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July 2, 2010: It\'s Summer break, and I still can\'t seem to get writing done. :/





Name: Shantelle, or Telle...not Tell-e, just Telle (imagine the e not being there).

The day I escaped the confines of my mother\'s uterus: September 3rd, 1992

My place of residence: Right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Grade: High school senior...where did the years go? D;


Hobbies: Writing, drawing, fanfiction, music, reading, fangirling, writing \"About Me\"s...sounds self-centered, I know.

Fav. Color: Purple! And green! ...And sometimes blue! But not all together.

Fav. Books: Rebecca, The Gemma Doyle trilogy, The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter series, Little Women, Memoirs of a Geisha,

Fav. Movies: Pride & Prejudice; Breakfast at Tiffany\'s, The Spiral Staircase, Little Women (1949), if it was made before the 1960s I\'ll probably enjoy it; Curse of the Golden Flower, Memoirs of a Geisha, Moonchild; A Christmas Story; Phantom of the Opera; Harry Potter; Hayao Miyazaki films; Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, Cinderella, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Mulan, Pocahontas, and just about every animated (hand drawn!) Disney movie; Titanic, Avatar

Fav. Music: the Arctic Monkeys, The GazettE, Late Night Alumni, Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls, Linkin Park, Super Junior, Lady Gaga, Gackt, Beyonce, Nana Kitade, Utada Hikaru, Big Bang, L\'Arc-en-Ciel, Miyavi, Paramore, Thriving Ivory, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Gorillaz, and the list goes on...


Obsessions Fandoms: Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, D.Gray-Man, The Avatar: The Last Airbender, Nabari no Ou, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, Samurai Champloo, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Code Geass, Yugioh, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket

Teh Bishies: Mello ♥ Yami Bakura ♥ L ♥ Sesshoumaru ♥ Reno ♥ Renji Abarai ♥ Rokudou Mukuro ♥ Vincent Valentine ♥ Lavi ♥ Mugen ♥ Colonello ♥ Shigure Sohma ♥ Suzaku Kururugi ♥ Kyouya Ootori ♥ Yami Marik ♥ Squalo ♥ Dante ♥ Ichimaru Gin ♥ Lambo ♥ Yu Kanda ♥ Thief King Bakura ♥ Jeremiah Gottwald ♥ Kakashi ♥ Toushiro Hitsugaya ♥ Belphegor ♥ Kadaj♥ Yamamoto Takeshi ♥ Seto Kaiba ♥ Tsuna Sawada ♥ Neji Hyuuga ♥ Jin ♥ Prince Zuko ♥ Xanxus ♥ Cloud Strife ♥ Gokudera Hayato ♥ Itachi ♥ Dino Cavallone ♥ Deidara ♥ Matt ♥ Reborn ♥ Axel ♥ Hibari Kyoya ♥ Riku ♥ Yoite ♥ Roxas ♥ Shuuhei Hisagi ♥ Gaara ♥ Yazoo ♥ Shikamaru Nara

Why yes, I am a bit of a bishounen whore, thanks for taking notice. =D

I love guys in suits~! ;D



And the moral of this story...Light\'s a douche.

I\'m on Facebook! Add me: Shantelle Williams...but please send me a message with your Luna-name if you do. :S

Skype: thin.mint92
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