""I Need A Man!"" by Byakko-chan

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Is L really man enough? We’ll see… "I Need a Man" by Eurythmics I don't own

The loud music thumped in your ears as you lightly thumped your head to the music. You followed a well-known path into the investigation room as you held the earpieces as close to your ears as possible.

Once inside the hotel room you saw taskforce, along with L and Light watching something very tensely.

“You think?”

“No. It’s false.” L stated flatly and Light agreed.

You smirked to yourself as you walked up behind the couch L was seated.

“…And I don't care about the way you look! You should know I'm not impressed! 'Cause there's just one thing that I'm looking for, and he don't wear a dress!” You sang loudly and obnoxiously. Everyone turned to you as you marched up behind L who turned to look at you curiously.

“I need a man! I need a man!” You pointed at L accusingly, who blinked owlishly before you retrieved your finger and walked out of the main room and into the bedroom with a bit of a hop in your step that matched the beat of the loud song, your body moving in a very haughty way.

Matsuda was trying not to laugh and everyone caught him.

L turned back around and picked up the remote to resume watching the tape, acting as if your odd, random, distracting appearance hadn’t happened at all.

Everyone stared at L.

“You’re going to let her get away with that?” Light asked with a hint of a smirk in his voice.

“If I gave into ______’s childish escapades everyday I wouldn’t have the dignity to call myself a man.”

“I need a man!” You almost screamed through the door and L’s expression darkened considerably. You were taunting him beyond belief!

“… 'Cause there's just one thing that I'm looking for, and he don't wear a dress!” L sighed and set the remote down and looked up at the taskforce.

“Would you please excuse me?”

Neh? Awesome song by the way! I dunno what gave me this idea but I thought it was kinda funny so I did it! Anyone ready for L’s birthday?! I’ve gotta get cracken! lol. Hope you guys enjoyed! Please review and tell me whatcha think!

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