""I Ith Shtuck"" by littleduck

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There is no way you'd talk like this if your braces got caught...but it makes it funneh. :D
You were feeling gloomy, and extremely unloved since the little ‘braces incident’ with Roxas a few weeks ago. It was just a little kiss and even though your irritation from the metal bands was at zero, the blonde refused to even touch his lips to your cheeks!

Stupid tease…

You kicked a rock on the street and shoved your arms in your pants, grumbling and casting angry looks at whatever was in your way until you heard your name being called. Turning, gaze still perfectly evil, they lit up when Olette ran over to you. She had heard of the injustice Roxas had done to you and was determined to help you get revenge…

“Hey Olette~” you sang, and grinned at her. “What is le up?” The brunette smiled back.

“You mean you haven’t heard? Well…guess what happened to Roxas…”


You sped down the streets of Twilight Town, feet nearly a blur with how quickly you were walking. Your eyes scanned right and left until you spotted the blonde, gaze latching onto his form. You raced towards him and squealed loudly.

“ROXAS!” you yelled loudly and Roxas turned from his conversation with Hayner, cobalt blue eyes going comically wide as you launched yourself at him, arms flinging around his neck as you kissed him, body pressed against his as his arms snaked around your waist. Hayner coughed, embarrassed, but left the two of you to your…uh…activities.

When you felt his tongue lightly touch your lower lip you obliged and opened your mouth slowly, for once happy that he was ever so slightly taller than you… As Roxas’ preoccupied himself with your mouth you sneakily moved your head down a half- inch and moved upwards again…


Roxas’ eyes flew open when he heard the strange sound and he was about to turn and look around to see what had happened…when he realized something very important. He blinked and looked down at you…and you were smiling as best you could, managing to pull off the Cheshire Cat look all the while.

“Did you jusht…” Roxas asked hesitantly and tried to pull away once more. He blinked. “I ith shtuck.” You nodded, making his head bob along with you as you giggled madly.

Roxas frowned as best he could at you.

“We need to get unshtuck,” he said and began to awkwardly walk down the street, you walking backwards before him as you smirked.

“That’sh what you get for not telling me you were getting braces~!” you chirped and grinned up at his impossibly close face, smile growing wider as Roxas turned red from the comments being whispered about the two of you.

“Ya know…I could get used to this pothithion…”


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