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Hello, I\'m HatedLove6. I\'m mostly a fan fiction writer, primarily writing CanonxOC pairing, but I do occasionally write original fiction. However, most people just like my Mary-Sue guides. Take a look around if you want, and if something catches your fancy, be sure to let me know! If you want more stories, or if you feel more comfortable reading on different sites, you can also find me at:

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the stories listed under these subjects: Anime/Manga, Books, Cartoons, Comics, Games, Misc, Music, Plays/Musicals, and TV Shows. I do not own the authors, the characters, plot, nor settings for their stories or any of their creations. Even if I make a crackfic or a hatefic, I respect the character I'm writing about, and I respect the author and the story that they made. The only things I own are my O.C.s, unless said otherwise; that should be obvious of who it is, and the plot development and changes so the O.C. can fit in. Please do not steal any of my O.C.s or the plot (the story in general).

Do not steal any of my original stories including characters, plot, or the specific universes. These are one hundred percent mine, and are solely owned by me. Don\'t post my stories anywhere. Giving proper credit is not the same as having permission, and is still considered stealing.

My Mary-Sue stuff is complete! I'm still working on my personal Mary-Sue test though.

A Smile to Hide
I'll be working on chapter 16 before I get to 15. Be sure to grab a pen and paper to record all of your answers for each question you come across.

I've also made a quiz for the story, which you can take at You-Fic, but it's purely optional--think of it as a companion piece. I only made it because the interests wouldn't appear for quite a few chapters, and I was afraid that people would get bored. I'm glad Rouge thought it was a fun quiz and that the interests are interesting. OH! and I finally uploaded pictures of the interests there. Don't worry, I drew them myself and aren't typical anime pictures that can be found off of Google.
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About my services: Hi, I'm the Mary-Sue Guru, HatedLove6, dubbed by Rouge. I've decided to beta because a few people have asked me to see if their character seems to be a Mary-Sue, both here on Luna, and on other sites. There are numerous definitions for Mary-Sues, but I have a series filled with my guides which portrays my personal definitions for them, so I would recommend reading a few of my guides to see if it's something we agree on. If your definition is different, and don't want my service, that's OK. I'm not here to demand changes or to force you to change any part of your writing. If we do seem to match on opinions, then I do recommend reading all of the guides. That way maybe you can figure out for yourself what needs changing before asking me. During my beta process, I will:

  • ask questions pertaining to your characters, plot, story, universe, or anything in general. You do not need to answer these questions directly to me, answer them through your story-telling in future chapters. If it's a One-shot, then you may want to change or add somethings, or if you did answer it, I missed something.

  • make some suggestions. I only add suggestions to give you examples in how to answer my questions. You by no means need to follow my suggestions.

  • tell you when I'm worried a character (canon, OC, or reader-insert) seems out of character.

  • make sure your story or characters don't have any little plotholes, mistakes or inconsistencies with information.

  • correct you on you spelling and punctuation. Grammar is connected to writing style, so I don't think there's much I can do unless it's obvious. If you're from a country other than the US where there are words that are spelled differently (i.e. "color" vs "colour") please let me know. If there is a section that is in another language, I can't help you with that in any language.

Remember, my suggestions aren't iron-clad, and it's ultimately up to you to take my advise or not, or to decide whether your characters or story are considered Mary-Sues. I'm not trying to offend or hurt you, I'm merely telling you what I see and suggesting some ideas that may be able to fix it. I'm not beta-ing your story as a reader, which means I'm not beta-ing to give you praise-only review. You sought me out to seek improvement. Sometimes I may not point out which parts were good, and only tell you what you may need to work on; if that's the case, it probably means I'm fairly busy and just want to get to the point. If you've read my guides, you'll know I'm not here to limit your creativity, or tell you not to make beautiful characters, or stop writing this kind of cliched plot, or anything.

If you have a question, they may be answered in my guides, so please read them first before asking your question, preferrably through Private Messages. I'm still writing guides, so don't think that's all I have to say about them.
Will not read: What I absolutely won't read is non-fiction work, real person fiction, songfics, crackfics, where the characters are purposely OOC, or where you are purposely writing a Mary-Sue parody. I won't read smut, PWP, but I will accept romance with sex scenes in them (please read my guide "She Banged the Love Shebang" for more information on pornography vs romance).

Even though the erotica genre isn't pornography, I don't want to read it because I just don't find it enjoyable, and if I don't find it enjoyable then I don't think I'd be able to beta it well. I will read anything from the scenarios I listed in the first part of "She Banged the Love Shebang", so bring on the studentxteachers, incest, arranged marriages and all that.

I'm not a fan of crossovers especially if I don't know either of the universes. I won't beta collections, such as a collection of one-shots unless you are spefic about which one.

If you don't know whether or not I would beta something, you can always just ask me through private messages.

For obvious reasons I won't read poetry. I don't like reading roleplays, scripts, or plays. Basically I won't read anything in the "Will not read search terms" section.

I do not mind reading gay romance, shoujo-ai, shonen-ai, yaoi or yuri, even in combination with the scenarios. I don't mind if the main character is in an animal form rather than being human. I don't mind hints of political or religious feuds, or I don't mind them if they are important to the plot, but if I get a sense that they're more of your views being mindlessly inserted in a story because you agree with it, I will ask and/or point it out.
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