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About my services: MB: Hey hey! I like to read, and when I edit GeeksRULE's stuff, I try to keep as much of her voice as possible...

GR: Hi. As I'm sure you could tell, you could ask either one of us to be your 'beta,' and I will admit, I am more of a beta than a writer. I (almost) always correct MasterBakatare-san's fanfictions, and she writes most of our fanfiction things.
I try to give suggestions, and fix the grammar mistakes (that I find.)

MB: uh... I'm good at... happy endings? and I guess... spelling stuff... maybe... oh! and I've taken about five years of Japanese (though, I'm not fluent, I know kind of a lot...)

GR: I (try) to excel with the grammer aspect of any kind of editing, and I have also taken five years of Japanese and know a lot, but I own a Japanese-English dictionary to help me with the rest.

MB: I pretty much SUCK at writing sad endings, and when I have writers block, it won't pertain to a single thing (like ONLY fanfictions or ONLY homework) it ends up interrupting my whole freaking LIFE!!

GR: I have trouble adapting to a certain voice... though I WILL, eventually, it just takes a while.

MB: I would prefer any Kagome paired stories... um... well... MOST Kagome paired stories...

GR: Either action stories or (like MB) stories with a Kagome pairing... though, I'm not too fond of Sango-Hiei pairings...
Will not read: MB: I'd prefer NOT to beta any kind of romance stories that don't have Kagome pairings (Mostly becaise I don't writte anything else, and I seriously doubt I would be able to help with anything else...) Although I wouldn't mind some book fanfiction (Meu he he) to beta! ^_^ 0_o OH! and as far as Kagome pairings go, I don't really like Kagome/Naraku or Kagome/Inuyasha paings (though I don't mind the latter as much)

GR: I wouldn't like to do any non/Kagome pairings (once again, like MB), and like I said earlier, I don't like Sango-Hiei pairings... come to think of it, I don't really like Kurama-Botan pairings either...
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