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Title: No Prey, No Pay
Category: One Piece
Genre: Fanfiction - Adventure, Drama, Romance
Pairing: Shanks X OC X Dracule "Hawkeyes" Mihawk
Installments: 15/26
Summary: A pirate's plunder carries bronze and gold, but on a rare occasion, they stumble across something priceless. Anne is a fairly new resident of Angel's Port, a small island hidden in West Blue. Although she's adjusted to her new life, she encounters an unexpected change when she meets the infamous Shanks - who slowly sets out to rehabilitate her twisted tongue.

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Status: Hiatus
About my services: Depending on my mood, I will either sugarcoat your mistakes or "tell you how it is". My services include reviewing your entire story, which, of course, involves correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, plot flow, and characterization. I will also check to see if each chapter connects smoothly and the plot remains free from holes.

I don't take into consideration what genre your story is nor about the specific content of it. Rape, graphic violence, incest, lemons, language, etc. it doesn't matter. I merely wish that I only receive requests in the categories I have selected to beta-read. You can be as explicit as you want; it's fine by me.

Currently, I have no clients, so if you wish for me to assist with your needs, feel free to message me. I don't bite... much. :3
Will not read: At this point in time I am very open-minded, therefore I can honestly declare that there is nothing that I won't beta-read.
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