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My name is Shelby and I am 18 years old. I love people but I am very shy in person. People interest me because they are interesting creatures.
I am a hunter and I love animals. I can shoot a deer or elk but cannot hurt a dog or cat.
I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. I love them all dearly

I am half Hispanic and half white, Sadly, Spanish is something I have not picked up on but I do understand some phrases. I speak a little German.

I love to read, write and draw.

I hate it when people be mean to others.
Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services: I will try and give feed back on what is good and what needs improvement, However, grammar and punctuation is not a strong point of mine. I like to pick at the plots and offer up new ideas :) I love making up new plots and songs are a good source of plot ideas. I will give both positive and negative about a plot, if it's lacking, what is good about ir or what needs a bit of work.

I will look at the characters and really comment about them. I am a stickler for good descriptions of how they look and how they act. I am not a harsh critic by anymeans but if I see a "Mary Sue" or "Gary Sue" I will give my opinions about what yo can do to fix them. Personally, I get turned off from reading a story if the characters have no major flaw and if they don;t have one I will offer up suggestions about what sort of flaws to incorporate, I know everyone wants a perfect character, I do it at times too but I TRY and give them some sort of personality flaw--i.e too protective, scared, cocky..ect--I will give positive feed back on the character strong points.

I love to tell people about good stories, I love to explain to them how it made me feel reading it and waht I thought about the author's writing, I will not slam a writer because I think everyone is good. I will offer tips and some advice where needed :)

If its a poem I will ask questions about what it means, I do not mean this as an insult but I am curious to know more. I will give praise and state my issues with it where needed. I would love to read darker poems but happy poems are good too :)

If it's an orignal character I will do as above, but I will go into more detail and I will ask questions about things, I will give my opinions and let you bounce ideas off me if you need to.

~Thank you
Will not read: First Person :/ It's too boring for me really (Not for me)
Anything twilight (I'm sorry but it's not my cup of tea)
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