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halllllo~ tis Momo-Deary

The rare sub-species of giraffe Wild momo-dearys can sometimes be found prancing around the sunlit clearings in magical forests. When you try and approach one, she will get startled, but will then offer you a token of friendship (Usually a poorly created, furry-doodle). They tend to be quite happy most of the time, and not easily taken down, but they do have a tendency to be rather delusional with their heads in the clouds or aloof. They\'re lots of crazy fun; but what ever you do, don\'t offer them jello, they hate that shit.
Long story short, just call me Liz~

Journal~ 10/18/10

Let me tell you \'bout Coach\'s sweet sweet lovveeee~ over the summer! ;D Met some stellar chicks from AROUND THE GLOBE! (boo hoo, i can\'t touch their toes :\'( ) And omg OMG what an awesome trio we make~ It\'s just crazy awesome adventures every second we combine, we are but the FORCED PRESSURE EXERTING FROM THE EVER LOATHING BOWELS OF GODS THEMSELVES!
GABBY! RUBBY! I grace thee ladies and bestow the honor of BFF badges. To wear, serve, honor and protect the creative fantasms that we usher just by being in presence of one another... I thank thee.

Also, quizilla fandoms are the greatest and should all be narrated by this god. vvvv

Then I shoved her and said fuck you and got on my horse... -by Morgan Freeman

Stories I am currently working on~

(Nick x Reader) Swamp adventure, complete with mexican drug cartel!

(Ellis x Reader) A haunted and spooky story~!!

(Ellis drabbles and one-shots) Holiday-related and just random fun stuff in general~

(Gob x Reader/ possible Jericho x Reader) Book smart trader ventures into the real world of the DC ruins to find more than she bargained for~

(Zak x Reader) The darkness from your history is the fuel that can\'t keep him away.

A Sticky Situation (working on title!) (Coach x Reader) because Coach wants sum a dat ass :B

Never Left Alone (Ellis x Reader x Nick) Love triangle in a zombie apocalypse because I\'m so creative....

------------------------------------------------ ~

Ring-a-ding-ding, baby

Hey, nice charlies! Give \'em a shake for the ol\' Ben-man, will ya? Hellooo~!
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Will check for:
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  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services: Hey~! I'm a freshman in college, and I absolutely love literature, both creating and reading. I'm a bit of a grammar nazi and tend to use large, exciting and dramatic words in my stories, even though I don't normally use them in my every day writing~ :3 So if I just so happen to suggest a different word maybe only once or twice, I apologize! I usually just go with what you have though, I'm not too picky~
If I see the email, I will read it right then, or within the day, you can almost count on that ;D

I'd also like to throw in that the categories that I have chosen are just story subjects that I would be most interested in reading and could probably give you the best feedback on. However, I would enjoy any story and could help you with whatever you need done!
Will not read: Eh, yaoi or yuri. Not my style :/
And if your character is WAY too mary-sue or gary-stu, I WILL point it out to you. So, haha GOOD LUCK! ;D
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