"69" by SacredTear

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There are so few Hisagi stories out there, it makes me sad. Not that this is a story, but y'know. One-shots too. Anyway. This is a LONG story, but there is a lemon included near the end so if you want to read just that, look for the BOLD section. Also, since this is a lemon, I refer to some of the Soul Reaper clothes. If you are inept like me, here's what they are:
Shihakusho - the entire outfit
Kimono - the upper part of the outfit
Keigoki - the short-sleeved thing Hisagi wears
Kosode - an under-kimono type thing
Hakama - the baggy pants

Yay. I think that's it. Please enjoy this and let me know what you think!
"C'mon, Tanryo! You aren't trying hard enough! You'll never gain a seat if you fight like that, ha ha!"

"Grr, shut up, (Name)!" He took a slash at you but you easily dodged. He was really too easy to annoy, thus throwing off his concentration and the rest of his fighting technique.

You giggled as you ducked from another slash of his Zanpakuto, only serving to further anger the 5th seat Shinigami. "You really need more work, Tanryo!" you taunted more.

"Hado #4! White Lightning!"

You widened your eyes at the incoming attack. For the first time since the fight started you drew your Zanpakuto, deflecting the Kido attack off to the side and watching as it exploded into the side wall. You blinked at the clearing smoke before turning to your opponent with a glare. "What the hell was that, Tanryo?!"


You both winced (Tanryo more than you of course) and turned to the north wall, seeing a very unpleased Lieutenant glaring. "Um...y-yes, Lieutenant?" Tanryo stuttered.

"You know Kido isn't allowed in sparring sessions," he said as he crossed his arms, keeping his glare on the Soul Reaper before you. "Is there a reason you felt the need to betray this rule?"

"I...I um..."

"It's my fault, Lieutenant," you said as you bowed slightly. "I was antagonizing him and--"

"If he can't handle the pressure, then perhaps he shouldn't even be the 5th seat in this Division."

"I'm sorry, Lieutenant," Tanryo apologized, bowing and kneeling down. "It won't happen again."

"See that it doesn't." He turned away, causing you and Tanryo to exchange nervous glances before standing up straight again. "Alright! That's enough sparring for today. Good job, you are all dismissed!"

You looked around, seeing all the other lower seats mutter amongst themselves as they dispersed. "Hey...sorry, (Name). I just got carried away I guess. I didn't--"

"Don't worry about it," you said as you shook your head. "I'm sorry you got in trouble."

"No, he's right though. I need to learn to control my temper...or else I'll never get promoted."

You smirked. "Not that you would anyway."

He glared at you and was about to rebuttal until a familiar voice rang across the arena. "(Name)! Can I see you over here for a moment?"

You and Tanryo looked towards your Lieutenant, seeing his familiar glare at you both. "Um, yes, Sir." You turned to Tanryo, who looked downright terrified. "I'll see you at the barracks, Tanryo."

He looked at you, then past you at the Lieutenant, then back to you. "Um...okay. Be careful."

You smiled reassuringly at him. "I'll be fine, thanks. See ya later, Tanryo." He nodded, stole another glance at the glaring 2nd seat, then hurried off across the arena to the farthest exit. You smiled as you watched him go before turning and walking towards your Lieutenant, kneeling before him once you got there.

"Just what are you smiling about?"

You giggled as you looked up at him. "How intimidated he is of you." He rose an eyebrow, questioning your statement. "You really aren't all that intimidating! I don't know why he's afraid!"

"I'll show YOU intimidated!" You blinked as you looked up at him, only to be tackled to the ground almost immediately afterwards. You giggled as you were thrown to the ground as his weight crashed down on top of you. He leaned up slightly and smirked down at you. "How bout now?"

You grunted, feeling his weight crush the extra air out of your abdomen. "Intimidating, no. But you sure are heavy!"

He glared at you before a smirk formed across his features. "Well that's too bad for you, because I could lie here allll day!"

With that and a blissful smile, the rest of his weight fell atop of you, his head resting on your well-endowed chest. "Ugh!" you groaned, feeling more air escape your lungs. "Gak! Can't...breathe..." He sighed contentedly before snuggling closer to you, pretending not to hear you. "Ugh...Dammit, Hisagi! Get offa me! Don't make me stab you with my Zanpakuto!"

He chuckled as he finally let up some of his weight, only enough so he could prop himself up and look down at you. "You'd release your Zanpakuto on a commanding officer? Something tells me that's not ethical, (Name)!"

You glared at him, feeling some of your air slowly return into your lungs. "You're one to talk about ethicality..." He laughed before he finally got off of you, offering his hand to help you stand up. You glared at him, but reluctantly took it as he yanked you to a stand. "So what was the purpose of tackling me?" you asked as you dusted yourself off.

"To show I'm intimidating!" He held his arm out to the side, indicating for you to start walking that direction; you did so before he fell into step beside you. "And besides, I didn't want you walking with a 5th seater anyway."

"Hey, what's wrong with Tanryo?" you asked, trying to defend your friend.

"His temper. He won't be able to control it on the battlefield," he answered seriously, looking forward. "He has good skill, I'll give him that. But he needs to learn to control himself."

"Well I don't see anything wrong with that. Rage gives you strength after all." You didn't get a response, causing you to look over at your friend. Hisagi was looking straight, seeming deep in thought about something or other. But what could he be thinking about? What could've been bothering him? You lowered your eyes sadly before looking at the ground before you. You had known Hisagi for a long time, yet there was so much you still didn't know about him. Reading his emotions was probably one of the toughest things to do. You'd think you would've tried to pay more attention since you had a crush on the Lieutenant of the 9th Squad, but that fact probably just muddled your mind more so than it already was.

Curse him and his sexy good looks!

"Say...Shuuhei..." You had to cheer him up somehow! Well, not that you knew he needed cheering up, but you might as well change the awkward silence, right? He looked at you out of his peripheral vision to show he was listening. "What say we have a race back to the barracks? But I mean a REAL race, with running. No fair using Flash Step; and no fair trying to sabotage the other either, got it?" You threw in the last part since you knew he had a tendency to cheat. Hey, just because he was an 'honorable' Lieutenant didn't mean he didn't always try to win!

He looked forward again. "Now why would I agree to those terms? Running is obsolete if you can Flash Step."

"Well yeah but...what if you're in a situation where you CAN'T Flash Step?" You crossed your arms and closed your eyes but continued walking along with Hisagi. "Then you'll be forced to run and you'll be wishing you listened to me and---"

"You're losing!" you heard in a singsong voice ahead of you.

You opened your eyes and blinked, seeing Shuuhei no longer next to you. You furrowed your eyebrows as you looked forward, seeing him dashing away at impressive speeds and gaining distance between you two. You growled before you broke into a run after him. "Grr, dammit Shuuhei! You're a cheater! I didn't even say go!"

He looked back slightly but continued running ahead. "Hey, you never mentioned in your 'no fair' rules that I had to wait for you to say go! That was perfectly legal!"

You growled in frustration as you pushed your body harder, attempting to catch up to the Lieutenant you had a crush on. In terms of Flash Stepping, Hisagi was much more skilled than you; but when it came to straight out running, you were definitely superior. You smiled to yourself as you slowly began gaining distance on the scarred warrior. You were only mere feet from him now, almost within reach. You smirked to yourself. I'll show HIM to disobey my rules! You reached your hand forward, intent on grabbing him somehow and throwing him behind you, thus giving you a far greater advantage. However, once your hand reached forward, Hisagi disappeared before reappearing 20 yards away in a Flash Step. "SHUUHEI!!!"

You only heard him laugh as he continued running, the distance between you far too great to offer any hope of you catching up. After a few twists and turns throughout the Seireitei you made it back to the Squad 9 barracks, seeing Hisagi standing next to your house with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. "Well! Took you long enough!"

You jogged up next to him until you came to a stop, resting your hands on your knees as you leaned over to catch your breath. After a few moments you finally did so then stood up to glare at him. "You're such a freakin' cheater, Hisagi!"

"Not at all!" he chirped, closing his eyes smugly. "I sensed you were trying to sabotage me, which, if I remember correctly," he said, opening an eye to peek at you briefly before closing it again, "was against one of your rules. So since you broke a rule, I decided to break a rule and use Flash Step, thus canceling yours out!"

"You cheated from the start when you didn't wait for me to say go!"

He shrugged. "Well it's not my fault that wasn't listed in the instructions!"

"Well NORMAL people know that's proper racing etiquette!" you fumed. You sighed in frustration and went to lean against the wall of your house, crossing your arms and closing your eyes as you rested. "You're just so infuriating."

The next thing you knew, two palms were slammed on either side of your face against your house. You jumped as your eyes sprang open, only to see a smug Shuuhei looking at you. You glanced at his arms out of the corners of your eyes, seeing that they effectively blocked any means of escape. "Infuriating, huh?" he asked, his voice almost seductive. You couldn't control the blush that was forming on your face, you were sure of it. He smirked as he leaned forward, his lips mere centimeters from your ear. "Are you going to do something about it?" he breathed, his warm breath tickling your ear and causing you to shudder slightly.

"I...I-I..." you stuttered as he pulled back, his seductive look still present. He slowly leaned closer, his lips getting closer and closer to yours. He...he can't want to kiss me, can he? He's never told me how he felt, this isn't like him! The blush on your face got noticeably deeper. Shuuhei... His lips were micrometers from yours now, so close you could feel the heat.

"Didn't think so!" With that, he pulled away suddenly arms and all, leaving you in a stunned, paralyzed daze. He was so close...why didn't YOU just kiss him? You slid your eyes closed as you thought. He probably didn't even want to kiss me. I would've just made a fool of myself. "Well I have paperwork to do," he continued, causing you to open your eyes to him. He smiled sweetly; you wouldn't have pegged him for a teasing jerk with that handsome of a smile. "I'll see you tomorrow, alright (Name)?"

You finally found your nerves and your voice, allowing you to respond. "Y-yeah... Alright, Hisagi. See ya..." He smirked and nodded his farewell before walking the few feet to his house, disappearing within. You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down. Damn, did he know his effect on you? Damn him if he did! You took another deep breath and composed yourself before you rolled along the wall to your door, sliding it open before you stumbled in. You slid your door closed before you leaned against it. "Dammit, Shuuhei. Why do you tease me?" You burried your face in your hands before running them up and into your hair in a sign of frustration. "It just makes me like you more..." you muttered to yourself, finally lifting yourself off the wall and further into your one-room house. It was late afternoon and since you figured you wouldn't be doing much else, you just made dinner for yourself before making it an early night to bed.

You awoke in the morning feeling very refreshed after your extra few hours of sleep. You were more than ready for sparring practice today! You'd show Tanryo a thing or two about trying to trick you. He won't win today! Well, not that he ever 'won' against you, but today wouldn't be any different; we'll just say that. You hopped up from bed and did some stretches, feeling much more awake after doing so. You smiled to yourself as you ambled over to your 'kitchen' and ate a quick breakfast, thinking back to yesterday. As much as you wanted to ignore it, you couldn't; the vision of Hisagi so close to you, so ready to kiss you...there would be no way it'd leave your mind easily. Perhaps you could get him back? You closed your eyes and shook your head subconsciously; no, that wouldn't work. Who's to say he even likes you? He probably doesn't. *gasp*


He had to like her. You knew they, along with Izuru, have a tendency to drink together. She was definitely gorgeous, you wouldn't deny that fact. And she was closer to his age than you were, there was no doubt he had to have liked her.

You sulked at your new revelation, suddenly feeling sort of sick. Shuuhei wouldn't do that to you, would he? Why would he tease you like that if he liked someone else? You closed your eyes, feeling miserable and guilty until a loud ringing rang through your ears. You immediately perked up. "That's the Division's alarm!" you recalled outloud before you jumped up and grabbed your Zanpakuto before throwing your door open.

"C'mon, we gotta go!" You blinked as you saw a brief flash of Hisagi before you before he took off running. You nodded to yourself as you jumped out of your house, slamming the door closed as you ran after him.

"Only seats 6 and up are required to be present," you recognized the voice of your captain. "Repeat: Only seats 6 through 2 are required." Hmm. Must not be that important then... you thought to yourself. You continued running until you made it to the main headquarters, already seeing Shuuhei, Tanryo, and Hayano present. You jogged to a stop until you were between Shuuhei and Hayano, Tanryo on his other side. The final 6th-seater, whose name you've always failed to remember, showed up moments after you, lining up besides Tanryo. Once you all stood at attention, Tousen began to explain. "We've received reports of a Hollow attack in the world of the living. Judging by the records, they are low level Hollows; you 5 should be enough to take them out."

"Yes, Sir!" you all called in unison. With that, he turned around and opened the gate to the World of the Living. Without a moment to lose, you all dove through and wound up in the dark world of the Living. "They're around here somewhere, be on your guard!" Shuuhei warned.

You turned to the others. "Split up, we may have a better chance that way. If you need back up, pulse your Spiritual Pressure so we can find you!" you directed. With a curt nod, they all took for one.

" careful, alright?" he said, seeming completely serious.

You blinked in surprise. Was he seriously showing concern? A faint smile formed on your face as you responded. "I will. You too, Shuuhei." He reluctantly smiled before nodding and finally taking off. You headed off too, going in a direction you thought you sensed a Hollow. After taking a few twists and turns, you rounded a corner only to come face to face with a Hollow. Well, not literally face to face; the thing was about 5 times taller than you after all. You smirked as you drew your Zanpakuto, holding it before you, poised to attack. "Prepare to be purified, Hollow!" you yelled before jumping up and slashing your sword. It gave out a cry before trying to slash you. You blocked the attack with your sword, using the force to propel you closer to the thing's forehead. "Die!!!" you cried as you stabbed your Zanpakuto straight into the skull-like face off the monster. It froze in its spot as you jumped off, landing on the ground before it disappeared into smaller particles.

You smirked to yourself. Too easy. You turned and ran off another direction, sensing a Hollow somewhere to the South. You ran normally, saving your Flash Step only in case of emergency. Not longer later, you saw a tall, thin Hollow, appearing as though it were attacking something. You furrowed your brows in determination, using a quick Flash Step before running harder towards the beast. Your determined expression fell and you paused once you made it on the scene. "Get out of here, (Name)! This one's mine!"

You crossed you arms as you smirked. "Oh yeah? Are you sure you can handle it, Tanryo?"

"I'll show you!" With that, he jumped up and slashed his Zanpakuto, only to get swatted away easily by the quick Hollow. He did a flip in the air, allowing him to land gracefully on his feet.

"You'll show me, huh? Show me what? How to get smacked?"

He turned and glared at you. "You distracted me! I had it!" You were about to rebuttal until a sword slash caused the Hollow to scream out in pain before dissolving in its usual strange death. You and Tanryo turned to the new face, seeing him stand up from where the Hollow once stood.

"We don't have time to be messing around. Let's keep moving."

"Um. Y-yes, Sir!" Tanryo stuttered.

"We had it taken care of, Hisagi," you said, probably a bit more rudely than you should have.

He seemed not to care, smiling instead. "Sure you did. Let's go." With that, you all nodded and headed off in the same direction in search of the next closest Hollow. "I don't know why Captain Tousen thought the 5 of us were enough. Judging by what I can sense, it seems like there's still quite a few Hollows around."

"But they don't seem very strong," you continued. "Perhaps he knew that?" Hisagi and Tanryo nodded plausibly as you all continued running along. Soon after, your group had come across the next monster, a bit shorter from the last one but still looked just as weak.

"I got this one," Tanryo said, jumping up and whipping out his Zanpakuto in one fluid motion. He yelled as he swung his sword at the beast's head, causing it to yell out before it too dissolved. Tanryo landed dramatically on the ground, paused for a moment, before he turned around and sheathed his sword, smirking at you and Hisagi.

"Not bad, but you need to be faster," Hisagi commented before he turned and ran off.

"What?! Faster?!" Tanryo asked in disbelief. You turned and smirked at Tanryo before you ran off after Hisagi, hearing Tanryo complain before he too followed after. You took this time to try and sense how many more Hollows there were. You couldn't exactly pin it, but from what you could tell there were still quite a few left. Damn, why are all these Hollows here? And why didn't Captain Tousen seem very worried?

"Look out!" You blinked, realizing you were much closer to the next Hollow than you had originally thought. You turned slightly, seeing a shadowed arm swooping at you until something tackled you safely to the ground. You hit the ground rather hard, but saw as you were successfully saved from the attack. "You okay?" Hisagi asked as he leaned up and looked down at you.

"Yeah...I'm fine. I didn't even see that coming..."

Hisagi smirked. "Good thing I'm here to protect you then." You blushed slightly before he jumped up and drew his Zanpakuto. "Let's go!" he yelled as he jumped and slashed at the Hollow. This Hollow took a few more slashes than the others had, but Hisagi still easily disposed of it by the time Tanryo finally caught up.

You stood up and crossed your arms as Hisagi made his way back over to you, sheathing his sword in the process. "Am I going to get to kill any?" you asked, slightly frustrated that the boys were having all the fun.

"No," they answered in unison, sending each other a glare before looking away. You blinked as you tilted your head to the side slightly. What's...their deal? And why did they say no? You hmph'd before you began walking away. "Hey, where are you going?" Hisagi asked.

"I want some action and I'm clearly not going to get any with you two around. I'm going off on my own." You turned towards the confused-looking boys. "And besides, these things look pretty easy to kill. We should be able to clear this area if we're split up like I said anyway."

"Good point," Hisagi agreed. "Fine. Be careful, you two." With that, he disappeared with a Flash Step, leaving you and Tanryo alone.

It seemed like he was about to say something but you cut him off. "You heard him, 'Ryo. Be careful!" You flashed him a smirk before you too disappeared with a Flash Step. You continued running along once you were alone. You closed your eyes in an attempt to focus, but you weren't able to sense any Hollows nearby. That couldn't have been all of them, could it? I feel a faint signal but I can't tell where it is... You continued running with the thought that soon you might get a stronger sensation.

Unfortunately, you continued running for at least 5 minutes, not feeling any stronger feeling whatsoever. You could still tell there were Hollows around; perhaps not as many as before but they were still around. "How troublesome," you said to yourself. "Tousen should've just sent the whole squad so we wouldn't be out here for so lon--" You froze; you stopped in your tracks as your thoughts trailed off. Oh no...A Pressure Pulse! But whose is it? You closed your eyes as you tried to focus, attempting to see who it was as well as where they were. Unfortunately you couldn't sense much. You clenched your eyes in frustration as you attempted focus harder. "I'm so close...I think it's..." Your eyes sprang open as you looked slightly to the left. "That way!" You didn't waste a moment as you took off, Flash Stepping the entire way there. As you got closer, the sensation got stronger. You were glad to know you were heading in the general direction; that was a relief. You were about to Flash Step again until your body froze, finally recognizing the Spiritual Pressure.

"Tanryo..." you trailed off. "Shit! Be careful, 'Ryo!" You took off, Flash Stepping as quickly as you could in the same direction you now knew was the right way. A little while later you saw a huge Hollow, easily twice as big as the weaker ones you had fought before. "Oh my go--" You couldn't finish, the shock too much. That thing is huge! No wonder Tanryo is having a tough time! You furrowed your brows in determination again. Hang on, Tanryo. I'm coming! You jumped off the buildings you had been running across as you continued normal running on the ground; hopefully the Hollow won't see you coming this way. You turned a corner and continued running down the alleyway, seeing a figure that vaguely resembled Tanryo. "There he is..." you whispered to yourself. You pushed yourself harder, hoping you would make it in time. Your eyes widened as you got closer, seeing that it seemed Tanryo had already taken quite a few wounds. He was clutching his arm currently, looking down at the ground, too focused on his pain. You glanced up at the Hollow, seeing it pull back its right clawed arm. "DUCK!!!" you yelled, hoping a simple direction would cause Tanryo to listen to it rather than question who said it.

Unfortunately, either Tanryo didn't hear or he failed to listen to you, for moments after you arrived on scene, the clawed fist came into contact with Tanryo, sending him flying like a rag doll through the air until he smashed against a nearby building. "TANRYO!!!" you cried, tears forming in your eyes. "You bastard!" You pulled out your Zanpakuto as you jumped up towards the skull of the Hollow. You yelled in attack as you slashed down, only to have your sword do minimal damage. You blinked in surprise as you slowly flew through the air, only to furrow your eyebrows as you charged again, landing on the forehead as you slashed and stabbed your sword in rage. Tears of frustration streamed down your face, sad you weren't able to avenge Tanryo and furious you weren't able to do any visual damage. "Damn you, Hollow! Damn you to the deepest gates of hell!"

The expression on the Hollow's face was never-changing as it reached up its clawed hand towards you. You were blinded by rage and unable to see it coming, therefore it caught you off-guard when it trapped you between what could be described as its thumb's and forefinger's claws. You screamed out in pain, feeling its blade-like fingers start to dig into your skin. It plucked you off its face and held you further out and above. "Grrr...damn you!" you growled as more tears fell from your eyes, some from pain, most from rage. You felt as the blades cut deeper into your flesh, blood starting to flow from the wounds. You screamed aloud, sure it was going to cut you in half if this continued. You clenched your eyes as you began to sob. Shuuhei...I should've told you how I felt... I'm going to die here. Die failing to help Tanryo and die failing to tell you how I felt! I'm sorry, Shuuhei... I'm so sorry! "SHUUHEIIIII!!!" The least you could do is have the name of the man you loved be the last thing you spoke.

Suddenly you heard the sound of a sword swooshing through the air before the Hollow cried out in pain. You felt as the blades retracted from your skin and no longer held you up. You watched as blood flew from your cuts as you fell to the ground, sure once you hit that you would die. Oddly never hit the ground. You slowly slid your eyes open, only to see a blurry dark-haired form above you. "(Name)...are you alright?"

A tear of happiness escaped your eye; could this really be happening? "Sh...Shuuhei..." you cried in surprise. Another tear fell from your eye as you leaned your head against his chest. You blinked before looking up at the Hollow. "Look out!" Hisagi's eyes widened before he quickly whipped around and knelt down, protecting you from the incoming attack. You only saw slightly as the clawed hand zoomed by, causing Hisagi to cry out as he apparently got caught by the attack. "Shuuhei! No!"

"I-I'm fine," he groaned, opening his eyes and sending a glare over his shoulder. "Stay here," he told you, gently setting you on the ground. He stood up and turned around, glaring at the monster before him. "I'll protect you, (Name). Please stay there and don't move." He swished his Zanpakuto around before holding it before him in a threatening gesture. The Hollow roared as it lowered its left hand, which was in the shape of a cannon of sorts. The hole slowly began to glow, obviously charging up an energy attack of some sort. Hisagi kept his determined expression on, looking to his left to see the Hollow pulling back its clawed hand as well. He looked forward again, remaining focused and calm as the bright glow from the right got brighter. A few moments later, a light blue beam shot out of its left hand, aimed right at Hisagi. Hisagi calmly jumped in the air to dodge, looking to his left in time to see the right hand flying right at him. He swung his sword and blocked the attack, using the force to propel him towards the thing's face as you had done to a previous Hollow earlier. "RAHHHH!!!" he yelled as he swung, catching the Hollow right between the eyes. It roared as the attack actually hit, causing great damage as it finally dissolved in its death. Hisagi landed with a crouch on the ground before calmly standing up and sheathing his Zanpakuto.

You forced yourself to a stand as you ambled over to him. "Shuuhei, are you okay?" you asked, eyeing the deep scratch in his back.

He turned around and looked at you seriously. "I'm fine, just a flesh wound. How are your arms?"

You looked down at them, seeing blood still flowing freely from the deep cuts. "They've been better..." you muttered, earning a soft chuckle from him. You gasped before you ran over to the right, seeing Tanryo unconscious. "Tanryo!" You shook him gently. "Tanryo!"

"Wait!" You stopped as you turned around to look at Hisagi, who had come up behind you. "He's injured and unconscious; you won't be able to reach him that way." He took a step past you and bent down, picking Tanryo up with ease and wrapping his arm around his shoulder. "Let's head back. I don't sense any more Hollows. I think that was the last one."

You breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness..." You looked up at Hisagi before smiling softly. "Thank you...Shuuhei." He closed his eyes and said nothing as he walked past you, heading back towards the direction of the gate. You sighed sadly before slowly following after him. The rest of the way to the gate was made in silence.

"Lieutenant! Are you alright?!" Mr. 6th-Seat asked worriedly.

"What happened?!" Hayano inquired.

"Just a Hollow attack, we'll be okay," Shuuhei answered coldly.

You held up your communicator. "It's all clear on this side, ready to return to the Soul Society," you relayed into it.

"Understood," was your reply from some generic warrior. Soon enough, a bright light emerged and from it a gate appeared. It slid open and the 5 of you hurried through.


"Quick! Bring him over here!"

"Move, move! Get out of my way!"

"Wait, can't I--" you started, only to be shoved out of the room along with Hisagi. You sighed sadly. "Tanryo..."

"He'll be fine. They told you that about twenty times," Hisagi told you as he crossed his arms.

"I know...but I can't help but worry still..."

"Um, excuse me." You and Hisagi turned around, seeing a shy boy with dark hair looking worriedly at you; judging by his appearance he was clearly from Squad 4.

"Oh! Hey Hanatarou," you greeted. "What's up?"

"I uh... I wanted to help your arms. They don't look so good..."

You looked down at your arms again, seeing blood still freely flowing; why it hadn't clotted yet was beyond you, but it's not like you knew anything about that. "Hmm. Yeah I guess so. Can you fix it?"

He sweat-dropped. "That's what we do in Squad 4..." he said with a smile. You smiled shyly before nodding. Hanatarou nodded in return before he turned around, silently asking you to follow him. You did so, feeling Hisagi follow behind you; you weren't sure why he didn't just leave, but perhaps he didn't have anything else better to do. That made some sense at least...right?

Hanatarou had you lay down on a surprisingly comfortable mat while he tended to your wounds. You weren't quite sure how the 'magic' of Squad 4 worked, but it did and it worked well. The procedure didn't hurt hardly at all and soon enough the blood had stopped flowing and your arms were bandaged up.

"Alright! All done!"

You sat up and moved your arms around, feeling almost as good as new. "Awesome! Thanks a lot, Hanatarou! You're amazing!" The boy blushed as he laughed, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. You stood up and turned to Hisagi, who was actually smiling for some reason or other. You ignored it. "Well, ready to head back?" you asked the Lieutenant.

He nodded. "Sure, ready if you are." You exchanged smiles before he turned to Hanatarou. "Thanks for your help, Yamada."

Hanatarou nodded shyly. "Y-you're welcome, Lieutenant Hisagi! Any time!" You bowed as you and Hisagi bid the leader of the relief squad farewell before walking back to the housing area of Squad 9.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Hisagi asked as you stopped outside your house.

You blinked as you turned to him. "Of course I am. Hanatarou just healed me; I'm as good as new!" you replied with a smile. Your smile faded as you remembered something. "What about you? You had that vicious attack on your back... Let me see," you said, reaching forward to try and turn him around.

He took a step back to avoid you. "I'm fine, don't worry about it." You gave him a pleading look. "What, it's not like I haven't been attacked before," he laughed weakly, obviously indicating the scars on his face. You frowned, knowing he wouldn't give in so easily.

You gasped, causing him to look at you in surprise. "I just thought of something!"

"What?!" You smirked in your mind as you reached forward, successfully grabbing his keikogi and pulling him towards you before turning him around. "Hey!"

You gasped again, only this time it wasn't faked. "Shuuhei! This is horrible! Why didn't you ask Hanatarou to--"

"Because it's not that bad," he replied as he broke free from your grasp, turning around with an expression that wasn't too pleased.

You frowned as you lowered your arms back down to your side, looking down at the ground. " got hurt because of me. I..." you trailed off, not really knowing what you were planning on saying.

"...Don't worry about it." You looked up at him, seeing him look off to the side. Why was there suddenly so much tension between you two? Where did it come from?

You smiled faintly. "Hey...I have a first aid kit. Will you let me take care of it?"

His eyes snapped over to you...and you could've sworn you saw some red peeking out from his nose bandage. "What? Why would I let you do it?"

"Because I won't let you say no," you said firmly, opening your door and leading with your arm as though to prove your point.

He eyed your house before looking back at you, seeing you challenge him, just taunting him to say no; it was a challenge now...and he couldn't say no to a challenge. He finally sighed in defeat as he ran his hand through his hair. "Fine," was all he said before he took the few steps forward and past you into your house. You smiled to yourself as you slid the door closed, looking up and seeing Hisagi look somewhat upset.

You giggled. "What. Is the 'big, tough, lieutenant' all sad he has to let his 2nd in command take care of himmm?" you asked in a baby voice, speaking as though he were a little kid.

He turned his head to the side, obviously embarrassed about something or other. "You'll get yours. Just you wait."

You laughed as you walked across the room. "Ha! Right, okay." You took your first aid kit from the closet before you turned around and nodded towards your bed. "Well, lay down." He took a step until you stopped him, "Wait." He did so and looked at you; you blushed. "U-um...I think it might be easier if you took your Shihakusho off. Or, well not the whole thing, but...y'know, the top. Or...well--"

"That eager?" he asked with a smirk on his face. You flushed deeper as you stuttered. He merely laughed as he reached down, slowly gripping the edge of his keikogi as he raised it up over his head. If you weren't blushing you sure as hell were now. You couldn't tear your eyes away from the beauty of his chest and his well-defined abs. You told yourself to look away, begged yourself...but you wouldn't listen! You finally tore your eyes away to look at Hisagi's eyes once he cleared his throat. "So, should I lie down?" he asked, his smug tone clear in his voice. You nodded dumbly, watching in a daze as he slowly lay on his stomach on your bed. You took a subtle breath as you walked over, about to set your supplies on his right...then his left...then--

Crap. Which side should you work from?

The wound stretched all the way from his right side up to his left shoulder blade. The more you looked at it, the more it looked worse than you thought. The best way to do this would be to be right in the middle, but that would entail you to...

"What are you waiting for?" he asked with a smirk. You blushed as you looked at him watching you expectantly. "Hey, you asked me to come here, I better not be waiting around!"

You sighed and decided to swallow your pride and just go for it. You clenched your eyes and took a deep breath before you took a small step over to him, bending down and straddling his rear as you placed your bent legs on either side of him. Oh Lord...even his ass was incredibly muscular. You reveled in the feeling, realizing you wanted so much more from this man that lay half naked below you; unfortunately, it was not meant to be. You sulked slightly at this thought as you decided to move on with your assigned duties. You set the kit off to the side as you went to work, first sterilizing the wounds and cleaning them the best you could. You may not have known how Squad 4 did their work, but you still knew a thing or two about healing wounds; you had to in order to be a Soul Reaper after all. You glanced up slightly, seeing Hisagi's eyes closed as he relaxed and let you do your work. His calm, restful face looked so peaceful; you wanted to stroke it so much, but it took every fiber of your being to resist. Dammit, Shuuhei...why do I like you so much?

You looked to the side, remembering what you thought moments before you thought you were going to die. You had wanted to tell Shuuhei how you felt and you felt so guilty that you couldn't. You had been given a second chance...and here you were not using it. But how could you? He wasn't interested in you! You couldn't still tell him...could you?

"You okay?" You started as you focused again, seeing Shuuhei's eye open and looking at you as best it could from its peripheral. "You seem distracted." Although the context seemed teasing, his tone seemed genuinely concerned.

"Um, yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Really." You forced a smile as you went back to work, doing a few more things before placing on bandages and wrapping it up. "Well there ya go," you said, sliding off to his side before standing up. "It was pretty deep, so it might scar...but I might've caught it in time. It's hard to tell right now."

He propped his hands up, doing a push-up before he jumped to a stand. You found yourself staring again at his amazing muscular figure. Damn, he was so fine; why couldn't you have him? It just wasn't fair! "Thanks, (Name)... Sorry I was being stubborn," he said, sliding his keikogi back on, much to your dismay.

You fell out of your daze before shaking your head dismissively. "Don't worry about it. Thanks for letting me fix you."

He nodded before heading towards the door, you following behind him as you opened it and led him out. "Well I should be going. I need to report to Captain Tousen about what happened today."

"Oh right. Should I go with you?"

He thought for a moment before shaking his head. "I don't think so. I should be more than enough. Plus if there are repercussions for some reason, I don't want you to get involved."

You frowned slightly. "Do you think there will be?"

He sighed. "I don't think so, but better safe than sorry." You nodded. "Well...thanks again, (Name)." All you could do was nod dumbly. You should say something...anything! "I'll see you later, ne?" You nodded again, looking down slightly. Hisagi smiled weakly before taking a step away. He mumbled something to himself before he turned back to you; what the hell? "Hey, I was thinking... Did you wanna get a drink later?"

You blinked. "I um...I don't drink, Shuuhei..."

He smiled his handsome smile. "Oh, not necessarily like that. You don't have to drink sake! We can just sit and talk or something, y'know?" You blinked again; was that odd red poking out of his nose bandage again?

You smiled cutely. "Yeah...sure, Shuuhei. That sounds good."

He breathed a hidden sigh of relief, though you still caught some of it. "Great. I'll be by again later, then. See you, (Name)!" he said, much more excitedly than before, before he ran off.

You giggled as you watched him. "Bye, Shuuhei!" Your smile faded as he faded out of sight. Needless to say, you were confused. Why was he asking you to drink with him? Why was he teasing before? And why did he seem upset when Tanryo got hurt? So many questions, yet so very few answers. You sighed to yourself as you headed back into your house. "I don't think I'll ever understand him..."

You sat on your bed as you waited for Shuuhei to come back, trying to piece everything together but coming up short at every thought. It seems he was pretty worried about me when we went to the world of the living...but why? Well, I mean I guess that's kind of obvious. He could at least be worried about me on a friendly level. But why doesn't he like Tanryo? He always yells at him during practice and he didn't seem too pleased with having to take him back after he got hurt. Well, maybe that wasn't the problem. But he was fine until I mentioned Tanryo; that's how it seemed at least...


You screamed as you fell over from the sudden loud voice and the slamming open of your door. You heard a chuckling as you sat up and glared. "What the hell are you doing, Shuuhei? Why are you busting into my house?!"

He laughed as he took a step in and closed the door behind him. "Well why not? It's not like you were doing anything!"

You blushed. "Well what if I was?!"

He laughed again as he walked over and held out his hand, helping you to a stand once you placed your hand in his. "But you weren't. Now come on, let's go." You rolled your eyes and smiled, letting him open the door and following you out before sliding it closed for you. He took a deep breath of the fresh night air as you walked along, seeming to relax after doing so.

"So how was the Captain?"

He shrugged as he slid his hands into his pockets. "He seemed alright. I inquired as to why he sent only the 5 of us..." Knowing what your next question would be, he continued. "He said he wanted it to be a bit of a training exercise for us. He knew it wouldn't be very dangerous so he figured the 5 of us were enough I guess."

"Did you tell him about Tanryo...?"

His expression was blank as there was a moment of silence. "I did. He said he didn't expect much since he was a 5th seat. He figured you and I would be able to handle it I guess."

You rolled your eyes skeptically. "He had a lot of faith in us it seems."

Hisagi chuckled lightly. "Yeah, it seems he did."

You two continued walking towards the bar, Hisagi telling you more about what Captain Tousen said. You were still surprised why he would send only 5 of you in, but it seemed logical that he wanted to use it as a training exercise. As such, you didn't feel like questioning his motives; he was the captain after all. You being the third seat didn't really give you any reason to question him anyway.

"Well here we are," Hisagi commented, stopping as he looked up at the sign, you following suit. He turned and smiled at you, carefully laying a hand on your shoulder. "Don't look so nervous! I told you you don't have to drink sake..."

"I just...I've never been here before. I--"

"Hey, c'mon it's not like you're gonna get raped. It's a chill place, seriously. Just trust me," he said as he walked to the door, placing his hand on the handle and giving you a reassuring look.

You looked into his eyes, seeing him...not beg, but almost as though he really wanted you there. You sighed as you took a step forward. "Alright... But don't be offended if I want to leave early."

He laughed as he opened the door for you and stepped to the side. "Of course not!"

You were about to step in, only to almost run into a blob of mass. You felt your heart jump as you took a quick step back, dodging away from whom you almost ran into. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, Captain Aizen! I should've been watching where I was going!" you apologized as you bowed profusely.

The kind Captain closed his eyes as he smiled warmly. "Oh, hello, (Name). Don't apologize, it's my fault."

"Captain," Hisagi greeted from behind the door; he gave a salute with his left hand while his right continued holding the door open.

"Oh, Lieutenant Hisagi. I heard about your experiences in the world of the living from Tousen. Are you and (Name) coming to unwind after a long day?"

Hisagi smiled slightly. "We intend to, Sir."

Aizen smiled before he turned to you. "Well don't let me stop you. I apologize for scaring you, (Name). Please enjoy your night," he said with a bow.

"U-um. T-thank you, Captain. You as well," you said nervously as you returned the bow. He smiled before bowing his head at Hisagi, earning a head nod in return before he walked off into the night. You nervously looked at Hisagi as Aizen faded out of sight, seeing him return your weird look before he nodded towards the doorway. You sighed softly as you stepped through, stopping two steps in as you waited for Hisagi to close the door and lead you further. He rested his hand on your lower back as he led you calmly through the bar; you couldn't help but wish his hand would drift further South. You shook your head to get out of your reverie as you looked around, noting the place wasn't actually as intimidating as you had originally thought it would be.

Hisagi led you to the main bar, showing you to a corner stool before he sat down next to you, signaling something to the bartender that apparently informed him of what he wanted to drink; the tender looked at you expectantly.

"I, uh. I'll just have water, thanks."

"Cheap date," Hisagi commented with a smirk, taking a sip of his drink once it was placed in front of him. Your water was soon to follow, you taking a sip from yours as you attempted to hide your blush from the word 'date'. He couldn't have meant it that way. He was teasing...surely! "So," he started, setting his glass down on the counter as you turned to look at him. "Running into Aizen...That was odd."

You tilted your head to the side slightly. "Why so?"

He shrugged as he looked straight, unfocused at the wall in front of him. "I've been here a couple times and I've never seen him here. I dunno, I guess I've just never pegged him to be the drinking type."

You smiled slightly. "Would you peg me to be a drinking type?"

His eyes turned to you as he picked up his drink, holding it near his mouth. "Too soon to tell," he replied with a wink and a smirk before he took a sip of his drink and set it down. He sighed as he looked down into his glass, swirling it slightly and watching the liquid spin along. "Aizen...he sure is amazing..."

"I do agree," you said as you picked up your glass and held it in front of you. "Why do you say that, though?" you asked before you took a sip.

"I was just thinking," he explained as he shook his head, still looking at his glass he was swirling. "Every time I see him I think of the time in the world of the living... When I was a 6th year."

"Your training exercise?" you asked, earning a small nod. He had told you briefly about the experience but he never went into detail. All you really knew was that a Hollow came, killed his fellow guides, and Aizen and Ichimaru came to save him and some first years.

"There was just so many of them," he continued, looking up at the wall again. "And Captain Ichimaru blew through them so simply... And Aizen attacked like it was nothing!" He stopped swirling his glass, reaching up with his right hand to gently touch his face.


He closed his eyes and nodded. "A Hollow gave me this. If it weren't for Aizen and Ichimaru, who knows what else might've happened."


He slammed the same fist down on the counter, causing you to jump slightly. "Dammit! They were so strong! And Ichimaru was just a Lieutenant!" He opened his eyes, glaring down at something or other. "And I'm a Lieutenant and I can still barely save myself..."

"That's not true," you said as you shook your head, laying a caring hand on his shoulder. "You ARE strong, Shuuhei. You were able to destroy that Hollow when Tanryo and I couldn't! We would've died if it weren't for you!" You paused briefly as you looked down. "I would've died..." You looked up at him, his eyes still down cast. "You're amazing, Shuuhei, don't ever think otherwise."

His eyes turned to you. "Do you really think so...?" he asked, still seeming unconvinced.

You smiled. "I know so."


"So then I was like, 'Well of COURSE it's your Zanpakuto!'"

You laughed till tears came to your eyes, Hisagi smiling at your laughter. "Oh my gosh, Shuuhei. You are such a loser!"

He smiled, knowing you didn't really mean it. "I'm glad you think so highly of me."

You had stayed at the bar much longer than you thought you would have. You and he got to talking about who knows what and soon it was closing time, thus leading to you two getting kicked out. Hisagi didn't have much to drink, though you knew he held back since you weren't drinking. As such he was still pretty sober as you two walked back to your houses.

"So what'd you think of the bar?" he asked once your laughter had finally died down.

You took a deep sigh to get your composure back. "It actually wasn't that bad," you admitted. "It was fun," you said, turning to him as he turned to you, "y'know, talking to you and whatnot."

"Well I'm glad I'm fun to talk to," he joked, earning a laugh from you.

"You know what I mean." He smiled as he turned forward again. "And who knows? Maybe next time I'll try drinking something!"

"Oh if you thought you had fun now," he laughed.

You giggled. "Alright, I'll give it a try next time," you offered with a smile.

"Good, I look forward to it."

You both exchanged a smile before you came to a stop outside your house. "Well thanks for inviting me, Shuuhei... I had a lot of fun."

He smiled the handsome smile you could never get tired of. "So did I. Thanks for accepting, (Name)." You smiled and nodded. "And thanks for tending to my wounds. I keep forgetting they're there!"

You laughed. "Sure, no problem." Your mind immediately raced back to when he took his keikogi off; damn were his muscles fine. You would pay money to see that again; and you would probably kill to touch that, quite literally. You'd take on that Hollow again if it meant you could have him and his muscles to yourself. Damn, if that isn't any motivation to get stronger, I don't know what is! you thought to yourself.

"Alright," he said as he nodded, effectively pulling you out of your thoughts. "I'll see you tomorrow in training." You nodded in return as he smiled. "Goodnight, (Name)."



Days went on fairly slow after that day. You noticed a slight change in Hisagi, noticing that he seemed a bit happier and in better moods most of the time. You couldn't figure out why, but you decided not to question it. It was a nice change after all.

Tanryo was still in recovery in Division 4. Though you hadn't visited him since the incident you had heard that he was coming along okay. You decided you would go pay him a visit...

Right after you taught Hisagi a thing or two.

"I'm telling you, you'll never beat me, (Name)!"

You growled as you slashed his Zanpakuto away from you, allowing you to jump back and put a bit of distance between you two. "It's not over till it's over, Shuuhei!" you yelled as you charged again, only to have your Zanpakuto blocked.

He smirked as he tapped your sword just enough to knock it away and allow his sword to stop right next to your neck. You sighed as you looked up at his smirking expression above you, knowing you had lost. "It's over," he said with a smile before he sheathed his Zanpakuto. You sheathed yours as well as he turned to the rest of the group. "Sparring is over for today. You are all dismissed!" He watched as most of them left before he turned to you. "What? Don't look so discouraged!"

"I can never beat you, Shuuhei! It's frustrating!"

He laughed as he laid a hand on your shoulder. "That's why I'm a Lieutenant and you aren't."

"Thanks for caring," you said with a joking glare. He laughed again as he removed his hand, you taking a step away once he did so. He gave you a questioning look, wondering why you were heading the direction opposite the normal one you and he took. "I'm gonna go see Tanryo and see how he's doing. I haven't talked to him, so I'm gonna see how he's recovering," you answered his unasked question.

His smile immediately faded into a somewhat sour expression. "Oh... Yeah I suppose that's a good idea." You smiled weakly, your mind racing as to why he still didn't care for the guy. "Well I guess I'll just see you around then. Probably in practice tomorrow."

You nodded and smiled a happy smile regardless of his odd behavior. "Sure, sounds good. I'll see you later, Shuuhei." He smiled and nodded before he turned around and walked on his own through the gates you normally went through. You sighed as you watched him go, knowing you would probably never understand him. Pushing it to the back of your mind, you turned and began walking off towards Division 4.

Unohana welcomed you in with a smile, saying Tanryo had been showing very good signs of a full recovery. She showed you to his room before bowing and continuing on with her duties. You sweat-dropped as you watched her go; there was just something about her... She was nice enough, but for some reason you were terrified of her. That was the same with everyone it seemed, but no one could ever place it. You shook your head and dismissed the thought as you walked through the door.

Tanryo turned and looked at you once you came in. "(Name)! What are you doing here?" he asked with a smile on his face.

You smiled as you went over to him. "Well I came to see you, silly! I heard you've been recovering fairly well, so I just wanted to see how you were doing."

He nodded. "I'm alright I guess... Can't complain. At least I'm not dead, that's all I have to say."

Your smile faded as you nodded. "Yeah...I'm so glad that Hollow didn't kill you. I thought it had; I was so worried about you..."

He smiled. "Hey, I couldn't die that easy!" You looked up and smiled weakly at him. "Hell, after that they should promote me!"

"But you got your ass kicked, why would they?" He glared at you but you continued regardless. "Besides. Hayano didn't take any damage so I doubt Captain Tousen would demote him from 4th seat. So I don't think--"

"Fine! Just crush all my dreams!"

You stopped and looked at him glaring at you, causing you to giggle. "Sorry, 'Ryo! That's just how it goes!" He rolled his eyes as he leaned his head back down on the pillow. "Besides, the Leiutenant saved you. Did you thank him?"

"Well let's see," he started sarcastically as he closed his eyes. "I was knocked out when I got here and no one except you has come to visit. So, seeing as Leiutenant Hisagi hasn't come, I would have gotten a chance to thank him... When...?"

You closed your eyes. "Ouch, no need to be pissy," you said as you crossed your arms.

He laughed as you opened your eyes again. "Sorry. But no, I haven't gotten to thank him. I'll make sure it's the first thing I do once I see him."

You smiled and nodded. "Good. Make sure you do." You made a point not to tell him he should otherwise Shuuhei wouldn't like him MORE. You thought briefly; you never told Tanryo about your friendship/crush on the Lieutenant. As such, you've only referred to Shuuhei as 'Leiutenant' when you were around Tanryo. You weren't quite sure why...but that's just how it was. "So much longer do you have in here?" you asked, getting your mind off the subject.

He shrugged slightly. "I think a few days. Two weeks at most."

"Wow..." you said as you looked down.

"Why, miss me?" he asked with a smirk.

You looked up with a joking glare. "No. I just keep getting beat by the Lieutenant in sparring practice; I want to fight you so I can win again!"

His smile faded as he returned the glare. "Hey!"

You giggled as you smiled. "Just kidding. Of course I miss you. Then I can stop worrying about you being in here too." He chuckled lightly until you heard the door slid open, causing you two to turn towards it.

Captain Unohana stood at the door, her calm smile on her face. "Excuse me, Miss (Name). Tanryo needs some more work done and rest, would you be so kind to excuse us?"

"Oh! Of course!" You turned to Tanryo and smiled. "Well, good luck, 'Ryo. I'll be seeing you soon I hope."

He nodded and smiled. "They can't keep me in here forever!" You smiled as you leaned in and hugged him tightly. You pulled away slowly, seeing an odd expression on his face. Your smile faded, never seeing an expression like that on his face before. He slowly slid his eyes closed as he perked up his lips and leaned closer. Your eyes widened as you jumped back in shock. His eyes opened as he looked at you curiously. "(Name)?"

"I-I...I'm sorry, Tanryo... I don't..." You felt your stomach getting nervous.

"Oh...I... I'm sorry. I thought..." A bright blush crossed his face as he looked to the side.

"No, I...I shouldn't have--"

"I don't know what I--"

"I should go, I--"

"Yeah, cuz I need to--"

"Yeah. Okay."


It was awkward as you exchanged a quick glance, only to quickly turn away. "So um. I'll see you later, Tanryo."

"Um, right. Thanks for stopping by, (Name)." You nodded and blushed before hurrying out the door. Unohana smiled brightly at you as you passed, you not stopping until you made it outside. You took a deep breath as you leaned against the wall, thinking about what just happened.

"Shit...what the hell was that?" you asked yourself aloud as you took another breath to calm you down. "Why... Why did he almost kiss me?" You felt so sick and nervous, almost feeling guilty that something like that even went down. "I gotta go lay down," you commented to yourself as you headed back to your house. After 10 steps, you decided to run so you would make it home as soon as you could. Once there, you jumped into bed and hurried to sleep, feeling too weird to think about it anymore.



"C'mon, (Name)! Even YOU aren't usually this bad!" Shuuhei laughed as he slashed his sword, almost slashing your skin but you blocked it at the last minute. You responded with a grunt, throwing his weight off of you as you dove to the side. You rolled around before jumping to a stand, slashing your Zanpakuto at his arm only to have it blocked expertly by the Lieutenant. "I'm telling you, you're off, (Name)!" he taunted with a smile. Even though the taunts sounded joking, you knew deep down he was worried. Why were you so different today? You knew.

And unfortunately not thinking about it wasn't helping; that was all you COULD think about. He swung his sword, pushing yours away as he reared up and prepared to slash down on your head. You pulled your sword up just in time to block, tilting it so his slid to the side. But rather than counter-attacking like you usually would have done, you placed it back in defense position. Hisagi looked at you with confusion momentarily before he slashed horizontally, you blocking it barely with your sword. You knocked it to the side as you slashed back at him, only to have your sword easily fall short from cutting him.

"You're not close enough for a counter-attack! You should know that!" he said, his tone no longer teasing and seemed more lecturing than anything else. He began stabbing his Zanpakuto towards you, forcing you backwards as you were unable to deflect the attack easily. You continued backing up, knowing you were running out of room; you slashed your sword in a low arc, successfully knocking his sword out of the stabbing motion. Unfortunately his counter-attack was a strong slice, successfully knocking you down and knocking your sword out of your hands, causing it to slide far from you. You watched as it skidded to a stop, only seeing the glint of Hisagi's blade as it pressed against your neck. You sighed as you looked up at him guiltily, knowing the question was coming.

Here it comes!

"What's wrong with you today, (Name)?"

Yep. There it is. You sighed as he sheathed his Zanpakuto and held out a hand to help you up. You took his help before you walked over to your downed sword, looking down at it as you picked it up. You sighed again as you reluctantly sheathed it, turning back towards Shuuhei and seeing his worried and curious look still on you. "I'm sorry, Shuuhei... I'm just tired I guess," you answered as you looked down at the ground.

"You've never allowed that to affect your training before, why now?"

You looked up to him before looking to the side in shame. "I don't know. I'm sorry..."

You felt his eyes on you but you didn't dare look up. You weren't sure why you felt so ashamed; you should just tell him, shouldn't you? He finally turned towards the group, telling them practice was over for the day and saying they were dismissed. They all ambled out before he turned back to you. "C'mon, I'll walk you home. You need rest."

"No, I'm fine, Shuuhei, really--"

"No you aren't. If it messed up your training it's not something to be ignored. So you need rest." You knew Shuuhei always had the last word, so arguing with him wouldn't do anything.

You sighed as you closed your eyes. "Fine..." He smiled softly as he took a step forward and placed his hands on your shoulders. You opened your eyes and looked up at him, feeling his smiling gaze looking deep into your eyes. You felt yourself relax but your stomach became filled with butterflies; his look was so caring, so loving. You wanted him to kiss you, just kiss you and make everything better. Why couldn't he try to kiss me like Tanryo did...? You were sure your expression turned love-hazed, but luckily he didn't make a mention of it.

"Well, let's get you home." You nodded slowly, watching as he smiled before he removed his hands and placed one on your back, pushing you forward slightly. You began walking and he fell into step beside you, staying abnormally close all the way to your house. Once you made it, he opened the door for you and followed you in, standing by the doorway as you took a few steps in. You took a deep sigh as you collapsed onto your bed on the floor, Shuuhei watching you the whole time. "So. Seriously, now. What's the deal?"

You looked up at him, seeing him look down at you with his arms crossed. "...What?"

"I know you aren't tired. You've never had that affect you before so it wouldn't affect you now. Something else is wrong, now tell me."

You sat up and looked down at the ground. "Shuuhei..." You glanced up, seeing him still look at you expectantly. You looked to the side; well there was no getting out of it. Shuuhei knew you well enough that if you were to tell a lie he would be able to recognize it; as such, you wouldn't be able to get out of it so easily. You sighed before looking up to him again. Well, here goes... "It's...Tanryo," you muttered, looking to the side again.

"Oh great. What'd he do?"

You looked up at him before looking down again, avoiding eye contact. "After practice yesterday I went to go see him...and he was doing well and everything..." You hesitated before you continued. "And when I was leaving...I think he tried to kiss me..." You looked up shyly, seeing Hisagi roll his eyes as he started to pace, obviously frustrated about something or other. "And I guess I couldn't stop thinking about it. I don't know why he tried kissing me... Why would he--"

"Well of COURSE he tried kissing you! He likes you!" he yelled, turning his frustrated look to you.

Your eyes widened. "He...what?"

"How could you not see it?!" he continued. "I can see it, the whole Squad 9 can see it... Even Captain Tousen can see it! And he's blind!" You were a bit too shocked to think if he was serious about that or was just trying to make a point. "I don't know how you could NOT know!"

"How...But how?" you asked yourself as you looked down. "I've known him since we were little. We grew up together, we were like siblings! He couldn't have a crush on me!"

"I think that's the perfect reason to have a crush on you." You looked up, seeing him with his arms still crossed and his eyes looking angrily off to the side.

"I'm sorry, Shuuhei... I shouldn't have let it distract me today."

He shook his head. "Whatever. It's not your fault."

You blinked. "But I--"

"Listen, don't worry about it." He turned towards the door, finally uncrossing his arms. "Just don't think about it or let it bother you anymore, okay?"

"But how am I supposed to act around him now? And..." you hesitated again. "Why do you dislike him, Shuuhei?" You saw him tense slightly. "I can tell you don't like him. Why is that, Shuuhei?"

He was silent for awhile, not moving a muscle. A few moments of silence passed until he broke it again. "Goodnight, (Name). Get some rest for tomorrow." With that, he opened the door and stepped out, not even waiting for you to return the farewell gesture.

You sighed, still watching the door where he left. "Shuuhei... Why don't you like him? And why won't you tell me...?"


You slashed your sword, expecting Hisagi to block it with his sword but instead he jumped back slightly, narrowly avoiding damage. You returned your sword to the neutral defense position as you waited for his next attack. He aimed low so you moved your sword down to block, however he had caught you off guard. He swung upwards with his sword once yours was out of the way, now aiming for your face. You leaned back just enough so it barely grazed you. Luckily his miss had left him wide open. You slashed horizontally, your sword barely catching the cloth of his keikogi. You blinked as you slowly fell away from the attack.

What's wrong with him? He didn't counter-attack before and he could've easily moved his Zanpakuto back to deflect that attack just now... He's off today... you thought as you jumped back and held your sword at the ready. His eyes remained focused on your core, ready to anticipate any attack you had coming. Anticipating my attack huh? Well let's see about that! You swung to the right, causing him to lift up his sword straight up to block and your sword to ting off to your right. You smirked as you started to swing your sword back towards the left. He's even more off than I thought if I can pull this off! With that, you dug in your right foot and swung your Zanpakuto like a baseball bat. It connected harshly with his sword, knocking it out of his hands and knocking him down in the process from the surprise. You watched as his Zanpakuto went flying easily 20 yards from where you stood. You continued watching until it skidded to a stop; you stood up and sheathed your sword with a smile on your face before turning to Shuuhei, still on the ground.

He was looking in the direction his Zanpakuto had flown to, looking a mixture of feelings. He seemed confused, tired, distracted, ashamed... But yet, he didn't look surprised. Perhaps he wasn't quite expecting that, but it didn't seem to surprise him that he had finally lost a match to you. His eyes rose up to see your hand extended towards him.

"Looks like we're switching roles for a change," you said with a smile. He closed his eyes as he reluctantly took your hand, you pulling him slowly to a stand. "Shall I tell them practice is over too?" you joked.

"No, that's quite alright."

"Are you sure? I'm the 2nd highest ranking officer here, I can do it!"

He opened his eyes to glare slightly at you; you giggled, knowing he wasn't seriously angry. "Alright! Practice is done! You're all dismissed!" You turned and watched as the rest of the squad sheathed their swords, heading towards the exits whilst talking amongst themselves. Your smile faded as they all left and you turned to Shuuhei. "What happened, Shuuhei? I never win. And I know you didn't just let me win either; what's wrong?"

He eyed you before he took a few steps forward, forcing you to walk alongside him as the both of you walked along. "Just tired I guess." You walked with him as he went to pick up his sword, sheathing it before you both headed towards the main gates.

You narrowed your eyes at him. "Ha ha. Very funny. Now seriously, why were you off?"

"I wasn't the only one, am I right?" he asked as he turned to you. You blinked before turning your head to the side, knowing you were slightly off too; the sparring session was probably one of the worst either of you have had. Shuuhei laughed, causing you to look back over to him. "Ahhh well. Shit happens. What say we forget about it and go have some drinks?"

You smiled. "Y'know, I think that would probably help. I need to unwind from all this stress lately."

Shuuhei turned and raised and eyebrow. "Uh-oh, does that mean you're actually going to drink? Like, alcohol?"

You shouldered him as you glared lightly. "Shut up, I said last time I'd try it next time."

He laughed heartily as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders. "This is great! This'll be so fun, it'll be a night you'll never forget!"

Either that or a night I won't even remember...


"Good Lord! My throat is on fire!!!" Hisagi only laughed his ass off as you began coughing. "Shut up! It's not *cough* funny!"

"Hahahaha! Ahhh, oh yes it is. You're such a newb!"

You coughed again. "Be quiet. I'm sure you were like this too when you had your first shot!"

He laughed again and shook his head. "'Fraid not. But don't worry, you'll get used to it."

"This stuff is absolutely disgusting. Why do you do this to yourself?"

He smiled his incredibly sexy smile, causing you to feel all sorts of mushy. "You just have a different taste than I do." He turned to the bartender and called him over, ordering some sort of strange drink you've never heard of. The tender bowed and went to make it as Hisagi turned back to you. "This one's really light, you can't taste the alcohol hardly at all. You'll probably like it."

"Good, I probably will," you said, sliding the practically-full glass over to Hisagi to finish. In a few moments you received your 'light' drink, thanking the tender as you took a small sip.

"Well? What do you think?"

You nodded your head as you clicked your tongue in your mouth, tasting the after-taste. "Not bad. Actually that's pretty good!" you said with a smile as you took another sip. "A lot better than that disgusting thing."

He laughed. "I'm not sure whether I should be insulted or happy since I found something you like."

"That's not the only thing I like," you muttered, blushing instantly once it registered what you said.

"What was that?"

"N-Nothing! I think I'm just mumbling! Cuz, y'know, like. Alcohol. And it's stuff that it does?"

He looked at you for a moment before he busted out laughing. "I think you are going to be quite entertaining when you're drunk!"

"Oh please. I won't be drunk. I'm just tipsy right now. Your stupid alcohol has me already feeling weird."

"Wait till you see later," he said with a wink, causing you to blink and blush. He smiled and wrapped his arm around you as he held up his drink in a toast-like fashion. "To us and our horrible sparring skills today!"

You laughed before lifting up your drink and clicking it with his. "And me finally trying alcohol and probably regretting it in the morning." He laughed before you both took a sip of your respective drinks.

Hours had passed, drinks were downed, and you had started losing it. Hisagi still seemed in control for the most part, but you blamed that on him being able to hold his liquor. "You are crazy!" he laughed.

"Okay, no way. I don't even know...know...knowwww..." you trailed off. "What the hell was I saying?"

Hisagi laughed again. "Don't worry about it. I think you're done, though."

You gasped dramatically. "Nooo, I can handle at LEAST 5 more!"

He looked at you with raised, unconvinced eyebrows. "I'm not so sure about that..."

"No, seriously! C'mon! BRING ON THE SAKE!"

. . .

You didn't last past 2 more.


Your eyes slowly slid open as you looked around you, your vision slightly hazy and your head buzzing. Oh my gosh... What the hell happened? My head is a mess... And where the hell am I? You furrowed your brows as you looked around, not quite recognizing where you were. After a few moments, you realized you felt slightly restrained. You lifted your head slightly and looked to your right, only to feel your whole face flush.

There, lying kimono-less, was Shuuhei, sleeping as peacefully as could be. His keikogi was gone, revealing his perfectly pretty pecs and amazingly athletic abs. Nice alliteration, you thought sarcastically as you lowered your head back down on the pillow. You lowered your eyes, looking to see why exactly you were restrained. His right arm was wrapped snugly around your waist; almost as though it fit perfectly, you noted. You blushed as you looked down further, seeing his right leg thrown over yours as well, holding you snug against him. You blinked as you noticed something else.

Your kimono was gone too, leaving you only with your hakama and bra left. So. Both of us are shirtless. Well that's nice. You looked to the right at the sleeping Hisagi again. Damn. I must've drank more than I thought; this is a pretty realistic dream. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you snuggled your head next to his.

I have to drink with Hisagi more often...


You opened your eyes, wincing slightly at the light shining through the rice paper walls. "Ohhh man," you mumbled, feeling the bright light add more to your headache than you wanted. "Buzzzz buzz buzz. My head hurts." You closed your eyes and rubbed your temples, wanting nothing more than for your headache to go away.

"Still feel it, huh?"

You opened your eyes and looked down, seeing Hisagi standing a few feet from you by the table. He was smiling a closed-eye smile and was holding a mug of something in either hand.

Okay, scratch that. You could think of one thing you wanted more than the disappearance of your headache.

"Where the... What?" You blinked, your eyes still squinty from the sudden bright light intruding on your poor retinas. You sat up and looked around in confusion, eventually realizing you were at Hisagi's house, still in his bed.

"It's pretty rough. You probably drank a lot more than you should have." You turned back to Shuuhei, seeing him smile warmly at you. "Here, have some of this," he said, holding out a mug towards you. You slowly stood up, realizing your kimono was still on as was Hisagi's. It must've been a dream... You ambled over to the Lieutenant, holding onto the back of a nearby chair as you took the mug from him. He pulled out the chair for you and helped you sit down before you looked down at the mug in front of you.

" this?"

"It's my own concoction!" he said, finishing his off before he went and put it in his sink. "It helps with hangovers. The headache should go away within 10 minutes after you finish."

"Oh, wonderful," you said with relief, lifting it up to your lips and taking a big swig. You almost spat it back out before forcing yourself to swallow it. "This is worse than your sake! What is this stuff?!"

"Secret recipe!" he said with a wink. "But don't worry, it'll be worth it." He took a few steps towards his bed, his back to you as you looked down at the gross liquid before you. Well, here goes... you thought, forcing down another swig. You swallowed thickly before turning to Hisagi. His back was still to you though you weren't sure why. What was he doing? You found yourself staring at him regardless. Even through his shihakusho you could still see his sexiness. Wait, sexiness? You furrowed your eyebrows. If I WAS in his it possible that wasn't a dream...? You looked down, debating whether to ask him or not. What if it wasn't true? That would be embarrassing. But...if it was...

"Hey, um...Shuuhei?" He turned his head slightly, though his eyes weren't looking at you out of the peripheral. "I... Um... I was wondering..."

"You woke up during the night, didn't you?"

You blinked in surprise. "I..." You looked down. "Yeah."

He was silent for a moment before he turned a bit more towards you, though still not making eye contact. "I'm sorry. I don't..." He finally turned towards you and made eye contact, his eyes filled with...sympathy? "That drink will help with that too."


"You probably blacked out what happened yesterday. It'll help you remember what happened." You blinked; could it really do that? You were about to ask until you saw him walking towards his door. Knowing you were going to ask anyway, he turned and answered before he walked out. "I have to go report something to Captain Tousen. You're welcome to stay here as long as you want. At least until you feel better."

"I..." You sighed as you looked down sadly. "Okay... Thanks, Shuuhei." He opened his door and took a step out. "For everything," you continued. "Really. Everything."

He turned and looked at you, seeing you smiling at him. He blinked before a smile formed on his face as well. "See ya later, (Name)." With that, he stepped out completely and closed the door behind him.

You sighed as you looked down at your mug again. "This stuff tastes like shit," you said to yourself, taking a deep breath before you chugged it down as quick as you could. You shuddered as you swallowed, hoping you would never have to drink that crap again. You looked around his house before you sighed. " use in staying here I guess." You stood up and placed your mug in the sink before heading over to the door, pausing and looking back behind you. You sighed one more time before you headed out, walking the few feet to your house next door. You headed in and walked right over to your bed, collapsing on it with a deep sigh. "Well he was right, my headache's gone for the most part. Now I just need to wait for the memories to..." You trailed off, your eyes widening at the strange feeling encompassing you. It was then that all of your memories flooded into your mind...


"This is so good, I could just chug it down!" you squealed, starting to do so until Hisagi reached over and stopped you.

"That's not a good idea, trust me."

You frowned as you lowered the glass back down. "You're no funnn." He smiled at you anyway as he took a sip of his. You looked at him for awhile before gasping dramatically. "You know what your hair looks like?" He blinked and was about to guess but you cut him off anyway. "A porcupine!" You busted out giggling as he looked confused.

"A what? It looks nothing like it!"

"No no no! It's all like, spiky! And so is a porcupine! I'm almost scared to touch it!"

"You know what you look like?"

Your laughter stopped as you looked at him seriously. "Nooo, what?"

He paused for a moment before he answered. "A peacock."

"Noooo! I don't look anything like peacock-guy!"

He looked confused again. "Peacock-guy?"

"Yeah! Peacock-guy! From Squad 11!"

"Yumichika?" he asked, still confused as to why you were insulted.

"Yeah! He's all like... Peacock-y and weird-looking!"

"I didn't say you looked like him! I said you look like a peacock!"

"But he looks like a peacock and if I look like a peacock then I look like him!"

"Ugh, fine. What do you think you look like?"

"I...look like..." You paused for a moment to think. "A badger!"

He blinked in disbelief. "A badger. You look nothing like a badger!"

"What?! Did you just call me a badger?!"

"You called yourself a badger!"

"Why would I do that?" you asked, looking positively confused.

"You are freakin' impossible when you're drunk!"

"I'm not drunk, I'll have you know." You turned back to your drink and chugged the rest of it, leading to a worried-looking Shuuhei. "Woooo, man this is good. ANOTHER! ANOTHER!"

"Last one."

"Awwww come on, Shuuhei! You're the one that brought me here! Now take me home!"

He laughed. "Okay, what?"

"No. Wait... What did I say?" You looked around in confusion, seeing that the bartender had brought you another drink. You smiled as you reached for it, taking another sweet sip.

"I don't even know anymore. You're crazy." You laughed as you took another drink, taking bigger sips and hoping Hisagi wouldn't notice and yell at you for going too fast. He took a swig of his drink too before finally finishing it off. "Hooo whee! That's good stuff." He turned to you with a smile; you returned the smile before quickly finishing your drink off as well. You giggled as you laid your head on the counter, your head feeling cloudy and weird. "Are you okay?"

You giggled again. "Ahhh yeahhhh," you said, your voice laced with a hint of flirtatiousness. "I'm, hee hee!"

"Me too! But I don't wanna be."

"Me neither." You gasped as you lifted your head and turned towards him. "Should we go then?"

He laughed as he laid out the money to pay for it. "Yeah, I think you've had more than enough." You were about to have a comeback but once you opened your mouth you had forgotten it, leaving you there with your mouth open. He laughed. "Yeah. Enough." He smiled as he stood up, helping you up and holding your arm as he led you through the bar.

Once outside, you took a deep breath of fresh air. "Ahhh I love the smell of air."

"Me too. It's all...breathable and stuff." You giggled, leaning your head on his shoulder but almost losing your balance and falling forward. Luckily Hisagi caught you by the arm and pulled you back up. "Whoaaaa, you okay?"

"Ahhhh man. That's weird!" you laughed. Hisagi smiled as he took your left arm and wrapped it around him, holding it in place with his left hand. He then wrapped his right arm around your waist, effectively holding you up. "Mmmm, thanks Hisagi! I would've fallen flat on my face!"

"Then you would've gotten dirty or...something."

"I know!" Your head flopped around lazily since you were a bit too intoxicated to keep it up straight. "It's so pretty out! I don't know if I know anything prettier than a starry night. Except maybe a starry night in the day."

"I can think of one thing..." You waited to hear his answer. "A peacock."

Unfortunately you didn't catch his reference. [1] "I think I disagree with you. A day with stars would be so much prettier." You paused before flopping your head over to his shoulder. "Y'know what's ugly though?" His silence was his signal for you to go on. "Captain Tousen's scarf thing. What IS that anyway? And why is it such an ugly orange? And his hair is weird too." You rose up your right hand and put it on your head with your fingers to the side. "It's like it could just start wiggling at any moment."

"I could totally see that!" he agreed with a laugh. "Like a pile of worms just coming out from that orange mound of whatever."

You laughed. "Seee, I knew it!" You and Hisagi laughed again, talking about more incredibly random things due to your both drunken states; you were more drunk than he was of course, but he wasn't exactly sober either.

The random talk continued until you reached your house. You both stopped outside it, silence overwhelming for awhile. "Well here we are," Hisagi commented. "I'll help you to your bed."

"Nooo, please don't leave me alone, Shuuhei..." you trailed off as you laid your head on his shoulder again.

He blushed but you didn't notice since you weren't looking at him. "Umm... Well I guess you can sleep at my place..."

"Good! Okay!" You lifted your head up and smiled widely, causing him to laugh before he ambled you both over to his house. He opened his door and walked through before sliding it closed with his foot. You struggled a bit and he let you go, watching as you very clumsily made it over to his fouton, falling down with a giggle once you got there. He smiled before he took a few steps the other way. "Heyyy, wait, where are you going?"

He stopped and turned back to you. "I'm sleeping on the floor over here; I can't sleep with you."

You sat up and frowned at him. "But why not, Shuuhei...?"

He looked down before taking a few steps towards you, standing next to the bedding on the floor. "We're both drunk as hell. I don't want to take advantage of you... Neither one of us can control ourselves."

"But I'm not! Seriously! And besides!" You paused briefly and looked down. "I like you, Shuuhei... You couldn't take advantage of me..."

He closed his eyes as he knelt down in front of you. "That's the alcohol talking, (Name). You're so far gone, you don't even know!"

"No, that's not true!" He opened his eyes to look at you. "Well, okay. I admit, I'm probably drunk or something... But alcohol helps you let go of...of... Of the wall that holds things in!"

He furrowed his eyebrows. "Um. Inhibitions?"

You smiled and nodded. "Yeah! Inhibitions!" Your smile faded as you went back to being serious. "It helps you let go of those, so I'm able to tell you how I feel since I can't in real life!"

"(Name)..." He trailed off as he looked at you, seeing your eyes so pleading. It seemed he wasn't going to give in; you looked down with a frown, knowing there wasn't anything you could do to convince him otherwise.

You were suddenly caught off guard as you saw him crawling towards you, his hands and knees on opposite sides of your legs as he continued moving forward, forcing you down to a lying position. You blinked as he hovered above you, a small smirk forming on his face. "S-Shuuhei?"

"You better be right," was all he said before he lowered his head, placing his lips against your ears and breathing slightly, sending chills down your whole body. "Or else we're both gonna get it..." he whispered, sliding his tongue out and licking along the shell of your ear. You squealed in pleasure, loving the feeling of the chills he was giving you. His tongue traveled down your jaw line, stopping once it reached your neck. He pulled his tongue back in his mouth as he began nuzzling you with his nose, some frays from the bandage tickling your neck. He continued nuzzling down, separating your kimono the further down he went. He made it to your chest before he pulled back, sitting up before bringing his hands down from holding him up.

He gently separated your kimono, pulling it out from your hakama. You sat up slightly as he removed it totally, tossing it haphazardly to the side as you laid back down. He lowered his head again, nuzzling against your breasts. You moaned in pleasure as you reached towards his keikogi, gently lifting it up as a sign to take it off. He sat up slightly and reached down, taking it off for you and tossing it also to the side.

He smirked as he lowered down again. "Better?"

"Not quite," you responded as you reached towards his hakama. His hands reached down and grabbed yours, stopping them from their journey. You looked up into his eyes, only receiving a head shake before he let go of your hands. You sighed as you put them back at your side, looking Shuuhei's thoroughly toned torso up and down. Damn, I am GOOD at alliterations!

With that, your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you effectively passed out.


You blinked, feeling a heavy blush form on your face. How...? How...? You remained lying in your bed, perfectly motionless at what had just been revealed to you. How could I have let that happen to myself?! How could I have been so forward?! And how the hell can I not remember any of that?! You closed your eyes and groaned, rubbing your face with your hands. "I can't believe it... I made a total fool out of myself! I can never speak to Shuuhei again!"

Then it hit you.

"SHIT! I have sparring practice tomorrow!" You groaned and sighed in frustration as you closed your eyes. "Well...maybe I can just make up an excuse. Like I got sick or something. Morning after sickness?" you suggested to yourself. No, it wasn't the morning after. And besides, Shuuhei said he didn't want to take advantage of you. So you were pretty sure once you passed out nothing more happened. "At least...I hope so." You opened your eyes as you stared at the ceiling. "If anything happened, I wanna be able to remember it." You sighed as you sat up and looked around your room. You probably can't avoid him forever, but you can sure as hell try! "Might as well get some practice in today in case I don't go tomorrow..." With that, you stood up, made sure your Zanpakuto was at your side, then headed outside to get some training done.

You made sure to stay away from any passer-by, just in case...


Luckily you hadn't seen Shuuhei for the rest of that day. However, now it was the next day: Sparring practice. You had mulled it over many a time yesterday, and even though you didn't want to, you had decided to go to practice. If you didn't go, that would only provoke him into coming to find you and seeing what's wrong. Sure he probably could guess what was wrong, but you didn't want to hide from your problems. "More like my mistakes," you told yourself as you looked down at your finished breakfast. You sighed as you stood up, placing your dishes in your sink. "Well, I learned a lesson at least. I'm never drinking with Shuuhei again." You headed towards your door and stepped outside, closing it behind you. You looked up at the sky, noting the clouds were darker than usual. "Looks like a storm... Good, hopefully stupid practice will be cancelled for some reason."

You frowned as you looked down, feeling a horrible feeling in your stomach. You were dreading practice, you were dreading seeing Shuuhei, and you were dreading the conversation that was bound to come up. What would you say to him? What would he say to YOU? Sure it was your fault, but it was his too. He was drunk; he shouldn't have even tried making a move on you! "Yeah! That's it, I'll just blame it on him!" You smiled as you headed off towards the Squad 9 training area. "Besides, he's been around enough drunk people in his lifetime, I'm sure. He should know to never trust what a drunk person says!" Even if it was true... you thought, bringing a frown to your face. You sighed again. "Shit. How do I get myself into these situations?"

You continued walking, very slowly you noticed. Eventually you made it to the training arena, seeing other Soul Reapers from your group standing around, waiting for the Lieutenant to start them off. You walked up to the front, standing in file and avoiding all possible eye contact with the sexy man that was only a few feet in front of you. This was going to be a horrible session, you could feel it. And stupid Tanryo wasn't out of Squad 4 yet, so that meant you had to spar with Shuuhei. Normally you wouldn't have minded. Normally you wouldn't have slept with your Lieutenant either.

"Alright! Our sparring session will now begin! As usual, Kido attacks are against the rules. Anyone caught using said attacks will be reported straight to Captain Tousen, along with the risk of being dismissed from Squad 9 altogether!" He smirked as he placed his fists on his hips. "You can just go to Captain Zaraki's Squad if you wish to break this rule." You couldn't help but smile, hearing the others mutter worriedly amongst themselves; no one wanted to go to his Squad, he was scary as shit! You didn't mind too terribly. Yachiru was always fun to be around; not to mention you knew Shuuhei always had empty threats anyway. "You may now begin!" he continued, watching as everyone paired off to begin their sparring.

You took a deep breath as everyone walked away from you, leaving you standing by your lonesome as he walked over. "Well, shall we--" you started as you looked up, only to let out a scream. He was already coming at you with his sword drawn, forcing you to jump out of the way in order to dodge his attack. "Dammit, Shuuhei! You didn't even say start!"

"I think I did! Everyone else seems to have heard me!" he answered with a laugh, slicing at you once again. You growled as you dodged to the side again, drawing your Zanpakuto and blocking another incoming attack. "You're doing better than I thought you were!"

"Shut up, jerk!" you yelled, slicing your sword only to have him jump to the side. He laughed before diving at you again, you holding up your sword and blocking his attack. You looked up into his eyes, seeing his smiling and determined expression on his handsome face. Your mind flashed back to what had happened last night, causing you to lose focus for a moment and allowing him to knock you to the ground. He charged at you with his sword raised above his head, ready to slash down on you. You quickly moved your sword above you, blocking the attack before shoving forward and pushing him back. You jumped to a stand and charged with a slash, having Shuuhei block it just in time.

Just then, thunder sounded nearby, causing Shuuhei to look around you. You took the distracted moment and knocked his sword to the side before stabbing forward. His eyes darted back to you before falling backwards from surprise. "Okay, that was cheap," he said as he glared at you.

"What's wrong, Lieutenant? Making excuses?"

"No, I thought someone was using Kido! I had to look!"

You laughed and were about to comment but were cut off by another lightning strike nearby. You jumped slightly with a whine. "Damn! That was close!"

Hisagi smirked as he stood up. "Awww is (Name) scared of lightning?"

You blushed. "No I am not! It caught me off guard that's all!" You opened your mouth to rant some more, but stopped suddenly when something hit your eye. You blinked it away before looking to the cloudy sky, feeling more drops hit your face. "It's starting to rain..."

"Thanks for pointing out the obvious!"

You glared as you looked back down at Shuuhei. You growled as you brought your sword up again and charged. "I'll show YOU obvious!" By then, more drops had fallen and it began to pour rain. The dirt under your feet quickly formed into mud and your grip on your sword weakened due to the water seeping between your fingers. Your sword clashed with Hisagi's, both of them sliding against each other slightly from the wetness. Lightning struck again, this time terribly close to the training area. Your eyes widened as you looked at Hisagi. "Wait, Shuuhei... Maybe we shouldn't--" His eyes widened as well once the thought hit him as well. You both disengaged your swords and jumped back from each other.

He turned towards the rests of the crew. "Everyone! The storm is close, it's not safe to be sparring with our Zanpakutos! Practice is dismissed for the day!" Everyone stopped their fighting, talking in mumbles before another lightning strike hit, sending them all running towards the gates.

"Well that was effective," you joked, turning towards Shuuhei. You both looked at each other, a wave of water pouring down both of your faces from the heavy downpour. You laughed lightly. "Your porcupine is wet!" you joked.

Hisagi blinked before he glared at you and dove forward, wrapping his arms around you in a soft attack. You squealed as he grabbed you, both of you laughing as the rain continued to pour down. "Come on, let's head home out of this rain," he said as he pulled away slightly.

You smiled at him. "Race you there!" You stared at each other for a moment before each of you took off running, both laughing all the while. "And no cheating this time, Shuuhei!"

"I don't need to cheat to beat you!"

"You did last time!"

"Yeah, but that was last time." He reached over and grabbed your side slightly, tickling you as you let out a squeal before he got a quick speed boost and ran off.

"Cheater! You're cheating again!" You laughed as you continued running after him, your feet slipping slightly in the mud. Unfortunately you weren't able to get very good grip so you weren't able to run as fast as you were usually able to. As such, Hisagi seemed to be taking the lead leaving you with a rare chance to catch up.

You continued running throughout the Seireitei as you headed back towards the Squad 9 barracks, slowly losing sight of Shuuhei. Damn him and his cheating ways! You eventually reached the barracks, seeing him standing outside your house with his arms crossed. "Oh! Took you long enough!"

"You're such a jerrrrrrrrrrk!" you yelled as you continued running at him, leaving him wide-eyed when he realized you had no intention of stopping. You slowed down slightly as you rammed into him, having him stand his ground surprisingly as his arms wrapped around you. You both laughed, realizing it was about absolutely nothing in particular.

A close thunder strike caused you to scream and jump closer to Shuuhei. He laughed as he held you tighter. "You're scared of lightning, aren't you? Admit it!"

You blushed as you looked up at him with a glare. "So what?"

He laughed and shook his head. "Nothing, don't worry about it."

Just then it seemed the rain had picked up, coming down even harder than it was before. "Ahhh I can't believe how hard it's coming down!" you said as you pulled away from him, squinting as you looked up at the sky as best you could. You looked back down to Hisagi, him nodding in agreement with you. "Come on, let's get inside so we don't stand here getting more soaked," you suggested, pulling away slightly and heading towards your house. Hisagi smiled and nodded as he followed you, both of you running slightly until you made it in your house. You breathed a sigh of relief as you finally made it to somewhere dry, closing the door after Shuuhei followed you through. "Wow! What a downpour." You walked over to your table, taking off your soaking wet kimono, keeping on your kosode, and setting the soaking cloth on the back of a chair.

"It's been so nice lately, it's like this came out of nowhere!" he said as he walked beside you.

"Yeah, really. That's kinda weird..." you agreed. You looked over, only to see him pulling his keikogi over his head and throwing it on another chair next to yours. You blushed, seeing his moist body glistening slightly and a few drops of water sliding down his muscles. Ohhhh dear. I'm going to rape him, pure and simple. You quickly turned around and walked the few steps over to your sink, taking a glass and filling it with water with the hope it would calm your overactive sex drive. Why does he have to be so damn sexy?! It's not fair! You took a big gulp of water, your left hand holding tightly onto the counter as you lowered the glass slightly while you swallowed.

Your breath suddenly hitched in your throat, feeling strong arms wrap around your waist. Your hand lost grip on the glass as it slid the few inches into the sink, making a loud clanging noise as it tipped over and dumped the rest of your water down the drain. You felt his head lower down next to yours, his lips pressed against your right ear. "Take it off," he whispered, giving your whole right side Goosebumps from the chill. You felt as his hands danced along the bottom edge of your kosode, his fingers lightly grazing your bare skin.

"S-Shuuhei..." you breathed, tilting your head back against his.

"I'm not gonna say it again," he said, his hands now completely under the kosode and against your skin, touching so lightly and sending strange shocks through your body. The feeling of his hands against your body felt so good, causing you to let out a soft whine of pleasure. Suddenly you felt his hands grip your sides and you were whipped around so you were facing him, seeing his eyes gaze at you with lust. His hands gripped the edges of your kosode, lifting it up as it peeled away from your skin. You rose your hands up as he continued raising it up, eventually pulling it off of your being before he let the article drop to the floor. His eyes looked your torso up and down, a small smile coming to his face. "It's even more beautiful when I'm sober," he said breathlessly, looking back into your eyes as he placed his hands on either side of your face. Your heart picked up its pace as he slowly leaned closer, both his and your eyes sliding closed in the process.

You eventually felt his lips connect with yours, sending another strange shock through your body. You sighed happily as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. The kiss was simple but long, both of you reluctantly pulling away after what felt like forever. Your eyes slowly slid open as you pulled away slightly. "Wow..." you said breathlessly, causing Shuuhei to chuckle lightly. "That... That's even better than what I've imagined..."

He smirked. "Did you imagine that a lot?" he asked teasingly.

"Maybe," you said as you leaned forward, giving him another soft kiss before you pulled away. "I imagined a lot more than that, too."

He closed his eyes as he pressed his whole body against yours, a soft moan lacing his voice. "Ohhh me too. So much more..." He pulled away slightly as his hands began to roam your sides and chest, sending more Goosebumps across your body. He pressed his hips hard against yours, causing a wave of excitement to emanate from your core. His hands roamed down to your thighs, reaching behind them and pressing them against him. You understood what he was trying to do so you wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, his hands holding you up against him. You looked at him again before you closed the gap with a kiss, your tongue licking along his lower lip. You noticed his breathing picking up its pace as you felt something start to harden between your legs. You couldn't help but smile as he pulled you away from the counter and headed over to your fouton, fumbling slightly since he couldn't see his way.

He eventually made it, kneeling down on the covers and setting you down on your back. Once you were down, you unwrapped your legs and your arms and pulled away from the kiss, looking up at him as he looked down at you. His eyes scanned down your chest, down to your exposed navel before they made their way back up to your glistening, dilated eyes. "What...?" you asked shyly.

"I could stare at your body all day," he responded as he leaned down, kissing you roughly. "It's been so hard for me to control myself so far," he continued, pulling away from the kiss to speak before kissing you again. "But oh God, after two nights ago..." Kiss. "I can't control it anymore. I need you...I need you now." With that he kissed you roughly again, forcing his tongue into your mouth. Yours met with his as it traveled around your cavern, digging deep as his lips pressed hard against yours. His hands began rubbing up and down your sides, massaging the skin before they slipped down to your hakama. You felt the surge of excitement as his hands fumbled with your obi sash, untying it and grabbing the edge of your pants before he began to pull them down. He broke the kiss as he sat up, set on pulling them off. You rolled back onto your shoulder blades as you lifted your hips, aiding him in his endeavor. The soggy bulk finally slid off before he tossed it to the side. He leaned down again as the pants landed with a slop against the floor. He stopped leaning down and blinked before a smile came to his face. "Well, that totally just killed the mood," he joked.

You laughed as you wove your hands through his still wet hair. "Even though I'm just in my underwear now?"

He moved back slightly and looked your body up and down before he moved back to hovering above you. "Alright, that helps."

You giggled as you slid your hands down to his cheeks. You gazed into his eyes, seeing his deep brown orbs gaze right back. "This night is filled with firsts," you commented. He tilted his head slightly in confusion before you continued. "We had our first kiss...and soon we'll have our first sex, too."

He blinked before he smirked and pressed his body down against yours. "First implies there's going to be more..."

"Well...that's up to you," you replied teasingly as you rose your arms above your head.

He hands moved and pinned yours above you as his head moved inches from yours. "If it were up to me, I'd have you every day." He leaned closer as his lips grazed against yours.

"Who says you can't?" you responded. He seemed to like that reply, as he moaned before closing the small gap and kissing you, his hips digging into yours. You felt his hardness press against you, sending a small moan of pleasure from your mouth right into his. You bucked your hips against his, loving the feeling of his hardness even through his wet, thick clothes. The very thought that he was erect was turning you on like no other.

His hands lightened their grip before they traveled down your arms and down to your chest where they groped you through your bra. You arched your back into him, wanting him to grab harder. He did so as he continued kissing you, his tongue still exploring every region of your mouth. Your hands headed to his chest, stroking lightly as they lowered down to the edge of his hakama. You began fumbling with his sash only to have your hands restrained soon thereafter. You pulled away from the kiss and looked up at him questioningly. He smirked as he gave his response. "Pleasure for you first. Then it's my turn."

"But you being naked would pleasure me..." you whined.

He closed his eyes as he leaned down, his lips grazing against your ear and sending more chills down your body. "Good things come to those who wait... And trust me. This will be good," he said, pressing his hardness against you at the emphasized word.

You tilted your head back with a moan. "Oh God, take me, Shuuhei! I need you! So so bad!"

"Patience," he responded, licking the shell of your ear. You whined again, bucking your hips against his hardness and earning a soft groan in return. He pulled away as his hands roamed up again, slowly making their way to your back. You arched your back slightly as you allowed him access to your bra clasp. His expert hands undid the hooks quickly before they traveled up to your shoulders, taking the straps as they lowered down your arms. He slid the article off your hands before tossing it carelessly to the side. He seemed unable to hide his smile as he leaned down, gently taking your right nipple into his mouth. His right hand fondled your left breast as his left groped what wasn't in his mouth. You moaned happily as you held his head against you with your hands, your head tilted back in bliss.

His tongue flicked over the pink nub, sucking lightly and causing it to perk up. You felt him smile against your skin at your body's reaction, feeling his tongue lick more at the harder surface. Your eyes slid closed as you sighed happily again. "Oh, Shuuhei..." He sucked a bit more at the nipple before he switched and moved to your left one, giving it the same attention as the right. After a few licks, it too was perky, earning another smile from Shuuhei as he continued licking and sucking your chest. He slowly pulled away, looking sexily into your eyes before he leaned down to kiss you again. You felt his left hand still groping your left breast, but you felt too blissfully numb to feel where his other was.

You eventually felt it between your legs, slowly sliding up your inner thigh towards your hot, moist core. His fingers pressed against your entrance through the thin fabric of your panties, feeling your heat radiating from deep within. He pulled away slightly from the kiss as he looked down at you with a smirk. "Mmm, wet already, are we?"

"With all your teasing, who wouldn't be?"

"Oh, I plan on getting you much wetter," he said as he closed the gap with a kiss. You quickly pulled back with a gasp however, feeling as one of his fingers had pushed aside the thin cloth and penetrated your wet womanhood. You whined as you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him close to you, instinctively bucking your hips against his hand. His finger swirled around as it slowly headed deeper in, causing you to moan a bit louder and push harder against him. "You're so wet," he commented as he slid another finger into you. "God you feel so good." He nuzzled his head into your neck as he whispered into your ear, "I can't wait to be inside you... To have you clench around me, oh God..." He seemed to be turning himself on just by thinking about it, as he rubbed his ever-growing hardness against the side of your opening beside his hand.

"Then just cut to the chase and--" You were cut off with a squeal-gasp.

"Ah, there it is," he commented smugly, running his fingers over the bundle of nerves he had just discovered. You twitched with anticipation each time he crossed over it. He pressed harder against it, sending a shock through your lower regions as you bucked against him. "Well, now that I've found that..." he trailed off, sliding his fingers out of you. He raised his head away from you; you lowered your gaze to watch him curiously.

"Wh-what are you--" You were cut off again as you moaned with pleasure. He had replaced his fingers with his tongue, the smooth appendage tickling your inner walls the deeper it went. You moaned again as you reached down, lacing your fingers in his hair as you pressed him deeper into you. Just as his tongue was going deeper, he pulled it out suddenly. You narrowed your eyes at him. "Why..."

He looked up at you with a smirk as his fingers hooked your panties. "I can't be having any obstacles," he said as he slid them down your legs, tossing them to the side as he successfully removed all of your clothing. He looked down at your naked body, his eyes glowing with lust. "Much better," he said as he lowered his head again, his tongue sliding in almost immediately. You went back to moaning and pressing his face more against you, feeling his tongue scope out every region of your core. Eventually his tongue found the bundle of nerves his fingers had and began flicking his tongue around the nub. You giggled as he continued the onslaught, loving the feeling of pleasure he was giving you. He slid a finger in beside his tongue, the new appendage helping antagonize the nub that made you mew so. The pleasure sent more of your juices his way, which his tongue eagerly lapped up.

"Nng, Shuuhei," you gasped, feeling a strange tightening in your gut. You whined as you pressed your hips towards him, wanting him to continue the outrageous feeling he was giving you. His tongue pumped against the bundle of nerves faster and his finger pressed harder, tightening the feeling in your stomach. "Shuuhei!... Ah!" you cried, feeling an explosion down below as a flood of juices flowed out. Shuuhei eagerly lapped them up, licking your inner walls from any remaining juice before he retracted his tongue and his finger, the former licking the latter clean as he looked down at your panting form. You sighed as you leaned your head back and closed your eyes. "Ohhh my God... That felt so good, Shuuhei..."

"Glad you liked it," he responded with a smirk, leaning down to lick your entrance from any fluid he may have missed. He pulled away before he laid down on you lightly, giving you a soft kiss. You closed your eyes as you returned the kiss, sliding your tongue into his mouth and tasting some of your juices on his slick tongue. He pulled away slowly as he looked into your eyes. "Well, I think you've waited long enough." You blinked as he slowly pulled away from you, standing up and placing his hands on the edge of his hakama. Your eyes immediately flew to the bulge a short ways down, curiosity and excitement overwhelming you. His eyes remained on yours as he slowly undid his obi sash, loosening it as his pants fell to the ground with a similar wet sound that yours had. Your eyes stayed glued to the huge bulge in his underwear, feeling yourself blush at merely the thought. He smirked as he placed his fists on his hips. "Why (Name)! I took my pants off and still you're undressing me with your eyes!"

You glared up at him. "I'm lying here naked, the least I can do is get the same courtesy..."

He laughed as his hands reached to the edges again. "Are you sure you're ready?"

You paused as you eyed him up and down. He had such a damn fine body; everything was so muscular, from his arms, to his chest, to his legs. Hell, you were sure even his manhood was probably muscular. Your eyes drifted back up to the bulge. You had decided you were a fan of the Shinigami male's underwear. It was sort of like a loin cloth but it accented the muscles in their thighs very well. You never thought you'd think leg muscles were sexy, but here they were. Sexy hamstrings that were just waiting to help pump into you.


"Shit, Shuuhei! I've wanted to have sex with you a week after I met you! Of course I'm ready!"

He laughed out loud at your forwardness. "Is that so? Well I have you beat by 4 days!" He rose his eyebrow at your confused expression. "And don't think I'm a pervert just because I wanted to bang you within a week of knowing you."

It was your turn to laugh. "Not like I'm any better."

"So, you're sure you're ready?"

"Ask me that again and I'm taking them off myself."

He smirked as he closed his eyes. "Well then, if you insist." With that, his hands lowered the last piece of clothing, letting it drop to his ankles before he stepped out of it. Your eyes stared at his huge erection, unable to look anywhere else. Oh my God, it IS muscular, you thought to yourself as a bright blush formed on your face. "Like what you see?" he asked, his smirk still present.

You could only nod dumbly, still unable to tear your eyes away. His smirk remained as he stepped forward and leaned down, getting back into his position before. You shuddered as his muscular body pressed up against yours, loving the feeling of his hard attributes against your soft skin. He leaned his head up slightly as he kissed you softly. You loved that he was able to do that: love you roughly yet still be gentle enough to show his soft side. He broke the kiss as he looked deep into your eyes, you noticing his were also dilated. "Shuuhei..."

"Hmm." He didn't break eye contact.

You placed your hands on either side of his face as you looked at him deeply. "I love you, Shuuhei. I love you so much..."

His expression remained serious as one of his hands reached up to stroke the side of your face gently. "I love you too, (Name). And nothing can ever change that..." He closed his eyes as he leaned closer, giving you another soft, love-filled kiss. He pulled away as he looked deeply at you again, rubbing his thumb against your cheek.

"Shuuhei?" He nodded once as a sign for you to go on. You weren't quite sure what you had wanted to say; instead you focused on his face, your fingers carefully tracing down his scars. He closed his eyes as your fingers wandered. "So painful... I can't even imagine what that must've been like for you..."

"It was hard...seeing my comrades die. I was so enraged I don't even remember the pain." He leaned his head against your hand before he continued. "But I knew I had to live on, for their sake." He opened his glazed eyes at you. "And you. I wanted to see you again, I couldn't die there."

Your expression softened. "You...You lived? You lived for me?"

"I cared for you a lot, even back then. I wanted to live and tell you how I felt." He closed his eyes again as his thumb rubbed your face. "After I lived through it, I felt like I got another chance. I had another chance to tell you how I felt, but..." He opened his eyes again. "I couldn't do it. I was too nervous and scared, I couldn't tell you how I felt."

"Oh Shuuhei..." A tear fell from your eye as you rubbed your thumb in a calming manner as well. "That's how I felt. The other day when Tousen sent us to the world of the living...I thought I was going to die by the hand of that Hollow. But then you saved me... I had another chance, but I still couldn't tell you how I felt..." You lowered your gaze and your thumb stopped its motion.

Hisagi leaned forward, capturing your lips in a soft kiss. "Well it doesn't matter now," he said as he pulled back with a smile. "We told each other...and now I'm going to make love to you and make you mine. That's all that matters."

You smiled as you kissed him again. "I've always been yours, Shuuhei, from the first moment we met." He smiled back as you kissed again, both of you holding each other as you professed your love. You broke the kiss, smiling at each other before he laid his head down on your chest. You sighed softly as you ran your hands through his hair, feeling his erection between your legs slowly soften up from the serious mood. Well now, we can't have that happening, now can we? you thought to yourself. "Say, Shuuhei."


"What's up with your 69 tattoo anyway? Does that mean anything in particular?"

He lifted his head up as he smirked down at you. "Well, why don't we see?"

You returned the smirk. "Oh we'll see. But..." In a swift movement, you wrapped your legs around him and rolled, effectively switching positions so he was under you. He blinked as he looked up at you curiously. "First I gotta pleasure you." You didn't give him time to react as you leaned down and captured his lips in a kiss, your hands placed on his chest as his hands wound through your hair. You pulled away slightly, kissing and licking by his ear as you made your way down his jawline. He moaned softly as you felt his manhood begin to harden again. You continued kissing his neck and sucking slightly, noticing you were giving him the similar chills he had been giving you. You moved back up, kissing his lips and meeting his tongue with your own as he opened his mouth.

You pulled away again, kissing your way down to his chest as you slid your body down to allow yourself easier access. His hands remained in your hair as you kissed down to his right nipple, taking the small nub into your mouth as you sucked lightly. You noticed he wasn't getting as perky as you, so you gently slid the tips of your fingers up and down his sides. You noticed Goosebumps slowly form around his torso as his nipples finally became the pointy nub you were hoping for. You smiled against his skin as you flicked your tongue across it, pulling your mouth back slightly to kiss it before you went back to sucking.

Your hands continued grazing up and down his chest in order to make sure he stayed perky. You pulled your lips away from his right nipple as you slowly moved your head over to the left, your tongue licking lightly at the hard nub. Your tongue flicked across it a few times before you finally took it into your mouth, sucking at it and rubbing your tongue over it a few times before you pulled away.

You looked up at him with a smirk as you slid yourself down, making sure to slow down as your wet region passed over his erection, the motion causing both of you to let out a moan. You continued moving down, your hands erotically trailing against his skin before your face made it to his manhood. You looked up at him with a smug expression, watching him look down at you with anticipation as his breaths got faster. Your hands glided down past his stomach, your fingertips barely grazing the skin as they got lower towards his hips. Your fingers continued to dance around his fragile skin, never actually touching the dark, hard area. He leaned his head back and bucked his hips, the anticipation getting to be too much for him. You smiled as your fingers finally touched his genitals, lightly trailing up and down his long length. The skin was so smooth, only urging you to stroke longer and slower to appreciate the feeling on your fingertips.

"Don't you dare tease me," he threatened, his voice sounding harsh and tight as he tried to keep himself in check. "I swear I'll make you regret it."

You giggled as you continued to stroke. "I like the feel of it, who says I'm teasing you?"

"You said you'd pleasure me...this isn't quite pleasuring yet." Hmm, he had a point. You stopped your stroking as you wrapped your fingers around the circumference, holding him tightly in your hands. He tilted his head back again as he moaned. "Thaaat's better," he said, his voice expressing the pleasure. You began to move your hands up and down along his length, making sure to keep a tight grip on him since it seemed that's what he liked most. You looked down at the hard rod in your hands, seeing drops of liquid pouring from the end.

You looked up at him and smirked. "Uh oh, you're leaking!" you teased. A groan was your only response, though you could tell it was telling you to stop teasing. "Don't worry...I'll fix that," you said, lowering your mouth and flicking your tongue over the very tip and licking up the fluid. He opened his mouth as he let out a louder moan of pleasure. You smiled as you continued licking only the tip, your hands still moving up and down along it. Figuring you should get going before he yells at you about teasing again, you open your mouth slightly, taking the tip into your mouth. Your hands stopped the pumping and only lightly stroke his length as you slowly take more and more of him into your mouth. He moaned in pleasure again as he rubbed his hands into your hair and push you towards him.

You finally take his whole length into your mouth, your hands moving back to fondle his jewels as your tongue rubs along the skin in your mouth. He continued moaning as you slowly pulled your mouth away until the tip was at your lips before you took him back in again. Your hands continued fondling as you began to pump him in and out of your mouth, your tongue gliding along the length as you did so. You began sucking lightly while you increased the pace, causing Shuuhei to start writhing slightly. You continued going faster until you were going as fast as you figured you could, grabbing harder with your hands and sucking harder with your mouth. You felt his member start to pulse in you, only urging you to go faster. He groaned your name, pushing your head further towards him as his hips starting to subconsciously pump with you. You closed your eyes as you took as much of him in as you could, giving one last hard suck as you grabbed roughly.

He moaned out loud as you felt him release inside of you, some of the bitter liquid sticking in your mouth as the rest shot down your throat. You swallowed thickly, noting the sour taste and wondering if that was really a good idea. You slowly pulled him out of your mouth, licking his soft rod clean as you sat up and looked down on him. "Well? How was that for pleasure?" you asked with a smirk.

He was slightly breathless as he nodded. "You're even more amazing than I thought you'd be..."

You giggled as you laid down on him, your naked bodies flush against each other. "I'm glad you think so," you said as you gave him a light kiss.

He pulled away as he smirked at you. "Turn around," he ordered. You gave him a questioning look before he continued. "My tattoo. You asked what it was about, right? Well I'm gonna show you." You blushed as you thought back to what you had teased about. Was he...serious? "So c'mon, turn around." You began stuttering, feeling a bit shy and self-conscious that your ass would be in his face. "Do it or I'll do it for you." Well, that's a Lieutenant for you: always taking charge if need be. Since you didn't want him to force it upon you, you took it upon yourself to switch around, placing your face near his hardening manhood again as you spread your legs by his face. "First one to make the other orgasm first wins. Ready?"

"W-wait. I--" You were once again cut off with a gasp, feeling his tongue penetrate your opening. "Y-you suck, Shuuhei!"

His tongue withdrew for a moment. "No, but I can." With that, he placed his mouth around your opening and inhaled though his mouth. You whimpered in pleasure and bucked your hips towards him, loving the strange feeling of pressure in your core. His tongue darted back in as it traveled around your walls. "Yor wozing!" he teased, his tongue sliding around as it searched for your special spot.

Not wanting him to win again, you went right to work. "Not if I can help it," you said as you placed your mouth around his erection, quickly pumping in and out and sucking to try and make him lose it before you did. But damn was he good. His tongue had already found your special spot, flicking over it and pressing hard as he heard you attempt to hide a moan. The feeling of pleasure only caused you to go rougher on him, sucking harder and bringing your hands in to fondle what wasn't in your mouth at the time. Your tongue licked teasingly across his tip, licking up the slow flow of juices that he was emitting.

His tongue was much faster than yours, able to continue pounding away at your nub as well as lick up your excited juices that continued to flow. You moaned as you felt the strange strain in your gut again, knowing you were close. Nooo, dammit! I gotta hold out! You pumped faster and sucked harder, eventually feeling his erection start to throb. Yessss, he's close! Just a bit more! A loud moan erupted from your mouth however, feeling as he had inserted a finger to help antagonize your button. He continued pounding away ruthlessly, his tongue and finger both while he started to suck again.

One more brutal push of each and he had you screaming out in orgasm, his mouth sucking up all of the juices. Your body was weak but you pressed forward, continuing your grabbing and licking. You pulled out enough so only his tip was in your mouth. Your tongue darted along it as you sucked your hardest, your fingers wrapping tightly around the rest of him. He moaned out loud as you felt him explode, his bitter juices once again firing into your mouth. You winced as you sucked them down, licking his rod clean before you slowly slid off him and sat up on the side. "Well, looks like I win," he said with a smile.

"You cheated. You always cheat, I should be used to it by now but I'm not for some reason."

He sat up quickly as he gazed deeply at you, you blushing at how sexy his lustful look was. "I'm a cheater, huh?" You swallowed nervously before nodding slowly. He quickly grabbed your body and rolled you around, the next thing you know you're on your back with your legs spread and him positioned between them with a handsome smirk on his expression. "Now am I a cheater?"

You breathed deeply, trying to get your racing heart under control. "What happens if I say yes...?"

He leaned down so his face was inches from yours. "Then I tease the hell out of you and you'll regret ever calling me that," he answered calmly.

You whined softly. "Then no, you're not a cheater!" you squeaked out.

He lifted his head slightly to look down at you with a smirk. "Good." With that, he pushed his hips slightly forward until his hard tip connected to your entrance. You felt your heart rate speed up again as your breathing got heavier. "Are you ready? Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked in all seriousness, his smirk replaced by a caring look.

"I love you, Shuuhei," you responded. "I've never been more sure about anything in my life."

He smiled a handsome, non-teasing smile as he leaned down and kissed you softly, gently easing his hard rod into you. You whined as it slowly spread your tight walls apart, feeling a strange pain from the stretching. He continued kissing you as he slowly inched his way further in, making sure to ease you in to his big length slowly. He continued pressing until he reached a stopping point, pulling away from the kiss as he looked down at you. "This night really is full of firsts, isn't it?" he asked, a small smirk forming on his face.

You glared softly at him. "Shut up... So what if I've never had sex before?"

His smirk faded into a smile as he leaned down next to your ear. "Don't worry... It's my first time to," he whispered before he pulled back to see your reaction.

Needless to say you were surprised. "Your...first...? You've never had sex before?!"

He laughed lightly. "I think I should be offended that you don't think so!"

"No, but... But you seem so good at it, I'm just...surprised is all..."

"I studied," he replied with a smile, causing you to narrow your eyes at him. "But who would I have sex with? I've been saving myself for you, there's no need to have it with anyone else."

Your glare softened to a sympathetic look. "You...saved yourself for me? Shuuhei, I... Really?"

He smiled his handsome smile and nodded. "Of course. I told you I've felt for you ever since we met. From that moment on, I swore to myself that someday you'd be mine. Mine forever."

You smiled as you stroked his face with your hand. "I am yours forever, Shuuhei. And you're mind forever too."

He only smiled before he leaned down to kiss you again. He pulled away slightly as his smile faded. "This is going to hurt...I'm sorry."

You shook your head, your smile still on your face. "Don't apologize. I wouldn't have it any other way." He nodded before he clenched his eyes, as though he dreaded what was to come. You knew it wouldn't hurt for him, so it only made you love him more that you knew he was worried for you. Your smile soon faded and was replaced with a loud cry as he broke through your virginity, continuing to shove himself to your far back walls until he was completely submerged in your core. You whimpered as tears pricked your eyes. "Oh hurts, Shuuhei..."

"Shhh, I know... I know, I'm sorry." He moved his head slightly as he gently licked away your tears. You clenched your eyes as you fought to deal with the pain, wanting nothing more than to feel pleasure and have him take you. You tried to deal with it as you dealt with any other pain: focusing only on it. Did it really hurt? Ummm yes. Umm, what does it feel like? Hurts like hell. Is it overlook-able? Definitely not.

Okay, scratch that. There was nothing you could do.

Instead you whimpered, more tears dripping from your eyes as Shuuhei softly licked or kissed them away. You leaned your head back as you sighed. "Go further..."

He shook his head. "I'm as far as I can go," he replied. "This is the most it's going to hurt, trust me. You're at the peak of the pain right here." You whined again as another tear fell, quickly getting kissed away. Well that was a relief. You wanted him to go further so you could get all the pain over with, but it seemed he already was. The pain was already starting to subside so you decided to be patient and just let it pass.

You both lay perfectly motionless for another few minutes. Occasionally you'd feel Shuuhei slid slightly in and out of you, obviously unable to control himself and wanting to get on with it. You could tell he was trying to restrain himself as much as he could; you thought that was incredibly sweet of him. Sure 'sex' and 'sweet' usually aren't correlated, but you figured it was hard for him to be sitting there doing nothing and it was sweet of him to be torturing himself for your sake.

A soft moan escaped from your lips, causing you to open your eyes in surprise. The was gone! You smiled to yourself, seeing Shuuhei rest his head on your chest while he waited. You bucked your hips towards him, causing him to instinctively dig his hips right back into you. He quickly whipped his head up to look at you, as though worried he just caused you more pain. Instead he saw your smiling face and it hit him that your pain had subsided. He smiled widely as he leaned forward and crashed his lips against your own, his hips immediately starting to pump in an out of you. You wove your hands into his hair as you pressed his face against yours and deepened the kiss.

You bent your knees on either side of him, planting your feet as you began to pump your hips against his to add to the friction. He would only pull out slightly before pushing back in, going for quick, small movements rather than long, hard ones. That eventually changed however, as he began to pick up his pace and drill harder into you. He pulled back so his tip was at your entrance before quickly driving back into you, pushing as deep and hard as he could go. He continued pumping into you, gradually picking up his pace until he was all out slamming you.

You broke the kiss as you leaned your head back and moaned out loud. "Ohhh Shuuhei! Oh God, keep going!" He lowered his head as he tried to push himself harder, a few beads of sweat dripping down his face as he continued to pump you hard. You squealed in pleasure as he angled slightly, immediately finding your special spot. You saw a smile form on his face as he forced himself to pump faster, obviously wanting to drill you on your nub. Shocks radiated through your body with each thrust, slowly building up the stress in your stomach until you began to feel the familiar strain from before. You cried out, moaning out Shuuhei's name and begging him to go faster.

The mention of his name drove him slightly faster and harder, him grunting as he continued to pound you. After a few more deep thrusts, you screamed out his name, your walls clenching around his member as your fluids flowed around him. You panted as he continued pumping into you, seeking his own release. You urged him on, your body too weak to do anything else other than continue to moan his name. You slowly lifted your legs and wrapped them around his waist, locking your feet behind him so you wouldn't waste as much effort keeping them up. He sat up slightly and wrapped his arms around your thighs, holding you up as he continued to pound into you.

You felt your core start to get excited again, the strain in your stomach starting to build up once more. You moaned and squealed, hoping your noises would help Shuuhei reach his limit. You dug your hips against his as much as you could, feeling the skin around your entrance rub against his pulsing jewels. You closed your eyes and tilted your head back, thinking deeply about the situation. Here he was, Shuuhei Hisagi, your Squad 9 Lieutenant and lover, screwing you senseless and driving deeper and deeper into you. You would have never guessed you would be in this position; literally and figuratively. You felt another wave of excitement surge through your core at the thought, causing you to squeal again and Shuuehi to drill harder.

You cried out as you orgasmed a second time, your feet losing their grip behind his back. Fortunately, your walls tightening around him was just enough to send him over as he released his juices deep inside you. Both of you relaxed; he lowered your legs down until they were on the floor on either side of him. He slowly lowered himself down until his body lay against yours, his head resting on your chest as he looked to the side. You noticed he didn't pull out of you, but you were thankful; you loved the feeling and would've hated for him to leave you.

You ran your fingers through his hair as you gently caressed his head, both of you still breathing heavily and erratically. "That was amazing... God, I love you, Shuuhei. I'm so happy right now..."

He chuckled lightly as he nuzzled his head into your chest. "I love you too, (Name). And now you're mine forever. No one else can claim you." You laughed softly as you leaned down and kissed the top of his head, wanting nothing more than for him to be right.

You suddenly gasped as you thought of something. "Now I know why you don't like Tanryo!"

He lifted his head and looked at you with a smile. "Now you know?"

"Because you knew he liked me! And you liked me too, you were jealous!"

He laughed before he laid his head back down on your chest. "Bingo."

" all makes sense now. But hey, what made you tell me how you feel?"

"Tanryo, actually."

You blinked. "Tanryo?"

"Well yeah. You told me the other day that he tried to make a move on you...and it was only after that that you realized he liked you. So I figured I'd make a move on you too to make you understand!"

You laughed. "So you just decided to start stripping me? How did you know I wouldn't freak out?"

"Two nights ago," he answered simply before he continued. "You didn't seem to be bothered by it when we were sparring today, so I figured you must've had some sort of feelings for me. So I thought I'd just go for it." He leaned his head up and smiled a closed-eye smile at you.

You giggled as you stroked his face. "Well it's a good thing you did." You leaned forward and kissed him lightly before you both lowered your heads again. " are we supposed to tell everyone we're together?"

"I'm sure they know by now."


"Well, like Tanryo, everyone knew how I felt about you too. Did you not notice the skeptical looks we'd get when we were sparring?" You shook your head; even though he wasn't looking at you, he still felt it. "Well they knew." He looked up at you with a smirk. "And after just now, anyone in the general area who didn't know that by now are probably deaf." You blushed, causing him to laugh before he snuggled his head down into your breasts again. "But don't worry. I intimidate them, so they'll know better than to tease us."

You laughed as you stroked his hair again. "I still don't know how you're intimidating."

He looked up and rose an eyebrow at you. "I'm not, huh? Is that why you said I wasn't a cheater when I threatened to tease you?"

"I...well... That was different! You blackmailed me, you weren't intimidating!"

"Whatever you say, (Name)... Whatever you say..."


You sighed as you looked up at the Squad 4 sign. It had been a week since you and Shuuhei made love and expressed your feelings, and so far things had been going well. Just as Shuuhei said, the squad didn't tease you guys though it was clear they knew something was different. A few looked at you two a bit awkwardly; those happened to be the ones you noticed lived in the general vicinity as you. The first few days were a bit awkward, but after they realized you guys hadn't changed, things seemed to be okay again. All that is...except Tanryo.

You still hadn't gone to see him since the 'almost-kiss' incident. You had figured it was going to be awkward and probably even more so since you had to tell him about you and Shuuhei. He already had no idea that you even liked the Lieutenant, much less that you would've slept with him.

So was going to be a whole lotta awkward.

You sighed again as you sulked. "Well...might as well get this over with." You stood up straight before you marched in the front door, looking around and waiting for someone to help you.

"Oh, (Name)! So good of you to come back." You turned and saw Captain Unohana smiling sweetly at you. "Are you here to see Tanryo again?"

You fiddled with your hands. "Um, yeah actually. How's he doing?"

She closed her eyes and nodded. "He's doing very well. He'll be out in a few days."

You breathed a soft sigh of relief. "That's good. I'm glad."

"Well right this way! I'm sure he'll be happy to see you." You looked down and nodded with a frown. After telling him your news, you weren't too sure about that. You weren't even sure what you were going to say, but you knew you had to talk to him sooner or later.

Unohana led the way down the hall, smiling all the while while you were anything but. She stopped outside a door and led you in with her arm. "Thank you, Captain," you said as you bowed. She bowed in return before she headed off, leaving you by yourself. You sighed before you turned towards the room, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath before you headed in.

Tanryo looked up once he sensed someone entering, his face showing a look of surprise upon recognition. "(Name)! Wow, what a surprise!" he said with a smile.

You smiled weakly as you walked over to his bedside. "Hey, 'Ryo! How've you been?" You leaned forward and hugged him, hoping beyond hope he wouldn't try to kiss you again.

He didn't. He pulled back from the hug with a smile. "Ah, well y'know. Getting by I guess." You nodded and smiled, looking around and pulling up a chair to sit down beside him. "So how about you? How've you been?"

You nodded slowly. "I'm doing well. Can't complain." You looked up at him and flashed a smile.

He returned the smile before there became and awkward silence. "Look, (Name). I'm sorry about last time. I don't know what came over me...I just..." You wanted to say something, maybe like, 'it's okay' even though it wasn't. You decided to keep quiet as he continued. "I've just had a crush on you for awhile, (Name). I didn't know how to tell you." Just telling you seemed like the obvious reply, but you realized Shuuhei didn't just 'tell you' so you couldn't say that either. "I'm sorry. I know it's awkward because we've known each other for so long. I just...I don't know."

You sighed as you rubbed your face. "Don't worry about it, Tanryo. It just caught me off guard is all." You smiled weakly, seeing him return the weak smile. "But uh...there is something I wanted to tell you."

His smile faded as he blinked. "Oh? What is it?"

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes. "I..." You opened your eyes, but kept them downcast as you continued. "I like Lieutenant Hisagi... In fact, it's more than like, I think I'm in love with him." You closed your eyes. "Well no, that's a lie. I know I am. And I have for awhile now..." You looked up at him sadly. "I'm sorry I've never told you..."

A smile came to his face as he laughed, causing you to blink in confusion. "You're so cute, (Name). Why are you so nervous?"

You blinked again. "Um. I uh...I thought you'd be more surprised."

He smiled at you, his eyes showing his sincere happiness. "Well I was...when I heard it from the Lieutenant."

Your breath hitched in your throat. "What?" you squeaked out.

He laughed again. "Lieutenant Hisagi. He came by to see how I was doing the other day. I was able to thank him for saving me from the Hollow too." He smiled a closed-eye smile. "He was actually really nice. He's not at all intimidating like I thought he was."

"So...when did he say...?"

"Y'know, I'm not sure. We somehow started talking about you and how long we've known you. Then I asked if he made a move on you yet and he said he finally admitted his feelings a few days prior."

"Wait...You asked what? Why?!"

He laughed once more. "Oh please. Everyone in Squad 9 knows he had a crush on you. So I just thought I'd ask!"

You deadpanned. " each knew about the other's crush on me? How can you be smiling about this?"

"Because he's such a nice guy! I'm so relived he didn't kill me!" He opened his eyes to smile at you. "And besides, I always thought you two would be good together. I'm glad it's working out between you two."

You frowned as you looked at him sympathetically. "Oh Tanryo... You're so amazing, I'm sorry."

His smile faded as he looked at you curiously. "What? Why the hell are you apologizing?"

You looked down, your eyes downcast. "Because! I probably embarrassed you when I denied your kiss."

"Pfft," he scoffed, throwing his able arm at you as you looked up at him. "I don't even know what came over me. I wasn't really expecting you to kiss me anyway, so I was just more embarrassed that I even let myself do that. So don't worry about it, seriously!"

You blinked. " sure?"

"Of course!" he replied with a smile and nod. "So we're still cool, right?"

You stared at him for awhile until a smile finally formed on your face. "Of course we are, 'Ryo. We always will be."

"Great!" He winked at you. "So I'm invited to the wedding, right?"

You blushed and stuttered. "W-what?! 'Ryo!"

He laughed. "I'm just kidding... But I am, right?"

"Tanryo!" You jumped to a stand, your face a blushing mess. "You're horrible!"

He laughed again. "You're too easy."

You scoffed as you turned away. "Well you're obviously feeling fine, so I don't need to be here anymore."

"Ha ha! Alright, I'll stop teasing you. Thanks for stopping by, (Name)."

You shook off your blush as you turned back to him. "Sure, Tanryo... Any time. I'm glad we're okay now."

"Me too," he agreed with a nod. "I'll be back into action soon, so enjoy sparring with your loverboy while you have the chance!"

You smirked at him. "But once you come back, I'll be able to kick your ass again! I look forward to it!"

He sighed as he looked down. "Maybe I should stay here a little longer..." You both shared a laugh before he continued. "Take care, (Name). I'll see you soon, I hope!"

You nodded as you walked forward and embraced him, no longer worried about a kiss. "You take care too. Enjoy being lazy for the week!"

"Yeah, right okay." You pulled back and smiled at him. "Thanks for coming, (Name). I'll see you in a couple of days?"

You nodded and smiled. "Sure thing!" You took a few steps towards the door and waved over your shoulder. "See ya later, Tanryo!"

"Bye, (Name)!"


You walked throughout the Seireitei, your hands in your pockets as you contemplated. Shuuhei went to see Tanryo...after we had sex and said we loved each other. I hope he didn't do it just to brag. I didn't think he liked Tanryo so it seems like he WOULD do something like that. But after how sweet he was to me...would he really be that selfish? You looked out into the distance towards the rolling hills, seeing a familiar figure standing atop one of them. You smiled to yourself as you began running in that direction. Well, you would just have to go ask him yourself!

You eventually made it out of the walls and into the open fields, still jogging once you made it to the bottom of the hill. You took a deep breath before you headed up the hill, stopping once you made it to the male's side. "Whatcha lookin' at?"

He didn't flinch, showing that he felt your presence and you didn't startle him. "Just looking. Thinking about everything I guess." You smiled as he gently took your hand in his and held it lovingly.

"Thinking about what?" you asked, giving his hand a small squeeze.

"You. Mostly." He turned towards you and smiled.

You smiled in return before you gave him a skeptical look. "So how many people did you tell that we had sex?"

His smile faded as he looked at you with confusion. "What?! I didn't tell anybody!"

You smiled again as you looked forward, pausing for a moment until he finally gave up and looked forward again too. "I went to visit Tanryo today."

"Oh, that's good. How is he?" he asked, his voice not laced with sarcasm like it usually was when you'd bring up your friend.

"He's good. Captain Unohana says he'll be out in a few days."

You turned towards each other as he smiled. "That's great! I'm glad he's doing okay."

"So I uh...I hear you went to visit him," you suggested, hoping to see a reaction but his smile stayed on; thus you elaborated. "He says you're a nice guy."

Hisagi laughed as he looked forward over the rolling hills again. "Well I'm glad he thinks so. He's not so bad either."

"And he also said you told him about us..." He nodded, still not showing a sign of regret or anything. "Any...reason why?"

He blinked as he looked over to you. "Why, is something wrong?"

You looked down. "He didn't seem bothered by it, but I just... I want to know you didn't just go to brag to him, Shuuhei..."

"What?!" You looked up at him, seeing him look at you with utter surprise. "Now why would I do that?" he asked, his voice serious.

"Because you never liked him! Then you go to see him and just happen to mention we're together? You were bragging and shoving it in his face!"

His face fell, looking hurt. You immediately felt bad for accusing him so. "I wouldn't do that, (Name), you know that. We somehow just got to talking about you and he asked if I made a move on you so I said yeah! He was the one that brought it up!"

Suddenly it hit you; oh yeah! Tanryo said that exact same thing! "So weren't bragging?"

"I'd love to brag about having sex with you," he said, his voice oddly serious. "But I don't feel that's anyone's business. He just asked about you and I told him; he didn't seem bothered with it, anyway."

You looked down, a small frown on your face. "Then why did you go to see him in the first place?"

"You figured it out yourself, (Name)." You looked up at him, your frown still on your expression. "I didn't care for him much because he liked you. But he didn't like me either for the same reason: we were competing for the same goal. But then he knew I won so there wasn't any use competing anymore...and as such, there was no reason to hate each other anymore." He closed his eyes. "And to answer your question, I didn't feel hatred towards him anymore so I thought I'd stop by and see how my squad member was doing." He opened his eyes and looked down at you. "Is that an acceptable answer?"

"Is it the truth?" You began to feel bad, knowing you were accusing him wrongly on so many accounts. But you needed to know!

"Of course it is, (Name). I know I joke about a lot of stuff, but I know this is important to you; I wouldn't joke about that." You felt a twist in your stomach as you looked down to the side, feeling worse that you were accusing him so. "Hey." You felt pressure on your hand, causing you to look up at him. "Don't worry about it. I know it was probably suspicious...but everything's okay now, you don't need to worry."

"If you...say so," you muttered, looking off to the side again. Hisagi turned towards you, placing his other hand on your cheek and turning you to look at him.

"I do say so." With that, he closed his eyes and leaned in, giving you a soft kiss which you gladly returned. He pulled away slightly, gazing down into your eyes before he smirked. "Now, what say we go for Round 2?"

You returned the smirk. "You're on." He smiled and kissed you again as you both headed back towards the barracks, hand in hand. Destination? Well...someone's fouton. "And I'm not gonna lose the 69 competition again."

"Hey. I'm the pro. I have the proof on my cheek."

"Oh yeah? Well I have the proof in my vag--"

He didn't let you finish, instead tackling you to the ground and ripping both of your clothes off, determined to find out which one of you was right.

But at the moment, neither one of you really cared.


[1] "I can think of one thing..." You waited to hear his answer. "A peacock." Unfortunately you didn't catch his reference. -- I made this kind of subtle so I thought I'd explain it. Earlier in the bar he said you looked like a when he says he's seen something prettier, he was indirectly referring to you. Awww, iddn't that sweet? ^.^

Alright! Yay for my Hisagi one-shot. I'm a huge fan of Ichigo but I've decided I like Hisagi a lot too and there are hardly any stories for him. So in order to get my Hisagi-love out, I went and wrote a lemon one-shot that is beastly long *stares up at huge wall of text* *laughs weakly and rubs back of head in embarrassment* Anyway, I hope you guys liked it! Also, I'm aware his 69 tattoo has deeper meaning, but I couldn't help but tease him about it. Cuz let's be honest, who DIDN'T think of that when they saw his tattoo? *sees a few people raise their hands* LIARS! ALL OF YOU!

Well anyway. I'm actually rather pleased with this. Much more pleased than I have been for many of my other updates or stories. SO I DON'T CARE IF YOU GUYS DON'T LIKE IT, CUZ I DO!... Okay that's a lie. I do care.

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