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Hello, friend! I\'m all over the place in my writing, so feel free to browse the stories I have.
I\'m just your friendly, neighborhood hipster with hippie tendencies. Hate all you want, bro.

Call me Factor or Kami, either works.

You\'re not all that interested in this personal shit, are you? I might as well warn you though.
I am;
~ The most offensive person you will ever meet. Meaning I swear enough to make a sailor blush and I\'m perverted enough to make Hetalia\'s France cower in shame. I might make insults that somehow affect you, depending on if you take it the wrong way. But whatever. See next bullet.
~ So opinionated it hurts.

BUT, I will absolutely love you unconditionally. Love everyone.
And I pride myself on being a cutesy, half-Chinese girl. It gets me everywhere. You should try it, too~!
I should also tell you that you can contact me whenever. If you\'ve got some beef with me or something, let\'s not have it all over this place. Or if you just want a conversationnnnnnnnnnn.

~::Basic Shit to Know::~
Name: Refer to the first paragraph on what you shall call me.
Age: 17
Birthdate: 21st February
Location: United States, New England is the most specific I will get
And I think that\'s it.

Currently Working On: (updated 7, December, 2012)
+ God Damn Those Idols, They Drive Me to Insanity
+ Sunglasses
+ Lovely Disturbance (Yet to be posted, won\'t be posted until AFTER Sunglasses is finished)

If you want to read Lifeless Eyes & Starless Skies, please copy and paste the following URL into your address bar:

\"\" *hug*

Updates from moi are after the picture jump!





:: 30 December, 2013 ::

Happy almost New Year, my dearies! Apologies for being gone for so long; I've been having absolutely terrible computer troubles, but those have been fixed and now I'm talking to you with a brand new shiny thing! Sadly, everything will continue to be on hiatus, as I cannot transfer the contents of my old hard drive onto this new one as of yet. So, until I get an enclosure for my old HDD, and I'm able to access all of my old documents, all stories are stuck. I plan on writing brand spankin' new shit on this, right after I get all of my college shit sorted out (which will be around February/March). I'm honestly really sorry that life has gotten in the way, I wish I could have a week where I could do nothing but write and not have to worry about building a portfolio. Art colleges are such a bitch.

So, what's happened? A lot. I finished WataMote and I plan on continuing to follow the manga. Tomoko is really tragic, every single episode of that anime made me cringe. The final episode left a bit to be desired, though. I understand that WataMote's manga is ongoing and that the anime was a set season, but I kind of wish the episode writers just kind of did their own thing and gave Tomoko some sort of happy cliffhanger or something. Like, she actually vaguely made a friend (which I guess she did, with her class president?), but with extended contact. With anyone other than Yuu.

Oh, and guess what? UtaPri's getting a third season! I-I'm not too psyched. I thought that the second season was a difficult to get through (I actually fast-forwarded through the last two episodes just to see the performances, and the performances only).
While we're on this subject, I don't know if I gave a review of the last season, but I'm going to here.
DUMBEST. SHIT. EVER. Camus' entry was probably the only real highlight, as well as Masato's episode, but that's probably just the Masato fangirl in me talking. I thought with the introduction of HEAVENS, that something amazing would happen, but it really wasn't too significant. I can't even remember the song they sang, but I remember that I liked it, at least. The final episode, when STARISH gets on the stage, I almost puked rainbows, and I do not say that happily. I thought that the ending was really fucking ridiculous. Just, like, was I supposed to be amazed? Because I just felt really stupid, and I cringed a good chunk of it. Spinning? Really? That's what unites everyone? FUCK YOU, CECIL, I HATED YOUR FACE.

And I did not and do not really plan to watch Shingeki no Kyojin. So, you know, don't ask.

That is all, my lovelies. See you next year!
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