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So basically...
...I\'m Liza (Rise Up).
...I\'m 17 (Senior in high school; college, here I come).
...I\'m the most amazing.


So you wanna know more about me?
Okay well here goes.

I am in love with KPOP.
(That\'s Korean Pop to all you non-cool people.)
Most especially,
Dong Bang Shin Ki (internationally known as TVXQ).
I have other favorites, too, though.
Wonder Girls,
Brown Eyed Girls,
Fly to the Sky,
Son Dambi,
Big Bang,
and SE7EN,
to be specific.

I am a very opinionated,
very critical person...
...when it comes to literature.
Therefore the stories in my favorites are damn good ones,
and you should most definitely check them out,
if a story is good enough
to hold my attention for more than
the first three paragraphs,
it\'s amazing.

I try
NOT to write like the rest of the fanfiction community.
I don\'t like
over-angst without a reason,
stupid plots.
I try
to be original,
use angst sparingly and with reason,
write real OCs,
come up with new plots.

Sometimes I succeed.
Sometimes I fail.
It happens.

It\'s hard for me to update fanfiction.
I get so excited about a future part,
that I don\'t want to write the stuff leading up to it.
So I write the exciting part to get it out of the way,
but then I\'m bored
and I have to wait for some serious inspiration to hit.

On a more random note,
my favorite color is green
and most variations of it
I like (and am good at)
dancing (especially hiphop),
singing (Check out Sweet Charisma, my friends\' and my online KPOP group),
learning languages (got some Japanese and Korean under my belt),
drawing (Check the devART yo),
reading (duh),
writing (again: duh),
acting (In Drama IV at school; woot woot).

My favorite fandoms?
YuYu Hakusho (can\'t beat the classics).
Kingdom Hearts (specifically II).
Final Fantasy 7 (mmm Advent Children).
FullMetal Alchemist (FullMidget loller).
Twilight (JacobJacobJacob).

I\'ll let you in on a secret:
I hate the Twilight series.
In my opinion,
Stephanie Meyer is a crap writer,
and Bella is the worst. character. evar.
Jacob is the one cool character in the whole thing,
and then Meyer effed that up, too.
I do enjoy the romance bits,
being a girl,
but other than that, there\'s not much else I like about it.
...(Besides Jacob.)

I am addicted to reviews.
Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Open
Category: Essays
About my services: Basically I'll beta read anything I actually know enough about to do so, which would be every category I selected (obv). I'm a grammar Nazi, so you won't get away with any mistakes, even if I have to suggest a whole new sentence for you. I'll also tell you straight-up if your character is a Mary-Sue, if a character is being overly OOC, if your plot is a little too obvious or weak in some places, or if your chapter quite simply bores me to tears. Basically, I'm Beta Reader Biatch. (But I only do it out of love!)

And as I am a senior in highschool, there may be times where it takes me a looong while to get around to beta reading. Be patient~
Will not read: I will NEVER EVER EVER read an incest story for you. I am very much against them.

I would prefer not to read yaoi or yuri, but I can deal if you feel like I am your last hope for a decent beta reader.

And I would really prefer not to read smut-centered stories. Stories can have smut IN them, but if that's all it was written for, I'd rather not.
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