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Real Conversations In My Life.
Bold is me...

Zomg quotes from your life. Am I there? xD I dunno. But I\'m here for.. L! Wellllll. I\'ll quote you if you want me to.
Yay! Quote my infernal love for you!!\"

I swear there\'s a good reason for all this. And that is? The pudding told me to! And I suspect the milk was your accomplice? O_O How\'d you know?!

Also, I just peeked outside. Someone turned the sun up...It\'s bright...

Oh goodness. You loser. Hey!At least Homestar loves me...*sniffle* Hey hey. You know I love you ^-^ you\'re my Derek-loser, and I adore youuu. YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! *happy* You may do a happy dance now. \\o_o\\ \\o_o/ /o_o/ \\o_o/ \\^_^/

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bell rock... Damnit. You can\' t remember the rest either? Shit, no> This is sad. Tell me about it. Yeah... What are we doing awake at two in the morning singing Christmas songs for anyways? No clue...

What are you doing on July 4th, at 12:AM? Hmm. Waking up, maybe. Well, how about not waking up and going to a movie instead?

I danced with a strange girl! Le gasp. Now, I don\'t think she went to LHS... Though I could be wrong there. Did she know you? Erm... I\'m not sure.

She was happy? Yes. She seemed to be. That\'s good. I\'m glad she\'s happy. So am I. That also makes me happy. What does? That Nola is happy, and that you\'re happy. You two mean a lot to me and it makes me happy to see that you\'re happy. Well, it makes me happy to hear that you\'re happy. So we\'re all happy. *dances*

Did you know you have an X on your hand? Did you know your shoe is untied? No, I didn\'t.. Thanks. That is a sign. Huh? You fail the \"State the Obvious\" contest.

So I received word that a certain large-chested female that we both have a relationship with has recently visited your abode... Yesss. Her boobs have actually gotten smaller since Jr. High. I\'ve noticed. But go on. Yeah. She came over, we talked outside. Caught up. Babbled. Hugged. Squealed.

Hey, the levers look like --It\'s the dildo machine!

He\'s the friend that went to Japan. Ooh. *glares* He\'s cool, so don\'t glare too hard.

So how have you been doping lately? ...Err... Doing lately? Ahaha. Not doping, but doing mostly well.

*hugs* Well, you\'ll have to talk to me closer to the 4th. You know me and my terrible memory. Yeah... and you\'ll have to remind me closer to the 4th. You know ME and my terrible memory. We should find stickynotes and stick them to the computers... And TV, and stereo. And bed. And wall. And sunflower seeds. I have wild sunflowers growing in my backyard. I\'ll do that.
(And yet we both still forgot.)


Konnichiwa! Watashi wa PlayboyManson desu.
Ume is my Japanese name. I currently have no last name although I\'m considering taking Takemoto.
I have many names. Zombie, JayLeii, Ginger, Jo, Lilye, QOTD, Amazon, Diva, and more that I can\'t recall at the moment.

I guess I should say I am pleased to meet you.

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