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TUDAE (6/22/11): HOLY FUCK I AM ALIVE. Yes, that\'s right, ladies and gentlemen, I\'ve come back from the dead. More specifically, I\'ve learned that I will never, ever, take four AP classes in the same year ever again. Yes, school has been the cause of my unjust absence from updating my stories. Winnifred has been diligently at my side, poking me into writing for them, and I have a good bit of stuff done. I won\'t promise to post a lot at first, but I will start posting again, so here\'s to keeping your hackles raised and your feet a-tappin\'. ...whatever the hell that\'s supposed to mean.


Well, hello there. It\'s quite nice of you to join me here in my humble...biography...thing. Ahem, yes. I suppose that you are wondering what the hell I\'m all about. Or not. You\'re possibly just curious and, to be frank, I like curious people. Which means I like you. A lot. And from that like has stemmed the desire to share with you the glorious, and sometimes frightening, things that pop in and out of my mind. These things can range from the deranged to the estranged. ...something along those lines, but I\'m not too sure. I feel a little light-headed right now, so I\'m not going to promise you that this entire spiel is true. Although, I will be sharing things with you. Many, many, wonderful, spine-tingling, heart-stopping sensations! With you marvelous people.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy~


General Fiction

Title: Your Home
Summary:Your home liked to eat peanut butter off a large spoon while he stared at canvases for inspiration.
Your home slept on his left side only in a stationary position, convinced that it helped his nightmares.
Your home painted portraits of famous dead people on the ceiling in the kitchen every Thursday night.
Your home was positively insane, but you loved him.

Your home was named Felix.

Pairing: Reader + Felix [OC]


Fan Fiction

Fandom: Naruto
Title: Descent
Summary: You belonged to one of the richest families in all of Japan. However, there came a day that changed your life forever. A new path formed ahead of you, and you began your descent down it.

A descent into the unknown world.

Pairing: Reader + Sai

[Dedicated to Bluewaters]


Fandom: Batman
Title: How To Become A Super Hero
Summary: At first, it seemed a little childish, that list you created and kept a secret in your desk. But when you finally could check off the first thing on the list, it didn\'t seem as stupid anymore.

Step 1: Have A Motive - check.

Pairing: Reader + Bruce Wayne


Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Title: Summer\'s Early This Year
Summary: It was just a regular summer spent at your cousin\'s with him and his tennis friends.

Then you happened to meet a certain O-chibi.

And that\'s when things became crazier than usual.

(For Bleu Wales\' \"Have Some Fun in the Summer Sun\" challenge)

{Happy Birthday, Bleu Wales!}

Pairing: Reader + Ryoma Echizen


Current Date: 6/22/11
Current Mood: EXHAUSTED
Current Obsession: would it be shameful to admit that it is, in fact, still Auron (FFX)?
Current Drink: green tea
Current Music: Ice Dance - Danny Elfman
Current Project: knitting a tiny banana
Current ...Pants: the froggy-pattern pants I stole borrowed from Winny-chan~


My name is Penne Darper. Yes. Get those laughs out now. You\'re not the only one who\'s ever thought it sounded like \"durper\" and proceeded to remind me about it on a daily basis. Ha haha ha.

My game is writing. It also consists of lazing around, reading manga, playing critical thinking games, and watching reruns of Whose Line over, and over, and over again whilst eating soy pudding or coconut milk ice cream bars. There is also the times that I fervently read Shakespeare and hole myself up in my room for hours on end wondering about the passions of life (and by that I mean playing otome games and hacking friends\' things).

My employment status is student, although I do work the weekends at Books-A-Million. Actually, I practically live there.

My label would probably be \"bookworm\" or \"computer geek,\" but since I don\'t believe in labels and I\'m not a racist/sexist/misanthrope, then I\'m just your average teenage girl who reads a lot of books and spends too much time with electronics.

My friends are crazy-tastic. In fact, there is one on here that I believe you call Bleu Wales. BFFLAB

My birthday is May the 6th. Yeap.

Sometimes, I feel the need to throw my closet on the floor and organize everything by color.

French pop music is my guilty pleasure. Just like Italian opera arias. And J-Pop.



I need to start being lazier with my school work like Winnifred is...

That\'s just about all I have for you right now, but, ah, I might add more later? I dunno. Toodles~




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\"The greatest thing you will ever learn is to love, and be loved in return.\"

\"What\'s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.\" Juliet, Romeo and Juliet

\"Patrick to Spongebob: THE DELICIOUSNESS HAS LANDED!\" Patrick Star

\"MEOW~\" Colin Mochrie

(When asked what they like to do with their fans) \"We like to kidnap them in a van, then leave them somewhere dangerous. SURPRISE!\" Gerard Way

\"PSH. BITCH BE TRIPPIN\' ON THEMS THAR COCAINEEEEE.\" Mom to a rave girl rocking out on the tube.


- - - -

Good night and good day, sir or madam.

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