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Beware of random muttering! It\'s normal, I tell you!

Name: PurpleElephants, Elephants, Ele, whatever floats your boat.

Music: It\'s like I\'ve gone through a musical transformation. I basically always listen to New Age, but there\'s still a bit of everything else- except country. And rap is only good for working out.

Hobbies: Adrenaline rushie~ I\'ll go for anything, but I particulary enjoy drawing, dancing, writing, reading, and sports. Anything that I can have a good time doing.

Favorite Anime/Manga: Naruto, Bleach, FullMetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, and some other shojo stuff, like Sailor Moon, Five, OHSHC, Hana Kimi, and Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (so I\'m a hopeless romantic, bite me). Anything I write about, you can assume I watch and/or like.

Update as of 3/20/11
Mood: Meh; apathetic irl, but here, positively guilty D:
Reason? Quite a lot of work irl, but I haven\'t done crap here in ages xD
Listening to: Still \"My Ghost,\" Glass Pear, but a lot of Ólafur Arnalds, Yanni, Yann Tiersen and Yiruma.
Happeh With: How some projects are coming along
Despising: That I haven\'t written. At all.

So... heheheh.... I haven\'t updated this since what, August? My bad D: I don\'t have an excuse for not writing anything; I just haven\'t. It could be writer\'s block, who knows, but I am going to do my best to get some things out by the end of the month.

Which reminds me, I\'ve been seriously considering either discontinuing, dropping, or re-writing Blinded. I feel like I\'ve made my OC much too mary-sue, and that the plot isn\'t very developed at all. I know the story has definitely helped develop me as a writer, so I\'m a bit hestitant to just drop it, but unless I find the motivation to rewrite it, I doubt anything\'ll be going on with it. Especially since I got a Featured Story award for it D:

BUT. I am going to focus a lot of my energy on Cup of Joe and getting out the last chapter of O Children, which just won\'t let me write it, no matter how many times I try (which I actually have, thank you very much).

Once again, I\'m throwing out a willingness to do one-shots for both experience for myself and a bit of pleasure for yourself~ If you wanna be a guinea pig for me, please, feel free to shoot me an email or request something on a review (is that how it works? *is a n00b*) So, with that, until next time! Ciao~

Teh Character\'s Of Ele\'s Stories!
Besides you. I don\'t own you, and I\'d like to keep it like that, thank you very much.

(Just... ignore any of the words on the picture. They\'re not true, I tell you~!)
Name: Seiyuu Kei
Series: Blinded
Anime:: Naruto
Birthday: February 1
Age: ... I think the other genin are around thirteen/fourteen, so she\'s... thirteen and a half.
Preferred Weapon: Uses the usual kunai, shurikan and such, but also fights with scrolls and occasionally short katanas.
Abilities/Specialties: Earth-based chakra, summons, and scrolls.
Personality: Rather laid-back and lazy, this kunoichi is cold to others and prefers to work by herself. She rather not let anyone get close to her, but the ones who sneak through the cracks are protected and cared for without hesitation. Sarcastic and witty, Kei is has a sharp intuition, but can rather oblivious to things right in front of her eyes, no pun intended. Her main fault is her extreme stubborness and lack of social skill, separating herself from her teammates and friends.
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