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Name Change!! Formerly TheRawrFactor, now I am ariga2.

Hello, new friend! Or possibly old friend. I wouldn't know, it's not like I'm stalking you through your computer or anything.

Just call me Kami.

Okay, I don't know what you want to know, but I write stories sometimes. As of right now, not much, but please do enjoy the kind of miniscule selection I have at the moment while I try and scrounge up my lost thoughts.

::You a basic bitch, so learn your basic shit:: i mean youre not really a basic bitch, but you should know this about me.
Age: 19
Birthday: 21 February
Location: Northeast United States

I have thrice tumblrs
for funnies
for arts
for original writings

Recently Finished
updated: 31 aug 2014
+ Sunglasses (reader x oc, elliot)

Currently Working On
updated: 31 aug 2014
+ God Damn Those Idols, They Drive Me to Insanity (utapri; reader x various) - on hiatus

Currently Watching
(note: some of it is old and i just got around to watching it)
+ Free! Eternal Summer
+ Zankyou no Terror/Terror in Resonance
+ Tokyo Ghoul
+ Samurai Champloo

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After this point, you'll just get updates from me.

:: 26 may 2015 ::

wowee where has the time gone?

iím back from hiatus for the summer, now that school is out. i mean, iíve been home for a couple of weeks so far, got quite a few more left, but iíve been writing fan fiction in that time, so you canít fault me. iíve sent what iíve been working on into the queue, quite a bit ago, too, but it hasnít made its way to the public as of yet, but iím waiting. itís a haru x reader fic, just so you know.

since iíve been back, iíve also noticed that this place has been pretty goddamned barren. it might be because of high school finals for a lot of people or something, but, like. really. really. barren. i mean, butt ticklerís been the newest member for weeks or something. itís scary. i hope no oneís given up on luna, itís the one place with actually good fics. all thatís left is gotvg and quotev, there arenít any other places. thatís so scary.

umÖ also, is it just me or are the next few seasons of anime just really slim pickings? they arenít that great. last summer and fall had some of the greatest anime iíve ever seen, and itís just really disappointing this time around. i hope winter is better.

OH also iíve opened up a print all over me store with some rad shit, so if you wanna go look and/or buy shit, itíll be up in the regular information sometime.

i guess thatís all iíve got right now. iím going to go read that high school prison manga bai
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