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So, recently, I came back to watch Naruto Shippuden because I really have issues with leaving things undone- well, good things. I never finished Harry Potter.

I am glad to report that I feel a lot more competent with my skills, in writing and other devices, but I don\'t really know what this sudden return to anime entitles. Truly, I intend to simply watch Naruto and then go on with Taiwanese dramas seeing that I should probably learn Chinese since it\'s part of my heritage. However, upon my arrival back into the obsession of Shippuden, I found that it isn\'t completed yet. :/ This is extremely annoying since I would prefer to have it all done and good in one shot, but I\'ll hang around to finish the episodes I still haven\'t watched yet. Once I\'m done, I may lurk around here and there on the site.

I don\'t guarantee that I\'ll be posting fanfiction anymore, but if I happen to have time and sufficient inspiration, we\'ll see.

Zai jien.

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Favorite anime character: Kakashi. Truthfully, I\'m kind of in love with him.
Close second: Yamato. :] He\'s just so adorable.
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About my services: I check almost everything; plot, spelling, grammar, HTML tags, characterization (especially with dialog) I don't really mind YAOI or Yuri fics as long as they aren't too outrageous. My normal response time is within a week or less since I check my mail daily. However, I usually save betas for the weekends.

Over the summer, my response time gets a lot better seeing to the fact that I have no life. =P I usually will respond within a couple of days or fewer. If I forget to check my mail for a while, like I'm sometimes notorious for, contact me by Gaia. I get on pretty much everyday.

Don't hesitate to ask for ideas. I get hit by them a lot.
Will not read: *Unquoted/marked dialog.

As long as the dialog is fine, I'm fine. I do feel uncomfortable with a couple of things like m-preg and incest, but I'm willing to check those over as well. ^-^

Also, be wary of the length of your stories, please. My attention span only stretches so far. I will beta one-shots up to the length of a maximum of sixteen thousand words. Chaptered fanfictions, well, they'll take a very long time, though, it depends on both the time I have to spare and my mood. For chaptered fanfictions, I honestly wouldn't consider myself the first choice on the list. ^-^;
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