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Name: Cresentia
Alias: Nagisa
Status: Author
Join Date: 11/25/09
Last Logged In: 06/30/15
Skin: Autumn_Red
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A.K.A: flamingyume(fosff) and Nocturnal Lane (

Fave animes/mangas:
~*~ Naruto
~*~ Bleach
~*~ Yu Yu Hakusho
~*~ Alice Academy (It\'s.just.too.CUTE!)
~*~ Vampire Knight
~*~ Black Cat
~*~ Full Metal Alchemist
~*~ Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
~*~ Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
~*~ Pandora Hearts
~*~ Hunter X Hunter
~*~ And so on... (I read novels too, by the way)

Fave games:
~*~ Kingdom Hearts
~*~ Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
~*~ Kingdom Hearts II
~*~ And all other Kingdom Hearts games
~*~ Final Fantasy (starting from seven, although I have never really played them)

Obsessed with:
~*~ Uchiha Itachi
~*~ Akasuna no Sasori
~*~ Kurosaki Ichigo (Drool-worthy abs, people)
~*~ Abarai Renji (Again, DROOL-WORTHY)
~*~ Kuchiki Byakuya
~*~ Hitsugaya Toushiro
~*~ Youko Kurama
~*~ Hyuuga Natsume
~*~ Tsubasa and Misaki aren\'t bad either
~*~ Kiryuu Zero
~*~ And Shiki and Ichijou and Akatsuki
~*~ Train Heartnet
~*~ Lin Xiao Li
~*~ Edward and Alphonse Elric
~*~ Roy Mustang
~*~ Hibari Kyouya
~*~ Roxas and Ventus
~*~ Riku
~*~ Axel
~*~ Cloud Strife
~*~ Vincent Valentine
~*~ Reno
~*~ Rufus Shinra
~*~ Dante Sparda
~*~ Vergil Sparda
~*~ Nero
~*~ Gilbert Nightray
~*~ Xerxes Break
~*~ Kuruta Kurapica

Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services: Hello, everyone =D
I've been a beta for quite some time now in, and I find it fun, so why not?
I'll mostly correct spelling, since my grammar is horrible, although I'm quite sure that most of you are at least decent at both categories. (Wow, I'm declaring that I'm out of job even though I just started XD)
I will also be able to give you tips about your stories, if you wish =)
I specialize in OCs, seeing that all of my stories have at least one OC in it.
Will not read: Yaoi and yuri are out of the question. I'm sorry people, I'm fine with them in the real world, but not here.
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