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Hima 』☆ atheist. genderqueer. hispanic. flighty. vegan. friendly. ♥

Disclaimer: I don\'t own any of the anime/manga I may write for; they each belong to their respected owners unless otherwise stated. Apologies for use of icons that may belong to you, by the way- I stake no claim to any artwork I may utilize, as they all belong to their respective owners as well.
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  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
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  • Other
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About my services: Despite my youth, and obvious procrastination over my own publications, I have a vast tutelage for the English language (and some others, but let's focus with this). My beta style consists of: reading the entire story, making a few side notes for myself, reading it again to keep my focus vivid and then proceed to correct any spelling or grammar errors first and foremost. Then, I'll regard you if you'd agree on changing anything deemed too out of character, plot error(s), awkward sentences, or something out of place with the dialogue. Should I be consulted about it, I'll mull it over before giving my own piece of mind/suggestion on how the story should advance or develop. Be warned: I will give my honest opinion when asked.
Will not read: Stories I will not read are those that include/consist of: most that aren written in third-person/omniscient point of view. I'm also someone who likes to try a little of everything; so there's no need to worry about me complaining if your story has angst, torture, incest, mature sexual content and the like—just make sure the gore, if present, isn't too much to the point it's unnecessary. Also, I'm at my best beta-performance if it's on a series I know a lot about. In addition, I am comfortable with shounen-ai/yaoi pairings as well as regular CanonxCanon, ReaderxCanon or OCxCanon.
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