"Shadows of Time" by WindsofSolitude

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WoS: This story is my first attempt at a Zelda fic. I have already posted this on another site, which can be found on my bio. Chances are that I will update there first. For the most part, however, I will do my best to keep this one equal to the other.

A majority of this story takes part in the Twilight Princess storyline. However, it begins (and will eventually end) during Ocarina of Time. So read on, enjoy, and have fun guessing what I have in store.

Disclaimer: I do not own Legend of Zelda, just this idea.
Prologue: End of A Journey

The walls of Ganon's castle were rumbling as you, Link, and Princess Zelda ran towards the exit. The three of you only stopped when you had crossed the bridge the Sages had created. Finally, you looked towards the ruins. It was finally over. Ganon's dark reign over Hyrule had finally ended. A wide grin slowly appeared on your face as you turned to Link, ready to congratulate him. The grin fell momentarily when you saw the Hero of Time's eyes locked with those of the Princess. Your heart lurched painfully in your chest as you looked away. You'd realized that he loved her the moment the two of you had met her as children, but despite that you could never rid yourself of how you felt about him. Every time you were reminded as to whom his heart belonged to, you broke a little more inside. You could never let him know this though. First and foremost came his happiness and, well, it seemed like you just weren't in the picture. So, you placed a smile on your face and tried to look as happy as you could. Finally, his eyes met yours and a smile of his own appeared. There was a small moment of silence, before you spoke.

"...It's finally over..."


"So...I guess this is goodbye."

His eyebrows furrowed slightly, confusion evident in his eyes. It was the first time you'd been able to clearly read him like this. Usually, he tried hard not to show what he was feeling. You knew that because he would slip when he was distracted or if the feeling was too strong for him to completely mask. Either way, him being so open to you right now made you happy, even if it was confusion.


You laughed softly.

"I can't baby-sit you forever, Link. I'm glad that I was able to help you defeat Ganon but now that he's gone there's really no need for me to stick around."

The silence following afterward only seemed to make the pain in your heart increase. It looks like he really did want you to go, he was just being polite. He was about to speak when you saw the debris of the castle shake slightly. Everything that happened in the next few seconds seemed like it took an eternity. Your eyes widened as a beam of dark light shot from the ruins towards the three of you. It was only out of pure instinct that your body moved to push Link and Zelda out of the way.

"Look out!"

Their eyes widened as they watched a dark light envelop your form. When it disappeared, you were still there, but your body was fading away. You stared in shock when you noticed your hands, then your whole body, start to vanish.

"W-What's going on?"

You turned frightened eyes to Link and Zelda, both of which seemed to be rooted to the spot. When ____ eyes met with deep blue, Link seemed to snap out of it and quickly rushed over. He grasped your hand for an instant before it became ghost like and went right through. Desperation flashed in his eyes; it seemed like it had upset him somehow. Tears were now visible in your own eyes.

"Link...What's happening to me?"

The tears threatening to fall only seemed to worsen his emotions. For the first time since you met him, you could see complete and utter fear in his eyes. That look was enough to tell you that he didn't know and that he probably couldn't do anything. He saw sorrow flood your eyes as a small smile attached itself to your lips. Something told you that you might never see him again, and that scared you. You looked away over at Zelda, who also seemed sad and afraid. Your eyes softened. Even if Link loved her, you had never had a drop of resentment or hatred toward her. In fact, she was like a sister to you and you loved her as much as you did your family. So, you widened your smile just for her.

"Live a happy life Zelda."

Your body could barely be seen as you finally turned back to Link.

"I'll miss you."


"Take care of yourself ok?"

Before giving him the chance to respond you went up to him and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. Although he saw it, you were already too far gone for him to feel it, and he hated that. However, you failed to see this and only smiled one last time before you were finally no longer visible. The Hero of Time stood there, a bittersweet feeling within him. Hyrule was finally at peace, but you were no longer by his side. Were the Goddesses punishing him for not telling you how he felt? The only reason he didn't was that he knew it would be dangerous if Ganon had found out. As the shock wore off, his emotions finally erupted and hit him full force. He felt sorrow, despair…anger. All feelings that he instantly wished would go away....For the first time in his life, he felt completely broken and alone...

WoS: That is how it all begins. I know it's short, but it is a prologue. The next chapter will be longer. I've made some minor changes to the chapter, but it was all spelling so it won't do anything to the story itself. Hope you enjoyed. The next chapter will be out soon. Take care!

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