Member Profile: WildFlower13
Name: WildFlower13
Alias: Shelby
Status: Member
Join Date: 03/14/11
Last Logged In: 07/26/11
Skin: Shinigami_Blue

Gender: Girl OF course.

Age: Wish you could know.

Fav Color: Purple, Bitches! :)
hair Color:Brown


Height:5\'2...short I know!

My fav band in the world is Papa Roach or Buckcherry
But I listen to Hip-hop\\

Anime i\'m interested in right now-

Vampire if you have any Fan-Fics about this let me know! Expically if they are LEMONNNN!! Ima sorta a perv...well that\'s what my friends tell me ;)

anything else that is totally random
I HATE RUNNING! but love volleyball and swimming.

Fav. food EVER Pineapple

I have one insane white dog named Fizz...who is spazzing out right now till I let him out.OH and who attacked a badger just an hour ago.

Song playing right now Harder my Ke$ha ;)

anything else? Hit me up then.

and just like my dog I can be a total hyperly insane hyperly even a word? NOW IT IS!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D

PS! the man in the picture is SMEXYYYYYY!! ILOVE TOBI!!!!!....Okay maybe madara alot too.

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