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Wednesday, Feb 3rd, 2016; 12:24 AM

A lot of random stuff has been happening recently so I thought I'd give you guys a bit of an inside look on the BS I've been going through for nearly a year.

I was recently diagnosed with "Hypersensitive Raynaud Syndrome" which is to say the blood vessels in my fingers suck and stay constricted most of the time. Basically, if my hands get cold they immediately turn blue due to lack of blood flow and, well. Hurt. Unfortunately during the time that I didn't know about this, I managed to hurt the tip of my right index finger, which in turn turned into a large sore because there wasn't enough blood flow to the area for it to heal like it was supposed to. This happened in August 2015. They didn't figure it out until the last week of January 2016.

What does this have to do with Luna? Well, the sore hands make it hard to type but I've learned to kinda adapt, though it's still annoying. Why am I typing this now? Because my hands are getting better now that I know what to do with them to help them heal. That in turn means I'm actually typing. I am, however working again and working nearly full time hours most weeks. Luckily, I work nights and most nights its pretty dead in the store, so I've slowly moved into writing in a small notebook I keep on my person. :3 Which means, yes, some long awaited updates for some old fanfics.

On in particular that has gotten attention about a week ago being Color Rush, my little pet project venturing around with Reno from FF7. And with FFXV and the FF7 Remake looming in the future (FFXV apparently fairly near in the future *squee*) you can expect some more from me. I had actually started an FFXV story, but I don't think I posted it? I don't think I finished the first chapter... I was waiting for more info on FFXV before I ventured into it. I don't wanna write an entire story, then find out 70% of it is factually wrong and have to rewrite it. Ugh.

So with healing hands comes more typing, and I'm going to make a note on the next chapter of Color Rush but I made an email so you guys can email in ideas to me. Why ideas? Well, if you've read the story you know Reno wants to do some "experiments". I want you guys to throw me some "experiment" ideas. What should the two do? What kind of experiments should Reno perform?

No idea what I'm talking about? :D WELL THAT'S OK!~ This next part is for you.

There's a lot of stuff I gave up on, and I will be addressing those in the coming weeks. Namely a lot of stories that are just not going to get finished. So I'm going to officially go through and cancel a good chunk of my ongoing stories that are honestly just not going to see the light of day again.

On the fortunate side, I'm going to sit down and try to get at least 2 chapters out for every story I am continuing within the next month.
And one particular story is finally going to come to a close. That's right, the 9 year long monstrosity that is my Naruto fanfic Guarded Soul is going to be closed. I told myself I'd stop at 40 chapters, so I'm going to sit down and force the last 5 chapters into life so I can finally be done with it.

I am also revisiting She Talks to Angels if only because it was my baby and I wanted to get it published one day. I'm probably going to scrap it entirely, rewrite the first few chapters that I have posted and try again to see how it's received. If it does better, I'll post the first 10 chapters of the actual book, then maybe post the rest after I figure out if I can actually get this published.

As for the rest...
I've come to hate a good chunk of what I've written over the years. Or just lost interest in making the story "happen". So check descriptions in the near future for DISCONTINUED tags to be added.

Upcoming Planning Finished

Only Fools Fall in Love Chapter 2
To the Moon and Back Chapter 5
Beauty is Blind and the Beast is Scarred Chapter 2
That's What She Said Chapter 15
Guarded Soul Chapter 35
Remember Chapter 2
Yes or No? - Tony Stark x Reader
Devils are Overrated - Dante x Reader
Hope Abandoned - Angsty!Dante
King of Nothing Chapter 2
An Accident Waiting to Happen Chapter 4
Color Rush Chapter 16
Falling Towards the Sky Chapter 5
Lie to the World Chapter 4
Logic Means Nothing, My Dear Chapter 3

The following is a list of stories that have been abandoned:
It's possible I will revisit some of these, but probably not.
Diary of a Mentally Insane Kunoichi
Don't Call On Me
Hocus Pocus
Robes of White
She Talks to Angels
The Illusion
What Once Was Yours


Name: Rei
Age: 26 {09.24.1988}
Location: Living under Knifey's bed, eating milk duds.
Muse: That adorable voice inside my head {AKA: Knifey}
Occupation:Freelance Graphic Designer
Hobbies: Reading, writing, homepage/layout design, Photography, graphic design
Plans: Moar milk duds and to live with Knifey 5ever.


Final Fantasy 7 - Reno, Rude, Rufus Shinra, (Turk) Vincent Valentine
Durarara!! - Shizuo Heiwajima, Izaya Orihara
Final Fantasy 15 - Noctis, Ignis
Outlaw Star - Gene Starwind
Assassin's Creed - Altair, Ezio Auditore, Shaun Hastings
Bleach - Renji Abarai, Kisuke Urahara
Kuni no Alice no Heart - Boris Airay, Blood Dupre, Elliot March, Julius
Kingdom Hearts - Axel
Trigun - Vash the Stampede, Nicholas Wolfwood
Dragon Age - Alistair, Anders, Cullen, Solas
Devil May Cry - Dante Sparda, Vergil Sparda
Fullmetal Alchemist - Roy Mustang
Yu-Gi-Oh - Seto Kaiba
Dogs - Badou Nails, Heine Rammsteiner
Star Ocean - Abel Nox
Yu Yu Hakusho - Hiei, Jin
Beyblade - Kai, Ray
Fairy Tale - Natsu Dragneel, Grey Fullbuster
Avengers - Loki, Thor, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner
Hakuoki - Souji Okita, Sanosuke Harada, Hajime Saito, Shinpachi Nagakura

Game On

Feeling game? Add me, I don't bite. ;)
Just make sure to include you're from Luna in the message!
I'm on PS3/PS4, 3ds/Wii U and Steam.


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