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I\'m Francesca.
I\'m full Italian and was born/live in Italy, so excuse my English if sometimes it seems off.

Ah, So I noticed that most profiles out here have much more to them than mine. I\'m still not going to put up a bunch of pictures and make my bio all fancy-shmancy, but that\'s simply because I\'m way too lazy. (Ahem, excuse my laziness. 8D)


So basic info;

Name: Francesca

Age: Just turned eighteen! (But in my mind I\'m still not an adult, hehe.)

Grade: This is somewhat weird. In Italy we have five years of high school, so I\'m in my second to last high school year (the fourth) and I still have one more to go, while in America (and other countries) people my age would be off to college.

Favorite Music: Old rock and indie. Currently, Oasis and The Shins have my immense love.

Favorite Movies: MULAN. Haters gonna hate. 8D

Favorite Books: There\'s a lot. I\'d say All Quiet on the Western Front and the entire The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Favorite Sports: I don\'t like playing sports (oh lazy), but I LOVE soccer. A lot.

Extras: Err. Mostly I\'m busy with school, because I love being nerdy and actually putting effort in. If I\'m not studying and nerding out I\'m either playing piano or playing videogames. Or sleeping. 8D

\'dass all, loves. I\'ll add more. Later. Someday. But I enjoy procrastinating, so I\'m not sure how long it\'ll be before I change this again, yo.

Anyway, talk to me, I\'m shy and appreciate people who start conversations . My middle name is Awkward! I can\'t start them myself.

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