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Name: man-dee
Location: orlando, fl, us
Sign: libra
Ethnicity: german/italian/swiss/scottish
Favorite animals: wolf. cat. owl. tiger. penguin.
Learning: german. japanese. korean. how to live life.
School: college graduate
Likes: concerts. music. mythology. writing. harry potter. bright colors. pasta. soccer. cats. disney. sleeping in late. reading. the ocean. roller coasters. sunny days. coffee. feminism. nature. being free. tattoos. kpop. the BBC. my cat.
Dislikes: smoking. spiders. prejudice. war. arrogance/entitlement. sunburns. ignorance. humidity.
Obsessions: harry potter. traveling. my tattoo. percy jackson & the olympians. breathe carolina. kpop. otome games. jay park. polyvore. doctor who.
Music: breathe carolina. escape the fate. the used. avenged sevenfold. fall out boy. imogen heap. ed sheeran. trapt. lady gaga. nirvana. my chemical romance. atreyu. him. teagan & sara.
Kpop: mblaq. infinite. SHINee. u-kiss. beast. bigbang. 2ne1. bap. block b. b1a4. f. cuz. ze:a.


Favorite Fandoms:
Black Cat
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Lord of the Rings
Ouran High School Host Club
Death Note
Star Trek [[Reboot]]
Prince of Tennis
The Avengers
Trinity Blood
Vampire Knight
Gundam Wing
Doctor Who
Sherlock [[BBC]]
Yu Yu Hakusho
Fruits Basket
Axis Powers Hetalia
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy
Totally Captivated
The Walking Dead
Harry Potter
Hunger Games Series
Otome Games [[mostly Voltage]]

Time: 10:38 PM
Feeling: who the hell knows
Music: the adventures of rain dance maggie : rhcp
Writing: stuff....hopefully...

I almost can\'t believe it\'s been over two years! Well, what can I say?
Pretty much I didn\'t have my shit together and now that I\'ve graduated I\'m trying to pull my life together. I\'ve always loved writing so I\'m trying to fit it back into my daily schedule.

And I changed my username! I really just wanted a fresh start. However, I\'m going to do my best to complete my fics that I have posted, especially \"It\'s Never Just a One-Night Stand\" and probably \"The Chase\".

Here\'s to posting something soon!


Hello Fascination
Rating: 13+
Focus: Reader x SHINee [kpop]
Posted: 5/100

Rating: Youth
Focus: Reader x Dino [KHR]
Posted: 5/20

Rating: 13+
Focus: Twilight critique
Chapter seven posted: [08/02/10]
Chapter eight status: 0% completed / 100% annotated

The Chase
Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Hanabusa Aido [VK]
Posted: 31/45

It\'s Never Just a One-Night Stand
Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Takeshi Yamamoto [KHR]
Chapter thirty-nine posted: [11/26/10]
Chapter forty status: 0% completed

We Watch the Stars Above
Rating: 13+
Focus: Reader x Various [PoJ]
Posted: 16/100

Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Various [Kuroshitsuji]
Posted: 12/100

Fallen Snow
Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Kaname Kuran [VK]
Posted: 16/110

Hold My Heart
Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Takuma Ichijo [VK]
Posted: 16/25

It\'s Only Just Begun
Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Various [PoT]
Posted: 5/115

101 Stages
Rating: 13+
Focus: Reader x Various [Harry Potter]
Posted: 15/101

Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Train [Black Cat]
Posted: 3/30

Quiet and Elegant
Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Fuji [PoT]
Posted: 9/20

Carpe Diem
Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Naruto [Naruto]
Posted: 25/50

Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Tsuna [KHR!]
Posted: 168/365

Shades of Love
Rating: 17+
Focus: Reader x Various [KHR!]
Chapter seven posted: [08/08/09]
Chapter eight status: 0% completed

Hidden Flower
Chapter Three Posted [10/10/08]
Chapter Four status: 0% completed
[indefinite hiatus]


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About my services: I'm good with grammar. I will make sure the work obeys the basic grammatical rules and has correct spelling. If you would need anything else feel free to ask me. I'm open to pretty much anything (even BETA-ing other categories than what I have listed). My schedule is also flexible.
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