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A/N: Hey, so this is going to be my third one-shot, but this time it’s with Jaden Yuki! Yay~

I don’t know why I keep jumping animes, but right now I’m all about Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Jaden really got to me, just because he’s such a cutie in tons of ways.

Anyway, any FATTY mistakes you wonderful readers find concerning grammar and whatever else, you can go ahead and tell me all about it so I can fix it.

Thanks a lot and happy reading~

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything pertaining to Yu-Gi-Oh GX. I don’t own you either.
Idea Started:
March 20, 2008
Story Started: March 20, 2008
Story Ended: March 27, 2008

You sighed as you walked out of your class and toward the vending machines outside of the building. You had to listen to Doctor Crowler’s long and unnecessary lecture about “fancy” duel strategies to use with specific cards that weren’t even in your deck. Honestly, it was all a bunch of malarkey.

You finally got to the machines and saw the giant crowd of students of all ranks waiting in line, save for a few Obelisks shoving some Slifers out of the way to cut.

Rolling your eyes, you turned your heel and walked toward the Slifer dorms. Normally, you would’ve waited in line, but you didn’t feel like waiting today. The machines by Slifer were never crowded not just because it was in the Slifer area, but because they were “too far away” compared to the machines in Obelisk or Ra.

There were different types of vending machines on campus like soda machines and sticker machines, but you were after the machine that sold cell phone charms. It offered a variety of charms of different types of miniaturized duel monsters, but you had a top three in mind: Penguin Soldier, Babycerasaurus, and Winged Kuriboh. Those were the cutest ones in your opinion, but you hadn’t actually gotten them yet.[1]

After two or so minutes, you reached the Slifer’s vending machines only to find that someone else had beaten you to your machine. It was a boy a slightly taller than yourself with 2-toned brown hair wearing the Slifer uniform, a black shirt, white pants, and a pair of red and black shoes.

’Hey, it’s that Slifer who beat Crowler!’ you thought. ‘I didn’t know he was into those charms…’ [2]

You walked up to him and saw him scratching his head, mumbling to himself. You’d never really spoken to Jaden, but you knew he was a nice guy and a great duelist. His body language told you he was not happy, so decided to strike up a little conversation to find out.

“Hey,” you started, “what’s got you down in the dumps?”

The brunette turned to you with his wide brown eyes and blinked.

“Heh, well it’s nothing really,” he said as he scratched the side of his face, “I just didn’t get the one I wanted.”

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion until you noticed that Jaden was holding something in his hand. It was a little Ojama Yellow charm in a little bubble container.

Well, if I were him, I wouldn’t have wanted that one either,’ you thought as you sweatdropped. Come on, it was sticking its butt out in a little red bikini bottom. It wasn’t a very charming…charm.

“Which one did you want?” you asked the Slifer brunette.

“Well, I really wanted that Kuriboh one right there!” he said as he pointed to the little figure in the machine. “I’ve been trying to get that one for a while and all I’ve gotten was a Petit Angel, a Time Wizard, and now this Ojama!”

“Hey, I really want to get that charm too!”

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah, he’s a little cutie,” you replied as you poked the glass.

You turned to him and grinned deviously.

“I betcha I’ll get it before you do, Slifer Slacker,” you challenged playfully.

Jaden puffed his cheeks out and gave you a small, yet non-threatening glare.

“You’re on!”

He pumped his fist into the air as if you had asked him for a duel.

You chuckled a bit from his antics and dug your hand into your pockets for some change.

“My name’s _(your name)_ by the way,” you told him as you popped a few quarters into the machine. “Just to let you know.”

“Well, I’m Jaden Yuki! Nice to meet ya!” he said as he gave you a toothy grin.

You only smiled in return as you began turning the dial. With a small click, a little plastic case fell through and you went to grab it. The two of you stared intently at the tiny bubble case that rested in the palm of your hand. Simultaneously, you gulped as you popped it open to reveal…

“An Ojama Black–YES!!” you shouted as you pumped your fist in the air in mock triumph.

Jaden started laughing heartily, clutching his sides as he did so.

“Oh, wow,” Jaden said as he wiped a tear from his eye. “You definitely didn’t win, but hey! At least now we can match!” Jaden grinned as he held up his own little Ojama Yellow charm. “We just need to get the Ojama Green charm and have someone use it with us. Maybe Sy’ll do it…” Jaden said with a thoughtful expression.

You merely sweatdropped as you stared at the Ojama Black charm you got from the machine. It was a different version of Jaden’s Ojama Yellow charm, but they were equally unattractive.

At that moment, an idea zapped itself into your head so you asked Jaden for his Ojama Yellow charm in exchange for one of your other ones.

Jaden blinked at you curiously.

“You really want it?”

“Yeah,” you replied. “Hold on a second,” you said as you started searching in you bag. You grabbed a small handful of charms and started picking through them.

Jaden’s mouth dropped in amazement.

“Whoa, you’re loaded!”

“Ehh, not really,” you replied. “Anyway, you can go ahead and pick out what you want.”

Jaden started poking around the little charm mound in your hand and picked out a Drillroid charm you got a while back and held it out to get a better look at it.

“Hey, look at this one!” Jaden yelled out grinning.

“Is that the one you want?”

“Well, the only one I really want is the Kuriboh charm,” Jaden admitted. “But I’ll just take this little guy!”

You nodded as he handed you his Ojama Yellow charm, not really giving his statement a second thought.

“I didn’t know you liked Ojamas,” he told you as he pocketed his new Drillroid charm.

“I don’t,” you confessed. “But once I get the Ojama Green, I know who I can give the trio to.” You smiled as you thought about how the lucky guy’s reaction to your “gift.” [3]

“Well, I’d better get going. But just so you know, I’ll get that Kuriboh charm next time.”

Jaden threw his head back laughing.

“HA! Not a chance! I’ll beat you to that charm before you know it!”

You rolled your eyes in response, though you smiled all the same.

“I’ll see you around, Jaden.”

“See ya, _(nickname)_!” Jaden yelled out as he waved outlandishly at you.

You laughed and returned his wave.

‘“_(nickname)”? Jaden, you sure are one interesting guy,’ you thought, smiling.

After your run-in with Jaden, you and Jaden got into the habit of meeting and greeting each other at the Slifer charm machine after classes to get charms together. To you, taking a few extra minutes to walk was better than being in line for forever and a day. Besides, you looked forward to meeting up with Jaden. It was actually pretty fun hanging out with him.

You were on your way over to the machines by Slifer and saw that Jaden was waiting rocking back and forth on his heels staring at the clouds as they passed by. You smirked to yourself and decided to do the old “tap-on-the-shoulder” trick. Knowing Jaden, he’d totally fall for it.

You walked over to his left as you tapped his right shoulder and saw him look toward his right, staring at the empty spot in confusion. You giggled to yourself when he turned to you slowly with an “I-can’t-believe-you-got-me-with-that” look on his face.

“Sorry, Jaden. I just couldn’t help it!” you told him grinning.

Jaden returned your grin and gave you a friendly slap on the back.

“It’s cool! That was actually pretty good! Just don’t expect me to fall for it again!”

‘Ha! Yeah, right. I’ll definitely get you again with the same tricks, no problem’ you thought to yourself smirking. [4]

You snapped out of your thoughts when a bubble capsule was shoved right into your face.

“This is the one, _(nickname)_! I just know it is!” Jaden exclaimed excitedly.

You smiled at Jaden’s enthusiasm and pulled out a few quarters to pop into the machine

“Don’t be so sure, Jay” you told him. “You have just about as much of a chance of getting that Kuriboh as much as I do!”

You turned the dial and took the capsule that tumbled out of the machine and held it in the palm of your hand.

You turned to each other, mirroring the same challenging look on your faces.

“On three,” you told him.

Jaden nodded firmly and began counting.



“THREE!” you both yelled out.

Simultaneously, you popped the bubble capsules open and stared intently at the charms you received.

“Hey whaddya know! A Winged Kuriboh!” Jaden boasted rather loudly.

He turned to you with another one of his huge grins plastered on his face. Your face blanched as you stared at the charm in your hand.

It was an Ojama Green charm.

Oh, the irony!

Jaden sweatdropped at your reaction and tried to console you.

“An Ojama Green? Gee, _(nickname)_! You have all three Ojama brothers now! How lucky is that?” Jaden said, laughing nervously.

You scratched the back of your head and gave your Slifer friend a weak smile.

“Yeah, I guess so. But you got the Kuriboh! Looks like you won our on-going battle, Jaden!” you told him, smiling weakly.

You were pretty sad, but you were by no means mad at Jaden for getting the charm you wanted. Unlike Jaden, it wasn’t your absolute favorite. That challenge you proposed was just all in good fun. But his win meant that the fun was all over, and there wasn’t really a point in meeting with him in the same spot where you stood.

You were gonna miss him.

You snapped out of your depressing thoughts when you felt Jaden take your hand. When you looked up, he let go and you saw his Kuriboh charm on your palm. You turned your gaze up at his face and saw him smiling at you. Your face took on a confused expression as you waited expectantly for an explanation.

“You can have it,” Jaden told you gently.

Your confused expression morphed into a shocked one.

“What the hell?!” you blurted out to him. “Why?!”

You cleared your throat and regained your composure when you noticed that your outburst clearly shocked Jaden.

“I mean, this was what you wanted this whole time wasn’t it?”

Jaden smiled sheepishly and a small blush appeared on his face, though you ignored it.

“Well, there’s something else that I really want,” Jaden admitted. "Really, reeeeally want."

Your eyes narrowed as your face deadpanned.

“Don’t tell me you want my Ojama Green,” you told him blandly. Honestly, that would be the DUMBEST thing.

“What?! No, no, no! Not that!” Jaden spouted frantically. “Something way cuter than that,” you heard him mutter.

“What?? Then what do you want?!” you asked him. You were getting confused and it was irritating you.

“Uhh,” Jaden stuttered. He looked down at his feet with a slightly panicked expression and looked back up at you.


“Can I have you??” he babbled out in a slightly higher pitch than necessary.

Your jaw dropped and a faint blush dusted your cheeks.

‘What’d he just say?!’ you thought to yourself.

Jaden’s eyes widened and a deep red shade covered almost his entire face.

“Ok, that was–I’m really sorry it–wow, that did not go the way I wanted it to,” Jaden stammered. “What I’m trying to say is…you’re a totally amazing person and it’s been great hanging out with you and getting to know you and well, I kind of want to keep that going, y’know?”

At this point Jaden’s gaze was fixated on your own with such intensity that you couldn’t look away. You didn’t really want to look away anyway.

“Would you go out with me?” he asked you.

Something seemed to burst from within your chest, and a pleasingly warm sensation spread throughout your body. Your eyes softened and your lips slowly melted into an affectionate smile.

“Yes,” you told him. “Yes, Jaden. I’d love that!”

Jaden flushed a shade of red deeper than his uniform and beamed before you saw him leaning in. You nervously did the same as eyes fluttered shut.

His lips were merely inches away from your own until a gust of wind blew your hair into your faces [5].

You both started laughing as you tried to pull your hair back. When you successfully got your hair out of the way, Jaden leaned in for a quick peck on the lips before you could do anything else. After he pulled back, he broke into a grin and threw his arms wide open for a hug.

You laughed when he picked you up and spun you around in circles.

“Yay! I got what I wanted!” Jaden exclaimed as he grabbed your hand. “C’mon! You’ve gotta come and meet my friends! They’ll love you!” [6]

You rolled your eyes and gave him a light shove, but laughed all the same. He was a silly fellow, but that silly fellow charmed your heart.


The End.

A/N: Yayyy for cute and happy little love stories! WOOT! This story should’ve been done a few days ago, but oh well, at least it only took a few days instead of a few months. *sigh* Well, it’s time to think of some new stories!

[1] Duel monster charms don’t exist as far as I know. I was just picking some random duel monsters I thought were cute *shrugs*. If you don’t like them, just imagine something else. It doesn’t really matter.
[2] Obviously you’re not from Slifer, otherwise you’d have met Jaden much earlier and under different circumstances. You can be in either Ra or Obelisk, it doesn’t really matter.
[3] Can anyone guess who the lucky guy is? CHAZZ PRINCETON! You didn’t give him the charms until later. This is how it went: You placed the charms neatly in a cute little gift box. You gave it to him personally and walked away. You heard him yell out “WHAT?!” and saw some birds flying away in the sky from shock. Hehehe~
[4] No offense to Jaden, but he sure does seem gullible.
[5] HAHA, sorry but I couldn’t make things too serious in this fic. Oh, if your hair isn’t long enough, then you can go ahead and pretend you have longer hair or picture some object flying out of nowhere instead.
[6] You met little Syrus Truesdale first and this is how it went: “Hey, Sy! Look what I got!” says Jaden. “That Kuriboh charm you wanted?” says Syrus. “Nope! A girlfriend!” says Jaden as he puts an arm around you. Bahaha~

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