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If you\'re here, then you\'ve noticed all of my things are gone. Some of them are already up on GOTVG, but I may or may not be continuing them. Thanks those of you that cared.
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About my services: I will admit up-front that I in no way expect anyone to take all of my suggestions. Hence why they are called suggestions. Not necessities. I work in a high-order concern (HOC) to low-order concern (LOC) arrangement. Example: HOCs are organizational concerns, incomplete thoughts, unexplored descriptions, comma splices, etc; LOCs are nit-picky grammatical and punctual concerns (hyphens, dashes, elaborate or obscure comma knowledge). This is the way I am used to working due to my job (I work at the writing center where I go to college at).

Also, I do professional editing, so I might apply those standards to these works, if you so wish. NO, I CANNOT under any circumstance disclose the authors I have edited for professionally.

In all passages I edit, I will usually track suggested changes using the comment feature in Word. If you do not use Word or something compatible with it, let me know so that I can change this method around.

For time purposes, I will only take on two assignments at a time. (EDIT 07/18/2010 :: I am able to forego this and do as many as possible.)

Please, e-mail me at to request me. Also, in the e-mail, please include a 400-500 word excerpt of your writing. This will give me a better feel for your voice as a writer. Also, be warned, I am a full-time college student and I usually work with 15-25 credit hours a semester. If I take a few weeks to get a lengthy piece back to you, please be patient with me. Thanks!!

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