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The following are links to my accounts on other writing sites or where my writings will be posted (soon if they are not already), or places you can get in contact with me.

Ghost of the Vanguard formerly FOS.
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Sunday, February 1st, 2015; 6:28PM

Wow, it's seriously been a year since I updated the actual thingy about me?
Holy hell.

Anyway, while I try and figure out why I didn't at least change this thing sooner, I'd like to say that I am somewhat back on my writing game. Not abundantly so but enough of the way that I actually just posted the first chapter to a new story (wooooow, go me!).

For those curious, I got a new job recently, one that has me at a desk more than standing on my feet glaring at customers from the opposite side of a register. Namely, I'm working for my local newspaper selling ads to local businesses in the area (and doing some graphic design on the side for said ads). So yeah, I have more down-time than usual. So that means, when I'm not "doin my thang", I'm gonna be doodling in my notebook and writing again when the fancy takes me.

Its good to have a work space now that, when I decide I want to write something, I can actually sit my ass down and write.

So expect more from me. Maybe not very quickly or in order. But expect it. :)

PS Apparently Luna went crazy at some point and broke all my images and links. Weird... Fixed them now, lol. Must have been when the site went down.

Upcoming Planning Finished

Only Fools Fall in Love Chapter 2
That\'s What She Said Chapter 15
Remember Chapter 2
Yes or No? - Tony Stark x Reader
Beauty is Blind, the Beast is Scarred - Roy Mustang x Reader {Post FMA:B}
Envy: A Dish Best Served Hot - Dante x OC One-shot Smut
Little Black Bowtie - Dante x OC One-shot Smut
Devils are Overrated - Dante x Reader


Name: Rei
Age: 26 {09.24.1988}
Location: Living under Knifey's bed, eating milk duds.
Muse: That adorable voice inside my head {AKA: Knifey}
Occupation: Local Newspaper Ad Sales Rep/Graphic Designer
Hobbies: Reading, writing, homepage/layout design, Photography, graphic design
Plans: Moar milk duds and to live with Knifey 5ever.


Final Fantasy 7 - Reno, Rude, Rufus Shinra, (Turk) Vincent Valentine
Durarara!! - Shizuo Heiwajima, Izaya Orihara
Final Fantasy 13 - Snow
Outlaw Star - Gene Starwind
Assassin's Creed - Altair, Ezio Auditore, Shaun Hastings
Bleach - Renji Abarai, Kisuke Urahara
Kuni no Alice no Heart - Boris, Blood Dupre, Ace, Elliot March, Julius
Kingdom Hearts - Axel, Riku
Trigun - Vash the Stampede, Nicholas Wolfwood
Dragon Age - Alistair, Anders, Cullen
Devil May Cry - Dante Sparda, Vergil Sparda
Fullmetal Alchemist - Roy Mustang
Yu-Gi-Oh - Seto Kaiba
Dogs - Badou Nails, Heine Rammsteiner
Star Ocean - Abel Nox
Yu Yu Hakusho - Hiei, Jin
Beyblade - Kai, Ray
Fairy Tale - Natsu Dragneel, Grey Fullbuster
Avengers - Loki, Thor, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner

Game On

Feeling game? Add me, I don't bite. ;)
Just make sure to include you're from Luna in the message!
I'm on PS3 and Steam.


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