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hiya papaya!
as you may know, my name is KATHERINE (or kappy or whatever it is you call me), and. and i am the greatest. i enjoy romance, critical thinking, psychology, video games, and the forest. the secret to life is being happy.

and there is no key to happiness because happiness is not locked.

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  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Open
About my services: I will gladly take anything related to Naruto, which is my NUMERO UNO FANDOM ♥ ahaha, spare what's in my 'Will not read' section. Yuri and femmeslash is awesomesauce, as is smut, rape, incest, insane gore/violence, etc etc, which I will have no problem with beta'ing.

HOWEVERRR, the Fandoms I know best by characters/people/canon are: My Chemical Romance, Naruto, Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse, Inuyasha, Death Note, The Academy Is..., Panic at the Disco, the GazettE, Tsubasa Chronicles, House, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Harry Potter, The Young and the Restless, and Fruits Basket.

Just because whatever fandom isn't on the list doesn't mean I don't know of it, though, SO DON'T WORRY (doodoo, doodoo, doodooo~ be happy~). It just means that I'm not HARDCORE about it. Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc, are on the that list.

Generally I just Beta for my friends when they need help, and it's mostly the usual grammar/punctuation/spelling mistakes, keeping in-character, repetition, and anything that just does not fit. I'm really terrible at coming up with a good plot (I'll probably just say "No, I don't like where that went." 8D;) and keeping TOTALLY CANON.

And uh. When it comes to my crit, I can either be blunt and explanatory, or I can be softer about it for you, or I can mix in dry humor. Such as:
Blunt - "Itachi's intro line was no good. In fact, in that situation he would probably just wait until someone noticed him."
Soft - "Myaaa... Itachi's first line needs work. Actually, if you think about it, he wouldn't be the type to just cut into a conversation and say hello, ne? Try something like he waited to be noticed, that seems more like him."
Dry - "ITACHI, HE SPEAKS. Ahahaha, uh, the first line doesn't work. Itachi would not interrupt a conversation with 'hello'. Hell, he would not interrupt in general. Take that out and have him speak when someone notices him."

Will not read: Yaoi or maleslash, because I'm not really into that, but LOLWTF yuri and femmeslash is totally fine. I won't beta pairings that I don't care for (SORRY :c) or fandoms that I'm not in, because even if I did I wouldn't be able to help you out much. However, if it's just about spelling/punctuation/grammar, I'll deal with it :D OH and since I am such a sap, if anything involves non-canon character death, I don't think I can read it :| I will probably start crying.
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