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I honestly couldn\'t give two shits about whether
or not you like OCs in general, let alone mine. If
you don\'t like original characters, then don\'t read
the fanfiction that I write including them.

I won\'t make you read all of the crap about my OCs.
I will however include the urls to their pages on my
website in case you actually want to read them.

Erika Havoc Fullmetal Alchemist
Alpha Quinn Pokemon


Edward/Erika (Metalshipping)
James/Alpha (Secondshipping)


\"Ten Minutes...\" HIATUS
I just can\'t get the muse for this story right now.
I\'ll probably end up listening to some depressing
music and get back to writing this crap eventually.
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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services:


A running joke among my friends is that I'm a Nazi when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. They may find it annoying at times, but it's just a part of who I am. As a beta reader, I think my Nazi-ism may be a good thing. The German blood in me is probably a contributor in some way (hooray for lame jokes). A note on the different ways to spell character names: I know that some character names have different spellings (such as Kyoya vs. Kyouya). As long as the spelling you use is correct (you're not throwing in random letters), then I will not show a preference towards a particular way of spelling a character's name. I will, however, make sure the spelling is consistent throughout the fanfic.

Unfortunately, my computer doesn't have awesome programs like Microsoft Word (mainly because I'm poor and can't afford to actually purchase the program). I'm stuck with Word Processor, Wordpad, and Notepad. Even though I can't open files in Microsoft Word, I can still choose which program to open the files with (the miracle of the 'open with' option). There shouldn't be many, if any, problems with file types. Just to be on the safe side, here is a list of files I will accept:
  • .wps
  • .rtf
  • .txt
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .htm
  • .html

I'm not extremely strict when it comes to canon characters being OOC. In my book a little bit is alright, but a complete 180 is a reason to break out the red pen. It's perfectly fine for Sasuke (from Naruto) to be happy, but if he's prancing around in a field with unicorns and singing flowers (and possibly Rock Lee)...I don't even want to finish that sentence. If your story contains an original character you may also provide me with that character's biography so that I can try to keep him/her from being out of character.

Will not read:


I will not read incest fics, although there is a loophole. If the characters are shown to be incestuous in the manga or anime, then I will read a fanfiction pairing them together. This applies for characters such as the Hitachiin twins from Ouran (even though they aren't officially homosexual they still put on an act of twincest). Under no circumstances will I ever read Hiei/Yukina or Edward/Alphonse fanfiction. I have never been able to bring myself to read a single Hiei/Yukina fic. As for Ed/Al...just no.

I will not read shonen-ai, shojo-ai, yaoi, or yuri fanfiction. Luckily, there is a loophole for this as well. If the manga or anime is slash, then I will read the fanfiction (although I don't believe that any of the categories that I beta contain slash content). Don't get me wrong. I think gay men are hot! It's just that I can't help but laugh whenever I read a yaoi fanfic. Watching it is fun, but reading just hilarious. As for yuri, I just can't watch it or read it. It brings back bad memories, and I don't want to be flooded with flashbacks while trying to beta your story.

I believe this falls under the shonen-ai/yaoi category. This one has no loophole. I simply won't read any fiction containing a pregnant male. Alright, I lied. There is one tiny loophole. While I will not read fiction where the male is actually pregnant, if his wife/girlfriend/lover is pregnant he may have a "sympathetic pregnancy" (also referred to as Couvade Syndrome). I find this syndrome rather intriguing, and it would make for an interesting story as well.

Certain Pairings
I'm sorry, there are just some pairings that I can't read without either bursting into laughter or wanting to vomit. Some of them I find just plain ridiculous while others I simply hate. I think it wouldn't be completely fair to the author if I was beta reading their story with a pairing bias. I'm not good at putting aside my opinions, so I'm just going to provide a list of pairings that I will not read (along with reasons as to why I will not read them):
  • Ed/Winry - They just strike me more as childhood friends/siblings than lovers. I may make special exceptions though.
  • Ed/Rose - I just think this pairing is stupid. They only knew each other for a few days (don't give me any 'love-at-first-sight' crap).
  • Sesshoumaru/Kagome - This pairing screams OOC. Sesshoumaru (1) hates humans and (2) hates his brother, so why?
  • Shikamaru/Temari - Another pairing I just can't wrap my head around. I don't even think there's a reason beyond just not liking it.
  • Kyoya/Haruhi - There's just an image of a jealous Tamaki in my mind here (for that matter, I'll only read Tamaki/Haruhi or Hikaru/Haruhi).
  • Kenshin/Megumi - I've been a fan of this series for as long as I can remember, and I've always disliked Megumi. Big no-no.
  • Anybody/Tea - Another one that I just can't read. I guess it might just be the way people paint Tea as a friendship-geek, but still.

You should just be happy that I don't mind reading Ed/OC fics. I'm not like a lot of screaming fangirls who constantly say things like "HE'S MINE!" or "YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM!" I'm pretty damned sure that I'm not the first (and I certainly am not the last) person to ever fangirl over Edward Elric, so I don't think that I have any right to say that he is mine in any respect (lover/hubby/etc.) and neither does anyone else in this goddamn world. On a related note, I adore Ed/Reader fics (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
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