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I\'m Alicia, studying at a local college forensic photography... You can also find me on FOS-FF under the same name. I love Criminal Minds, Next To Normal (musical), Supernatural, Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Memphis Beat, Rizzoli and Isles, and Lost! I\'m the youngest child (out of five, and the only girl~) and have done eight years of theater and eleven years of creative writing. Some of my poetry had already been published and a few of my photographs have been featured in NGM - National Geographic Magazine. Wow. I didn\'t mean to sound boastful... I\'m sorry if I did!
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Speaks with a British accent - mixed with Texan.
Can speak semi-fluently in Japanese, Italian, and Gaelic.
Easily quotes Doctor Who daily.
Quotes random books/movies/musicals for the hell of it.
Has six names in her full name.
Is a holiday baby.
Can\'t cook-cook. AT ALL. Baking is another story.
Loves her forensics field.
Screams, \"I\'M CALLING MORGAN AND HOTCH ON YOUR ARSE\", when people upset her.
Likes having people say she looks like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds
Deathly terrified of ducks.
If it\'s got Cillian Murphy or Jamie Bell in it, she\'s seen it.
Easily amused.
I will have to warn you, most of my stories are a little dark and angst-filled. It\'s kinda sad since I never notice until someone comments about it. I\'m also too chicken to do stories rated 17+ and up - I tried once and I had nightmares (I kid, but it was bad), so don\'t look to me for \'em. So just be prepared my friends.

I had to share this!

More attempts at Criminal Minds Reader-inserts. Tons of Criminal Minds one-shots.

All At Once - Criminal Minds reader-insert (Drabbles!) - \"Maybe you want her... Maybe you need her?\" - (we\'re an on again-off again relationship, this fic and I.)

Permanent - Criminal minds reader-insert (Novella-ish) - \"It kept playing over and over, \'LET ME INSIDE, LET ME GET CLOSE TO YOU\', and you thought it\'d drive you mad. Truly, deeply, eat-your-own-hair mad.\" - reader X UNDECIDED
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About my services: Really, I'll pretty much help as much as I can. I'll read anything.
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