""I Need You."" by fast-frenzy08

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Very slight angst, fluff and implied Cloud/You.
Something to try and get over my writer's block :D
“I hate you!”
You regret saying the words as soon as they come out of your mouth, your hand reaching up to cover your lips as if they can stop what you just said. Cloud’s face was confused, upset, hurt.
“You hate me?”
His voice is low and controlled, as if he’s trying not to cry. You begin to line up the empty beer bottles, trying to focus on them instead of seeing twice as many. You are drunk. That’s what made you say those words out loud, but you know, and Cloud knows, that you have been thinking them over the last few months. A mixture of resent, anger and love for Cloud rises in your chest and you struggle not to burst into tears. Cloud is looking at the floor, waiting for an answer. The room is barely lit, the dim lights of Seventh Heaven highlighting shadows on Cloud’s face.
“You never actually care about any of us. We need you here. Yet…you’re always off somewhere, never answering your phone.”
He’s still looking at the ground, his face blank, his blonde hair flopping slightly. You hear him take a deep breath and you carry on.
“Why? Tifa needs you here. Denzel needs you. Marlene too.”
You stand shakily, holding onto the table for support.
“And I need you, Cloud.”
You look at him for the last time before leaving the room, shutting the door behind you with a small click. Sitting on the bed, you pull your knees up to your chest, rest your head on them and sigh.
That went worst than you anticipated. You didn’t mean to blurt it out like that.
You slip under the covers of your bed, not bothering to get changed. You shut your eyes and yawn, pulling the covers up and turning on your side to face the window.

You slowly blink, wondering if it’s the morning already. The sky outside is still navy black, the moon a full crescent. The light shines through your window.
You hear a creak and glance at the doorway, pushing yourself up into a sitting position with your hands. Cloud’s frame is silhouetted against the wall, bright mako eyes shining from the moonlight. You simply look at him for a few seconds before laying back down to face the window, back to him.
You hear his footsteps then fell pressure on the bed before two arms embrace your body from behind. Cloud burrows his face into your hair, nose nuzzling the back of your neck.
“Why are you here?” You whisper. There is silence for a couple of seconds before he replies.
“Because I need you too.”

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