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[[ Serenade? ]]

Well, hello there then, if you chose to visit my profile and read my bio and all. xD


{{ Who I R }}

I am usually called Rina by most people. This is a derived version of my actual real life name. I\'m Romanian, currently 20, and majoring in Foreign Languages (Japanese and English, with Chinese as my optional third, to be more exact). This pretty much sums up everything you might like to know about my persona. At a first glance, at least.


-- Reading, Writing & Me --

So let\'s move on to what I\'m here for. Fan fiction, obviously. I will be frank and say that I enjoy writing more than reading, but I\'ll never pass on the offer of a good read either. It increases my experience (D&D nerd, xDD) and actually, seeing something well-written makes me a very happy person.

The one main thing about me in relation to fanfics is that I dislike changing canon and seeing characters act OOC. Very much. As in... very VERY much. Yes. I am what you would call a canon nazi. You\'ll even find me referring to myself as such, although obviously I see it as a good thing, unlike most other people. If you\'re a canon nazi too, marry me? Ok, well, at least let\'s have a party. xD

The above means: I dislike AUs and crossovers. And anything of the kind. Yes, there\'s no chance you\'ll make me feel otherwise, unless it\'s a parody.

Let\'s see, what else? I\'m obsessive to the point of total single-minded fixation over my spelling and grammar. English isn\'t my native language, so that only gives me one extra reason to spazz my lights out about these things. If you point out my typos, you\'ll have my eternal gratitude, which is absolutely worthless to you and will never help you in any way. But at least you can say you have it? xD

Actually, I\'m obsessive in general. And I rant, a lot. xDD I also like to analyze (read: completely over-analyze) people, characters, situations, mentalities, relationships, and anything else you may find out there.


++ I Heart ++

My current fandoms of interest (when it comes to writing) are:

-- .hack
-- Bleach
-- Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
-- Final Fantasy VII
-- Gundam SEED (&Destiny)
-- Loveless
-- Naruto
-- Shaman King
-- Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna
-- Tenpo Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi
-- Yu-Gi-Oh!

You might see me writing in any of these for the time being. However, for reading and/or beta-reading I\'ll be seen in A LOT more fandoms. So check my beta reader profile for... as much of a full list as the number of existent categories on this site allows.


&& Think You Like Me?

I take one-shot requests from anyone, but be sensible and canon-abiding with them.

I have a beta-reader profile. So read it if you think you want me to have fits at help with your story. xD Seriously, I enjoy doing it, so the only variable is whether you can stomach my company.


-= Fangirl =-

The following characters are my major obsessions. For various reasons that have to do with views and opinions they expressed at one point or another in their respective series. Alphabetical sort, so that you people can\'t tell who I like more. I don\'t really know either. xDD

- Agatsuma Soubi of Loveless
- Artemis Entreri of The Forgotten Realms (character by R.A. Salvatore)
- Asakura Hao of Shaman King (manga!)
- Bakura Ryou (Yami included, of course) of Yu-Gi-Oh!
- Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist
- Endrance of .hack//G.U.
- Haer\'Dalis of Baldur\'s Gate II
- Ichimaru Gin of Bleach
- Jarlaxle of The Forgotten Realms (character by R.A. Salvatore)
- Kururugi Suzaku of Code Geass
- L of Death Note
- Naraku of InuYasha
- Orochimaru of Naruto
- Rau Le Creuset of Gundam SEED
- Reno of Final Fantasy VII
- Rey Za Burrel of Gundam SEED Destiny
- Vincent Valentine of Final Fantasy VII
- Xan of Baldur\'s Gate


~~ Disgust ~~

(Find out what I\'ve been rolling my eyes at the most, lately. You so care about that, admit it. xDD)

It\'s got to be weeaboos at the moment. Really, there are so many reasons for this that I wouldn\'t know where to start explaining why I find them retarded.
Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Open
About my services:

I'm willing to do anything from just a simple spell-check to heavy critique of your plot and characters. I've done this often before, so I'm not going to be experimenting on you for the first time or anything. But please don't ask me to be your beta-reader if you're not ready to see every little mistake picked on. I'll be pestering you even about a comma you missed or about the stray adverb you don't need.

I believe I have two strong points. One would be spell-checking and correcting your grammar mistakes. That's because I stress very much about these in my own writing and I haven't been known to have any of the frequently encountered errors. I honestly tell you I know how to make the difference between things like there/their/they're, your/you're, it's/its, our/are and other such things. Actually, they bug me to no end when I find them wrongly employed in fics. Then, the second strong point would be the portrayal of canon characters. I've gotten many compliments on managing to keep them as they should be, and it is also one thing I am obsessed with when I write. It sort of comes naturally because I analyze them continually without being asked to, only as a hobby.

I will probably be decent with other forms of beta-reader duty as well. I like characters to be realistic (credible) and plots to lack annoying inconsistencies and loose ends. I'm generally the one to notice details like that. My only problem would probably come at making you look like a professional, in terms of writing and word-combining techniques. I'm not a pro myself, so I can't do that. I can only tell you honestly what I think you should work on improving. Also, although I myself don't usually grab the wrong synonyms from the thesaurus, I don't find that I'm very skilled at spotting when and where you used the inappropriate word. I always will for really obvious things that just don't sound right, but some of the more questionable usages might slip.

Lastly, I tend to slack. A lot. So you should give me a deadline if you ask me to look through a certain story.

If you're interested, feel free to contact me and we'll strike a deal as soon as possible.

Will not read:

I will most definitely not read anything that defies canon, is alternate universe, crossover, next generation, or contains canon characters acting unlike themselves (unless that's what you want me to try and help you fix). I truly and honestly hate all of these things. But beyond this, my limits don't go too far. If you're willing to completely respect the canon of a given fandom, I'll definitely beta-read your story.

Of course, parodies are excluded from the above. The whole point in them is to go as crazy as you can, at least for me. But also, to still stay on topic with these too, so mind that as well.
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