"A Letter: I'm Sorry" by moonlight_warrior

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Addie: Well...umm....a poem!
Gaara: . . .
Addie: Don't dot me Gaara! I don't care that you're the Kazekage either! NO DOTTING!
Gaara: *Death Glare*
Addie: Eep! Anyways. I entered this yesterday into a contest! It's based on a relationship gone bad. Created in January 2008, 2 weeks before exams. Oh yes, it was also my first long french poem that rhymed ever!
Gaara: Review. Don't Plagiarize. Die.
Addie: *Sweatdrop* Please enjoy!
A Letter: I’m Sorry
Penned By: moonlight_warrior

If I wish,
It’s of you.
I close my eyes
And count to two.

I open them,
But you’re not here.
I think, “How sad”,
I say, “I’m glad you’re not near”.

I try to forget,
But it’s awfully hard,
I’m mad and sad,
Did you think I could say this in one card?

“Once upon a time”,
The four words that had me under your spell,
But that was a dream; a joke,
And now I can see why I fell.

Five months later,
Everything is as cold as ice
And now I know,
That I have paid the price.

But there was a reason,
To why I was saved,
And for that, I believe,
That I have caved,

Because you opened my eyes,
And now I can see,
That even though I push you away,
You will always be the one for me.

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