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12/2/14 - Sorry about the lack of updates. Writer's block is a pain. I am making a bit of progress with some of my stories, but it's going to be very slow.


Name: DBH
Age: 25 (Sept 8)


Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Story Type: Reader-insert, Oneshot, Crack-fic, PWP
Summary: Someone has to cook now that Zexion is gone. (You x Axel)
Progress: 0% completed
Note: This one is pretty pointless but still something amusing to read though.

Fandom: Resident Evil
Story Type: Reader-insert
Summary: This was horrible. You just happen to be camping when you got caught up in this mess. Yeah, there were new reports about the missing people and stuff happening in the forest. But whatever, you planned this trip for weeks and you are not going to let something like that stop you.
If only you knew what a mistake that was. (Reader x Billy)
Progress: 10% complete
Note: I\'m still unsure if this should be a oneshot or a chaptered fic. I guess when the comes for me to focus on this I will figure that out.

Fandom: Legend of Zelda
Story Type: Reader-insert, Chaptered Fic
Summary: ??? (Reader x Dark Link)
Progress: 3% complete
Note: The idea for this one still needs more time to develop completely.

Bubble Fun
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Story Type: Reader-insert, Oneshot
Summary: Being trapped in a bubble sucks. Though it\'s much funnier when you\'re not the one in there. (You x Riku)
Progress: 0% complete
Note: Lost my old floppy disk that had it. -_-; I\'ll have to start over again.

Sweet Smile
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Story Type: Reader-insert, Oneshot or a Ficlet
Summary: All it took was a sweet smile and his tough guy act fell apart. (You x Seifer)
Progress: 0% complete
Note: It\'s an idea that hasn\'t develop completely yet.

Fandom: Original
Story Type: CYOA, Reader-insert
Summary: Can you surivive the outbreak?
Progress: 2% complete
Note: Will start this after I finish Devil\'s Tricks and Hell\'s Treats.

Fandom: Pokemon
Story Type: One-Shot, Reader-insert
Summary: You finally graduated the police academy and ready for the real world. As soon as you are given your Growlithe, handcuff and badge, you learned that many things aren\'t as simple and by the book as you thought it was. It also doesn\'t help when you pissed off the Rockets.
Progress: 0% complete
Note: Just an idea and hasn\'t been started at all.

Fandom: Soul Calibur III
Story Type: Chaptered, Reader-insert
Summary: This is another tale of souls and swords, your tale.
Progress: 0% complete
Note: Just an idea and hasn\'t been started at all.

Do You Have A Reflection?
Fandom: Hellsing
Story Type: Reader-insert, Drabble or Ficlet
Summary: You were always curious and you wondered how much he had in common with the traditional vampires in fiction. (You x Alucard)
Progress: 5% complete
Note: This is for a friend, StarlightSonata.

The Chronicles of Ghost Jiraiya
Fandom: Naruto
Story Type: Reader-insert, Chaptered Fic
Summary: A young woman finds herself wondering around the forest near her home. Though, she\'s completely unaware that she disturbed the resting place, of a once great ninja. And as she makes her way back home, the ghostly being follows her. Then strange things start to happen. From missing bath towels, to floating bras, to hearing random giggles. Hopefully she won\'t think she is going insane. (You x Jiraiya)
Progress: 20% complete
Note: I think I had the first chapter done...I\'m not sure if I transferred it from my old computer to this new computer. But for now, this won\'t be posted until one of my long chaptered fics are completed.
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  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Hiatus
About my services: (Currently On Hiatus -- On an extended break; currently unable to beta) I'm proud to say that I've had a couple of Honor classes over the four years of high school. And all those years I've always gotten English Honors. So I'm pretty good with writing and anything in the English subject. If you want me to beta you can always email me with the subject saying "Luna: Beta Reader" to let me know you're not spam if you happen to get into my spam folder. And from there we can discuss what you're looking for specifically from me. Such as, if you only want me to check your story to see if your characters are in character or to check it over completely for everything.

The way I beta is that I read it all, than I makes changes to it (such as fix grammar mistakes, spelling, rewrite awkward sentences etc). However, I will not rewrite your story or make changes to the plot because that's not a beta's job. So you don't have to worry about me ever doing that. Once that is done I will write out my thoughts/opinions/overall conclusion about your story, such as if I find the characters are acting unlike themselves or if their actions are lacking a reason or if it needs to be more details. Pretty much things like that, which would be up to you to make those changes if you want to. If you do, you can send it back to me and will I do a once over for it to makes sure it's flows smoothly.

One more thing, I'm a fast beta too, which means you don't have to worry about waiting for three or two weeks for your story to be checked. I usually get it done on the same day that I got it. If not than the next day but it's never more than four days. Of course...that might depend on how much I have to check and if nothing pops up in my life.
Will not read: Yaoi, shounen-ai, slash, rape, mpreg and incest
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