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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Open
About my services: I have been a beta-reader since mid 2008, on I tend to read works that revolve around an anime or manga, though I also delve into the world of original fiction from time to time.

Most of the time what I look for is a writers ability to keep canon characters in character, minor spelling and grammar errors, character insertion (how well a character seems to meld into a universe), and original character designs.
Character wise, I tend to be very finicky about how a character acts, and I try an help set people straight if I think they're letting the character stray too far from canon.
Spelling and Grammar are a strong point for me, though if you're looking for someone to rip apart your work and point out every last error I'm not the best choice... I'll mostly just look for the minor things like "your/you're".
Character insertion is a big one, and I will say now that I abhor the classic idea of having a character fall right on top of the canon cast for a first meeting... It isn't that I dislike the idea itself but that it seems to be used quite a lot... Anyway, I tend to strive for people to come up with interesting plot points or sub-plots for meetings, rather than the simple "random meet-up" you tend to find in fanfiction.
The biggest of them all for me is character creation, and their personalities. I know many people on sites such as this go for the "reader-insert" style, but I also believe that... a writer can't write for someone or something without a general idea of a personality, style, and overall feel. I tend to help out in this area most, in keeping a large wall between your character (or the reader character in most cases) and the land of Mary Sue/Gary Stu. This department depends mostly on fandom for how I go about helping, and for some I have helpful tips if asked...!

... From the above I have a feeling I may come off as a picky sort of person, and to be honest I am. Although that is true, I have no life and love to read... translation: "I'll beta just about anything because I have nothing better to do than sit around and read anything someone throws at me."

Oh, and I don't bite so don't worry! I tend to be mellow and if you'd like I can add to my Beta services and help throw ideas at you for plot bunnies! Just add me on Skype (if you use it) and I can talk to you directly! Excluding while I'm at school (college schedules are cruel you know!) I am almost ALWAYS at my computer!
Will not read: I tend to read just about anything, though I do have a strange need to note that I am picky about who I'll read yuri and yaoi stories about... I also don't like the idea of m-preg, so sorry if you'd want me for that!

You would have to ask me personally though if you wanted specifics on the yuri/yaoi, otherwise I'll take anything you throw at me!
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