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[date] 2 feb, 2014

[mood] stressed

[listening] "zedd mash up cover" by double take

[updated] profile/beta reader status


❝—okay so im finally done being lazy and starting back on editing older stories and such. as well as updating this profile since i haven't since like... two years ago. oops oops. x:

anyways, you should be expecting a few shingeki no kyojin stories soon. drabbles and one shots ive been meaning to clean up and post but again, lazy. i always plan on starting a new series which is exciting. i have quite a few series i want to start and maybe a BYOA but one step at a time loves. so just watch for updates as they come c: and always always leave feedback so i can improve!

about the author—

⌦megan rae. twenty years old and still afraid of the dark.
more emotionally attached to fictional boys than any man ive ever met.
embodiment of sloth. no really, im lazy as hell.
my mouth belongs among the sailors.
id rather drink a whole bottle of hot sauce than eat anything chocolate.
though that still sounds rather unpleasant.
i'd like to think i can be rather witty.
i thoroughly enjoy watching koreans dance around in tight pants and sobbing over shoujo.

currently pining over—

| movie | frozen ✕ the cat returns!

| anime | noragami ✕ --

| manga | ao haru ride ✕ hirunaka no ryuusei!

| games | league of legends ✕ elder scrolls v: skyrim!

| tv shows | grimm ✕ --

current works—

title: chasing stardust
rating: g | pg | pg 13 | nc 17
triggers: g o r e.
chapters: 00╱00
pairings: ⌠ reader x m!dragonborn
summary: ⊱neither you or I would ever know sunlight, but in the night light we still shine bright
aeril tine is a theif, and a good one at that. she abides to no laws and reports to no man— she is simply free and that is the only life she has ever known. but when one of her night time raids leads to her capture she is forced into companionship with the so called dragonborn. now aeril faces a journey that could end her life, or change what she thought was living, forever.

title: embers
rating: g | pg | pg 13 | nc 17
chapters: 00╱100
pairings: ⌠ reader x axel
summary: ⊱ our coals are just beginning to glow ⊰
response to ninja-chans's 101 drabble adventure.

title: title here
rating: g | pg | pg 13 | nc 17
chapters: 00╱00
pairings: ⌠ character x character
summary: ⊱ oh a summary! ⊰

contact me—

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