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Well, I don\'t really feel like typing much here.....sooo there\'s not gonna be much of an introduction to me.

I\'ll more than likely use this space to let you know about updating my stories, and progress on certain things.

~ Love\'s not always fluffy~

Chapter 2: Overprotective
Status: Completed, Submitted/Awaiting Validation
Pairing: Roy/You
Chapter 3 - Beautiful
Status: Complete, Submitted/waiting on validation
Pairing: Tamaki/You

~What did you say?~

Chapter 2 - Two days and a dollar
Status - Completed and submitted/awaiting validation

Chapter 3 - Taking a fool\'s money
Status - Completed, not submitted
Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Open
About my services: What I check for:
Spelling - simple mistakes, a word that doesn't fit (ex. the rain it falling), for vs. four etc.
Punctuation - A punctuation mark at every sentence, run on sentences, semi colons, commas, and more!
Grammar - Tenses, P.O.V, repetition (if something is pointless and repeated, ex. She was very happy when she saw it. He was surprised at how happy she was.) and more!
Canon - OOC (unless on purpose), little pointers (ex. I think adding a "Kufufu~" there would fit this part better), and interactions with other characters
OC/Reader - Not too Mary Sue like, shows development in character (if in a connected story), character has a well rounded personality and not boring/ flat
Setting - is it a good setting for that type of story, is it 'realistic', is it accurate according to the show/book etc.
Other - is it interesting, does it get dull in one spot, is it dragging, is it too rushed etc.
Canon elements - Are the canon characters in character, do you show their little quirks (Mukuro - Kufufu, Colonello - Kora/Hey etc.), is their apparel correct with them, and more!!
Overall impression - You better tell me whether you want me to tell you straight up what I think of it or whether you want me to soften it for you. I'm not saying I'm going to tear you to pieces, just tell the truth of what I thought of it. For example I might tell someone this without softening it: I like this, the pace is good and the tone is nice. You need to throw some more action in before people get bored, and you could use a spellcheck at points. It has a great base, and a nice start. The characters were in character, and the interactions between them were good! Keep it up!!!
(See I'm not that bad!!!!)
Just ask me if you want me to check for anything other than what I've listed above.
What my strengths are: Checking for plot, grammar, characterization, and canon elements
What my weaknesses are: Spelling, but I'll do my best. and punctuation, sometimes my eyes rebel and decide that there's a period when there's not actually on there!
What I like in a story: A good plot, a good grasp on writing the characters, not afraid to do something that people might not like, and it has emotion.
What I hate in a story: Mary sues, it has no emotion and it's boring, I don't mind if there isn't any romance but at least throw in some drama, and finally I can not stand when people turn a character that's particularly cold and cruel and turns them into a mushy gushy love-sick puppy!!!
Will not read: Twilight
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