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Welcome to my humble abode...

I\'ve been writing for years but I don\'t really care for my earlier works, and I seldom take the time to post. I do, however, have an account on Quizilla by the same username. Some of my more careless work is there. I wish to get help and opinions on my writing but it\'s frightening to know I\'m compared to better writers who have, probably, had writing classes. Oh well.

I have many interests but only choose to write about a few. I love both Devil May Cry and Star Wars. They top the list. I also like Naruto, but only a few select characters. I\'m very picky.

I specialize in the Knights of the Old Republic era. I have an undying love for Revan.

I have a weakness for brothers - brothers with some serious problems. I don\'t have a clue as to why...

I also love bad guys. They are my Lovelies, as I\'ve come to call them. There is a story behind every bad guy, and I\'m much more interested in that than how the numerous heroes go about saving the world. The old fashioned heroes tend to bore me.

If you\'d like to know more, talk bad guys, or would like me to proofread (my favorite past-time) then just check out my Beta profile and send me a message. Or perhaps you\'re interested in reading some of my original work? Then click on my homepage.

Your past, present, or perhaps future friend,

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About my services: First off, I'm honest. If I don't like something, you will know it. However, I try my hardest to be polite about it. I'm all for moral support, but sometimes we just need things said straight. I only ask that you don't take my comments as a personal attack, but my way of showing that you are worth my time. What I say is not law. I am wrong on numerous accounts, and sometimes I just give my opinon. Please don't feel like anything I say has to be followed. Also, I am big on descriptions. I like to 'feel' the writing, so more often than not I will ask for a plethora of adjectives/adverbs and a decent amount of effort put into building your environment and/or backround.

I love emotions and feelings. I pay astute attention to descriptions of body movement, facial expressions, and the formation of words to best get across the character's sentiments, et cetera. I look at it like this: you, as the author, should weep and cheer with your characters. If you sit down at your computer and don't feel like you are checking in with your characters - seeing how they are doing, wondering if they got the girl, praying that they escaped the cave, and other such plot developements - then you are not emotionally invested. You have to give them personalities with your words and feelings. If you can't do that, you aren't excited for them. If you aren't, how can you expect other people to be? While my FanFiction here is a bad example of this, I believe I can help you get both yourself and others involved by building 'living' characters.

I would like to add that just about everything said above can be applied to my abilities in creating a scene. I think that it is extremely important for readers to feel the area around the characters. They should know how cold it is, sense the bite of the pouring rain, feel the sticky humidity of a summer's day squeezing at their lungs.

Now, grammatically I'm a sturdy source. I know a majority of the rules, but as I said before, I'm not perfect. I love looking that kind of stuff up, however.

I can get a little wordy. There is a balance between a good description and simply having too many words. There are times when I jump over that line.

Will not read: Very little bothers me. I don't like to read pointless ramblings about nothing. I have a brother for that.

Oh, and no PWP. I don't do that, obviously, just look above. I prefer plot.
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