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About my services: I love fanfiction, and I like helping others edit and such. I'll accept almost any piece from works I know. I tend to be OCD about grammar and spelling, and I usually will read a piece twice or three times through to make sure that the piece makes sense to whoever reads it.

Grammar, spelling, and other mechanics are my main strength, but I'm also pretty good at suggesting details or little things that might enhance the piece. Of course, those things are all up to the writer in the end. And if it's a work I'm familiar with, I'm usually pretty good at making sure the canonical characters aren't out of character (of course, if the piece is specifically supposed to be OOC, that's redundant).

If your work has an OC, BE FOREWARNED. I MIGHT RIP IT APART AND DISSECT IT UNTIL THERE'S NOTHING LEFT. ESPECIALLY IF I FEEL IT'S A MARY SUE (which is completely different from an Unreliable/Biased Narrator).
Will not read: The only reason I wouldn't read a piece is if it's from a work I'm not familiar with or I feel like it's too disturbing. It's a personal thing, and I'll let you know if I can't beta a piece because I feel like I'll throw up/have nightmares after I read it.
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