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Update: 15/11/2012
My computer crashed and I lost all my stories. The ones that I was working on and the ones I had finished. So far the only surviving ones are the ones I uploaded here.

I will attempt to work on finishing A Complicated Mess and a few of my oneshots. I started university recently so most of my attention will be there. If you get updates on a story then you\'ll see when I get a chance to update. I don\'t know how long it will be, I\'m really really sorry.

Update: 03/03/2011
My emotional state is finally on track enough to work on my stories, thank you all for your support. Re-reading the wonderful reviews I\'ve gotten has gotten me through these past six months. I hope to have an update to any/all of my stories very very soon.

Oh, and go ahead and IM me on my AOL if you ever want to chat about stories or ideas.

Not Important
Name: Monty
Birthday: July 14
Age: Old enough :D
Like: Bitter things, sugar, angst, fluff, angsty, bribes in the form of one-shots
Dislikes: Mary-sues and gary-stus
Favourite Comic book/ Cartoon: Batman Beyond, Batman, Iron Man, X-Men, Deadpool
Favourite Anime/Manga: Saiyuki, Soul Eater, Hellsing, Beyblade, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam Wing, DGM, Witch Hunter Robin...
Favourite Game: Resident Evil!, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy (all, mostly 7 and 8), Infinite Undiscovery

give BreeHime more *HUGS*

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--Is Currently--
Health: Stuffed up nose
Wanting: Muse. More Bones stories, more Vaako love stories, inspiration for The Rules.
Eating: Sour Gummybears
Drinking: Dr. Pepper slurpee
Watching: Bones, Riddick Trilogy
Obsessing over: Bones: Zack Addy, Jack Hodgins. Chronicles of Riddick: Lord Vaako. Star Trek: Dr. McCoy \'Bones\'.
Finished Books: Recently; Tending to Grace, some smut novels.
Favorite Quote: \"NO JUICE FOR YOU!!\" - Ben Tennyson, Ben 10

Story Section\"Photobucket\"

I\'ll get more stuff up for this place eventually. I\'m lazy.

In Progress:

Series: Lots
Title: The Rules
Summary: Rules about girls that guys should know
Pairing: Reader/various
Type: Drabble booklet
Current character: InuYasha

Series: Saiyuki
Title: Change with a Rainbow
Summary: Sequel to Stormy Weather.
Pairing: Sanzo/reader
Type: Oneshot

Series: Saiyuki
Title: Sanzo\'s Whore (kidding) Not Titled
Summary: Reward for Zelos
Pairing: Reader/Sanzo
Type: Oneshot

Series: Fruuba // Fruit Basket
Title: 13 and One Tails of Zodiacs
Summary: All of the Zodiac members, including self proclaimed \'God\', deserve a little loving. Here is their chance at friendship and romance.
Pairing: Reader/various
Type: Oneshot/drabble book

Series: Witch Hunter Robin
Title: Untitled for now
Summary: dun have one yet
Pairing: Reader/Michael Lee
Type: Oneshot (or chaptered)

Series: Batman Beyond
Title: Of Cats and Bats
Summary: Dying once never meant the end. Nine more lives to spend wisely. And one sexy Bat to make it a whirl.
Pairing: TerryOC
Type: Chaptered

I can\'t help myself T.T I don\'t like chaptered stories, I end up allowing my plotbunny to starve and my muse to die. *dies from amount of oneshots*

Muse has been shot...I\'ll update when I can.

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