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Name: Kittie-Marie
Alias: Kittie
Status: Member
Join Date: 09/03/12
Last Logged In: 12/27/12
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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Open
About my services: I enjoy anime/manga based Fanfiction. (FF) I read mostly anything as long as it is tasteful and has a point/plot to it. What I will not read is mostly limited but don't ask me to do you a "favor" because we are "close" sorry, but even my IRL friends know I wouldn't pass my own boundaries.
Skills: good with grammar - including word substitution, punctuation, flow of story, and pointing out "out of character." (OOC) Occurences. Keen on noticing missing or inncorrect canon facts of a story. Outspoken and blunt - merciless might be a good descrption of my beta style.
Currently editing - none
Have edited: 0 FF
Will not read: Yaoi or Yuri. No offense, but I never got into said genres so respect that I won't read them. I can tolerate my fair share of crack-ficness, but please don't ask me to beta a FF that is nothing but useless drivel. I like to read maturely crafted canons where the author has taken into consideration that most people read fanfiction to fulfill the inner fan-girl/boy and would like to see an accurate reconstruction of a specific setting or character. Meaning occassional bouts of ooc is okay, but don't slather me with nonsense and expect me to give you an A!
Incest is a no-go, male pregnancy is a no for obvious reasons, will not read explicit rape scenes or non-con scenes though SUGGESTING OR STATING a character had/has been raped in a plot is okay (like showering afterwards in scalding water, thoughts of uselessness and disgust, strange behavior changes/mood swings, etc.) Some gratuitous violence. It depends on situation, but you're better off messaging me and asking more about this before expecting me to read it outright.
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