finish after that. Specifically Sora. I plan on buckling down and writing a bunch for him just so I can get him out of the way (that sounds so sad lol) so I can write for my other ones... Mostly my Bleach stories as I know those will take a fantastical amount of time. Especially Ichigo since I plan to essentially go through the whole series DX

Minus the filler arcs of course. Hallelujah!

That being said, these are the stories that will be all. I know I have/had other stories over at Freedom of Speech, but those...were really bad and had like 2 fans. So they aren't going anywhere lol So these are my focus. Of course I'll be spitting out one-shots *cough* mini-fics *cough* every now and then as I am attacked by plot bunnies. But otherwise, these are my main focuses. If you'd like to TRY and make a request for me to do a one-shot, you can go ahead and ask. Chances are I probably won't be able to get to it, but if I am sparked by motivation with the character I can see what I can do. No harm in asking! XD

Okay well this is ending up more like a blog than a profile so I'll end there >< Thank you all for your love and support! :D

Oh, and of course I also do voice acting ^^ You can check out my playlists on my YouTube page for stuff I've been in. Don't judge the early stuff cuz...let's be honest, we all suck at things at the start ^^; But here's the link! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks everyone! Love you all!

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