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\".. Maker\'s breath, but you\'re beautiful.\"

Alicia is an (blank/old enough, thank you!) year old aspiring Neurosurgeon, from Ontario, Canada. She attends the University of Western Ontario, dreams of owning a brown boxer named \"Hammer,\" a blue Mercedes and a rock that she shall call \"Bob.\"


Alicia (Somewhat of an alias, I suppose.)
Location: Under your bed. Right now.
Nationality: Trinidadian, Canadian, Metis (mix of European and Cree), Chinese and Indian. (No, that\'s totally not a mouthful)
Birthday: June 16th
Age: 19
Blood Type: O
Fav. Colour: Green
Zodiac: Gemini/Horse


Dark Brown
Eye colour: Brown-Black
Skin Colour: Mixed (Tanned)

Attitude: A little crazy, and reported as \"out of control\" on many occasions, Alicia is fun, but not always outgoing.

Likes and hobbies include, but are not limited to: Drawing, singing, writing, sciences, clouds

In the moment


Listening to: ôRise\" by Hillsong

Favourites: Hosts; Adam Sessler and Morgan Web, Actor; Robert Downey Junior Director/Writer; Christopher Nolan, Singer; Kim Walker.

Playing: your mother

Watching: Batman: TDK (The joker=love), Inglorious Basterds, Avengers

Obsessing over: ALISTAIR!! *foams from mouth, dies* (all-time) Hibari (currently)

Working on: Me.

Planning: World Domination!.. And to many stories to list.

The bishounen I love!

(Bolded items means that at the mention of their name I may spontaneously combust. They\'re just that hot.)

Alistair (Dragon Age)

Near (Death Note)

Hibari (KHR!)

Dino (KHR!)

Takeshi (KHR!)

Xanxus (KHR!)

L (Death Note)

The Muses~
Death Note
Kingdom Hearts
Outlaw Star
Invader Zim (Funniest thing. Ever. :3)
Avatar (TLAB)
Final Fantasy (Practically ALL. Rawr X3)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn (*drooling*)
Dragon Age: Origins
Left 4 Dead 2

The Alter Ego\'s from hell:

The following \"alter ego\'s\" are modeled after real people in my life, and will be accompanying me on my many AU\'s and sometimes, animecon and fest and all that good stuff. By the way, if you see me, don\'t call me Alicia, try Sweet as Sin! X3

Damien is a slightly cynical, sarcastic by nature, nutcase who hates lemons and somehow managed to bag a hotty like Kori(*huggles the poor thing to death*) despite all the above. Currently, he belongs to Ko-chan, so you may be able to find him with her. Yumie, on the other hand, is the yin to his yang, a fun-loving, party girl who is always up for a good time and of course, some smut. She\'s sarcastic, too, a chain swearer, childish and, if you havent guessed it, bipolar. You can find her, well, everywhere, actually. *shifty eyes* I swear she\'s a ninja! *shakes fist*

Now that you\'ve met them, you can get to know them by reading my AU\'s. They stay true to their personalities, I assure ;D.

Progressive Stupidity
Otherwise known as \"In Progress\"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

Guess who\'s back, back, back, back again~ Shady\'s back! Tell a friend!

Er, okay, so I\'m not slim shady but I am back. Hey there!

I know I\'ve been gone a really long time and I just wanted to apologize to everyone who\'s been checking up on me. I\'ve been reading through reviews and messages and I just want to say I\'m really touched. You guys are awesome, amazing people and you\'ve got a Hibari story on the way, so just sit tight, folks!

In other news, I won\'t be writing lemons anymore, unfortunately. Well, not unfortunately that I\'m quitting that, since there\'s a reason, but unfortunate that I\'ll be disappointing some people. That\'s the last thing I want to do! I know that that\'s probably the main reason a lot of you liked me, but I hope that won\'t dent this relationship too much *grins* I think my writing has gotten better, hopefully good enough to stand without the smut. I guess we\'ll see! Stay tuned for that Hibari storyŚit\'s gonna be quite the ride, with a female lead that\'s actually a tough cookie for once!

love you all,
Alicia ~ !

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