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Name: RedwoodAlChan
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Heya, I came from I\'m so glad to be here:)

Aliases: alicekinsno1
YouTube: redwoodalchan or slaughterersrock (old)
LiveJournal: sweettalkeress
InsaneJournal: alicekinsno1
AO3: alicekinsno1
Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services: I got started as a beta reader on Since I expect that people on this site have a higher standard than they do over there, most of the basic stuff should be common knowledge, I assume. If you want me to be your beta reader, I only ask that you be more interested in honest feedback than praise, and that you allow me as much time as I need to get back to you, since I tend to be very busy.

What I pride myself on in editing is my thoroughness. I can identify just about any potential problem, and provide you with tips for how to fix it. I'll try to be as nice as possible, but I'll still make sure to tell you exactly what I think doesn't work. My own writing is typically competent in most aspects (my spelling is virtually flawless, even where difficult words are concerned), and I excel at characterization especially--provided I'm familiar with the characters. I can detect Mary Sues/Gary Stus as well, but I tend not to be very good at fixing them unless they were canon characters to begin with.
Will not read: There are very few of these. One thing that I absolutely will not read would be really perverted lemons/romance (i.e., strange fetishes of any kind). Another touchy subject for me is crimes and the like perpetrated based on discrimination (i.e., sexual abuse, concentration camps, etc.). While I'll not refuse to read a story that contains these elements, I'd rather they not be described in graphic detail or dwelt upon very heavily, since they tend to upset me and I feel as though I'm not qualified to judge anything more subtle than a story that's WAY unrealistic or tasteless. Regarding lemons and romance, while I don't have anything personal against them, I'm also very inexperienced so I doubt I'll be much help there.

I refuse to read CYOA or self-insert stories, or RPF, and while I'll accept stories that feature OC's, I strongly prefer my fanfiction to be based around canon characters.
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