"Alike" by SacredTear

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Well I love Ichigo so this was just bound to happen x3 This is SUPER long (sorry...but that's just how I roll) so I apologize...kind of. If you just want the lemon part, it's near the end...I'll mark it with a bold sentence so you can just read that. That's about it. Enjoy! And please review! x3
Math. What an utterly, utterly boring class. Why did you have to take it anyway? It's not like YOU were going to be using numbers. Or the Side-Angle-Side rule. Or calculus for that matter. That's what calculators were for; if you needed a calculation done, you just plug it in and WHAM, there's your answer. So why were you forced to waste away in such a horrible class?

Well, you didn't know either. But you figured it probably was necessary for you to graduate.

You sighed as you rested your chin on your palm, slowly rotating your head to look out the window beside you. Your teacher knew you had a tendency to day dream while you were in this class, so why she hadn't moved you away from the window yet was beyond you...but you weren't going to complain.

"Soooo, what's the answer, Suri?"

You slowly rotated your head back towards the classroom, seeing your teacher smiling and looking at you expectantly. You blinked before you looked at the random equations on the board. "Kyoto," you answered lazily.

Some kids laughed as your teacher's smile never faded. "You are aware this is Geometry class, not Geography."

"I am well aware. Thus my answer."

The teacher continued smiling as she tilted her head slightly. "This is why I keep you by the window," she replied before turning to another student. "Uryuu, do you know the answer?" Your attention span was long gone as you turned back towards the window again. You were thankful your teacher was a bit of a ditz; she may have been crazy, but at least she knew enough not to bother you much during class. It wasn't that you were a bad student; in fact you probably had one of the highest grades in this class...but that didn't mean you liked sitting through lecture.

Luckily you were still able to hear the bell ring, signifying the end of the day. You jumped up from your seat and packed your things before you ran out of the room, making double sure you had your cards before you hurried off the school grounds. [1] A smile came to your face as you continued jogging down the street. She's really gonna like this, I just know it!

You eventually slowed to a normal walking pace, keeping your schoolcase at your side as you casually looked around. You eventually reached a more empty side of town, the streets eventually becoming bare so only one or two people walked occasionally. You stopped as you looked up and saw a young girl poking at something near a light post. You smiled to yourself as you walked towards her. "Kiyo!" you called happily, causing the young child of 6 years to look up from her activity.

A smile formed on her face as she excitedly jumped to a stand. "Suri-chan! You came!"

You stopped by her side and gently rested a hand on her head. "Of course! I told you I would, didn't I?" The girl giggled as you knelt down, taking out some cards you had in your case. "So, are you ready to see a magic trick?"

She giggled again and clapped her hands. "Yeah, yeah!"

You smiled as you fanned out the cards to her. "Alright then, pick a card!" The young girl did so, pulling it away as she looked at it sneakily, making sure you couldn't see. You turned away to give her more assurance you wouldn't do so. "Alright, when you've got it memorized, put it back in the deck, anywhere!" You eventually felt her shove it in, allowing you to turn your head forward again before you collapsed them all together again and handed her the deck. "Now shuffle to your little heart's content!" Wait...What little heart? You mentally hit yourself as she took the cards, but she seemed to pay no mind as she sloppily mixed the cards around.

After she felt it was enough, she handed the deck back to you. "Here ya go!"

You nodded and smiled as you took the deck back, fixing the slanted cards before you spread them face down on the ground. "Okay, now pick a number. Any number."

She thought about it briefly. "One-hundred and five!"

You laughed. "Um. Okay. Pick a number between one and fifty-two."

She looked deep in thought before she answered again. "Thirty-four!"

You smiled as you looked down at the cards, pointing to each one as you counted aloud from the right. Once you reached 34, you slid the card out from the rest. "Is...this your card?" you asked as you flipped it over.

She gasped dramatically, as most entertained children do. "Oh my gosh! How'd you do that?"

You winked at the still-impressed girl. "They don't call it magic for nothing!" You reached down and picked up the card as you handed it to her. " can keep it: a gift from me!"

She took it with wide eyes and an open-mouthed smile. "Wow, thank you so much, Suri-chan! You're amazing!" You laughed softly as you gently rested your hand on her head, seeing her look down at the card in awe as she closed her mouth but continued smiling widely. "Can you come again tomorrow, Suri-chan?" she asked as she looked up at you.

"Of course!" you said as you packed away the rest of your cards into your case. "I'll come by as often as you want me to."

"Hooray!" the girl cheered as she jumped up happily, causing you to laugh softly again. "I have to go now, but I'll see you tomorrow, right?"

You nodded and smiled. "Sure thing, Kiyo." The girl smiled a closed-eye smile as she giggled, slowly fading from sight until she disappeared completely. You sighed as you stood up. "I'll see you tomorrow...Kiyo..." You smiled and looked off to your left, only to have your smile quickly fade.

There, standing in all his cute glory, was Cute Muscle Boy, staring at you with utter confusion and surprise. Oh crap. Of all the people, it has to be the cute guy in my class. He probably saw me talking to a light pole and is going to submit me into a mental institution. Although if I saw someone doing that I'm sure I would be thinking the same thing. Wait, what am I doing? React! REACT!

" I thought I saw some defacing-of-public-property on this light pole, but I guess not! Phew! Good thing. I didn't want to have to call it in, right?" His brown eyes only blinked at you, still seeming surprised. "So! Um, well I have to go...So I'll see you in class, kthxbai!" With that, you tore off the other direction, not stopping until you reached your house 8 blocks away. You panted slightly as you stopped on your front porch. "Damn...I'm such an idiot. I should be more careful when I'm around Spirits..." You shook your head of your stupidity before you headed inside. "I'm home!" you declared as you took off your shoes and slipped on some slippers.

"Oh, I was wondering where you were!" you heard your dad lazily call as he slowly came around the corner, his tired face smiling a closed-eye smile at you.

"Hey Dad...Sorry I'm a bit late. I had a stop to make..."

He nodded before he disappeared back into the kitchen. "I see... Kyon, was it?"

You smiled as you followed him, taking a seat at the table. "Kiyo," you corrected.

He nodded as he went back to cooking. "That's's she doing?"

You sighed as you rested your head in your hands. "Okay...I guess." You crossed your arms on the table as you head landed on them with a thunk. "I feel so bad for her, Dad. I don't know what's keeping her here..."

"Could you just ask her?"

"She's young, I'm not sure if even she knows." You lifted your head and looked at your father's back. "She's lonely, I'm sure. I doubt many people interact with Spirits." You looked down through the table, looking unfocused at the floor beyond it. "It's just heartbreaking to see such a little who needs attention but doesn't get it..."

Your father nodded as he brought the food to the table, placing a dish in front of you before he took a seat across from you. "I know, Suri, it's hard. But you're doing the right thing."

You picked up your chopsticks and poked at the food. "I know...I just wish I could do more..."

He reached across the table and rested his hand on one of yours. "You're doing all you can, Suri...and that's enough for now. Your mother is proud of you, regardless."

You sighed and nodded. "I hope so, Dad... I hope so..."


You remained your quiet self the next day at school. Luckily your teacher hadn't made a point to call you out yet, so you were able to look through the window in a daze, thinking about whatever and whoever.

Poor Kiyo... I wish there was something I could do. I'm sure she'd be happier if she crossed over, but she can't do that until she finishes up whatever she needs in THIS world. But what is it? I can't just ask her...I doubt she even knows what I'd be talking about. No use confusing the poor girl. I'm sure she has enough worries on her plate anyway.

"Ichigo Kurosaki!" You jumped slightly as you looked to the front of the room, seeing your crazed teacher smiling evilly through her glasses at a student. You followed her gaze, seeing it rest on Cute Muscle Boy. He seemed worried as a fine blush dusted itself across his nose. "I would appreciate it if you stopped staring at Suri and paid attention to my lecture!"

"I!...What?!" he asked in disbelief, his face darkening the blush quite a bit.

"Hey! How come you let Suri stare out the window but if someone else tries staring somewhere you yell at them?!" one of Cute Muscle Boy's friends yelled.

"Well Keigo, once you start acing your tests like Suri has then maybe I won't have to worry about you so much!"

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" he yelled obnoxiously. A few of your classmates turned to you, causing you to blush from embarrassment as you looked out the window.

"Now! Ichigo. Since I'm sure you were going to deny you were staring at Suri because you want her, you were obviously getting answers from her telepathically. So what's the answer?"

The boy blushed deeper as he stared at her in disbelief, mostly in confusion from what she was talking about and where the hell she got her lines from. "You're crazy!"

"Incorrect ANSWER!" she yelled happily as she chucked an eraser at his head. The small block hit him in the head with tremendous force, knocking him out of his chair as the rest of the class erupted in chaos. You sighed as you buried your face in your hands, trying to ignore the madness around you. Oh just get me OUT of here...


You sighed to yourself as you slowed down to a walking pace. That lady is crazy. How the hell did she get a job teaching, anyway...? You turned to look back at the school grounds you had just ran out of, glad you were finally free from the chaos of your classroom. You weren't sure why you had a tendency to run out of the classroom every day, but today you were pretty sure you knew the reason. She is crazy, you admitted to yourself, but at least she leaves me alone for the most part. And she does joke around with the students, so I suppose that's better than a hard ass teacher...

You rounded a corner, noticing the streets were strangely empty. You furrowed your eyebrows as you continued walking along. Usually the streets aren't this empty until I reach Kiyo's street... This is kind of peculiar. You continued walking forward, trying not to think much of it. You felt oddly relieved when you saw another form walking ahead of you, walking from a side street perpendicular to your own until it stopped right in front of you. Your odd relief was soon replaced by a sudden nervousness as the form slowly turned towards you. "Well, well! Hello there!" the fat, gruff man said, his tone more threatening and scary rather than happy like the context implied.

Your heart beat faster as another man came from the same side street, stopping at his side before he also turned to you. Crap... Okay, don't panic... "Excuse us, Miss. But it seems we're lost," the 2nd said, also sounding more forced rather than sincere.

"Sorry, but I have to meet someone," you apologized before you turned around, prepared to run for it.

Unfortunately, three more ghastly men stood in your way. "Sorry, girly... That's gonna have to wait," the middle one said, his voice ragged. Oh man oh man oh man... I'm surrounded! You looked to your left, realizing there was a fence there leading to the park. There'd be no way you could climb up and over without them being on you. You subtly scanned to your right, seeing an alleyway between the buildings you were currently stuck between. Well it's not like there's anywhere else to go... With that you broke into a run down the alley, hearing them yell between themselves before, you assumed, they ran after you. You clutched your schoolcase tightly in your fist as you ran, keeping it with you in case you might need it to somehow protect yourself.

Your eyes widened. "Shit..." you cursed as you slowed to a stop, seeing a giant brick wall standing in front of you. "Of course these buildings had to be connected. Why wouldn't they be?" you asked yourself sarcastically.

You turned around when you heard dark laughter from behind you, seeing the 5 men slowly walking towards you with a big grin on their faces. "It seems you're lost too, huh Girly?"

You groaned softly as you brought your case up to your chest, backing up slowly until your back hit the wall. Shit shit shit...What am I gonna do? I can't take them all... And I didn't bring my knife either. SHIT! I'm gonna get raped and die! "Now, now...Don't look so scared!" the middle one said as he stepped forward. He was the same first man from before; you assumed he was the leader. The four behind him chuckled as he made his way closer to you. Your heart pounded harder in your chest as you cowered down slightly, closing your eyes and turning your face away.

"Leave her alone." You opened your eyes at the new voice before you turned your head forward again, seeing the leader look utterly disinterested as he turned around. You couldn't see who had come, but judging by the way the leader was acting, you could tell it wasn't one of them.

"Oh? And just what are you going to do about it?" His flunkies chuckled when the new person didn't respond. "Take care of him, will you?" he asked as he turned back to you. "Now...where were we?" You heard the vague sounds of battle: clothes rustling, punches being thrown, people groaning and being thrown around... Great. My idiot of a savoir came by their lonesome and now is getting beat up themselves. This is just wonderful...

The leader laughed darkly as he began moving more towards you, his hands extended in a ready-to-grope fashion. You whimpered as you pressed yourself deeper into the wall, knowing you were probably going to die in a matter of seconds. least I'll be able to look after Kiyo...

You suddenly saw legs wrap around his neck, causing his face to distort to confusion and worry as he was flipped around and flung far away from you. You gasped at the person in front of you as he turned to face the men. "It's you!"

Cute Muscle Boy kept on a look of determination as he faced the 5 men. "Now get out of here... Now!"

The leader stood up, wiping some blood from his lips. "Ugh," he groaned. "She was pretty...but not that pretty, it's not worth it. C'mon, let's get out of here!" You looked down at the ground sadly as they ran off and made their escape. Not that pretty? Well...maybe that's true. At least your ugliness saved you from getting raped. Or rather it saved you from another onslaught from the attackers.

"Hey." You looked up, seeing your savior still looking forward with his back to you. He turned his head sideways and looked at you out of his peripheral, smiling as he did so. "Don't listen to them. I think you're very pretty."

You blushed before you bent forward in a bow. "Thank you so much... You saved my life."

"Ichigo Kurosaki." You blinked as you saw a hand held out towards you. You looked up, seeing his handsome face smiling down at you.

You stood up straight as you gently placed your hand in his, the blush still on your face. "Suri... Suri Atari," you replied as you shook his hand, feeling how strong his muscles were just in that one appendage.

He nodded as he took his hand back, his face still smiling. "Nice to finally meet you, Suri."


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm...I'm fine. You got here just in time."

He chuckled softly as he closed his eyes. "So it seems." He opened them again as he looked at you with a serious face. "Hey, actually there's something I need to ask--"

You cut him off with a sudden gasp. "Oh man, what time is it?!"

His expression turned to one of confusion. "Uh, I think it's--"

"I have to get going!" you said as you rushed by him. You quickly turned around and bowed again. "Thanks again, Ichigo. I'll see you in class tomorrow!"

"But I...Uh..." It was too late; you were already gone.

You didn't stop running until you made it to Kiyo's street, seeing the young girl sitting on the curb, looking down at the ground sadly. "Kiyo!"

She blinked as she looked up at you, a smile coming to her face. "Suri-chan! You're late!"

You stopped before her and panted slightly. "I'm so sorry, Kiyo... I..." You thought about telling her what happened, but you decided against it.

"Where were you?" she asked, her ignorant smile still on her face. Well looks like there was no getting out of it now.

"I uh, I ran into some trouble," you started, deciding to keep it somewhat simple. You saw her smile fade as she looked at you worriedly. "But it's okay!" you added quickly. "Someone came and helped me out."

"Oooh! Was it a knight?!" she asked excitedly.

You laughed softly. "Something like that, I guess."

"Was he wearing shiny armor?"

You remained smiling at her child-like ignorance. "Not quite. But he was definitely heroic."

"Is he gonna carry you off into the sunset? Are you two gonna get married?"

You blushed as you smiled a closed-eye smile. "Ummm, it's not really like that..."

"Awww." She frowned as she looked down. "It's not a happy ending..."

You rested your hand on her head as you smiled at her. "Don't worry. I'll have a happy ending someday. And so will you, okay?" She smiled widely as she nodded.

You stayed and talked with her awhile longer before telling her you had to go. She was sad, but said she understood. You said your good-byes before she disappeared into nothingness, leaving you by your lonesome by the light pole. You stood up with a sigh before you headed off towards your home, ready to take a load off after a very long day.

Unbeknownst to you, a familiar orange-haired boy was watching you from behind a corner, a small smile coming to his face before he closed his eyes and headed home himself.


I can't believe how close that was yesterday... you thought to yourself as you stared lazily out the window to your left. I probably would've died if Ichigo hadn't come to save me. You turned your head 180 degrees to look at the heroic boy 2 seats away from you, surprised to see that he had been looking at you. You blinked, wondering if you had missed something which held the reason why he was looking. Instead, he flashed a smile and turned back towards the front. You blushed lightly before turning back towards the window. Ichigo...

The bell ringing caused you to jump in surprise before you glanced at the clock, realizing school was over already. You packed your things up and quickly headed out the door, not waiting to see if Ichigo would talk to you. I can't risk it... I can't let him get close. I can't become friends with him... With that thought, you rushed out of the building, your mind set on running a few blocks before you would stop.

Unfortunately you only made it to the school gates. "Hey! Wait!"

Not immediately recognizing the voice, you slowed to a stop before you turned around, seeing a girl with dark hair and a wristband around her wrist; she occasionally talked to Ichigo if you remembered correctly. "Um...yes?"

She jogged up to you. "I think you dropped this," she said, holding out a sheathed knife.

You blinked as you felt your side, realizing it wasn't there. "Wow, I guess I dropped it." You smiled as she handed it to you. "Thank a lot! I can be kinda klutzy sometimes," you added with a sweatdrop.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I just thought I'd give it back before someone else saw it." You nodded and smiled at her before she tilted her head slightly. "I'm Tatsuki," she introduced.

You hesitated momentarily before slapping on a forced smile. "Suri. It's nice to meet you, Tatsuki," you said as you shook her hand, noticing she had quite the grip.

"That's a really nice knife you got there," she continued once she took her hand back. "Where'd you get it?"

"Oh this?" you asked, unsheathing the 5 inch blade (that happened to be just a few centimeters shorter than restrictions) and moving it slightly so the blade would catch the light. "Y'know, I'm not sure. I've had it for awhile." You looked up at her and smiled. "I just like to keep it on me in case of emergency, y'know?" Although we saw how much that helped me YESTERDAY... you thought bitterly.

Surprisingly a smile came to the girl's face as she nodded. "Yeah, that makes sense. That's why I take judo!" she said as she smiled widely.

" take judo?" you asked as you blinked and sheathed your knife, clipping it on the edge of your skirt.

She nodded. "Sure do! I can teach you some sometime if you want!"

You blinked again before you smiled and nodded. "Sure, that would be great actually!"

"Great! Well listen, I actually gotta get to practice. But it was nice meeting you, Suri!" she said as she began walking away.

"You too, Tatsuki!" You waved at each other before she turned and ran, heading towards her presumed practice. You sighed as you lowered your hand back down to your side. "Dammit...I can't keep meeting these people..." You closed your eyes as you began walking along slowly. I just can't...


"I'll race ya back, Miyu!"

"Hey, no fair, Suri! You started early!" You giggled as you continued running ahead of your friend, not heeding her pleas for you to stop. You finally did however as your smile faded from your face. Miyu caught up and panted slightly. "You're a cheater! You never wait!"

She looked up when you didn't respond, seeing you look across the street with your head tilted slightly. "Do you see that, Miyu?" you asked.

She blinked before she looked across the empty road. "Um...see what, Suri?"

"That guy, just sitting there..." You turned to look at your friend briefly, seeing her give you a weird look. "Oh...well then I guess he must be..." you trailed off. "A spirit," you added in a mutter.


You looked down at the ground and hesitated. "This is going to sound weird, but I... I see Spirits."

". . . Spirits." You nodded, feeling your stomach start to twist. "You mean like, ghosts?" You nodded again as you sensed her skepticism. "Suri, there's no one there. There's no such thing as ghosts."

"Yes there is! And there's one sitting there right now!"

"Why are you making this up, Suri? Is it so you can sound cool?"

You felt tears start to form in your eyes as you looked at her with hurt. "No! Nothing like that! I'm being serious!"

Miyu took a step back as she looked at you wearily. "I knew there was something wrong with you... You're a freak! I can't hang out with freaks!" With that, she took off running towards the general direction of her house.

"Miyu, wait!"

"Leave me alone, you weirdo!" You watched her disappear out of sight as tears began to flood your eyes.


You continued walking as you looked down at the ground sorrowfully. I remember how awkward I felt the next day when she told everybody else... I just wanted to die, I felt so alone and betrayed. You subconsciously stopped walking as you smiled bitterly. Middle schoolers can be so immature. Hard to believe I've never had a friend since then. But that's how it's gotta be...if I hope to retain any sort of dignity for myself.

You took a deep sigh and rubbed your face with your free hand, opening your eyes and looking at your surroundings. "Oh wonderful. I have wandered somewhere unfamiliar." You did a quick scan, somewhat recognizing the park as a place close to school. Well then. I'll just make my way back to school, stay focused on my surroundings, then be on my merry little way. You took a step towards where you had come from, only to stop in your tracks.

A strange feeling overcame you, sending chills down your spine. A fierce breeze blew around you and you got the strange feeling that you were being watched. You switched your schoolcase to your left hand as your right began reaching down towards your knife. You unsheathed it and held it at your side before you quickly spun around and yelled a battle cry...only to go wide-eyed as you dropped your weapon to the ground.

"Well well well! Aren't you a pretty little thing!" What stood before you was some sort of giant shadow monster, a skull-like mask with a blank expression on its face. What the hell IS this thing?! "Mmm...I sense a very tasty reiatsu coming from you!"

Tasty? Surely he couldn't think about eating you! "W-What?"

The monster laughed a deep, ugly laugh. "Oh yes, that look of fear! I love it!"

You furrowed your eyebrows as you changed to a look of determination. "I'm not scared!" you yelled, reaching down and picking your knife up again in a threatening manner.

"You may be able to hide it on your expression, but I can still sense your fear deep within you!"


You froze as you slowly turned around, seeing your neighbor smile and wave at you. "Mr. Miyamoto!" He's in danger! He has to get out of here!

"I haven't seen you lately, how've you been?" he asked with a smile.

You blinked. Of course! He can't see spirits, so he probably can't see this monster thing behind you either! That's why he didn't look worried! You plastered on a fake smile. "Oh! Um, well I've been around. But hey, I have to meet someone here, so I'm gonna have to talk to you later. Can you do me a favor and tell my dad I'll be home a little late tonight?" you added with a sweat drop.

He nodded. "Of course! I'll see you around, Suri!" he said as he began walking off.

"Yeah...bye!" You remained watching him until you were sure he was out of the area. You breathed a soft sigh of relief before turning to the monster before you. "What do you want with me?!"

"I think that's obvious..." it said, taking a step towards you. Shit...I can't take him on. I have to run for it! With that, you turned and ran, making sure you kept a tight grip on your schoolcase and your knife while doing so. You heard the monster's laughter slowly getting quieter as you ran further away. Good, hopefully it's not following me.... You continued running, not looking behind you to see if you were right. You decided to run to an open area, just to make sure it wasn't following you and putting innocent lives in danger. The only place you could think of was the soccer field approximately half a mile from your current location. It surely won't chase me that far...right?

You finally got to the field, slowing to a stop as you bent over and rested your hands on your knees as you panted. You eventually got your breath back as you turned around. "Looks like he didn't follow me..." You turned back forward, feeling your breath hitch in your throat at what you saw.

"Think again, my lovely! Hur hur hurrrr..."

You quickly changed your surprised look to a determined expression, hoping he couldn't sense your fear like before. "You don't scare me! I can take you on!"

"You're sadly mistaken if you think that little stick is going to save you!" You narrowed your eyes as you brought your knife up in an offensive stance, ready to try your best to take this thing on as you dropped your schoolcase to your left.

"Oh yeah? Take this!" you yelled as you ran forward and jumped (higher than you were used to, you admit) and swung your knife across its face. Your determined look fell to a look of surprise as you saw no damage being done at all.

"You're wasting my time!" With that, it swatted its big arm at you, sending you flying to the ground as your knife flew a few yards from you. You weakly pushed yourself up as you looked up at the beast. "Now you're finished..." it said as it began reaching towards you. You clenched your eyes as you gripped the grass beneath you tightly. Dammit... If it's not some kinda thugs it's a monster! I'm going to die now, for sure!

"Don't you touch her!" You opened your eyes in surprise, sensing someone jump between you and the monster.

You looked forward, seeing someone dressed in a strange black robe. "It's you!" Ichigo!

He looked at you with surprise for a mere moment before he looked back towards the monster. "Who are you?" it asked gruffly.

"Ichigo Kurosaki...The one that's gonna beat your ass!" [2] Ichigo responded with a smirk as he wielded a giant sword; your eyes widened at the size, never seeing a sword that huge in your life. [3] How is he even able to wield that? And what the hell is he wearing?!

The monster seemed to not like his answer, seeing as it raised its fist to crash down on him. "Ichigo!" you yelled worriedly, holding a hand out to him though you know you would do no good.

You watched in surprise as he casually brought his sword up to block the giant fist, slashing to the left to swing it away. "Grrr, you'll pay for that, you wretched brat!" It began swinging down again, but Ichigo was far too fast for it. He jumped up in the air, much higher than you had, and slashed his sword across the mask. The monster cried out in pain and you watched in awe as it slowly began dissolving until there was nothing left.

Ichigo landed on the ground with a crouch, standing up before he placed his sword back on his back. "Ichigo, there's another one to the west." You blinked as you looked to the side, seeing a dark-haired girl that was dressed similarly to Ichigo.

"Got it," he responded with a nod. The girl jumped off and it seemed he was about to as well until he suddenly remembered something. He quickly turned to you. "Suri, are you okay?"

You blinked as you stood up. "Um, yeah. But what--"

He shook his head. "There's too much to explain, I have to go. I'll explain it to you tomorrow after school!" With that, he jumped off the same direction as the girl.

You stared after him before you sighed and closed your eyes. "Ichigo... What is going on...?"


"I'm home..." you announced softly as you closed the door, lazily slipping off your shoes and not even worrying about putting on slippers.

"Oh, you aren't that late," your dad said from his usual place in the kitchen. "Satoshi said you were going to be late! I thought he meant a lot later!" You slowly shook your head as you ambled into the kitchen, plopping down in the chair with a heavy sigh. Your father turned towards you with a confused expression. "Suri? Are you okay? What happened?"

"I...I don't know, really," you said, looking at the table in a daze. "There was some sort of monster thing that came after me, but I've never seen it before. I don't know what it was..."

"My gosh! Are you okay?" he asked worriedly as he stepped away from the stove and came to your side.

"Yeah, I'm fine, it's gone now but..." You trailed off with a sigh. "Never mind, I don't know. Life is just confusing."

Your father rubbed your back reassuringly before he headed back to dinner, dishing it out on plates to serve. "It's okay, honey. I know it's hard being able to see Spirits, but trust me, you're doing fine." He placed your food in front of you and gave you a weak smile, which you returned half-heartedly. "So you're sure you're okay? I've never heard of vicious Spirits..."

You nodded as you swallowed more of your food. "Yeah..." You paused for a moment, thinking of how to word your following phrase. "Dad?" He responded with a 'hmm' as he took a bite. "Do you think Mom is really watching over me?" you asked as you looked down unfocusedly.

"Of course she is, Suri! Why would you even question that?"

"It's just..." You poked at your food a bit. "If that's true, how come we haven't seen her? If she was still around, I'm sure she would've contacted us, right? I just...I thought she's crossed over since we haven't seen anything..."

"Maybe she's just staying out of sight as she watches us... She doesn't want us to rely on her when she's supposed to be gone, y'know?"

You sighed. "I know, it's just..." You dropped your chopsticks as you rubbed your face with your hands, thinking about the two incidents in the past few days; you sighed again. "I just wonder if she's really watching over me is all..." Your dad looked like he was about to say something else, but you stood up before he could do so. "I'm not very hungry. May I be excused?" He sighed softly before he looked down and nodded. You bowed slightly before you took your plate over to the counter. You then left the kitchen and headed for your room, never to come out or speak for the rest of the night.


Ichigo said he had a lot to talk to me about... But what could there be to talk about? Sure he has to explain why he was wearing that strange outfit...and what that monster was...and who that other girl was who was dressed the same...and that big swor-- Okay, so there is a lot to explain. But why does he feel like he has to explain it to me? It's really none of my business... You sighed as you continued walking down the hall to your classroom. It was usually pretty rowdy before class started, you could only hope no one would bother you; you really weren't in the mood. You slowly slid the door open, seeing the typical groups of friends all gathered around each other. Friends... Something I'll probably never have again...

"Suri! Hey!"

You jumped slightly and blinked as you looked over to your left. "Oh! Good morning, Tatsuki," you greeted, your face slightly confused as to why she was suddenly talking to you.

She smiled and nodded in reply before gesturing to a girl on her left. "This is my friend Orihime. Orihime, this is Suri."

The dark orange-haired girl smiled and bowed slightly; you half expected her to fall over from her well-endowed chest when she did so. "It's nice to meet you, Suri!"

You blushed lightly. "L-likewise, Orihime," you responded, also bowing.

"I noticed you usually sit by yourself at lunch," Tatsuki continued as they walked with you over to your seat; you sat while they remained standing. "Would you like to sit with us today?"

You felt your heart wrench. "I uh...I'm not sure that's a good idea..."

Tatsuki's smile faded and she suddenly looked confused. "Huh? Why? It's just lunch!"

"I know, but..." You looked to the side. I can't tell them...

"Come on, it'll be lots of fun!" Orihime said with a cheery smile. "I just baked some really delicious steak cookies, you can try some!" You blinked. Steak cookies?

Tatsuki groaned slightly. "Orihime we want her to come, don't tell her that!" Orihime blinked in confusion at her dark-haired friend, causing you to laugh at her innocence.

"Alright...I guess I can come," you gave in.

Tatsuki smiled and nodded. "Great! You can also--"

"Aren't you listening, Four Eyes?! I said I don't wanna scare her!"

The three of you blinked as you looked over to the commotion, seeing Ichigo grabbing some dark-haired boy by the collar of his shirt. "Ichigo..." Orihime trailed off.

"Ichigo, what are you doing?" Tatsuki asked, her tone hinting that this kind of thing happened often.

Ichigo blinked as he turned to your group. He suddenly laughed nervously as he wrapped his arm around the neck of the boy he was previously about to strangle. "Oh me? Uryuu here was just being silly! Isn't that right, Uryuu?" You looked down at the boy Ichigo currently had in a headlock. He merely closed his eyes as he blushed and pushed his glasses further up his nose, responding with a simple 'hmm'.

Tatsuki rolled her eyes as she turned back to you. "Just ignore Ichigo. He's weird." You nodded in comprehension before you turned to Orihime, seeing her watch the two with a sad expression. You were familiar that they were friends...maybe she knows why Ichigo was dressed like that? You decided against asking her, however; if that was Ichigo's secret, you didn't want to risk telling someone who may not know.

No need to risk someone's reputation...and have it destroyed like mine was...


The bell signifying class was over rang, leaving everyone to start packing up their things. You slowly did so, wondering if Ichigo was just going to come over and start telling you everything or what. Or maybe he wouldn't say anything at all and you could just go home. You suddenly felt nervous from the prospect of not knowing what was going on.

"Hey." You jerked slightly as you looked up, seeing Ichigo smiling down at you before he nodded towards the door. You glanced around the room, seeing that it had already emptied out. You looked back up to Ichigo and nodded before you stood up, walking side-by-side with him out the door. Neither one of you spoke as you made your way down the hallways and out of the school gates.

Meanwhile, two males had been watching your exit. "I still think we should all meet her at once and explain everything," the shorter, paler of the two said.

"I agree with Ichigo," the tall, dark one said. "It might be a bit overwhelming for her if we explain it all at once..."

"Well it wasn't overwhelming for me."

"You didn't have to meet 4 of us at once." The blue-haired one sighed; his friend did have a point, as much as he hated having to agree with Ichigo...

"So hey, there's a good deli around here," Ichigo finally said after a long moment of silence. "Do you mind if I treat you?"

You felt yourself blush lightly. "Umm... I have my own money, it's really not nec--"

"No, I insist. Please?"

You sighed and rubbed the back of your head. "Alright...I guess so..."

He smiled his bright, handsome smile. "Good!" You blushed deeper as you thought. Wait, no, not handsome! Well...okay, yeah he is handsome. But... No! Can't think that! Must. Stay. Away...

You decided to talk before your thoughts ran off with you. "So what was the deal with that thing yesterday?"

His smile faded slightly. "Food first. I'll explain, I promise." You sighed inwardly as you continued walking along. Were you EVER going to figure out what was going on? "Well, we're here!" he announced. He looked over to you and smiled before he headed for the door, opening it for you then following you through.

You both ordered and got your food (Ichigo paying of course) before you headed towards a secluded table away from everything else. "Thanks for paying, Ichigo. You really didn't need to," you said as you took a bite.

"Hey, it's the least I could do," he responded as he took a bit of his.

You tilted your head to the side slightly. "Why's that?"

He swallowed before he sighed softly. "Well...after I tell you everything, I'm sure you'll be wanting more from me than just this..." he said with his eyes solemnly closed. Your mind immediately drifted to dirty thoughts before realizing the seriousness of his tone. Was it really that bad?

You both finished your meals before you looked at him expectantly. "Well I think you've put this off enough... What's going on."

He sighed as he leaned forward, resting his arms on the table and his hands clasped together. "Man, where do I begin?"

"How bout what that big monster thing was?"

He smiled a little at your forwardness before it faded into seriousness. "That's probably a good place." He closed his eyes as he began to explain. "That was what's known as a Hollow. When Spirits are left behind and are overwhelmed with regret or anger, they become one of those."

" ordinary Spirit can become something like that?" He nodded as you looked down. "That's so sad... But wait, why was he coming after me?"

"Hollows are attracted to reiatsu...Spiritual Pressure." You blinked in confusion as he explained, opening his eyes but focusing on his hands on the table in front of him. "Very few people have a high reiatsu; usually people who can see Spirits have a high level." He lifted his eyes to meet your own. "Like you." "Hey, wait a minute! How did you know I can see Spirits?" you asked nervously.

He smiled softly. "Because I've seen you talking to one."

You looked down. "Kiyo... Hey wait," you said, looking back up at him. "That one day when I saw you...why did you look so surprised? Because I was talking to myself?"

He closed his eyes and shook his head before opening them to look at you. "No... Originally I thought you were talking to a normal little girl, but then I saw her disappear and it hit me that she was a Spirit. I was surprised because I realized you were able to see them too."

"Wait..." You paused a moment before your eyes widened. "You can see Spirits?!" you asked in a hushed yell; he nodded. You leaned back in your chair, suddenly feeling a lot more relaxed and not as stressed. "Wow...that's a relief."

His smile turned to a confused look. "Relieved? Why?"

It was your turn to smile softly as you looked at the table. "Because...I thought I've been alone all this time. I keep to myself in fear of anyone finding out about it and...distancing themselves from me..." Your smile faded again.


You nodded. "Back in middle school I told one of my friends about my ability. She thought I was crazy and ended up telling everyone about what a freak I was." You closed your eyes solemnly. "No one wanted to be my friend after that. So after I moved here to Karakura, I just figured I wouldn't risk becoming friends with anyone. I'd just stay to order to save my reputation."

"That's not a reason to distance yourself," he said, causing you to open your eyes and look up at him. "I mean, I know it's tough and a lot of people probably wouldn't accept it... But I had a lot of friends and they didn't know about it. You can't just shut yourself off."

You looked to the side. "Easy for you to say..."

"Hey." You looked over at him again, watching him grab a lock of his hair between his fingers. "Do you think this is easy?" You blinked at the bright orange color before you looked back down into his brown eyes. "You think you're weird because you can see Spirits? Try having hair like this; it's not something you can easily hide." You giggled softly before it faded into seriousness. Ichigo dropped his hand back down to the table. "I got teased all the time for having such a strange hair color... But rather than letting it hinder me, I used it as fuel to get better. I got strong so I could handle the abuse from bullies, and I studied so I could prove myself to the teachers." He blinked once before he looked deeper into your eyes. "So even though times may seem can't give up. Use your weaknesses to make you stronger."

"Ichigo..." You felt a tear come to your eye before you looked down. "I'm so sorry, Ichigo. I never even thought about how hard of a life you could've had. Not to mention being able to see Spirits..." He nodded before you looked up at him. "Is that why you were able to take on all those thugs the other day?"

He chuckled before he sat back. "Eh, well that's part of the reason." He looked up at you and winked. "I'm just naturally strong."

"So I see," you said sarcastically as you looked his torso up and down, discreetly checking out his muscles. Maybe he WAS just naturally strong.

He laughed again. "That brings me to my second explanation. When you saw me yesterday, I was dressed...a little different." You nodded. "'s kind of a long story but basically... I'm a Soul Reaper."

Your eyes widened. "A Shinigami?'re human!"

He nodded. "That's where the long story comes in. But I'm basically just half Shinigami, therefore I'm able to stay human but become a Soul Reaper if need be. Soul Reapers help guide the lost souls to the Soul Society...and if a Hollow appears we cleanse the soul before it can make the journey too."

"So that's why you had to fight the thing." He nodded again. "You looked confused when I called out to you, why was that?"

He chuckled softly. "Well at that point I knew you could see Spirits...but I guess I was surprised that you could see me too. Very few people can see Shinigami; I was just surprised."

You nodded in understanding. "So then that girl you were with, she's a Soul Reaper too?"

"Yeah, that's Rukia. You'll meet her eventually." You blinked in confusion, wondering why that would be the case, but he went on explaining. "Sooo, long story short. There's a few of us with high reiatsu and we fight the Hollow to keep the peace in Karakura Town."

"Um...Okay, so why are you telling me all this? I'm sure it's your life-time secret and you hardly know me..."

He closed his eyes and crossed his arms. "Remember when I said you also had a high reiatsu?" You nodded, though he couldn't see you with his eyes closed; he assumed you knew anyway. "Well Hollows go after those with high reiatsu. And therefore we're going to have to keep an eye on you since we're pretty sure they'll be coming back."

You looked down. "Oh...I see..."

"Annnd that's not quite all." You looked up in confusion. He scratched the back of his head before he continued. "It's...entirely possible that you may have some sort of powers of your own..." Your eyes widened but you were too speechless to say anything. "I know this is a bit much, so I want it to sink in before we do anything else. Are you okay?"

A bit to take in? Yeah. That was a bit of an understatement. Here you are, minding your own business with your Sprit friend when WHAM, the hot boy in your class says he has the same powers as you and that some weird monsters have come to eat you alive. Was this even real? You were beginning to doubt even that. "So...what am I gonna do now?"

"I'll look after you for now. We'll introduce you to the rest of us and take it from there. But until then, no more wandering around by yourself, alright?"

"But I can't expect you to escort me everywhere..."

He smiled. "Don't worry about it. It's fun beating up thugs and monsters, especially if it's to protect you!" You blushed, and once it registered to him what he had said, he blushed as well. "I, uh... Well I think that's about it. What say we get you home now?"

"U-um, yeah. I think that's a good idea..." With that, you both stood up, disposed of your trash, and silently walked home with Ichigo by your side.


You had just finished fixing your hair and were about to slip on your shoes when suddenly there was a knock at the front door. You looked at it quizzically before you put your shoes on and opened it.


You blinked at the smiling young man before you. "You're serious."

"As a heart attack!" he responded, still smiling.

You sighed as you reached back into your house and grabbed your schoolcase. "Fine, fine. You know best I guess." You stepped out of your house and closed the locked door, falling into step with Ichigo as you both walked along. "I can't believe you have to escort me embarrassing."

"Well better safe than sorry, right?" You nodded reluctantly. "Besides, why is it embarrassing?"

"Because! I feel bad for making you follow me everywhere!"

"It's not that big 'a deal," he answered honestly. "Besides, I like the company." He smiled before he continued, "And I'm sure you do too, right?"

You blushed lightly. "Yeah...I guess so."

"Good morning, Suri-chan!"

You smiled as you recognized the voice, you and Ichigo both stopping before you turned to her on your right. "Good morning, Ki--" You gasped. "Kiyo! What is that thing?!" you asked urgently as you dropped your schoolcase and fell to your knees to inspect her.

"I dunno," she answered calmly. "It was just suddenly there this morning..." You worriedly fingered the chain that was protruding from her chest.

You turned to Ichigo helplessly, seeing a look of worry across his face as well before he knelt down next to you. "It's called a Chain of Fate," he explained. "Most souls have it that connects them to something that means a lot to them in this world."

"Why...why is hers broken?" you asked, looking back down at the chain and lifting the short end slightly.

"I'm not sure...But we can't leave it broken like that, it'll get damaged."

"Damaged?!" you asked worriedly. "What happens if it gets damaged?!"

He sighed as a serious look crossed his face and he turned to look at you. "Then it's possible she can change into a Hollow..."

You gasped as you looked at him wide-eyed. "You that monster we saw yesterday?" He nodded. "Oh no! Is there anything we can do?!"

He nodded again as he stood up. "We can send her to the Soul Society. She'll be safe once she's there."

"How do you do that?"

He smirked as he took out a strange medallion from his pocket. "Like this!" With that, he hit himself with it; you watched with wide eyes as his body fell to the ground, seemingly lifeless. You would've been worried had you not seen his Soul Reaper self emerge from it. "Now, all we have to do is send her to--"

"Wait! I can't leave!" she said, her voice cracking slightly.

Ichigo deadpanned. "Why not?!"

"I...I don't know," she looked down again as tears came to her eyes.

"Unfinished business," you said softly.

Ichigo turned to you. "We need to find out what's binding her to this world, then we can help her out. Once that's done we can help her cross over into the Soul Society."

You nodded before turning to Kiyo. "Kiyo, this is very important. Do you know why you're here?" The young girl frowned and shook her head. "Are you sure? There wasn't anything you wanted to tell somebody before you died? Or something you had to do?"

"Well..." she started, shifting her small weight slightly. "There was this picture I drew for Mommy and Daddy... I was going to give it to them, but I got hit by the car before I could," she explained, tears coming to her young eyes.

You turned to Ichigo and looked up at him. "Do you think that's it?" you asked him.

He nodded. "It has to be if that's the only thing she can think of." His gaze remained on Kiyo as he knelt down again and leaned forward slightly. "Kiyo, do you still have this drawing of yours?"

She looked down at the ground sadly. "I had it in my room..."

"I guess we'll just have to look," he said as he closed his eyes in thought. He opened them again as he looked at her. "Kiyo, where's your house?"

"I know where it is," you said as you stood up. "Kiyo, do you know if anyone's home right now?"

The small girl shook her head. "I don't know... I can't remember."

You sighed as you placed your hands on your hips. "Well I guess we'll go look, but we'll just have to be careful." Ichigo nodded before you looked at Kiyo again. "Listen, Kiyo. I want you to stay here, okay? Don't leave or do anything."

She nodded and wiped her eyes. "O-okay, Suri-chan."

"Alright, let's go."

"Wait!" you called to Ichigo as he began to walk off. He turned and looked at you questioningly; you pointed to his body lying halfway on the curb and halfway in the street. "What are you going to do with...that?"

He looked at the body, shrugged, then turned to you. "Leave it there."

"What?!" you asked in disbelief. "It's a dead body! Someone's going to find it and you'll be in a lot of trouble!"

"Well fine! You can carry it then!"

You groaned as you bent down and picked up your schoolcase, setting it down next to Kiyo. "Fine..." With that, you picked him up on your left, wrapping his right arm around your neck. You wrapped your left arm around his waist then wrapped your right around his front waist, locking your arms and holding him up by his midsection as his arm around your neck kept him balanced. You looked up at Ichigo, who seemed impressed by something or other. "What? You aren't that heavy..."

He chuckled softly before he turned around. "Alright then, let's go."

You nodded before turning and flashing a smile to Kiyo. "We'll be back, don't worry!"

She nodded with a smile. "Thank you, Suri-chan!"

Carrying Ichigo's basically-lifeless body, you led him to Kiyo's house, which was only a few blocks from where you usually saw her. "Do you think anyone's home?" you asked rhetorically.

"It doesn't look like it, but I'll go check." He turned to you. "You stay here. They can't see me since I'm in my Soul form so I should be safe. If the coast is clear, I'll come get you."

You nodded. "Alright. Be careful." He flashed a smile before he hopped the gates, flying up to the top floor and in through an open window. Why did he go through the window? Can't he just walk through walls? you thought to yourself curiously. You figured you would ask him later and instead kept an eye out in case anyone happened by. You tried to think of a good excuse in case someone asked you why you were carrying a body with you.

...Body. And what a fine body at that, you noted, feeling his muscles between your arms. Wow...he's even a lot cuter and more muscular than I thought! Maybe I'll have to change his codename to Cuter More Muscles Boy. You shook your head to rid yourself of the idea; you knew his name after all, there was no need to call him something else. You glanced down at the portion you held between your arms, noticing your right forearm was touching his abdominals. You narrowed your eyes as you sneakily looked left and right to make sure no one was looking. Once the coast was clear, you took your right hand and glided it across his stomach, feeling his hard, toned muscles.

Holy crap, he's crazy muscular! You used your index finger to trace his well-defined 6-pack, reveling in the sexiness that was his muscles. You blushed lightly as you gently took your hand away. I wonder... Well I'm sure just a little look wouldn't hurt... With that thought, you glanced left and right again before you slowly lifted the edge of his shirt, your blush darkening at what you saw.

Oh my Go-- He has the stomach of a Sex God! you thought as you openly stared. His stomach was thin but incredibly muscular like you had figured. The muscles were very defined and...well, basically it was the sexiest stomach you've ever seen. Feeling guilty for looking at his body while it was unoccupied, you slowly lowered his shirt and moved your arm around his waist again, trying not to think about what his other muscles must look like.

You looked up and down the street casually as you continued thinking of a good excuse if someone happened upon you. The only one you had come up with so far was that he passed out and you were taking him home...only the door was locked and you were waiting for his mom to come home to unlock the door. Sure...that sounded believable, right?

Luckily you didn't have to use it, seeing as Ichigo had returned from inside the house and headed back towards you. "It's clear, no one's home," he told you with a smile.

You furrowed your eyebrows. "What's so funny?"

He laughed lightly and shook his head. "Nothing, don't worry about it." He began to walk off as you followed him. "There was an unlocked window in the back, you can sneak in through there."

"Of all the things I thought I would be doing today, breaking into a house was surely not one of them," you said aloud as you finally made it to the back, Ichigo laughing at your comment. He pointed out the unlocked window and you set his body beneath it as you reached up, opening it wide enough so you could squeeze through. You did so before Ichigo followed you through. You hopped down from the counter and closed the window behind you, realizing you stumbled into what appeared to be the kitchen.

"So where's Kiyo's room?" Ichigo asked.

You shrugged. "Got me. I've never been here."

"What?! Then how'd you know where she lives?!"

You glared lightly at him. "Because I asked her after we met! It's not like I knew her when she was alive!"

"Then how do you know this is the right house?!"

"I just know... Now come on, let's get this over with before someone comes home..." Ichigo sighed before he followed you out of the room. You both explored the rooms on the bottom level, not seeing something that looked like a child's room. After fully exploring, you made your way to the second floor, checking the first few rooms you came across. You saw a door at the end of the hallway, seeing that it looked different than the other doors. "Maybe that's it..." you said as you pointed. You and Ichigo nodded to each other before you headed over to it. You held your breath as you opened the door, pushing it open and stepping through. You released your breath at what you saw. "Her room...It's still here..."

"How long ago did she die?" Ichigo asked.

"A year at least..." you answered as you stepped into the clean room. It was obvious no one stayed in there anymore, but most of her belongings seemed in their normal places. "They haven't thrown anything away..." you commented.

"It was their daughter...and from what I can tell she was an only child." He turned to you. "Think about it. I'm sure you'd be devastated if you lost your only child too..."

You looked down as it hit you. "That's true..." We didn't get rid of Mom's stuff for a really long time. It just hurts to think about...

Ichigo came over and placed a hand on your shoulder. "Hey...let's just find this thing, huh?" You looked up at him sadly before you nodded.

With that, you spread out, digging through random drawers and looking under various objects to find what Kiyo could have possibly been talking about. You pulled open a desk drawer and shuffled through some papers, something colorful finally catching your eye. You blinked as you pulled it out, a frown almost immediately coming to your face. "Ichigo..."

"Did you find it?" he asked rhetorically as he made his way over. He looked over your shoulder at the drawing you held in your hand. It was obviously drawn by a young child due to its poor artistic value. The picture was of three stick figures, presumably Kiyo and her parents, all together holding hands. A giant heart surrounded them with the message 'I love you!' written beneath it. A grassy field and sky was behind it as the backdrop. What got you the most though was the scrawled message on the side, written in a rainbow of colors: I'm sorry :(

Tears came to your eyes as you swallowed over the lump in your throat. "Oh Kiyo..."

"She must've drawn this before she died," Ichigo mused. "She wanted to apologize for something but died before she could give it to them... No wonder she's still bound here."

"That's so sad," you said, your voice cracking as a tear fell from your face.

He laid a caring hand on your shoulder. "It'll work out, don't worry. Let's figure out how to get this to her parents." You nodded and wiped your eyes before you slid the drawer closed, following Ichigo back downstairs into the kitchen. You rummaged around the drawers for awhile until finally finding a sticky note and a pen. Ichigo stood by while you thought briefly before scrawling something out. You decided to keep it simple: "Kiyo wanted you to have this. She loves you both very much and always will. Live with no regrets." Ichigo told you to add the last part, knowing that regret was one of the biggest feelings when someone dies. And especially if Kiyo was apologizing for something, you were both pretty sure they would feel guilty about something or other. You figured it was the only condolence you could offer anonymously.

You stuck the note to the picture and laid it on the table where they would be sure to see it. "Well, I guess let's--"

"Shh!" You blinked as Ichigo placed a finger to his lips. You stared at him until you heard the front door slam closed. You both looked at each other with wide eyes as you frantically looked around the room. "Over here!" Ichigo said as he ran towards a pantry. He opened the door and looked at you, waiting for you to run inside before he went inside himself and slid the door closed. You both peeked through the blind-like door as you saw a figure walk into the kitchen; judging by the figure you guessed it was her mother. She had brought groceries home and set the bags on the table before pausing briefly. You watched as she slowly reached down and picked up the picture. Your eyes immediately began to water as you watched her read your note before peeling it off and looking at the picture.

She immediately choked back a sob and placed a hand to her mouth. She eventually began to openly sob, calling out Kiyo's name occasionally. More tears began to pour from your eyes as you held a hand over your mouth, attempting to hide any whimpers that might escape from you. You felt as Ichigo wrapped his arms around you comfortingly, allowing you to hide your face in his chest as he lightly stroked your back. Ichigo looked back to Kiyo's mother, watching her quickly exit the kitchen. "She's probably going to Kiyo's room..." he whispered. You nodded in agreement before you reluctantly pulled yourself from his comforting embrace. "We should get out of here while we have the chance."

You wiped your eyes and sniffled as quietly as you could. "Right..." Ichigo turned to the door and slowly opened it, looking left and right before he quickly made his way to the window and waved you over. You quickly followed, opening the window before you climbed up and jumped through, Ichigo following soon after. You reached down to pick up his body that was miraculously still there before you and he ran back to the street and back to Kiyo.

"Suri-chan! You're back!"

You slogged over to the young girl before you gently set Ichigo's body down, collapsing before her as you captured her in a tight hug. "Oh Kiyo... I'm so sorry!"

The young girl blinked as she returned the embrace. "For what, Suri-chan?"

You pulled away and rested your hands on her shoulders as tears fell from your eyes. You shook your head before you smiled weakly. "It's nothing..." You swallowed thickly before looking up at Ichigo. "So now what...?"

He looked at you before he turned to Kiyo. "Kiyo... Are you ready?"

"Did Mommy and Daddy see my picture?"

"They did," you responded with a smile. "And they loved it very much." You leaned forward and hugged her tightly again. "And they love YOU very much. So, so much, Kiyo..."

The girl smiled before she returned your hug. "I love them too!" You pulled away from the hug and nodded to her. Kiyo looked back up to Ichigo. "Yeah, I'm ready!"

Ichigo nodded before he removed the giant sword from his back. "Waaaaait a minute, wait a minute. What are you doing with that?" you asked nervously.

He blinked at you. "I'm sending her to the Soul Society."


He smiled before he stepped forward. "You'll see."

You blinked, realizing he must've known what he was talking about before you turned to Kiyo. "Kiyo... You're going to cross over now. But don't worry, you'll be in a much better place."

Her smile faded into a frown. "But what about you...?"

You smiled, feeling another tear threaten to leave your eye. "I'm not dead yet, so I have to stay here. But I promise, once I cross over I'll find you again." You smiled a closed-eye smile. "Besides! I haven't shown you all my magic tricks yet!"

Her smile returned along with a giggle. "Okay!" You brought the girl close again into another hug. "I'll miss you, Suri-chan! Thank you for playing with me!"

"Of course, Kiyo... I was happy to." You pulled away and kissed her lightly on her forehead before you stood up, looking over to Ichigo and nodding sadly. Ichigo nodded once as he stepped before the girl. "Bye, Kiyo, I'll miss you!"

She smiled a closed-eye smile and nodded. "I'll miss you too, Suri-chan! Good-bye!" With that, Ichigo turned his sword around so the handle was pointing towards her. He tapped the bottom once against her forehead and a strange stamp appeared in its place. Soon enough, her form had faded into a dark black butterfly that flew away out of sight. You closed your eyes as you sighed, saying a silent prayer for your young friend.

"Are you okay?" Ichigo asked as he placed his hand on your shoulder.

You nodded and wiped your eyes before sighing heavily. "Yeah... It'll just be weird to get used to her being gone I guess. It feels like I've lost someone else..."

"She's in a better place. And you'll see her again, I promise."

You looked up into his sincere brown eyes before you nodded. "Yeah, I know." You smiled thankfully. "Thank you, Ichigo. For everything."

He smiled a closed-eye smile. "Don't worry about it. It's my job, after all!" With that he stepped away from you and looked towards his still body. He took a few steps towards it before he turned around, disappearing completely as his body began to show signs of life again. You watched in a sort of awe as he sat up, stretching his limbs that were probably stiff from not moving much. "Man, what did you do to my body? It's all sore!"

It's what I'm GOING to do to your body, you found yourself thinking. You widened your eyes before you shook the thoughts away, ashamed you had even thought such a thing. Ichigo didn't wait for a response as he stood up. "Sorry about that, will you be okay?"

He nodded before he reached down and grabbed his schoolcase from the ground, you doing the same. "Yeah I think so. I'll-- Shit! What time is it?!" Your eyes widened as it hit you what he was implying. "We're late!" he yelled as he reached forward and grabbed your hand, both of you taking off into a run towards the school and not stopping until you got there.

You both stood outside the classroom door, panting up a storm in an attempt to get your breath back. You finally calmed down and regained your composure, looking over to Ichigo and seeing he had done the same. You both nodded to each other before he reached forward and quietly slid the door open. You were the first to walk through, seeing all the student's eyes dart over to you, and Ichigo once he finally walked through. You both sweat-dropped before he turned around and quietly slid the door closed. With that, you both began tip-toeing towards your desks.

"Ichigo and Suri!" You both stopped in your tracks. "So nice of you two to come to my lecture!" the teacher said happily before she turned towards you to, a bright smile still on her face. "However, I would appreciate it if you two would screw each other on your own time!"

You both blushed darkly. "M-Ms. Orikasa!" you exclaimed in unison. [4]

"ICHIGOOOO!!!" you heard one of his friends cry out. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU HAD A GIRLFRIEND?!"

"WE AREN'T DATING!" you shot back in unison once more.

The students began to murmur until the teacher broke it up. "Alright, alright. Just take your seats. We're going over the joys of futuristic poetry!" You and Ichigo exchanged looks before you headed off to your respective seats, you hiding your blushing face in shame from the stares of your classmates.


You squirmed in your seat as the bell rang, hoping you wouldn't get questioned more about why you were late this morning. Tatsuki and Orihime had asked you at lunchtime, but you kept the explanation simple: I uh...I was walking to school and I ran into Ichigo! Then we ran into a friend of mine and she needed help took awhile I guess! Ha...haha.... They had given you skeptical looks, but let it drop nonetheless.

"Ready to go?"

You blinked as you looked up at the smiling Ichigo. "Oh...right. Escort."

You sighed as you stood up and packed up the rest of your things. "Can't get rid of me that easily!" he joked. You nodded before the two of you headed out the doors. "By the you care if you meet the others? You might feel a bit more comfortable about who you can talk with in class," he offered.

"Can...they see Spirits too?"

He nodded. "They couldn't originally, but now they can." You gave him a confused look but he waved it off. "Another long story, trust me." You decided to leave it at that.

When you exited the building, you saw three people waiting in the grounds. You recognized them all from class, including... "O-Orihime?!"

The three turned to you both, just noticing you had shown up. Orihime smiled widely as she ran over. "Hey, Suri! Isn't this great? Now we can exchange Spirit stories and recipes!" You nodded as you smiled weakly and sweat-dropped. I just hope your stories aren't as bad as your cooking...

You noticed the other two had walked over as you turned to them. Ichigo gestured to the first guy, who happened to be the same fellow he was strangling a previous day. "This is Uryuu Ishida. He's the last Quin--... Err. Well, that's another long story."

You dead-panned. "You have a lot of long stories, don't you?"

He laughed weakly. "I lead an interesting life, what can I say?"

Uryuu nodded. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Suri."

You smiled and nodded in return as Ichigo gestured to the next one. "And this is Chad."

"Sado," he corrected before reached forward and shook your outstretched hand.

"It's nice to meet you guys," you responded with a sincere smile, happy you might've actually found some friends who would accept you.

They began explaining a few more things to you: for one, what Uryuu was. He was what was known as a Quincy, some strange race that had been wiped out in some strange battle years ago. He was apparently the last known survivor...which made his tale all the more saddening.

Next there was Chad and Orihime. They originally weren't able to see Spirits but due to their over-exposure to Ichigo they somehow gained the ability to do so. Along with that ability came some sort of power that they used to fight Hollows, which is why Ichigo said he might've thought you would have powers too. You were unaware of any powers at the moment, but you supposed it was possible.

They explained the Hollow thing a bit more in detail, luckily for you. You began to understand it a bit more now, though you were still slightly confused about the whole 'Soul Society' thing; Ichigo assured you that you would understand later.

"I think that's enough for now," Ichigo said as he closed his eyes; Orihime and Chad nodded.

"I think we should bring her to Urahara," Uryuu suggested.

"Why?" Chad asked.

"I think he may be able to see what kind of powers she has. It would be best to analyze the situation and go from there."

"I think this is a bit much for her to take in right now," Ichigo replied. "We don't need to stress her out by introducing her to that pervert of a shopkeeper. Not yet, anyway."

"But what if she has an overwhelming power? Wouldn't you think it'd be useful against the Hollows?" They began getting into each other's faces as they argued.

"Well did you think about how overwhelming it is for her?! Her power wouldn't be useful if she's too stressed to use it!"

"Well why don't we ask her what she thinks?!"

"Alright!" Ichigo agreed as they both turned. "Suri, what do you--" They blinked. "Hey, where'd she go?"

"She ran away," Chad replied calmly.

"WHAT?!" they asked in angry unison, turning towards the school gates and seeing you slowly slink away. You blinked as you looked at them staring over at you. You eep'd before you took off running. "Hey! Get back here!" Ichigo said as he ran after you. Uryuu started to run too until Chad stopped him; Uryuu looked at him with confusion as Chad shook his head slowly.

"Good-bye you two!" Orihime called happily as she waved. "I'll see you tomorrow at school!"

Meanwhile Ichigo was quickly gaining on you. "Why do you insist on walking with me?!" you yelled back as you ran. "You said it yourself! I have powers, I can take care of myself!"

"I said you might have powers! And besides! You couldn't save yourself when you fought that Hollow before, now could you?!"

"I'm aware of my powers now! I'll be fine!" You expect him to have a rebuttal but rather than hearing a retort, you were tackled to the ground. "Owwww... What was that for, ya jerk?!" you asked as you lifted your torso to turn slightly and look at him.

"You weren't stopping!"

"You didn't need to tackle me!"

"Oh yeah?! How else was I supposed to..." He trailed off as you looked at each other. His hands were wrapped around your waist from tackling you and his body was practically on top of yours. You were turned slightly so you could look back at him, your faces oddly close together. You both blinked and blushed lightly before he quickly let go and stood up. "Uh sorry about that," he said as he offered his hand to you. You took it and he helped you to a stand as you dusted yourself off.

"It's alright..."

It became somewhat of an awkward silence, you checking yourself for any permanent damage to keep from any awkward conversations. Surprisingly Ichigo broke the silence. "Hey, come with me," he said as he stretched out his hand.

You blinked at him as you lowered your arms from being inspected. "Um...Why?"

He smiled and waved his hand. "Just c'mon! Trust me!"

"Oh...kay..." You took a step forward and placed your hand in his, suddenly feeling strangely more protected after doing so. He smiled before he led you down the street, not showing any signs of dropping your hand anytime soon.

"Where are you taking me, Ichigo?" you asked as he continued leading you by the hand through town.

"You'll see! You'll like it, I promise." You rolled your eyes skeptically as you secretly wondered where he could be taking you to. After a few more twists and turns through town, he suddenly stopped and turned to you. "Alright, now give me your schoolcase and close your eyes."

"What? Why?" you asked as you handed him your case anyway.

He took it into his right hand that also held his case while his left hand still held onto your right. "It's a surprise! Now cover your eyes with your hand so I know you're not cheating." You rolled your eyes again as you did so, feeling slightly unbalanced since your sense of sight was stripped from you. You felt him lightly tug on your hand as he continued leading you somewhere you couldn't tell.

"Is this far?" you asked, subconsciously walking slow so you wouldn't trip over something.

"No, just over here, hang on." You walked a few more feet until he pulled you to a stop. "Okay, are you ready?" You nodded your head as he finally dropped your hand from his grip and set the cases down on the ground. "Go ahead...Open 'em." You lowered your left hand and slowly slid your eyes open, the sight before you absolutely breath-taking.

You gasped as a smile came to your face. "Oh, Ichigo... It's beautiful!" There before you stood the most beautiful sunset you had ever seen. The sun had just started dropping below the horizon, casting a myriad of reds, oranges, and pinks across the sky.

"Do you like it?" he asked as he stepped over the side guard, holding a hand out to you to help you over.

"I love it, Ichigo! It's amazing!" you replied as you took his hand and stepped over too. Once over, you both sat down on the guard, you with your hands at your sides and him leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and his hands held together. "I've never... Wow," you continued breathlessly.

"I think this is the best place to watch a sunset," he commented as he looked forward to the beauty.

You nodded in agreement. "It sure is..." You both remained silent for awhile, just watching the sun slowly sink in silence. (Me: I swear, these alliterations are unintentional ^^;). A pink cloud slowly passed over the sun, changing from all pink to adding a few hues of red and orange. "I've never really...taken the time to watch a sun set before..." [5]

He looked at you in surprise. "Really? I thought girls are all about sunsets."

You shook your head. "Well, they are amazing, I've just never really had the time...I guess."

He smiled as he looked back towards the sky. "I think everyone should watch a sun set sometime in their life."

You nodded sadly as you looked down. I wonder if Mom had ever watched a sun set before she died... "It sure is beautiful," you added, sadness clear in your tone as you remained looking down.

Ichigo looked over to you before leaning back, placing his hands next to his sides like yours were. "Hey, by the way." You turned to look at him watching you. "When we were talking to Kiyo...You mentioned you didn't want someone to die again." He hesitated briefly before he continued. "Who died? Someone close to you?" Your eyes became downcast before you looked down. "Hey, I don't mean to pry..."

You shook your head before you turned forward and looked at the sunset again. "No, I don't mind. I actually... My mother died... She passed away a few years ago."

He suddenly seemed more interested or intrigued. "What happened?"

You closed your eyes. "She had a strange lung disease that had been plaguing her for years. It caused her lungs to not work quite like they should, so she often had trouble breathing." You looked up and out into the distance before you continued. "She eventually had to be placed on life support in order to keep her lungs working...but she didn't want to live that way. She knew how hard it was for Dad and me to see her like that...and there wasn't any hope of her getting better so..." You sighed and closed your eyes again, feeling tears start to well up. "She had them take her off it and euthanize her. So she...she died at home, with Dad and me by her side..."

"That's horrible...I'm so sorry. How long ago was that?"

You opened your eyes again, but kept them looking down. "She died when I was in middle school...after all my friends left me. I didn't have anyone to help comfort me; well, I had my father, but it would've helped to have someone else..."

"How are you dealing with it now...?"

You sighed softly. "It's still hard. Even after 5 years, I never really got over it. Probably because no one's been there to help me through it. Dad and I are both coping in our own way...but there are just things that others need to say... To know that we aren't alone."

"Hey," he said softly, his hand gently coming to rest on yours. "You're not alone, not anymore... You have me now," he added with a soft smile.

You turned to him with surprise. " you really mean that?"

He nodded as his smile stayed on. "Of course I do. We all need someone there for us; I know how hard death can be. You can let it all out, right now. I'll be here to listen."

Tears immediately came to your eyes. "Oh, Ichigo!" You leaned over and began sobbing into his shoulder; he half expected it, so he wasn't surprised. He smiled as he wrapped his right arm around you in a comforting hug. "She's just been gone for so long, I don't know how to deal with it. It feels like she's still there somewhere but I haven't been able to see her; it's driving me crazy! Dad says she's watching over me, but sometimes..." You sobbed. "Sometimes I don't know if that's true...!"

You felt as he hugged you tighter. "She'll always be with you as long as you remember her. It doesn't matter if she's watching over you or not. The important thing is that she has you in her heart and you have her in yours." More tears came to your eyes as you gripped his shirt tighter. "Memories are what's important after someone dies. As long as you have that, you have all you need."

His words seemed to make so much sense to you. Crying or worrying if she was still around wouldn't bring her back; nothing would. As long as you could remember the good times you had and enjoyed the time you had together, your mother would live on with you forever. "Thank you...Ichigo..." He nodded and remained quiet, allowing you to continue crying into his shoulder.

You couldn't believe it. After so many years, a few simple sentences were all that you needed to feel relieved. This feeling was what you had longed for ever since your mother died, a feeling you could never have received by yourself. You needed friends. And now you had them. And now you had Ichigo.

And somehow, you knew you would have him forever.

Your crying eventually slowed to a stop, you still resting your head on Ichigo's shoulder as you slowly calmed down. You eventually sat back and wiped your eyes with your left hand, your right still being held in Ichigo's grip. "Are you okay?" he asked; you nodded in reply as you took a deep breath. "I didn't mean to make you cry..."

You shook your head as you looked at him. "Not at all...I really needed this. Thank you, Ichigo," you responded with a sweet smile. He smiled and nodded in return as you both turned to continue watching the sunset. "So how bout you, Ichigo?" He turned to look at you questioningly but you remained watching the sky. "I know your probably biggest secret...but I know nothing else about you." You turned to him with a smile. "Tell me more about you. What's your family like? What jobs do your parents have?"

He blinked before a soft (almost sad?) smile came to his face and he looked forward at the sky again. "My dad owns his own clinic, which doubles as our house. He's a pretty smart guy, seeing as he's a doctor. Buuuut he can be pretty crazy from time to time, that's for sure."

You smiled in understanding while he paused. "And your mother...?"

His sad smile suddenly faded from his face as he looked down. "She...she died, when I was nine."

You felt your heart beat nervously. "Oh Ichigo, I'm so sorry, I didn't--"

He shook his head. "No, you didn't know." He looked up at the fading sun yet again. "She was a Hollow." Your eyes widened before he hesitantly continued. "We were walking home together in a rain storm when suddenly I saw a young girl down by this rushing river. I broke away from my mom to go save her...but when I got there, she vanished." He closed his eyes again. "Turns out the girl I saw was just a trap used by a Hollow to trap us. My mom...she sacrificed herself to save me." He clenched his eyes and you felt his grip on your hand subconsciously tighten. "She died...she died trying to save me!"

"Ichigo," you said comfortingly as you leaned forward, wrapping your left arm around his head as you held it close to you. "It's not your fault. You even said yourself regret is the greatest feeling when someone dies. She died saving someone she loved; she wouldn't have had it any other way."

"But if I didn't leave her, she'd still be alive right now..."

"You don't know that... What if that Hollow came and attacked her anyway? There's no way to know what would've happened if you didn't take the action you did." He remained silent as you calmly ran your fingers through his soft hair. "Things happen for a reason, Ichigo. You can't regret something as uncertain as life, so don't. Remember that." You moved slightly and placed your lips against his head, but you made no move to kiss him; who knows how he would've taken it. Instead of actually kissing him, you moved to lean your head back against his.

"You're right... But sometimes I can't help but feel responsible."

"I understand that feeling, Ichigo. But there's nothing you can do now. Just move on to the future and protect the ones you love. Protect them like your mother protected you."

He nodded as he pulled away from your embrace, turning to look deeply into your eyes. "You're right. And I promise you, Suri. No matter how many Hollows come after you...I won't let you die like my mother did."

"Ichigo..." you trailed off, feeling your heat beat quicken as a light blush came to your face.

He smiled and nodded once. "Thank you, Suri. Looks like we both needed each other." You giggled softly as you nodded, both of you turning forward to look at the almost-faded sun. You felt Ichigo tighten his grip on your hand as a small smile came to your face. You DID need each other...and you certainly wouldn't deny that. You sighed softly before leaning over and resting your head on his shoulder, still smiling as you watched the sun get lower and lower. Ichigo tensed slightly as a blush came to his face, his eyes darting from the red sky to the top of your head. His heart quickened a few paces before he gripped your hand a little tighter, as though to reassure himself that you wouldn't run away. He blinked before a smile came to his face and he turned back towards the sunset, tilting his head so it rested snugly on yours.

You blushed lightly once you felt his head rest on yours, but yet you felt so comfortable and safe. The more you thought about it...maybe you would lay off complaining about his escort from now on. You did enjoy his company after all...


You sighed heavily as you stared out the window. Once again class was the most boring thing in the world. Having remembered every detail about the outside, you moved your head to observe what was in the classroom instead. Sooo you turned to look at the beautiful guy two seats away from you. There was definitely no denying it had a crush on Ichigo. Sure, you've always thought he was handsome and good-looking, but that's all you ever thought. Now that you've seen his sweet, sensitive side...there was no way you'd be able to forget that. You had a crush on him and that was that.

"Does NO one know the answer?"

You turned to look at the board once your teacher called out. "496," you replied calmly.

Suddenly the whole class turned to you, causing you to blush as your teacher looked uncharacteristically surprised. "Wow..." she breathed before her normal, crazy smile came to her face. "Who knew you would've finally given me a serious answer?! Thank you for finally paying attention, Suri! Now, as I was saying--" You scratched your cheek shyly before turning to look at Ichigo again, this time seeing him watching you in return. He smiled his handsome smile before he turned to pay attention again. You sighed to yourself as you sat lazily back in your seat and faced the front. Yeah. I have a crush on him.

The bell finally rang and kids began pouring out of the classroom. You looked up and noticed even the teacher had quickly made her way out of the room. You shrugged to yourself as you began packing up your things, glancing over and noticing Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, and Uryuu discussing something or other. "So what do you think we should do?" Ichigo was asking. He remained seated in his chair while the other three stood around him.

"Well the Arrancar aren't supposed to show up for awhile, but we can never be too careful," Uryuu responded.

You stood up once you had packed your things away. Figuring you didn't need to be a part of the conversation since they didn't include you, you began heading for the door. You eventually stopped in your tracks as something latched onto your wrist. You blinked as you turned, seeing Ichigo's hand clamped around said wrist as his eyes narrowed at you. "Just where do you think you're going?" he asked.

You blinked curiously. "Well I didn't think I needed to be part of this conversation," you answered honestly.

"I still need to watch over you and protect you on your way home. Don't think you're getting out of it that easily." You sulked as you made your way over and joined the group, standing next to Ichigo...who still had a hold on your wrist. You felt a bit excited, wondering if maybe he didn't WANT to let go... But then your pessimistic side came out and decided he had just forgotten that he had a hold on you.

"So what do we do till then?" Chad asked, returning to the previous topic of conversation.

"What can we do?" Orihime asked sadly. You noticed you didn't see this side of her very often; you deduced she normally hid her feelings and was mostly just happy and carefree as a cover-up so no one would worry about her. It was definitely caring of her...but dangerous at the same time.

"Well we have to train," Uryuu pointed out. He looked over to you, causing you to blush lightly at the sudden attention you were bound to start getting. "I still think you need to meet with Urahara."

"I told you, not yet," Ichigo responded, obviously trying to keep his anger in check.

"And just why not?!" Uryuu asked angrily as he turned to glare at Ichigo.

Ichigo turned and looked up at you, you turning to look down at him. His eyes looked deeply into yours, as though searching for something. You wanted so badly just to lean down and kiss him, but it took all your willpower to refrain. He stared at you a few more moments before he calmly closed his eyes. "I don't want her to."

Uryuu was clearly irked by this. "What?! Why?!"

"Because she's not ready yet!" Ichigo yelled as he opened his eyes and looked at Uryuu.

"How is she not ready yet?!"

Ichigo finally dropped your wrist as he balled his hand in front of him into a fist angrily. "She just learned what the hell Hollows were a few days ago! You can't expect her to start fighting the things! She needs time to adjust!" Ichigo shot back. Both began sending hate rays into each others eyes through glares.

"Adjust for what?! We didn't have time to adjust!"

"You're a stupid Quincy! You've always known what Hollows are! And Orihime and Chad had time to prepare and train and get used to their powers before they had to fight someone tough!"

"Well then if she has powers, she needs to start training too!"

"And what if she doesn't have powers?! We're putting her in unnecessary danger!"

"Don't you think it would be best to at least SEE first?!"

"Um, guys?" Orihime asked quietly. They both turned their angry look towards her, causing her to sweat-drop. "I think you scared Suri off."

They both blinked before they turned to you...or where you used to be. "Dammit! Get back here, Suri!" Ichigo yelled as he jumped up, grabbing his stuff before he ran after you. The other three sweat-dropped, Uryuu pushing his glasses further up his nose in annoyance.

You were whistling as you calmly walked out the front doors of the school, happy to be in the calm, afternoon air. "Who knew having friends could be so stressful?" you asked yourself before you continued walking, heading towards the exit of the school grounds. You suddenly heard the doors bang open loudly behind you, causing you to stop and turn to see the reason, holding your schoolcase against you. Ichigo came dashing up to you, stopping right before you as you blinked at him from behind your case.

"Why did you leave like that?! I told you I had to walk you home!"

He...had to... Your joking worried look fell to a look of sadness as you looked down. "You don't...have to. I can take care of myself..."

He blinked before he took a step forward, placing a hand on your shoulder. "No, wait, I didn't mean it like that. I like walking you home. I look forward to it, in fact. I just..." He looked down before he continued. "You don't realize how dangerous it is to be walking around by yourself. I don't want you to get attacked again..."

Your expression softened. "Ichigo..."

You were surprised and a blush crossed your face as he pulled you close in an embrace. "I promised I'd protect you, Suri... Please let me..." Your heart quickened its pace as your shock look melted to a soft smile. Your response was merely hugging him tighter and snuggling your head into the crook of his neck.

You sat there hugging him for who knows how long. You eventually pulled away and smiled. "Thank you, Ichigo." You saw a light blush form on his face before he nodded shyly. You giggled to yourself before you took a step back, fully out of his embrace. "Well. Let's get me home then, Mr. Soul Reaper!"

He blinked before smiling and nodding. "I'd be glad to." With that you both headed off the school property, walking down the street and heading towards your house. "So why did you run off?"

Your smile faded slightly. "I feel bad for making you and Uryuu argue... I don't like to stay and antagonize the situation."

"You don't have to worry about that. Uryuu and I butt heads all the time, not always about you. It's natural really. That's why Chad and Orihime don't leave; they're used to it."

"So should I not run off next time?" you asked with a smile.

He smiled in return. "I'd like it if you didn't."

You laughed lightly. "I'll try to keep that in mind!" Just then you stopped in your tracks, your smile long gone from your face.

"Suri? What's wrong?" Ichigo asked worriedly.

You glanced around you nervously. This knew you felt it before but yet it was still so different. But how? It feels like it's coming... From up there? You looked up at the sky, seeing as though the sky began ripping in two. "Ichigo," you calmly said, pointing at the strange phenomenon.

He followed your pointed finger into the sky, his eyes widening at what he saw. "Shit! An Arrancar! But they aren't supposed to be here so soon!"

Suddenly a figure emerged from the darkness, the sky reverting to its calm blue state once he did so. The figure seemed to be human-size, probably closer to your height rather than Ichigo's. From what you could tell, he had short green hair and had what appeared to be a jaw bone covering his chin. "So. You must be Ichigo," he said in a monotone voice.

Ichigo stepped in front of you protectively. "Who wants to know?!" he shot back. The man looked at him with disinterest before he disappeared. You and Ichigo stared wide-eyed, wondering where he could've gone. You suddenly felt something behind you, causing you to whip around and swing your schoolcase, catching the guy right in the face. Unfortunately he seemed totally unfazed. Ichigo quickly stepped between you two again. "What do you want from me?!" Ichigo asked angrily.

The strange man kept his uninterested look on, staring at Ichigo until his cold, red eyes turned to you. "Your girlfriend has quite the high reiatsu."

You felt your heart beat nervously as you reached down to touch your side, noticing your knife wasn't there. Shit. Why do I always forget my knife when I need it the most?! Ichigo narrowed his eyes and held out his arm protectively. "Don't you touch her," he said threateningly.

"Your stupidity amuses me."

Ichigo growled as he took the strange medallion from his pocket again, hitting himself in the chest. You caught his still body as it fell backwards towards you, looking up at his Soul Reaper body already poised for action. He slid the giant sword from his back and held it out in front of him. "You don't want to suffer the consequences."

"I am number 15," he introduced. "Tusuave Yumito."

"And I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, Substitue Soul Reaper." With that, Tusuave dashed forward and swung his sword he had quickly procured from his scabbard, only to have it barely blocked by Ichigo. "What do you want with her?!" Ichigo asked as he swung the strange being away.

"We are interested in the powers she has. You would do well not to interfere." Powers...? you thought worriedly as you stared wide-eyed.

"You don't even know if she has powers!" Ichigo shot back, taking a swing with his large sword. Tusuave remained silent, his expression remaining emotionless as he rushed forward and clashed swords once again. Ichigo shoved him away again before taking to the sky, obviously trying to lure him away from you. You took this time to set Ichigo's body off to the side, staring at it as you set him gently to the ground. Ichigo... Please be careful... You turned to look back up at the battle, watching the high speed sword clashing continue.

"I'm tired of playing games, boy." With that, Tusuave swung strongly and managed to hit Ichigo, sending him flying into the ground.

"Ichigo!" you cried as you began to run forward. You suddenly felt something wrap around your neck, putting you in a choke hold. You grabbed at the arm around you, trying desperately to breathe. You took your dominant hand and reached forward before thrusting back, elbowing the monster in the stomach. He coughed slightly as he released his grip on you, allowing you to jump away before you turned and got into a fighting position.

"You are stronger than I had anticipated," he replied, still calm as ever.

You were about to rush forward until you heard Ichigo behind you. "BAN...KAI!" The next thing you knew, a black blur rushed forward and engaged Tusuave. Only upon closer examination did you notice that it was Ichigo. He...changed outfits... The two took to the sky again, the battle seeming much more intense after Ichigo's change. He was able to swing his now-smaller sword faster as well as dodge more attacks than before.

"I think you forget, Ichigo," Tusuave started as he continued swashbuckling with the orange-haired teen. "I'm part Soul Reaper too." Ichigo's eyes widened slightly as Tusuave jumped back. "Come forth, Tutake!" Your eyes widened in fear as you watched his sword glow brightly, engulfing his entire being in a bright light. The light finally died down and now he was covered from head to toe in a strange bone-like armor. He dashed forward and headbutted Ichigo, sending him flying once again to the ground. Only this time, rather than coming after you he dashed after Ichigo, catching him by the throat and holding him above his head as he began to choke him one-handed.

"Leave him alone!" you cried as you ran forward, jumping up and spin-kicking Tusuave in the face. You landed with a gasp, realizing it had no effect on the newly-acquired armor.

Tusuave slowly turned his eyes to you, still looking as emotionless as before. "Be gone, girl." He lifted his left hand and flicked it at you, causing you to fly backwards and into a nearby wall.

"Su...ri!" you heard Ichigo choke out. "Leave her...alone!"

You slowly stood up, glaring at the monster before you. There must be something I can do. I can't let Ichigo protect me all the time...I have to be able to save him too! You clenched your eyes and your fists before you screamed towards the heavens, "ICHIGOOOO!!!"

All of a sudden, two bright lights enveloped your hands, causing you to look down at them with a mix of worry and curiosity. You watched as suddenly a Katar appeared in either hand, your fist automatically clenching around it as it continued to form. The guards on the side continued to expand out, reaching to your forearms and forming silver greenish gauntlets. Once it had finished forming, the light died down, revealing the two beautifully crafted weapons grasped in your hands, held in place by the gauntlets they were attached to.

You blinked at them, but had no time to question it, glaring up at Tusuave and dashing forward. Once close enough, you crossed your arms like a horizontal X before pulling them apart, the blades actually somehow cutting deep into the bone-like material. Tusuave yelled out before releasing his hold on Ichigo, causing the boy to fall to the ground before coughing and attempting to get his breath back. You finally saw a look of anger on the Hollow-thing's face as he turned to glare at you. "You will pay for that, you insolent wretch!"

You jumped back near the wall you had crashed into, getting into a defensive position in case he decided to charge. And of course that was just what he did, dashing straight towards you. You lifted your arms up and crossed them over your chest, ready to attack once he got close enough. However, something jumped in between the two of you before he could finish his attack.

"Did you forget about me?" Ichigo asked smugly as he blocked him with his black sword. "I'm not dead yet!"

"You will be!" Tusuave reached back as he prepared for a punch, but Ichigo flashed away and disappeared. The man's eyes widened slightly as Ichigo reappeared behind him, stabbing straight down into his back. You furrowed your brows in determination as you ran forward and jumped up, pointing the blades straight out in front of you until they slid cleanly through the bone near his head. You kept your determined look on as you rotated the blades and pulled to the sides, slashing straight through. Tusuave cried out before he somehow managed to get a hit on you, sending you flying back towards the wall again. You winced as pain shot through your lower back, preventing you from getting up right away. You looked up through your unclenched eye, seeing Ichigo quickly slash his sword around until Tusuave's cries of pain filled the air.

You watched as his body dissolved, leaving nothing in its wake. You panted slightly as your weapons disappeared, leaving you to hold yourself slightly. Ichigo ran over before he knelt by your side. "Suri, are you okay?"

"I...think so..." You held your hands in front of you as you looked down at them, clenching them and unclenching them as you stared.

"So, I uh...I think it might be a good idea to go see Urahara now," he admitted reluctantly. All you could do was nod dumbly.


Ichigo made it back into his body, stretching and moving his neck slightly to work out the kinks. "That guy was a bit tougher than I thought!" He made his way over to you, seeing you still look at your hands in an almost depressed way. "Hey, are you okay?"

You nodded before finally lowering your hands, looking up at Ichigo and flashing a smile. "Yeah, I'm alright." You gave him a closed-eye smile. "Thanks for being there for me. You saved my life again!"

He laughed lightly. "You saved me too, so we're even this time." You smiled and nodded, making a move to get up but wincing right away as you sat back down. Ichigo's face immediately looked worried. "Take it easy, are you alright?"

You forced a smile as you rubbed your back. "Being thrown into a brick wall twice probably isn't good for the back, but I'll be okay."

"You can hardly stand, Suri."

"I told you, I'll be--" You began to stand again, only to whine slightly and fall over once more. "Alright, that hurts."

"Come on, I'm taking you to my house," he said as he slid his arms under you, causing you to blush.

"W-what?! Why your house?!"

"My dad owns a clinic, remember?" he asked with a smile, standing up and holding you bridal-style. "He can take a look at you." You sighed in defeat, a small blush coming to your face when it hit you you'd be meeting his family. What would they think of you? Would they like you? Would they think you're lame for getting injured? "Oh, and by the way." You looked up at Ichigo as he began walking along. "They don't know I'm a Soul don't mention anything about that, okay?"

You blinked. "Um...alright..." He smiled down at you as he continued walking along. Most of the way there was silent, you wondering what exactly Ichigo was going to tell his father how you got hurt if they didn't know he was a Soul Reaper. Well, if worst came to worst, you can say you passed out so you don't remember, therefore leaving it to Ichigo to figure out. It was his own fault, anyway. You were fine-- Okay, you weren't. But still. It was his fault.

You heard Ichigo chuckle slightly, causing you to open the eyes you just realized you had closed. "Don't fall asleep on me!" he joked. You looked at how you were positioned: he was still carrying you bridal-style and you were snuggled up against his chest, your hands curled up between your chest and his as your head was resting against one of his fine pectoral muscles. You blushed lightly, realizing your comfortability had caused you to slowly lose consciousness. How embarrassing... "Don't worry, we're almost there," Ichigo continued; you nodded dumbly as you rested your head against his chest again, trying not to think about your impending doom.

You eventually made it to what you assumed was Ichigo's house. It seemed like a quaint little place, with a sign that read 'Kurosaki Clinic' above the main door. You suddenly started to feel a bit panicky. "U-um. I think I'm feeling better now, Ichigo," you told the man still holding you in his strong arms.

"I don't think so. You aren't getting out of it that easy." You sulked in your own little storm cloud as he made his way to the front door, somehow managing to open it, walk through, and close it again, all without setting you down or putting you in an uncomfortable position.

"ICHIGOOOOO!!!" You blinked as you turned towards the foyer, seeing a man come bounding out of a nearby room and fly towards Ichigo. He gasped dramatically and somehow stopped his excessive momentum so he could pull to a complete stop. "Oh my... My son is already carrying his woman across the threshold!" You blushed as you blinked at him; was this Ichigo's father? Tears of happiness poured down the man's face as he suddenly appeared before you. "And she's such a beautiful woman too! Who knew my delinquent of a son would make such a catch?!" A foot was suddenly shoved into the man's face, staying there temporarily before it kicked him into the far wall.

"Shut up, Old Man!" Ichigo yelled, a blush present on his face as well. "This is my friend, Suri! She got hurt so I need you to look at her..."

The 'Old Man', who you assumed was indeed Ichigo's father, gasped again before he appeared in front of you two. "The angel is hurt? You foolish boy, what did you do to her?!"

Ichigo got an irk mark as he glared. "I didn't do anything!"

"My name is Isshin, by the way," he continued with a wide smile. "But you can just call me 'Dad'!"

You blushed as you nodded shyly. "Um, I'm...Suri. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir..."

"No need for formalities! I told you, 'Dad' works fine! Or 'father' if you prefer!"

"DAD!" Ichigo yelled. "Would you knock it off?!"

Isshin frowned up at Ichigo before he looked down to you again. "Alright... Well let's go take you to the tabl--" he began, reaching forward to take you from Ichigo.

Ichigo turned slightly and held you tighter against him. "I can bring her." Isshin sulked before he finally gave up and began walking down the hall, Ichigo following behind him with you still held protectively in his arms.

He eventually brought you to what looked like an examination room. Isshin nodded to the table in the middle of it before Ichigo nodded in response, gently setting you down on your back before taking a few steps away, keeping his eyes on you steadily, though you weren't sure if it was to just keep an eye on you, or to protect you from his father. You didn't have time to think though as Isshin finally turned around from slipping plastic gloves on. "Alright, what seems to be the problem, Suri?" he asked with a strange business-like tone.

"My lower back hurts," you explained shyly, sure a blush was still on your face. "It feels like I can hardly move it without it hurting." He nodded to himself before he began circling around you, taking your arms and moving them certain ways to test...something or other. You looked down at Ichigo, who was standing against the wall with his arms crossed, watching you and Isshin intently. You blushed lightly when you realized you were wearing your school skirt still; you held your legs closer together so he hopefully wouldn't be staring. You had heard that Ichigo was a bit of a prude, but teen boys still have their hormones...

"Hmm..." You focused back on Isshin, who was still examining you. "Can you sit up?" You lifted your head in an attempt to start sitting up, but pain shot through you again once you tried using your lower muscles. You whined as you lowered your head again, shaking it to answer his question. He nodded before he circled the table again. "Okay, I'll need you to lie on your stomach."

"I...don't know if I can move..." Isshin nodded and took a step towards you, but Ichigo quickly intercepted him.

"I'll do it," he said, causing his father to sulk again. He carefully slid his hands under you, gently turning you so you lay on your stomach. You whined as he moved you to your new position. "I'm sorry," Ichigo whispered as he took your hand and knelt down so he was on your eye level. "Don't worry, you shouldn't be here long."

You nodded as you shifted uncomfortably, Ichigo rubbing his thumb against your hand. "Here we go!" Isshin declared, stepping next to the table and laying his hands on your lower back. "Three...two..." He suddenly slammed down on your lower back, a loud crack resonating throughout the room.

"Ah!" you screamed, your cry melding into a soft whine.

Ichigo stared wide-eyed as his other hand rested on your head. "Are you okay?!" he asked worriedly, looking at your almost-dead position.


"Yep! That oughta do it!" Isshin declared. "It seemed your back was slightly out of place; all ya need was a good crack!"

"How do you feel?" Ichigo asked, ignoring his father's happy proclamations.

"A little sore but...definitely better," you responded with a weak smile. Ichigo stood up, his hand still holding yours as he helped you slowly sit up. You stretched a little bit, definitely noticing you had a better range of motion than before.

"Wonderful! And now you can stay for dinner!"

"What?!" you and Ichigo asked in disbelief.

Isshin nodded and smiled as he crossed his arms. "Surely you can't expect me to turn away the only girl Ichigo has brought home in forever!"

"But I...I really must be going." You suddenly gasped and felt around you, noticing you didn't have your wallet on you; you frowned sadly. "I'm sorry, Mr. Kurosaki...I don't have any money on me..."

Isshin barked a laugh and slapped Ichigo on the back. "Don't worry about it! It's on the house!"

You looked up at him, unsure. "But I have to pay you back somehow..."

"Well! You can pay us back by staying for dinner!"

"Dad! She said she has to go!" Ichigo insisted, a blush lining his face.

"He's right. My dad is probably wondering where I am..." A phone suddenly was thrown into your hands; you blinked at it before looking back up to Isshin.

"Go ahead and give him a call! He'll understand!" You sweat-dropped as Ichigo began yelling incoherently at his father.


"It's been so long since Ichigo has brought a girl home!" Yuzu, one of Ichigo's younger sisters, noted happily.

"He's such a prude, I would've never thought it'd happen," Karin, his other younger sister, said nonchalantly as she took a bite of food.

"Would you guys knock it off?!" Ichigo pleaded, his face still red from blushing.

"And she's such a beautiful girl too!" Isshin continued. He suddenly jumped up and ran up to a poster hanging in the kitchen. "I'm so proud of our son, Honey! He's done so well!" Ichigo grumbled under his breath as he continued eating, ignoring the teases from his family members.

You decided to release some tension. "So, this is amazing, Yuzu! I don't think I've had this good of food in a long time!"

She looked over to you and smiled shyly. "Thank you, Suri! I'm glad you like it!"

"I love it!" you replied, taking another big bite of the delicious meal.

"Just like you love our Ichigo?" Isshin asked as he suddenly appeared at the table again. You began choking on the food you were currently trying to swallow as a dark blush adorned Ichigo's face.

"I SAID KNOCK IT OFF!" With that, Ichigo threw an empty bowl straight at Isshin's head, causing him to tumble to the floor. You finally swallowed your food as you continued to watch the two males death glare each other.

"You boys are something else," Karin said, taking another bite of food calmly.

"Please don't argue, you two!" Yuzu pleaded. "We have company!" They finally settled down, sitting back in their chairs as they angrily took a bite of food. Yuzu sweat-dropped before she turned to you. "So Suri, how did you and Ichigo meet?"

You smiled softly at the young girl. "We're in the same class together. We ran into each other one day on the way to school and kinda became friends after that!"

Isshin was about to have a comment but Ichigo cut him off before he could do so. "Don't even think about it, Old Man!" His father sulked and tears ran down his face as he continued eating in silence.

The rest of dinner ran pretty smoothly. Yuzu would ask you questions and generally seemed pretty interested in you. Eventually Karin got to talking as well once she heard about your more athletic side; you may have not played many sports, but you were pretty good at self-defense...with a knife at least.

"Well it's late. I should probably get going," you said as you stood up, stacking your plates as you did so.

"Yeah, I'll walk you home," Ichigo added as he too stood up.

"Oh, don't worry about the dishes!" Yuzu told you with a smile.

"Are you sure?" you asked; she nodded and smiled in response, earning a smile from you in return. "Thanks, Yuzu. And thank you very much for dinner, it was amazing!"

"I'm glad you liked it! You should come over for dinner more often!"

You blushed lightly and rubbed the back of your head. "Oh, I don't know about that, but thank you." You turned to Ichigo's dad before you bowed slightly. "And thank you for your help, Mr. Kurosaki. I feel much better!"

He lifted a hand and smiled. "Please, call me 'Dad'!"

This time it was Karin's turn to throw something at him. "I think she'd rather die."

You blinked at the strange family's antics before Ichigo placed a hand on your shoulder. "Well, let's get going!" he told you with a sweat-drop before he turned to his family. "I'll be back shortly. Don't wait up for me!" With that, he practically dragged you out of the house; you heard the distant arguing of Karin and Isshin while Yuzu was yelling good-bye to you. You finally made it out into open air, both of you taking a deep breath as you walked a normal pace. "Sorry about that. My family is pretty crazy."

You smiled and shook your head. "Don't worry about it. I like them!" He rose an eyebrow at you before you continued. "Karin's awesome, your dad is hilarious, and Yuzu is such a sweetheart!"

"Well I agree with two of those," he muttered, causing you to laugh. "Yuzu does the best she can, though," he went on to explain. "Ever since Mom died, she's taken most of the responsibilities like cooking and cleaning. I don't know if that's just her way to cope or...what. It's hard to read either of them."

You nodded in understanding. "It's different for everybody. I imagine it was hard for your whole family." He nodded in agreement before you remembered something. "That picture in your that your mother?"

He nodded again. "Yeah. It was so hard on all of us when she died. We didn't want to forget her so we had that picture hung up in the kitchen so we could see her everyday." He smiled shyly as he turned to look at you. "As odd as it sounds, it kinda helps..."

You shook your head, your face completely serious. "No, I completely understand." You looked down at the ground sadly. "We don't have anything really to remind us of Mom. But we have our own ways, I guess."

You felt as Ichigo wrapped an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close as you both continued walking. "So your back is doing better?" he asked randomly, though you knew he was just trying to get onto a happier topic.

You smiled thankfully and nodded. "Yeah. Your dad is really good. I think I'll be coming to him more often!"

He rose an eyebrow. "Even after all he said?"

You giggled. "Well sure! He's a carefree guy; I like him!"

He rolled his eyes. "If you say so..."

You continued talking as you walked the few blocks to your house. You stopped before your door as Ichigo finally took his arm from around you. You bent down and lifted up the rug, pulling the key out from under it before you turned to look at Ichigo. "Would you like to come in and meet my dad?"

You saw a light blush form on his cheeks. "I-I uh..."

You smiled reassuringly. "He'll like you, I promise." He looked to the side and stuck his hands in his pockets, his blush still present. You took that as an affirmative before you giggled and turned around then opened the door. "I'm home!" you announced as you walked through, letting Ichigo in behind you before you closed the door.

"Welcome home, Suri! I--" Your father came around the corner, a surprised smile coming to his face once he saw you. "Oh! And who's this fine, young gentleman?"

Ichigo blushed again and smiled shyly before he bowed. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir." [6]

"Dad, this is Ichigo Kurosaki," you said as you gestured to him. "He's the one that saved me from that strange ghost-monster I told you about."

Your dad smiled wider upon recognition. "Oh! So this is the man!" He stepped forward and Ichigo shook his hand. "It's so nice to meet you. Thank you so much for watching after my daughter."

"Don't mention it, Sir," Ichigo said, though you could still sense his nervousness. "I'm glad to do it."

Your dad gave a soft laugh. "You can call me Haruka. Please." Ichigo laughed nervously before your father continued. "Thank you for walking Suri home. I'll leave you to yourselves." With that, he smiled again at Ichigo before he headed off.

Once he left, Ichigo let out a breath it seemed he was holding. "See? He's a nice guy," you said as you turned and smiled at him.

Ichigo nodded in agreement. "He is...I'm glad he's nothing like my father." You giggled as he looked to you with a smile. "I should probably get going."

You nodded once. "Yeah, okay. Thanks again, Ichigo. For everything. You..." You paused as you looked down. "You saved my life again."

He laughed softly and laid a hand on your shoulder. "Hey, don't forget, you saved my life too."

You laughed weakly and looked up at him. "I dunno about that, but thanks."

He continued smiling as he nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow, Suri."

You nodded in return. "Alright. Goodnight, Ichigo."

With that, he headed out the door. You sighed to yourself before your dad appeared in the hallway again. "He's a very fine man, Suri."

"He is, isn't he?" you asked, in a daze and still imagining the teen that had been there moments before. You slowly turned and smiled at your father. "I'm really starting to fall for him, Dad..."

"He seems like a good man, Suri. I wouldn't have it any other way."


"I'm...a bit nervous about meeting this guy," you admitted shyly as you walked down the street.

"Why's that?" Ichigo asked curiously as he walked next to you.

"Well you didn't want me to meet him before so there's surely a reason!"

"Nah," he said as he shook his head. "He's actually a pretty cool guy. Kinda crazy, yeah. But generally a good guy."

"But you said he was a pervert..."

He sweat-dropped slightly. "Ehhh, don't worry about that. I'll try to keep him from making any advances." Despite Ichigo's attempts to calm you, you were still fiddling nervously. It's not like you were scared of meeting this guy, but what did it mean? How would it change your life, if at all? "Here we are! Urahara's Shop." You looked up, realizing you had been led to a small one-level shop that was stationed in an alleyway.

"This is it...?" you asked slightly cynically.

"Don't judge a book by its cover, trust me." He placed a hand on your lower back and gently ushered you forward, him eventually leading the way once you began walking again. You made it to the door and he reached for the handle. "Hey, Hat-N-Clogs! We're--" he slid the door open, only to reveal quite a few people sitting around a round table, "here..." You blinked and blushed slightly, only recognizing maybe half of the faces present.

"Well! Ichigo! It's about time you showed up!" a blonde man with a fan said with a big smile. "And who's that gorgeous beauty you've got behind you?"

You were about to respond until a bigger man with glasses appeared at your side. "I am Tessai Tsukabishi," he said as he bowed. "If there is absolutely anything you need, please ask me and I shall be of some help."

"I uh--" you started.

"Tessai! You're gonna scare her!" a young boy with red hair said as he appeared on your other side. "Don't talk to him. If you need anything, you can ask me! My name's Jinta Hanakari!" He suddenly pulled a frail-looking girl next to him. "And this is Ururu Tsumugiya. You can ask her for anything too."

"Um...pleased to meet you," she said shyly and bowed her head.

Ichigo rolled his eyes as he began to speak. "You guys, you're--- GAH!" He was suddenly knocked over by the blonde guy from before.

"Kisuke Urahara at your service!" he said joyfully, taking one of your hands in his before he kissed it. "My, my! You're even more beautiful up close!"

You blushed deeper, your hand still held in his. "Um, thank you..."

Ichigo suddenly stood up, flinging Urahara off him. "Would you guys cut it out?!" he yelled, his face slightly red from a light blush. "Honestly! I can't introduce her to anyone!"

"It's not my fault she's good-looking!" Urahara replied with a smile, whipping out his fan and hiding his grin behind it.

Ichigo groaned before taking a few steps further in. "Fine...Let's just get this over with..." Everyone sat down at the table again, you sitting between Ichigo and Uryuu.

And so began the longest lecture of your life. Urahara took it upon himself to explain everything that you were left in the dark on up till now. He explained how Ichigo became a Soul Reaper and how everyone traveled to the Soul Society to rescue Rukia. He also explained Bounts, which really had no effect on the current events or this story so he didn't describe it very well. He explained many a thing that even you were surprised you were getting. By the time the sun had fallen from the sky, he had explained all he felt he had needed to explain.

"So," Urahara continued, looking across the table at you and Ichigo from under his striped hat. "You say you ran into an Arrancar the other day... And that's when Suri got her powers?"

Ichigo nodded as he looked at you. "They seemed to just suddenly appear; I'm not sure what could've triggered it."

"I see... Well it seems the only way to recreate that is to train her."

Ichigo turned back to the shop keeper. "But how can we train her if we don't know what set it off?"

"It's possible the threat of battle was the trigger," Uryuu suggested as he closed his eyes and pushed his glasses up his nose. "Only by sending her into another battle would we be able to see if that were true."

"Uryuu's right," Urahara continued. "And once we can find the trigger, we'll be able to help her train so she can use it on command. From there we can begin training her with her abilities."

"This sounds like a long process," you said sadly, feeling disheartened as you looked down.

"Don't worry, Suri!" Orihime consoled with a closed-eye smile. "Chad and I had to train too, but that didn't take long at all!" You looked up to her then over to Chad, who merely shook his head to agree it wasn't hard.

"Of course, we will need someone to train with her," Urahara pointed out. "Who wants--"

"I'll do it!" Your head almost spun from the loud, suddenly surround sound. Ichigo and Uryuu glared across you at one another. "What do you mean 'you'll do it'?!" Ichigo asked with a glare.

"I mean I'd like to train her! What do you mean by it?!" Uryuu shot back.

"Why do you want to train her?! You don't know the first thing about her!"

"Well it's not like you're suddenly an expert on the subject either!"

"I know more than you do!"

"That has nothing to do with training her!"

"Then why do you want to do it?!" They began closing the gap between them, shooting hate rays of death from their eyes.

"I figured it would be easier for me to deduce how she summons her powers! You have horrible observation skills and would probably just slice her hand off!"

"I'm not that careless! Besides! Don't you think a sword would do better than a bow in a battle against a Katar? Which happens to be a blade?!"

"She needs to prepare for the inevitable! Having her train against a bow would be perfect!"

"That doesn't make any sense! What does that--"

"My! That girl certainly has talent!" Urahara interrupted, causing both boys to turn to the grinning blonde man. "She comes and goes as quietly as a ninja! Perhaps she doesn't need training after all!"

The two blinked before they looked between them where you previously were, only to see that you had once against slipped under the radar and made an escape. Ichigo growled and clenched his fists. "DAMMIT SURI!!!"

You winced as you heard Ichigo bellow from underneath you. You were currently sitting on top of the Urahara house, admiring the beautiful night sky while trying to tone out their incessant bickering. Honestly, did they really do it that often? You were pretty sure you would never get used to it. You breathed a heavy sigh as you looked back up at the moon, shining in all its calm, serene glory.

The quietness was interrupted again as you heard the door crash open, hearing footsteps come marching out. Oh boy, here we go... He's going to be piiiiised... you thought, clenching your eyes as you hugged your knees to your chest. You suddenly heard someone land on the roof next to you, causing you to look up at the orange-haired boy in surprise. "I really wish you would stop doing that," he told you before he took a seat at your side.

"How...How did you find me up here?" you asked with a blink.

He smirked slightly. "Just because I suck at sensing Spiritual Pressure doesn't mean I can't sense it at all."

"So you were still able to find me...?" you asked with a small smile; he smiled and nodded in return. You closed your eyes and chuckled lightly. "I see..."

"So why did you sneak away? I thought I told you to stop doing that."

Your smile faded as you opened your eyes, looking down at the ground far below you. "I told you, I hate when you and Uryuu fight about me. I just feel like I'm causing problems."

"We fight all the time. If it's not about you, it's something else. So don't worry about it."

You nodded slowly and were silent for awhile. "So why were you guys fighting about who would train me?"

"Well I know why he wanted to train you," he commented dryly as he looked up at the sky.

"Why did you want to train me?" you asked, looking over to see his reaction.

You were surprised to see a somewhat surprised and worried expression on his face. "I uh..." He closed his eyes and cleared his throat, a light blush forming across his nose. "Well, y'know. I figured since I was there when you first got your powers, it'd be easier if I was there to train you."

You downcasted your eyes. "Oh. I see." You turned to look forward at the dark horizon, mulling over your own thoughts.

Meanwhile next to you, Ichigo seemed to be having an internal battle. Voices were arguing in his head, trying to help him with his dilemma. "Well...actually..." You blinked before you turned towards him, watching him look down while shifting uncomfortably. "I...I wanna be able to watch over you too."

"Watch over me?" you asked cluelessly. "What's that?"

"I... Well, ever since I ran into you that day before school-- Or well I guess it was actually after school. And then I helped you with those thugs and-- Well first I saw you with Kiyo. And I saw that you could see spirits--" What the hell is he going on about? "Then I just felt like I had to protect you. And I guess I-- Well, you... Um..."

"Ichigo." He was blushing like crazy before he eyed you shyly, you looking at him sympathetically. "Just tell me."

He closed his eyes and took a deep sigh. He ran his hand through his hair before he opened his eyes and turned to you again, his eyes showing nervousness as he looked into your still-confused orbs. "I...I..." He clenched his eyes before he leaned forward, placing his right hand on your left cheek before his lips pressed lightly against yours in a tender kiss. A blush quickly adorned your cheeks as you stared wide-eyed, wondering if Ichigo, your recent crush, was really kissing you. However, before you could respond, he pulled back completely, looking at you briefly before he turned forward again shyly. "I'm sorry. I just... I didn't know how to tell you..."

You remained staring at disbelief, your fingers lightly brushing against where his lips had previously just been. A small smile came to your face as an idea came to your mind. "Hey...I have something to tell you, too." His sad face reluctantly turned towards you, only to change to a look of shock once you placed a hand on his cheek and leaned in, giving him a soft, pleasant kiss. You remained still for a few seconds before you pulled away with a smile, seeing Ichigo blink in confusion as his blush darkened. You giggled softly at his reaction.

"I uh..." His shy face fell away and he looked at you with a sly smile. "Can you do that again? My eyes were open." [7] You giggled and nodded once before you leaned in again, this time both of you ready for the action. You stroked your hand through his hair as it came to rest on the back of his head, pushing him towards you and deepening the kiss. He meanwhile had placed his hands on either side of your face, holding you gently as he kissed you passionately.

You pulled away slightly, though your lips still remained in slight contact with his. "Now I see why you want to train me," you whispered teasingly. "Maybe you shouldn't do it after all..."

"Don't think I'm going to be taking it easy on you," he whispered back huskily.

"Hmm...Maybe I should have Uryuu train me instead."

"Like hell." With that, he pressed his lips against yours the rest of the way, kissing slightly roughly as though to prove his point. You smiled against the kiss, relaxing into his soft touch as you continued kissing under the bright light of the moon.


"I still say he likes you," Ichigo told you with confidence in his voice.

You giggled, slightly swinging his hand that held yours so tenderly. "No way! Everyone knows about us; he even knows himself! He wouldn't still like me after that..."

"That doesn't mean anything!" Though it seemed like a serious conversation, a joking tone was evident in both your voices; however you still knew Ichigo believed what he was saying whole-heartedly. "He liked you before and I'm sure he still likes you now. That's why he wanted to train with you!"

You gave your boyfriend a skeptical look. "Ichigo, honestly. Uryuu wouldn't let emotions get in the way of business. I'm sure he had my best intrests in mind when he offered to train me."

Ichigo scoffed. "More like his own you."

You rolled your eyes and leaned your head against his shoulder. "You're the one that got to train me anyway, so why are you complaining?"

"Because he was trying to move in on you!"

"Ichigo, isn't that why you wanted to train me?"

Ichigo blushed and looked to the side. "Don't change the subject."

You giggled again and lifted your head, wrapping your other arm across you to hold Ichigo's arm that was holding your hand. "Well it doesn't matter. I have full control over my abilities so I don't need training anymore."

"For now..." Ichigo muttered. Rather than keep the debate going, you let it drop, instead enjoying the peaceful silence of the still, late-afternoon air.

Ichigo was currently walking you home after a full day of fun together. You had been successfully dating for 2 months, and in that time you were able to hone your abilities to the point you could use them on command; you also learned a few new tricks, which you decided to keep until you absolutely needed it.

You were walking at a decent pace down the street, until you both came to a stop. You turned towards the light pole on your left, a sad expression adorning your face.

"It's been almost three months since she's been gone," you commented sadly. "It's weird...I often question myself if she was ever really there to begin with."

Ichigo gripped your hand tighter and rubbed his thumb gently across the back of your hand. "Of course she was. And I'm sure you helped her in more ways than one. She's grateful for that, I know it."

"Do you think I'll see her again? When I go to the Soul Society someday?"

Ichigo smiled, turning his head to give you a loving kiss on your head. "Of course you will. And you'll probably become a Soul Reaper, too."

You giggled softly. "You mean I get to dress up like you? No thanks; I don't want to look like a goofball."

"Hey!" he yelled as he got an anger mark. "Those happen to be very comfortable, I'll have you know!"

You giggled again. "Okay, Ichigo... If you say so."

Ichigo blinked as he suddenly looked down at his watch. "Oh shit! I'm late!"

"For what?" you asked with a blank blink.

"I told Karin I'd meet her over at the soccer field so I could watch her practice! Dammit!"

You frowned. "I'm sorry, Ichi... How late are you?"

"An hour!" You sweat-dropped. "I better get going and see if she's still there." He suddenly turned to face you head on, placing his hands on your shoulders. "I'll stop by tomorrow, okay?"

You smiled and nodded. "Alright. Thanks for everything, Ichigo." He smiled as he leaned down, placing a soft, chaste kiss on your lips before he took off running. "Bye, Ichigo!"

"See ya, Suri!" You smiled and sighed to yourself, turning around and making the way to your house by yourself. You were happy you were dating Ichigo. Ever since you met him, it seemed things were going so much smoother than they were before. You were able to make a TON more friends as well as break out of your shell and talk about your problems. Ichigo would gladly listen to them before helping you through it, which he did every single time. You were pretty sure you were starting to love the boy.

You blushed as you tried to hide the smile forming on your face, though failing miserably. "I'm in love with Ichigo...Who would've known?" You looked up with a smile, only to have it fade once you got to your street. You stared wide-eyed at the figure on your roof, standing as still as could be. "M-Mom?!" You ran forward, watching the figure jump down to the road once you got close. "Mom!...It IS you!" you cried, tears of joy forming in your face. Your mother however didn't have a smile anywhere near her features. You furrowed your eyebrows. "...Mom...?" It was then you noticed the severed Chain of Fate protruding from her chest. "Mom, what--" However, before you could complete your sentence, she had jumped away, disappearing from sight. You paused only momentarily as you dashed into your house. "DAD!"

"Oh! Welcome home, Su--"

"Dad! I just saw Mom!" you yelled as you ran to meet him in the living room.

His smile faded from his face as a somber expression replaced it. "I see...So she finally has decided to show herself to you..."

You furrowed your eyebrows. "What?! You mean, you knew she was here all along?!" He closed his eyes and nodded slowly. "Why didn't you tell me?!"

"I couldn't, Suri. If you knew she was still around, you would rely on her--"

"Don't you think it would've been nice for me to know she was still around?!" Your father didn't seem to have a retort. Your expression softened. "She's still here...Why is she still here?"

"That chain coming from her chest... It's connected to the house. She loves us all too much, she can't go just yet."

"Connected to the house?" you asked in confusion. "It wasn't connected to anything. It was..." You trailed off as it suddenly hit you that the chain had been severed. You gasped as your eyes widened. "Ichigo!" You quickly turned and ran out of the house, ignoring your father's pleas to come back. You didn't stop running, heading straight for the soccer field and hoping Ichigo would still be there so you could get his help.


"You... Are you Ichigo Kurosaki?"

Ichigo stood straight, staring at the lost soul with an intense look. Souls had never known his name before, so why this one? He was fairly certain he hadn't met her before but yet, something about her looked...familiar. "I am. And who are you?" he asked with determination, careful not to let himself get caught off-guard.

The woman in front of him smirked. "I'm going to be your downfall...YOU THIEF!" Ichigo's eyes widened as the woman came flying at him, death clear in her intentions.

"Ichigo!" Ichigo could only turn and blink at the new voice before he was tackled safely to the ground. He blinked again once he saw who had tackled him. You however kept your intent gaze on the woman who had missed her target. You stood up and turned to face her. "Why...why are you doing this, Mom?!" You heard Ichigo emphasize "Mom?!" behind you, but you remained looking forward.

"Honey..." your mother started in a soft tone. "I'm only getting rid of this nuisance!"

"Nuisance?!" you asked in disbelief. "Ichigo isn't a nuisance! He's saved my life countless of times! Which is more than I can say about you!"

Your mom's soft expression melted into one of rage. "I've been watching over you since I died! How can you say such a thing?!"

"Watching over me? Then where were you when I was attacked by those thugs?! Or when I was almost eaten alive by that Hollow?! If it wasn't for Ichigo, I'd probably be dead ten times over!"

"Can't you see he only wants you for his own benefits?!" she argued. "I can't have him stealing my daughter away!"

"He's not stealing from anyone!" you shot back. "It's not like you even had me to begin with! Maybe if you'd shown yourself once in awhile you wouldn't be so jealous!"

"Jealous...? JEALOUS?!" Your eyes widened as your mother began screaming, a light shooting out from where the chain protruded in her chest.

"Watch out!" Ichigo warned as he stepped protectively in front of you.

"Ichigo! What's going on?" you asked worriedly as you lightly gripped his jacket.

He hesitated as he glared at the bright light before him. "She's turning into a Hollow."

"A...a Hollow?!" you asked, your eyes widening again. "Isn't there anything we can do?!"

He shook his head slowly. "We can't do anything once the transformation's begun. The only thing to do now is send her to the Soul Society." With that, Ichigo dug in his pocket, pulling out some strange green candy and popping it in his mouth. After a moment, his Soul Reaper self emerged from the body, only instead of crashing to the ground, the body remained standing, as though it was still possessed. "Kon! Watch over Suri!"

"You got it!" his body replied, grabbing you by the arm and pulling you to the side.

"Ichigo wait!" you pleaded, watching in horror as the bright light died away, revealing a very ugly shadow monster in its place. Mom... you thought sadly as tears formed in your eyes.

"He has to do this," Kon reassured you. "It's the only way..."

"But...but Mom!" You watched helplessly as your mother began battling Ichigo. Ichigo, while obviously trying to fight it, seemed to be holding back, and you figured it was for your sake. A tear fell from your eye as you watched the monster that was formerly your mom slap Ichigo to the side. "Is...there really nothing we can do...?" you asked helplessly.

"It's the only way to save the soul and send it to the Soul Society... I'm sorry, Suri." You looked down, another tear falling from your eyes before you closed them in thought. You heard Ichigo cry out in pain before you looked up to the battle again. Ichigo had been knocked to the ground, blood dripping from his head and his sword knocked from his grasp. [8] You furrowed your eyes in determination as you broke free from Kon's grasp. "Hey! Wait, Suri! What are you doing?!"

You yelled as you ran forward, summoning your Spirit Katars to your hands as you leapt forward. Just as the spiked hand of the monster was about to crash into Ichigo, you jumped in the way and blocked the attack with your gauntlets. "!" the monster bellowed, an angry feminine voice hidden deep within.

"Suri!" Ichigo exclaimed in surprise.

You grunted as you threw the monster back, getting into a defensive position before you glanced quickly over your shoulder. "Are you okay, Ichigo?"

"Thanks to you I am," he said, doing a kip-up before grabbing his sword again and standing next to you.

" could you do this to me? Fighting against your own mother!"

"You aren't my mother!" you yelled back. "My mother wouldn't attack me like this!"

"I'm only trying to save you!" she yelled, taking a swing at the two of you at the emphasized word.

"Well you're doing a shitty job!" With that you jumped up, slashing your Katar left and right against the skull mask.

"Why can't you see how he is hurting you?" she asked with a mix of sadness and anger in her voice. "He's going to hurt you once he leaves you!"

"That's why I don't plan on leaving her!" Ichigo retorted as he jumped towards her, slashing with his Zanpakuto before he jumped away.

"Besides," you said softly, looking down for a moment. "He can't hurt me anymore than you have already!" You angrily looked up at her, a tear flying from your face from the momentum when you jerked up your head. You clenched your fists as you began to focus, gathering energy into the blades of your Katars. You stared intently at the monster before you as you reared back. "HANAHOMURA!" With that, you thrust your hands forward, sending out a bright ray of energy towards your target. The beam shot right in the middle of the mask, leaving a burn mark as it cried out in pain.

Ichigo stared at the monster, closing his eyes briefly before he shot them open, jumping up and towards the monster. He shoved his sword down, stabbing straight into the skull before he pulled it out and jumped down. It cried in pain as it reared its head back, eventually dissolving into multiple particles and disappearing for good. Ichigo stood still as he watched the specks vanish completely, eventually turning to you to see you kneeling down sadly with your bangs covering your eyes. He looked at you sympathetically as he made his way over, kneeling down next to you and wrapping his arms around you. You immediately turned into him and began sobbing, feeling him tighten his hold around you as he held you closer.

"I'm sorry, Suri..." he whispered calmly in your ear. "I'm so sorry you had to do that..."

You shook your head and pulled away slightly, wiping your eyes. "It had to be done...there was nothing else to do..." Ichigo nodded before he pulled you into him again, whispering comforting words to your shaking form.


You stood before your mother's grave, your hands laying limp at your sides as a stray tear fell from your tear-stained eyes. "She's gone...for good." You swallowed over the lump in your throat as you felt Ichigo step closer to you, wrapping his arm around you and resting his hand on your opposite shoulder.

"She's at peace now. She's able to rest."

You paused momentarily, still staring at the grave marker with fresh flowers on it. A soft breeze blew by, causing a few petals to be blown along with it. "Yesterday was her birthday," you commented seemingly randomly. "Dad and I usually come out to visit her grave, especially on that day." You paused again. "This is the first year we didn't do it." Ichigo pulled you tighter against him, moving his head slightly and kissing your cheek before he rested his forehead against your temple. "I wonder...if maybe she got mad. Because we didn't come."

"It was probably a lot of things," Ichigo offered. "Most lost souls who have wandered around for so long start to develop negative feelings." He lifted his head to look at the stone as well. "If she's been gone for so long, it's only natural those feelings came to the surface."

You continued staring blankly at the dusty stone. "I have to tell Dad I killed her..."

Ichigo held you tighter, obviously trying to comfort you. "It wasn't you... I did."

You shook your head but remained looking forward. "No, you saved her."

Ichigo smiled softly, as was evident in his voice. "Then you saved her too."

You laughed lightly. "Maybe..." It was silent for awhile until you breathed a heavy sigh. "I don't understand. She was never jealous or regretful when she was alive...where did these feelings come from?"

Ichigo moved from your side to stand behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist as he rested his head on your shoulder. He nuzzled his head against yours as you placed your hands over his on your stomach. "It's a feeling the lost souls get. It's not just like how it was when they're alive, they're gonna act a little different." He moved his head and softly kissed your neck. "Don't worry, it's nothing you did. Don't take the blame for what happened."

Despite his words, you still felt guilt. "But it's because of me she became a Hollow. If only I believed in her... If only I believed she was still there for me..."

He laughed softly against your skin, inadvertently sending chills down your side. "It's more my fault than yours. I proclaimed to be your savior...I don't think she liked that very much."

You couldn't help but laugh lightly. "Maybe..." Your smile faded. "It's such a shame... If she were still alive I'm sure she'd love you just as much as I do."

"...You love me?"

You stiffened. Holy crap, I did NOT just say that! "I...Well...What I meant was..."

More chills were sent down your side as Ichigo breathed softly against your neck. "What did you mean?" he antagonized.

You sighed softly; there was really no point in hiding what you felt, was there? The only downfall was that you might scare him off...which would indeed be a bummer. But for some reason you felt that Ichigo wasn't that kind of guy. "I do love you, Ichigo. You make my life complete. I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for you."

You felt him smile against your neck, kissing it softly before he pulled away. "There, now was that very hard?"

You narrowed your eyes as you pulled away and smacked him in the head. "Yes, that was very hard, for your information! I don't see you professing your love!"

He smiled simply at your outburst. "I love you."

"Yeah I--" You blinked. "Wait...what?"

"I love you," he repeated, his smile still steady. "Do you want me to say it again? I could keep it going all night."

"You..." you trailed off, your mind and legs turning to mush. "You love me? Really?"

"I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it."

"Ichigo..." You felt more tears form in your eyes before you closed the gap again, wrapping your arms around his neck and burying your face into his chest. Ichigo smiled as he wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his head gently against yours.

"I love you, Suri." You could only cry as you held him tighter, thankful you were blessed with such an amazing and wonderful guy, one who understood you like you understood him. One who would always be there for you.

No matter what.


"Wait, your dad is out of town for the week? Why?"

You giggled cutely, holding his hand tighter as you continued walking along the sidewalk. "Because he knew it was our one year anniversary! He figured we might like to have some alone time!"

Ichigo blushed darkly, which you could still clearly see even though it was dark out. "What exactly does he think we'll be doing?" he asked, his voice slightly cracking.

"Oh, you know parents. Better safe than sorry, right?" you asked with a wink.

"I'm not sure if I would let my children have the house to themselves..."

"That is because you're a prude, Ichigo."

An angry expression crossed his face. "I am not!"

You smirked at him. "Then prove it!" He blinked in confusion. "Do something perverted!"

" what?"

"That proves you're a prude if you can't even think of anything. Like...grab my ass or something!" His eyes widened and his blush got darker, much to your surprise. Just how much could the boy blush anyway? He quickly turned his head away from you, huffing slightly. You giggled and leaned against him. "I knew it. But that's okay, it's kinda cute," you said, gently kissing his cheek.

"Be quiet." You giggled again then decided to leave him to himself. You knew he didn't like being teased, but it was just so much fun sometimes!

You and Ichigo had just got done with an amazing dinner. He had decided to take you out for your one year anniversary, taking you to a pretty fancy restaurant. You were surprised, but it was most definitely the best meal you had ever had. You and Ichigo were both dressed semi-casually: you wore a simple, black, spaghetti strap dress (that was actually a bit on the short side, but it looked cute so you didn't mind), while Ichigo wore black dress pants, a tie, and a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He was most definitely good-looking. If he wasn't such a prude, you were pretty sure you would've raped him by now. But then again...what's stopping you? Rape is without consent anyway, right?

Your thought process came to an end once you reached your house. "You look amazing, by the way," Ichigo said he slowly let go of your hand so you could go open the door.

You giggled as you turned to him. "That's the fifth time you've said that tonight...but thank you. You look amazing too," you added with a wink. He blushed slightly and looked to the side. His eyes however wandered back, watching as you bent over to get the key from under the welcome mat. He noticed your dress riding up rather high, allowing him a beautiful view of your sexy underwear. He began blushing deeply, however he was unable to look away. Oh, how much he'd just like to grab your hips and thrust his rock-hardness into you, forcing you to scream his name until--

Wait, what was he thinking?! He blushed darker as he looked down, realizing his excitement had started to become noticeable. He shifted slightly until it looked like it was hidden decent enough from view. At least it was from his angle; he could only hope it was the same from yours. Ignoring the sudden excitement he had been given, he looked back up to you, watching you unlock the door and open it before slipping the key back under the mat. He made sure to look away this time so he wouldn't have more of a bulge to hide...

You looked over your shoulder and smiled sweetly at Ichigo. "Well? Coming?"

Ohhhhh of all the words to say, why did you have to pick that one? A shudder ran down his body as he closed his eyes, trying to focus away from the excitement building in his lower regions. He opened his eyes and forced a smile as he walked up the stairs. "Nope...Not yet, anyway."

You blinked then smirked at your boyfriend as he walked through the door. "My, Ichigo. Could it be you actually took something innocent and made it perverted?" You saw him look away, causing you to giggle as you closed and locked the door, bending down to undo the buckles on your shoes before you slipped them off. You stood up straight again, only to be pushed roughly against the door, hands roaming up and down your sides as a husky breath poured into your ear, sending chills down your whole being. "I-Ichigo..." You were suddenly being turned on by his sudden change.

"You make my body feel so strange," he whispered hoarsely. "But, mmmm, it feels amazing." He began grinding his hips against your back, you immediately feeling his stiffening arousal through your thin dress. You immediately began to get excited, a flood of heat beginning to pool in your nether regions. You moaned softly as you bucked your hips back against him. He twitched back slightly, as though not anticipating the sudden contact.

You suddenly whipped around, facing Ichigo as you leaned against the door, sticking your chest out purposely. "Mmmm...could it be you just pretend to be a prude...?" you asked seductively, bucking your hips against his, causing him to twitch again. The dark blush remained on Ichigo's cheeks as he began to stutter. You smirked to yourself as you leaned forward, crashing your lips against his and forcing your tongue into his mouth. He tensed for a moment before he slightly relaxed, his tongue shyly pushing against yours in his mouth.

Just as he was about to get into it, you pulled away. "Sur--"

"Follow me," you said, pushing past him and heading for the stairs. You looked over your shoulder and winked seductively before you made your way up them, Ichigo following quickly behind. You soon made it to your room, letting Ichigo follow you in before you closed the door after him.

"Look, Suri. I don't--"

"Shhh..." you shushed calmly, stepping closer to him and pressing your lips against his. "It's time to prove you aren't a prude, Ichigo. I know deep down you're just a Sex God waiting to be released." He began stuttering again as his face heated up. You continued your forward advance, pushing him backwards until he collided with your bed, falling into it with you still standing above him. You suddenly pushed forward until you were on the bed too, straddling him as you roughly pinned his hands near his head. You looked down at his ever-blushing form, nervousness clear in his expression. You smiled softly as you leaned down and pressed your lips to his ear. "Just tell me to stop and I will, Ichi..." you whispered softly before you sat up again.

He swallowed thickly but didn't seem to have any other reaction. You took that as a go-ahead so you smirked before you hopped off him, standing up again as he continued watching you curiously. You kept your seductive smile on as you turned around, reaching up and slowly zipping down your dress, letting the straps fall to your elbows before the whole upper half slid down. You looked backwards sexily at Ichigo, his dark brown eyes still watching you intently as you noticed the bulge in his pants getting slightly bigger. You smiled to yourself as you faced forward again, removing your arms from the straps and pushing your dress all the way down until it pooled at your feet.

You stepped out of it and slowly turned around to face Ichigo, watching as his eyes drifted up and down your body a few times. You smiled as you slowly walked towards him, spreading your legs and straddling his lap. You immediately felt his growing erection through the thin fabric of your panties, feeling a surge of excitement pulse through your core. You immediately wanted to thrust him inside you...but you knew it would have to wait. Instead you reached forward and grabbed his tie, pulling him to a sitting position before you. You closed your eyes as you pulled more towards you, your lips crashing into his once they made contact.

Ichigo's hands shyly rested on your waist, starting to glide up and down once he felt your soft skin. His hands began to press rougher as his kiss became more intense, pressing deeply against your own. You were surprised when you felt his tongue slide along your bottom lip; could he really be taking a somewhat perverted action? You smiled to yourself as you slowly opened your mouth, purposely keeping your tongue on your side to see what his would do. You were once again surprised as his tongue actively sought out yours, rubbing forcefully against it. You smiled against the kiss as your right hand wove into his hair, your left keeping its grip on his tie as you continued pulling him against you.

You slowly broke away from the kiss and looked deep into your lover's eyes, him doing the same. At that point you weren't really surprised that you saw lust in them, his eyes dilated from looking at something he absolutely loved. You giggled as you pulled back a bit more, loosening Ichigo's tie before you pulled it over his head and tossed it to the side. You smiled as you placed your hands on either side of his face and leaned in to kiss him. He returned the gesture as his hand went back to roaming your bare sides. Your hands trailed softly down his face and neck, coming to rest at the first button of his shirt. You undid the first button, your hand teasing the little skin that was exposed after doing so.

You continued undoing the buttons on his shirt until they were all open, slightly exposing his extremely fine chest. Your hands roamed up and down his silky skin, drifting up to his shoulders as you began to push the cloth away from his body. He pulled his hands from your form as he reached behind him, sliding off the sleeves before the whole article fell free from his being. He tossed it also to the side before his hands found your sides again. Ichigo moved further onto the bed, you still in his lap, rotating so he was lying normally on the bed as he lowered his head to your pillows, you still connected in the kiss.

You slowly broke away, your eyes sliding open as you looked down into the lustful face of your lover. You smiled as you sat up, staring down at his exposed, fine chest as your fingers ghosted along the muscles, causing them to twitch under your touch. DAMN was he could stare at his body all day. You were pulled from your increasingly naughty thoughts as Ichigo chuckled softly. Your eyes shot up to his as he spoke. "You really like my stomach, don't you?"

You smiled as you looked back down at the toned glory before you. "I do," you admitted. "It's very sexy."

"Did you think it was sexy a year ago?"

"I--" Your brows suddenly furrowed. "Of course I did, why wouldn't I?"

"Oh, so you weren't just feeling me up for the fun of it then."

You blinked at the smiling boy beneath you until you suddenly gasped. "W-wait! Kiyo's house?!" He nodded simply as it was your turn to start blushing. "Is that why you were laughing?!"

"I found out the house was clear for awhile, but as I was coming out I saw you touching my stomach. So I decided to wait awhile and see what else you would do." A smirk came to his face. "Turns out I wasn't disappointed."

Your blush was still most definitely present. "I can't believe you saw! Why did you never say anything?!"

"What was I supposed to say? 'Oh yeah, by the way, I saw you feeling me up. How'd it feel?' Somehow I don't think that would've made you feel any better." You stared at him for awhile before you turned to the side with a huff, causing Ichigo to laugh beneath you.

"Y'know what? You just earned yourself a teasing," you said, turning back towards him and seeing his smirk replaced with a worried look. With that you reached down and undid his belt buckle, whipping out the belt from the pant loops and tossing it across the room as you began to undo his pants. Ichigo began stuttering worriedly as you undid the button and zipped down the fly, lifting yourself up slightly as you pulled them down to his knees. You sat back down on his thighs, your eyes unable to look away from the cute tent his boxers were making. You were going to make a sly comment, but decided against it; Ichigo was prudish enough already, no need to give him a reason to be. Instead you smiled, resisting with all your might the urge to start playing with it as you reached back, pulling his pants off completely and throwing them haphazardly off the bed.

You reached forward, tentatively stroking the tent's hard pole up and down. Ichigo failed to suppress his moan as he tilted his head back, instinctively bucking his hips towards you. You smirked at his reaction as you stopped stroking, placing your hands on his sides as you gripped the top of his boxers. Ichigo's eyes widened as he began to stutter again. "Suri, I-I..." You paid no mind though, pulling them down and completely off as they were flung to the far corners of your room. Your eyes remained glued to the stiff rod pointing straight up, unable to hide the smile threatening to take over. Ichigo shifted uncomfortably, obviously embarrassed about being naked.

You smiled as you leaned down, carefully taking him into your hands. "Don't be so shy, Ichigo," you whispered to him as your hands worked their way up and down his hard erection. "I love your body..." You gripped harder, causing him to moan through his closed lips again as he clenched his eyes. The sound of his moaning caused some liquid to seep out from your excited opening, lightly tickling your outer walls. You lightly rubbed yourself against Ichigo's leg as you continued to work his hardness in your hands. The more he moaned, the harder you grabbed, knowing he was fully enjoying it even if he would never admit it.

Your fingers continued trailing the soft, dark skin, your tips teasing his throbbing jewels and triggering a moan from Ichigo's soft lips. "Mmm...S-Suri..." You couldn't hide your smile as you began rubbing up and down, pumping the skin between your tight grip. His hips writhed and bucked, more pleasure sounds emanating from his lips as you could feel him getting closer to his release. Your hands continued roaming around his length as you quickened your pace, somewhat moaning quietly yourself from Ichigo's constant noises. After a few more pumps of your hands, Ichigo finally cried out as a shot of white liquid erupted from his erection. A few drops landed on your hand as you slowed your pace to a stop, looking up into the bashful face of your boyfriend. You smirked as you removed your hands and brought them to your mouth, licking off the few splots that had landed on them.

You looked back up to Ichigo, who was barely making eye contact, obviously embarrassed about what had just transpired. You smiled cutely at him as you ran your hands down his bare chest. "Y'know what... I think you just need some motivation. I'm still convinced you're just a Sex God just waiting to be released!" He looked at you curiously as you hopped off his lap and stood up on the floor, turning to face him with a seductive look. You reached back slowly, unclipping your bra and sliding the straps down your arms. A blush formed on Ichigo's face as he watched the article fall from your being, his eyes unable to look away from your now bare breasts. Hot damn. They were even more beautiful when they weren't covered up. His eyes slowly traced down your body until they came to rest at your hands slipping under the waist band of your panties. Oh sweet Yamamoto...if you were as beautiful as he was expecting, he was pretty sure the Sex God WOULD be released.

His blush darkened as you finally dropped your last piece of clothing, pausing for effect as Ichigo looked your beautiful naked body up and down. You strolled back over to him, your eyes locked on his as you spread your legs over him again. You sat more near his knees and leaned over slightly, watching his erection grow as he continued eyeing your body. His eyes widened as he saw you lean down further, placing your head and mouth near his nether regions. You smirked up at him before you closed your eyes and leaned in, sticking your tongue out and gently licking the now fully-hardened rod. Ichigo twitched in anticipation, tilting his head back as he prepared to experience the bliss that was sure to follow.

You licked your tongue up and down his length, occasionally planting soft kisses here and there. After you noticed liquid gently oozing from his tip, you figured he was turned on enough. You then took him slowly into your mouth, your tongue grazing over the very tip as you tightened your mouth around his circumference. Your tongue lapped up the small bit of fluid he had excreted before tickling around the area that you had in your mouth. After a few moans of protest from going too slow, you slowly took more of him into your mouth, your tongue still slowly teasing his soft skin as it traveled down his rod. You eventually took his whole length into your mouth, remaining there as your tongue traveled up and down and above and below.

After a few more teasing licks, you pulled your mouth away, keeping only the very tip in as your tongue teased the fragile end. You felt Ichigo shudder as he gripped the sheets at his side, moaning your name and pleading for more. You felt more of your own excited liquid seeping from your entrance as you pulled him back into you, beginning a slow pumping motion while your tongue glided along with your mouth. You slowly increased your pace, sucking occasionally to create pressure for his delicate area. Ichigo moaned and writhed above you. "F-faster..." he rasped out, his sexy tone only encouraging you to do as he said. Perhaps if you made him orgasm again you would unleash the Sex God you were sure was hidden. Because honestly, no boy could be as much of a prude as Ichigo seems to be...right?

You were cut off from your thoughts as Ichigo moaned, making you realize you had accidentally begun closing your mouth, causing your teeth to slightly grind against him. Noticing the reaction you got, you began to gently lower your teeth down and drag them along the edge of his skin. Once again you got the same response, Ichigo moaning aloud as he began to buck his hips towards you. You felt his hands intertwine with your hair as he pushed you further against him, only urging you to go harder and faster. He began grunting out low moans, giving you a clue that he was probably close to coming again...if his throbbing in your mouth was any indication. You continued your pumping and licking and grazing, sucking roughly as you finally felt the release in your mouth. Ichigo let out a rough sigh as you slowly slid him out of your mouth, gently licking him as you pulled away and swallowing the little bit that remained in your mouth.

You sat back with a smile, your rear between Ichigo's calves as your legs remained spread on either side of his hips. Ichigo was panting, his head still rested back on your pillows before he slowly lowered his eyes to look at you. "Well?" you asked huskily, only earning a blush and silly grin before he looked up at the ceiling again. You looked his body up and down, once again feeling entranced by the amazing muscles he had. And his manhood...oh it had felt so good. You wanted it inside you, and you wanted it inside you now. You found yourself staring at it, lying there just as exhausted as Ichigo was, as you began to feel more pulses of excitement rush to your core. You clenched your eyes as your smile faded, your hands slowly reaching towards your moist opening. "Dammit, Ichigo... How can you still be such a prude?" you whispered out, not loud enough for him to hear. You moved your fingers towards your womanhood, your index fingers pulling apart the sides before they slowly sunk in themselves. You moaned lightly as you slowly rubbed them in and out, imagining Ichigo's stiff rod doing it instead. The thought of that excited you more, causing you to slightly pick up the pace...

Until you felt them stop completely.

You opened your eyes, seeing dark brown ones staring right back at you. You were too preoccupied to notice that Ichigo had sat up and was now grasping your hands; little did you know what you whispered WAS just loud enough for him to hear. You stared at him blankly as he slowly slid your fingers out from your depths, holding your hands calmly as he continued looking deep into your eyes. "You could've just asked," he murmured softly, a small smirk coming to his face. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, but paused as his lips grazed yours. "Oh, and by the way..." You blinked at him as he slowly slid his eyes open again. "You've unleashed the Sex God." With that, he closed his eyes again and crashed his lips against yours, you letting out a mix between a moan and a whine as you felt his fingers penetrate your opening. You immediately fell backwards into a lying position, keeping connected in the passionate kiss as his fingers continued stroking your inner walls.

His long, slick fingers delved deeper in, pressing deeply into you and stretching you out. His other hand slid up your bare body to your breasts, grabbing one and starting to knead it roughly as he forced his tongue into your mouth. You let out a giggle-moan of pleasure as you started to rock your hips against his fingers. Taking that as a good sign, Ichigo began slowly pulling his fingers out of you before sliding them back in, beginning a slow pumping motion. You whined in protest at his slow speed, trying to rock your hips faster so you could finally achieve the release you had been wanting. Ichigo, figuring he had kept you waiting long enough, decided to pick up the pumping pace. You noticed him grab your breast harder as his fingers roughly worked your insides. You broke away from the current kiss with a moan, your hands weaving haphazardly through his hair.

Ichigo smiled as his fingers pumped you rougher, his lips moving down to plant gentle kisses on the soft skin of your neck. "Mmm...I-Ichigo..." you whined, your legs twitching as you continued bucking your hips in rhythm with his pumps. You felt his muscles flex when you moaned his name, allowing him to pump harder and quicker in and out of you. After a few more rough thrusts, you cried out his name, feeling your nether region clench tightly before your juices flowed out in orgasm. Ichigo licked your neck before he slowly sat back, pulling his fingers from your moist cavern and licking what had gotten on his hands. Your eyes hazily gazed up and down his amazing body, the notion of you about to screw your boyfriend not really hitting you.

You were interrupted from your thoughts as Ichigo leaned over you again, holding himself up by his hands on either side of your head. He smiled softly as he leaned down and gave you a small, chaste kiss. "I love you, Suri," he whispered quietly before he opened his eyes to look into yours. "Are you ready?"

A relieved smile came to your features as you looked into his sincere eyes. "I think I was ready before you were, Ichigo." He laughed softly before he closed his eyes again and leaned down, capturing your lips in another passionate kiss. A painful whine emanated from your throat as you felt his erection enter you. You felt as one of his hands came up and gently stroked your face, his lips still locked on yours as he slowly eased himself into you. Your tight walls stretched roughly to accommodate his large size, causing a few tears to prick your eyes. As though he could sense it, Ichigo moved his fingers to gently brush them away before they went back to calmly stroking your face.

You finally felt his manhood hit your far back wall before he slowly began pulling himself out again, pushing back in once his tip was at the entrance. He continued his slow pace, pushing completely into you before taking himself almost completely out. You let out a soft whine of pain occasionally, the noises decreasing in frequency with his strokes as you began to get used to the pain. Soon enough the whimpers stopped altogether, eventually being replaced by moans of pleasure. You felt Ichigo smile into the kiss, realizing your pain had subsided and you were ready to go. He began to quicken his pace, seeming to go faster each time you urged him on with a muffled moan. He pulled away from the kiss and gently kissed the side of your neck. "I love the noises you make," he whispered hoarsely, gently biting your earlobe. You cried out another moan as shivers were sent down your body. "Say my name," he continued whispering, still pumping into you. "I wanna know I can pleasure you...I wanna know this feels good..."

You tilted your head back with a squeal of a moan. "Ichigo! God, you make me feel amazing... Don't stop, don't stop!" He tilted his head into the crook of your neck, seemingly getting leverage as your words coaxed him into going faster.

He moaned next to your ears as he continued his thrusts. "God you feel so good," he moaned, his voice strained from exerting himself. "And I get to pleasure you at the same time... Damn, this is the best feeling in the world...!" It seemed his own words and thoughts turned him on more, making him groan as he continued pounding into you. It seems his recent power surge caused him to change his angle slightly, just enough so he was now pounding into your g-spot. You squealed out at the new pressure building in your core, showing Ichigo you were experiencing the maximum pleasure. Wanting nothing more than to make you happy, he continued his thrusting into the same spot, you feeling the pressure continue to build up with each and every thrust.

"Nng!...Oh, faster Ichigo!" you pleaded, your eyes clenched as you felt yourself getting close to your release. You continued urging him on with your pleas and constant moaning, Ichigo speeding up until you were certain it was his Shinigami speed he was tapping into. The force he began to drill you with was becoming too much to bear for your poor nerve bundle. Your eyes suddenly snapped open, fireworks shooting off behind your field of vision as you let out a loud cry. Your core tightened around Ichigo as your juices flowed over him, adding more lubricant to his endeavor. However, the feeling of your tight depths surrounding his fragile stick was all he needed. He clenched his eyes as he too moaned, his seed shooting out and covering your inner walls.

You both panted from exhaustion as he slowly pulled himself from you, laying his head down on your chest as your hearts beat rhythmically. You wrapped your arms around his sweaty, naked form and ran one of your hands through his soft hair on his head. "Well, are you happy?" Ichigo asked breathlessly.


"'ve turned me into a sex addict. You released the Sex God and now you have to pay the consequences."

You giggled as you held him closer. "So does that mean we'll be having sex more often now?" He slowly lifted his head to gaze deeply into your eyes. His sultry look he gave you was all the answer you needed. You smirked before you spoke again. "So how often? Like...right now?"

He blinked once. "Well I--"

He had no time to finish his sentence as he was already rotated backwards onto his back as you straddled him. "You said I had to pay for my consequences, Ichigo," you reminded him before you leaned down next to his face. "And now I think it's pay day." You captured his lips in a rough kiss as you leaned down, taking his length into your hands as you began massaging up and down. He bucked his hips and let out a muffled moan, its noise quieted by your passionate kiss. Soon enough he was hard again and pre-cum was already collecting on his tip. You pulled your hands away and broke the kiss as you sat up and smirked down at your lover. "You said you were the Sex God," you reminded him smugly. "Why do you look so worried?"

"I-I'm not--..."

You smirked as you rose up on all fours and crawled the few inches up, your face right above his as you were still in crawling position. "You'll be begging soon enough, don't worry..." With that, you slid your lower half down, your wet entrance allowing Ichigo's hardness to slip in easily. Ichigo tilted his head back with a moan as you sat down completely on him, feeling his tip touch the far back wall; he seemed to be just the perfect size. You placed your hands on his sexy, smooth chest and began rocking back and forth, feeling his hard rod move along with your tight insides.

Ichigo gave a strange moan laugh as his hands gripped the sheets next to him. "This feels so good, Suri!" he mumbled, though it was only groaned out due to his rising excitement. "You're so wet and tight...I've never felt so good in my entire life!"

You on the other hand were way too blissful to even respond, your head tilted back as you giggled darkly in pleasure. Your hands grabbed at his chest as though to get leverage as you continued riding the hot man below you. You used your leg muscles to push you deeper onto him, digging roughly and accidentally causing tears of pain to prick your eyes. However the sexy moan from Ichigo told you he had enjoyed it, so you kept up the digging until your abused core eventually got used to it.

You soon felt Ichigo's hands on your hips, pushing you even further onto him as he helped you pick up the rocking pace. You slid your hands up and rested them on his shoulders, using them as better leverage to pull you forward as you continued using your legs to help you rock harder. You shifted yourself to the right slightly, trying to find your g-spot that Ichigo had unknowingly hit before. You didn't feel any different so you slid back over slightly to the left, angling yourself and seeing if perhaps that would help. No matter how you moved, it didn't seem to give you any more pleasure than you already had building. You reluctantly gave up and continued your hard, quick rocking into Ichigo's hips.

You heard Ichigo chuckle darkly, causing you to open your eyes and look down at his smirking face as you both kept up the pace. "Looking for something?" he asked smugly. Before you could answer, you felt his hands tightly grip your hips and lean you to the right, to a new angle you somehow hadn't tried. Right away you let out a cry, feeling the debilitating shock in your depths as his hardness continued slamming into it.

You continued whining, your voice coming out as a weak whimper from your pleasure, "You...know my g-spot!...Nng...Ahhh God harder!"

He grunted out a moan before he responded. "I make sure to remember important things..." His smirk was soon replaced by his clenched eyes as he hissed, feeling you start to tighten as you got closer to your release. You both groaned and grunted and moaned, both using all your muscles to push deeper and rock faster. You heard Ichigo's noises gradually get louder as you felt his rod begin to throb. You slid your hands down his sweaty body, sliding between your rocking bodies as you gently teased his jewels. He cried out with a moan as you continued pushing him towards his climax, you eventually groaning out his name to urge him on. With a few more gentle grabs of your hands and thrusts of your hips, his seed once again exploded into you. The feeling was different than before since you had yet to reach your own orgasm.

You felt his liquid coat your walls, the initial shot of his release aimed right at your g-spot. The harsh explosion at point blank range was enough to clench your gut. Another thrust or two was all you needed to moan out his name, your core clenching around him as you released your fluid out, mixed slightly with Ichigo's release earlier. You both panted and breathed heavily as you slowly lifted yourself off of him, collapsing down onto his body from fatigue. You felt him lazily wrap his arms loosely around your waist, kissing your forehead as you snuggled closer together.

You lay together for awhile, the only sound in the whole room the labored breathing and heavy heart beats of you two. You gently kissed his neck as you slid your eyes closed, feeling him tighten his hold briefly before he relaxed again. Soon enough you had both regained your normal pace and were breathing normally again. "Suri... That was amazing."

You smiled and let out a soft giggle. "See, I knew you were a Sex God just waiting to be released."

"You've gotten me addicted to sex," he said, just a bit too calmly.

You couldn't help but laugh aloud. "I would've never expected a prude to say that!"

"Hey, I'm not a prude..." Your disbelieving laugh said you thought otherwise. "Do you want me to prove it?"

You lifted your head and smiled at him. "Yes! Please do!"

He smirked before he laid his head back down and closed his eyes. "I think you forget the amount of stamina I have. I'm a Substitute Soul Reaper after all; I doubt you can keep up."

"Well why don't we prove it?" you responded smugly.

"Why don't we...?" he answered huskily. You felt one of his hands drift down your back and over your rear, cupping your entrance and slowly sliding one of his long fingers along your still-wet entrance.

Your response was only a shudder, Ichigo chuckling before he retracted his hand and placed it back around your waist. You smiled to yourself and slowly slid your eyes closed, savoring the moment while it was still fresh in your mind.

You had just given yourself to Ichigo, the man you loved and were more than willing to spend the rest of your life with. The same could be said for Ichigo, giving himself to the one girl he had even come close to loving. Now he was sure you were meant for each other...and soon enough he was going to seal the deal. He'd just have to think of a romantic way to do it...

You on the other hand were still focused on the previous happenings. You always thought Ichigo was so shy, yet you were able to make him succumb to his hormones and give you the best night of your life. And judging by the silly grin that was still on his face, you were sure he had the best night of his life as well. Who knew Ichigo had so much pent-up sex he was just waiting to release on you? It made you happy to think he was no longer the prude you always teased him to be. But was he kidding about his stamina? Probably not. You were pretty sure he'd be more than willing to show you first hand as week more than likely.

"Oh, and Suri?" You slid your eyes open, but kept your head rested on his chest. He smiled himself as he ran a hand calmly through your hair. "Happy Anniversary." A tear of happiness escaped your eyes as you closed them gently, hugging Ichigo tightly to you.

"Happy Anniversary, Ichigo."


[1] You jumped up from your seat and packed your things before you ran out of the room, making double sure you had your cards before you hurried off the school grounds. -- For some reason I just thought of Yu-Gi-Oh! You must make sure you have your cards at all time in case someone challenges you to a DUEL! X3

[2] "Ichigo Kurosaki...The one that's gonna beat your ass!" -- Thanks to Meg for this line. I asked her what would be a good Ichigo line and she suggested this, which I like a lot x3 THANKS MEGGGG!!!

[3] Ichigo responded with a smirk as he wielded a giant sword; your eyes widened at the size, never seeing a sword that huge in your life. -- *dirty thoughts* That's all that needs to be said about that line x3

[4] "M-Ms. Orikasa!" you exclaimed in unison. -- I have no idea what that teacher's name is...but she's the crazy one that Ichigo had at the start of the Bount Arc ^^;

[5] "I've never really...taken the time to watch a sun set before..." -- Yes, I made sun set two words. I meant it differently than "sunset", which is a noun. 'Sun set' is a noun and a verb. So like...she's never watched a sun setting basically what I mean. ^^

[6] Ichigo blushed again and smiled shyly before he bowed. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir." -- I realize Suri said the same thing when she met Ichigo's dad...but it's kind of symbolic how they're both nervous to meet the other's father and ended up saying the same thing. XD

[7] "Can you do that again? My eyes were open." -- Y'know how when you're taking a picture and someone's like, "DO IT AGAIN! MY EYES WERE CLOSED!"...Well kinda same concept, but with eyes open x3

[8] Ichigo had been knocked to the ground, blood dripping from his head and his sword knocked from his grasp. -- I read a comment somewhere that Ichigo's head bleeds a lot. I never noticed until I read that...then I realized how true it is! Poor Ichiiii :(


FINALLY the end! This took me quite awhile to write...but not as long as you may think. It was 75 or so pages in Word O.o That surprised me. But I hope you guys like it, despite its length! Please review and let me know what you think XD

Oh yeah. In case you don't know (cuz I didn't x3) a Katar looks like this. So that's...that. Thanks to Meg for helping me with this idea ^^

Actually thanks to Meg for a lot of ideas XD She helped me a lot with this. THANK YOU MEEEEG! She has some Bleach stories of her own over at FOS so go check 'em out (GhostKitsune).

That's it I think. Sorry for being so long, but I love Ichigo and he deserved a long story x3 Please let me know what you think! Thank you! XD

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